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Chat log

00:00:01creeeeeee AP
00:00:01NotAHax same
00:00:02NotAHax HEros
00:00:03NotAHax -ap
00:00:03creeeeeee all same heros
00:00:03poskus -ap
00:00:07ImAweirdo all take the same heroes!!!!
00:00:11FaintRush kboss
00:00:13FaintRush me chick or?
00:00:17NotAHax maier
00:00:17Balbii sa
00:00:17Maier fuck off, maybe you are the pluggers, not me.. my comp crashed
00:00:18NotAHax get chick again
00:00:20ImAweirdo last pick chick
00:00:23Balbii same teams+
00:00:25ImAweirdo ok
00:00:26ImAweirdo sry
00:00:39FaintRush maier why u
00:00:42FaintRush got dropped?
00:00:48Maier told, comp crash
00:00:52FaintRush k
00:00:54Maier my graphics card
00:00:56NotAHax well hope it dosent crash
00:00:57NotAHax again
00:00:57Maier is buggy =/
00:00:59NotAHax thats annoing man
00:01:00veuncent ud going for basi ring?
00:01:03Maier i know
00:01:06ATS_ y
00:01:08Maier we have atleast 12hours now
00:01:08NotAHax ??
00:01:09veuncent k
00:01:10NotAHax did you had roof
00:01:15creeeeeee yes
00:01:15Balbii aye
00:01:18ATS_ yep
00:01:19NotAHax lolo
00:01:20NotAHax didnt noticed
00:01:22FaintRush hf
00:01:23NotAHax gay aoe nigger combo
00:01:24creeeeeee :)
00:01:29creeeeeee õu yea :D
00:01:30ATS_ :)
00:01:32Maier again, sorry for the crash
00:01:39ATS_ np
00:01:39creeeeeee thats why i told its going to be good game
00:01:41NotAHax but theres no compatition for BATMAN
00:01:42NotAHax !
00:01:46creeeeeee :D
00:01:50poskus ;D
00:01:50creeeeeee imba mid hero :/
00:01:57NotAHax batmon
00:02:05Maier -ms
00:02:05creeeeeee tõtõtõtõtõtõtõ
00:02:07creeeeeee batmoooon
00:02:21Maier bleh
00:02:21FaintRush batmanjajaja
00:02:32FaintRush hf gl
00:02:38NotAHax Welcome
00:02:41creeeeeee hi
00:02:54FaintRush n1
00:02:58veuncent i suck
00:03:01Maier hehe
00:03:19ATS_ how you can die autoattack
00:03:23Maier u farm
00:03:24Maier i harras
00:03:27FaintRush yy
00:03:32veuncent no he used skill
00:03:46creeeeeee waaaaaat
00:03:52NotAHax batmon
00:04:18Balbii go pull
00:04:20Balbii roof
00:04:22NotAHax MID MISS
00:04:26FaintRush who?>
00:04:28NotAHax tiny
00:04:28creeeeeee MID MISS
00:04:29NotAHax lv 2
00:04:31creeeeeee going top
00:04:32FaintRush k
00:04:38NotAHax bane
00:04:39ImAweirdo ss
00:04:40NotAHax can you upgrd chick?
00:04:40creeeeeee re
00:04:41ImAweirdo re 1
00:04:48NotAHax ty
00:04:49Maier done
00:05:40Maier lvl 6 pwn
00:05:55ATS_ go stun
00:06:08ATS_ ¨'b
00:06:09ATS_ b
00:06:27ATS_ you suck hard
00:06:30veuncent true
00:06:36ATS_ help top
00:06:39Maier well done :P
00:06:42veuncent me?
00:06:52Maier ss
00:06:55Maier wr
00:06:57ATS_ this mumbai dont know how deny
00:07:02Maier hey guys
00:07:06Maier what to get for bane ?
00:07:15Maier hex ?
00:07:20NotAHax mana boots
00:07:25Maier yaya but after that
00:07:27NotAHax wards
00:07:32Maier ,,,,
00:07:33FaintRush give 1 mana
00:07:34FaintRush pls
00:07:35veuncent gank?
00:07:40Balbii yey
00:07:40ATS_ lol
00:07:47NotAHax plant to runes
00:07:51NotAHax well
00:07:52NotAHax ican
00:07:55FaintRush ty
00:08:08Maier np
00:08:09Balbii well ofc..
00:08:11Balbii gj
00:08:13NotAHax tiny inc
00:08:14NotAHax care
00:08:15creeeeeee kill bot
00:08:15creeeeeee ud
00:08:18ATS_ totally oom
00:08:24NotAHax sk
00:08:25NotAHax plant wards?
00:08:27creeeeeee mid miss
00:08:29creeeeeee tp
00:08:30creeeeeee bot
00:08:30creeeeeee sb
00:08:31creeeeeee fast
00:08:34NotAHax leave midd..
00:08:34NotAHax ..
00:08:40NotAHax MID MISS
00:08:51tanelli i have no idea how to stun with my spirits
00:09:13creeeeeee no 1 cares
00:09:14Maier nice
00:09:16creeeeeee to come
00:09:37ATS_ wtf imba heroes but still losing
00:09:38ATS_ wtf
00:09:45NotAHax orange
00:09:45Maier ss 2
00:09:46NotAHax just farm bot
00:09:50FaintRush i go get my vg
00:10:08NotAHax leave
00:10:12NotAHax ta
00:10:13NotAHax take
00:10:36FaintRush ;/
00:10:57Balbii ..
00:11:03NotAHax yo
00:11:05creeeeeee no 1 cares
00:11:07creeeeeee to help
00:11:09ImAweirdo gj
00:11:12creeeeeee when ganging or sth
00:11:14NotAHax you 2
00:11:27veuncent miss
00:11:31Maier ss ud
00:11:58creeeeeee CANT STUN
00:12:02creeeeeee wtf is this
00:12:04NotAHax )
00:12:04Balbii we need tps
00:12:04FaintRush snowball?
00:12:11creeeeeee this shit is still buggy or what
00:12:15creeeeeee cant toss or stun
00:12:18creeeeeee did it like 3 times
00:12:30Balbii omg
00:12:30NotAHax so
00:12:33NotAHax You come challenge me?
00:12:34Balbii wtf was that
00:12:50creeeeeee cant challenge
00:12:52creeeeeee if cant use spells
00:13:24FaintRush shit
00:15:05Balbii not possible
00:15:14creeeeeee dead
00:15:30FaintRush lets push
00:15:31ATS_ IMBA TEAM
00:15:41tanelli 12 min left
00:15:52ATS_ back to bnet
00:16:11Balbii UD
00:16:16Maier keep apart
00:16:29FaintRush mp psl
00:16:32FaintRush pls
00:16:37FaintRush ty
00:16:41Maier ss
00:16:57Maier tiny
00:17:05Maier got ulti
00:17:28Maier shit
00:17:32Maier we got doubleganked
00:17:33veuncent bat inc
00:18:02ATS_ joo
00:18:06creeeeeee kill
00:18:06ATS_ over feeded
00:18:14NotAHax ..
00:18:15NotAHax :DD
00:18:16NotAHax too rambo
00:18:16creeeeeee ??
00:18:16veuncent aww
00:18:17creeeeeee :D:D
00:19:03ImAweirdo what to make now?
00:19:07Maier sy
00:19:12FaintRush ill try so make radi
00:19:21FaintRush to make*
00:19:56NotAHax Gangers
00:20:07ImAweirdo omg
00:20:09ImAweirdo fuck iot
00:20:10ImAweirdo shit
00:20:15NotAHax spectre
00:20:15ImAweirdo that was 2 kills
00:20:16NotAHax just
00:20:16NotAHax farm
00:20:17NotAHax 24/7
00:20:18NotAHax dont gang man
00:20:19NotAHax useless
00:20:19FaintRush treant had to use
00:20:20FaintRush ulti
00:20:47ATS_ windrunn
00:20:50ATS_ maybe
00:21:29veuncent maybe what ud?
00:21:50FaintRush i just farm 3800
00:21:56ImAweirdo wait
00:22:06FaintRush ny
00:22:07FaintRush ball
00:22:13Maier n1
00:22:28Maier b tuskar
00:22:35Maier gang prolly
00:22:41NotAHax ffs
00:22:42NotAHax fu sk
00:22:49poskus u are rich dude
00:22:50poskus :D
00:22:55NotAHax go
00:22:56NotAHax bane
00:22:56Maier who ?
00:22:58Maier who to ulti ?
00:23:20NotAHax so
00:23:21NotAHax useless
00:23:43ATS_ b
00:23:48Maier bleh, failed abit
00:24:03ATS_ wp
00:24:33FaintRush mp
00:25:41veuncent inc bat
00:25:42Maier run forrest run
00:25:45FaintRush ))
00:25:48ImAweirdo gl finding me
00:25:48ImAweirdo :D
00:26:11ImAweirdo not a hax
00:26:15ImAweirdo dont be batman ;)
00:26:22NotAHax batman cant win without team
00:26:42poskus he needs robin
00:26:54ATS_ hyvin kyllä vetää nää
00:27:11tanelli I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:27:13FaintRush radi in 500
00:27:29FaintRush let
00:27:30FaintRush me
00:27:32FaintRush that
00:27:32FaintRush pls
00:27:33FaintRush ...
00:27:36NotAHax näh
00:27:38NotAHax need myself
00:27:38veuncent def bot also
00:27:38NotAHax farm woods
00:27:40ATS_ luulin että näillä heroilla ei voi hävitä mutta näköjään kaikki on mahdollista
00:28:41ATS_ b
00:28:45NotAHax team
00:28:45NotAHax come
00:28:46FaintRush gotcha
00:28:47ATS_ no tomb all goming
00:28:49FaintRush i go for radi
00:28:54FaintRush mb w8
00:28:56Maier got ulti ?
00:28:56FaintRush for me?
00:28:59ATS_ coming*
00:28:59FaintRush i got
00:29:09FaintRush now u can start
00:29:11FaintRush ill come
00:29:13ATS_ wait tomb and fo
00:29:14ATS_ go
00:29:18ATS_ go go
00:29:27Maier no point
00:29:28Maier they gone
00:29:32FaintRush rly?
00:29:42NotAHax go sk
00:29:45FaintRush we can fight
00:30:16ATS_ roof maybe ulti?
00:30:23tanelli i ultied
00:30:29ATS_ onko kukaan nähny roofin ultia?
00:30:32creeeeeee to who?
00:30:37creeeeeee didnt see no 1 in ult
00:30:44Maier i saw it
00:30:48Maier but shitty timing
00:30:48ATS_ :DDDD
00:30:49tanelli when sand king was ulting
00:30:56tanelli i rooted him
00:31:23Balbii ofc
00:31:31Balbii hate so much
00:31:32Balbii hax
00:31:38ATS_ IMBA TEAM
00:31:39NotAHax n1 gang
00:31:41ATS_ I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:49creeeeeee u cant call that a gang
00:32:45Maier rax
00:33:16NotAHax spectre
00:33:18NotAHax destroy tomb
00:33:18NotAHax plz
00:33:22FaintRush where?
00:33:24tanelli why you dont want to ff?
00:33:28NotAHax when ud uses it..
00:33:28FaintRush u mean
00:33:30FaintRush in fight?
00:33:33NotAHax yes
00:33:36FaintRush il try.
00:33:39Maier care
00:34:26Balbii I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:54FaintRush buyback
00:34:54FaintRush cd
00:35:07FaintRush damn icefrogg
00:35:26ATS_ windrunnerikin odottelee tyynesti että crixin ulti on varmasti sisässä ja stunnaa si :DDDD
00:35:39veuncent haha!
00:35:40veuncent what?
00:37:11creeeeeee not possible to toss bat
00:37:16creeeeeee like really
00:37:34creeeeeee in this game have done that several times
00:37:38creeeeeee and it just wont toss u
00:37:44ATS_ LOL
00:37:45FaintRush !
00:38:00ATS_ _afk
00:38:03ATS_ -afk
00:38:07creeeeeee -afk
00:38:11NotAHax gg
00:38:53Maier gg
00:38:57FaintRush !
00:38:58FaintRush gj
00:39:08veuncent gg
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