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Chat log

00:00:12NotAHax soulyea
00:00:14NotAHax what you wanna
00:00:18Soulyah u know
00:00:22Soulyah what i would want
00:00:22NotAHax guys tell me what you want
00:00:26NotAHax >_<?
00:00:28Soulyah pudg
00:00:31NotAHax -.-
00:00:35Bra~ i can phoenix
00:00:36N2xy take random heros
00:00:40Bra~ or krobe
00:00:44Forthedream k
00:00:45Bra~ please
00:01:34N2xy i can play razori
00:01:42NotAHax sure
00:01:46Bra~ krobe suits well with phoenix too
00:01:50Bra~ imo
00:01:56Bra~ messy shit
00:01:58KolleBolle i can play veno
00:02:01Soulyah im bat
00:02:09Idx go tuskar
00:02:27Idx ill play tusk
00:02:32Forthedream can any of you outsolo bat?
00:02:54Bra~ with what?
00:02:56Bra~ lesh?
00:03:00Jerkku tuskar
00:03:13Maier mby pl to counter bat ?
00:03:23Forthedream doesnt reall counter it
00:03:28Maier oh lol
00:03:41nigulas tc agnima
00:03:47nigulas enigma
00:04:11Forthedream me tc
00:04:14NotAHax razor bat
00:04:16Jerkku me doom
00:04:16NotAHax tuskarr veno
00:04:17NotAHax im midd slark
00:04:36Forthedream get sentry to counter slark
00:04:40Forthedream dont buy dust
00:04:42Forthedream later
00:04:47NotAHax N2xy
00:04:50NotAHax you realize
00:04:52NotAHax if you dont carry
00:04:54NotAHax like get urself tnak
00:04:54NotAHax we lose
00:04:55N2xy engima phoenix .. see jamab
00:04:55NotAHax so
00:04:56NotAHax no pressure
00:05:01NotAHax n2xy, just get hood,vanguard
00:05:02NotAHax shit
00:05:02NotAHax you know
00:05:09NotAHax hood,vanguard,hot,phase
00:05:10N2xy oo
00:05:11NotAHax blabla
00:05:15N2xy sure
00:05:16Bra~ -apm
00:05:24Forthedream phoenix u shouldnt be able to be killed with dive if u solo
00:05:32Bra~ y
00:05:54Forthedream shr
00:06:18KolleBolle rune
00:06:37nigulas ss1
00:06:38nigulas nvm
00:07:44Soulyah tapae
00:07:49Forthedream ss
00:07:49N2xy k
00:08:38N2xy hea
00:08:40N2xy said kä
00:08:42N2xy kätte ikka
00:08:43Soulyah :D
00:08:48NotAHax :D
00:09:45N2xy jälle?
00:10:08NotAHax Wat
00:10:12NotAHax it
00:10:13NotAHax took ur illu
00:10:14NotAHax To web
00:10:15NotAHax ??
00:10:20Forthedream lol
00:10:25NotAHax instead of jumping
00:10:27NotAHax cool work icefrog
00:10:37Forthedream ice is on my side
00:10:46NotAHax b
00:10:47NotAHax tc coming
00:11:02Maier suhu võta lits
00:11:26Maier -ms
00:11:35Forthedream ss
00:11:40Forthedream -ma
00:11:43Forthedream slark 6
00:12:07NotAHax ??
00:12:19Soulyah tapame
00:12:20NotAHax b
00:12:48NotAHax wp creeps
00:12:52Forthedream :()
00:13:07NotAHax okay
00:13:09NotAHax cool story
00:13:20NotAHax idx
00:13:21NotAHax come gang tc
00:13:22NotAHax with me
00:13:27Bra~ ss tuskar
00:13:28Forthedream activate
00:13:32Forthedream chik
00:14:04NotAHax tc
00:14:05NotAHax got rune
00:14:07NotAHax MID MISS
00:14:26NotAHax come gang midd tusrka
00:14:31Bra~ ss tuskar
00:14:40Jerkku leshrar
00:14:41Jerkku help
00:14:54Maier i stunned but then he put the shackl
00:15:08Maier ss
00:15:09Maier both
00:15:09Jerkku gank top!!!
00:15:24Jerkku gg
00:15:28Soulyah :D
00:15:29Jerkku gank top
00:15:32Jerkku yep
00:15:34Soulyah kuida läheb
00:15:36Jerkku so good lesh
00:15:39NotAHax ffs
00:15:41Idx wtf?
00:15:44Idx i had mana for my nuke
00:15:49Idx why the hell did you use my ult
00:15:56Idx jessu
00:16:00Maier ma mäletan, et omal ajal sa imesid parajalt kotte dotas
00:16:20Forthedream they are all mid :/
00:16:39NotAHax omw bot
00:17:34Forthedream doom
00:17:37Forthedream go top
00:17:38Jerkku ?
00:18:29Forthedream call miss mb?
00:18:35Maier he is never on lane
00:18:48Forthedream i get ganked like 4 times now
00:19:01Forthedream doom always slark
00:19:05Jerkku mm
00:19:21NotAHax go
00:19:46NotAHax go
00:19:46NotAHax go
00:19:49NotAHax snowbal us
00:19:54Idx 40 sec cd..
00:20:51NotAHax kolelbolle
00:20:52NotAHax can you
00:20:53NotAHax gang :D???
00:21:07KolleBolle ofc
00:22:07Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
00:22:10Soulyah ownt
00:22:10nigulas tcf why didint U FUCKING STUN BAT?
00:22:11nigulas idiot
00:22:12nigulas cunt
00:22:22Forthedream because you didnt ult
00:22:26Forthedream he is too far nap
00:22:40nigulas better u waste stun then i ulti?
00:22:47NotAHax GO
00:22:51nigulas got ulti
00:22:52Idx silence
00:23:15N2xy thats engima phoenix
00:23:25Soulyah y
00:24:05NotAHax ..
00:24:05NotAHax XDDD
00:25:31Bra~ :S:S:S
00:25:34NotAHax lol
00:25:38Forthedream -_-
00:25:50Bra~ :S
00:26:08Bra~ -ii
00:26:31Idx any good items i should make now?
00:27:16nigulas AHAHAHAHA
00:28:09nigulas retarded icefrog
00:28:11nigulas fix shit
00:28:46Soulyah see ei ole bug
00:28:52nigulas lappakotte
00:29:10nigulas and this fucking doom
00:29:13nigulas is ulting batrider
00:29:14nigulas u kidding me?
00:29:24Soulyah see on ta skill
00:29:29Forthedream get sentry
00:29:31NotAHax sentry
00:30:31Maier we cant do this 3v5 and then 4v5
00:30:40Maier and then doom does almost suicide for a kill
00:32:03Maier i bought sentrys
00:32:06Forthedream me2
00:32:07N2xy ill make blade mail maybe after hood
00:32:08Soulyah w8 for me
00:32:08Soulyah veno
00:32:37NotAHax k
00:32:37NotAHax go
00:32:37Maier linken first ?
00:32:38NotAHax rosh
00:32:42Forthedream blood
00:32:48nigulas no ulti
00:33:09NotAHax GO
00:33:13NotAHax b
00:33:14NotAHax b
00:34:36Forthedream we need to doom bat or slakr before they ult
00:34:37nigulas got ultui
00:34:50Jerkku leshrac take your second skill
00:34:53Jerkku not plus 2
00:35:10Maier i know my skillbuild very well
00:35:18Maier frankly i'm just paper atm
00:35:22N2xy -ms
00:35:35nigulas AHAHAHA
00:35:40Bra~ :S:S:S
00:36:21Forthedream wtf leshrak
00:36:26NotAHax GO
00:36:27Jerkku leshrac.
00:36:30Forthedream how about you stun?
00:36:37Maier missed
00:36:40Forthedream u didnt use
00:36:44NotAHax go rax
00:36:45Forthedream you did ult
00:36:48KolleBolle omw
00:36:50Maier before it i used
00:37:12NotAHax rosh
00:37:42Soulyah no
00:37:43Soulyah dont
00:37:55Soulyah veno can solo it with wards
00:37:59N2xy ye
00:38:20Forthedream get obs lesh
00:38:34Forthedream and sentry if u can
00:38:46Soulyah orb out
00:38:48Soulyah tuskar
00:38:51Maier mhmh
00:38:55Jerkku radi now
00:38:59N2xy who takes?
00:39:03Soulyah razor
00:39:19N2xy push bot?
00:39:45Bra~ shit
00:39:51Bra~ 2 jangos
00:39:54Bra~ my bad
00:39:59NotAHax Brilliant guy
00:40:09NotAHax tusakr..
00:40:10NotAHax why
00:40:17NotAHax k b
00:40:18Forthedream its cool my team farm when u gank me with 4
00:40:20NotAHax tuskar decided we need turtle more
00:41:00Soulyah gg
00:41:04NotAHax tuskar
00:41:04nigulas tc ur death did this game
00:41:05NotAHax come
00:41:06nigulas solo top
00:41:07nigulas fun
00:41:13Forthedream surely
00:41:13KolleBolle <3 aga
00:41:14Bra~ nigma
00:41:15KolleBolle :D
00:41:17Forthedream not your 1 man blackholes
00:41:21Bra~ you should ulti after my ulti
00:41:27Bra~ so they focus the eg
00:41:30nigulas whats the point?
00:41:33nigulas they run away from ur ulti
00:41:34Bra~ and you get a nice bh
00:41:42Bra~ not when 5
00:41:45NotAHax :DD
00:41:45Forthedream :D
00:42:38Forthedream doom 1 hp guy
00:42:38Forthedream :D
00:42:44NotAHax we need
00:42:44NotAHax push
00:42:54Forthedream place obs
00:43:13N2xy top?
00:43:15Maier both runes ?
00:43:20Maier or our woods ?
00:43:36Forthedream just 1 good teamfight
00:43:39Forthedream and we can comeback
00:44:16Maier def
00:44:25Forthedream no tp
00:44:26Forthedream come
00:44:39N2xy mid tower?
00:44:42Soulyah why
00:44:44Soulyah do
00:44:44Soulyah u
00:44:45Soulyah sound
00:44:46Soulyah so
00:44:46Soulyah tired
00:45:03NotAHax SPLIT
00:45:18NotAHax get b
00:45:18NotAHax get b
00:45:22NotAHax get b
00:45:23NotAHax someone buy smoke
00:45:24NotAHax veno can you?
00:45:30KolleBolle sure
00:45:34NotAHax buiy plz
00:45:45KolleBolle 1 or 2
00:45:46KolleBolle ?
00:45:51NotAHax 3
00:46:03NotAHax gather midd
00:46:04Forthedream ya
00:46:05NotAHax and lets go
00:46:09Bra~ ggogo
00:46:27Bra~ hmmf
00:46:31N2xy b
00:47:10Forthedream why not fight all?
00:47:22NotAHax :DD
00:47:55Forthedream dont split
00:48:00Bra~ 100 g for buyback
00:48:02Bra~ :(
00:48:09Bra~ hope you can def
00:48:09N2xy b?
00:48:10NotAHax y
00:48:11Forthedream who knows
00:48:17NotAHax k im b
00:48:23nigulas ffs
00:48:23Forthedream ..
00:48:27NotAHax NICE
00:48:37NotAHax BACK
00:48:38NotAHax RETARD
00:48:39NotAHax VENO
00:48:47Idx -MS
00:48:48NotAHax n2xy
00:48:49NotAHax get hod
00:48:50NotAHax hot
00:48:58N2xy ye
00:49:01N2xy making it atm
00:49:04N2xy needed these item first
00:49:15N2xy maybe then sange and yasha?
00:49:18N2xy or manta
00:49:18N2xy hmm
00:49:24Forthedream ward rosh
00:49:27Soulyah tee hot
00:49:30N2xy teengi
00:49:33N2xy hetkel
00:49:34N2xy peale seda
00:49:36Soulyah sange yasha lamp asi
00:49:42N2xy -ms
00:49:49N2xy -ms
00:50:10NotAHax wait
00:50:10NotAHax wait
00:50:11NotAHax i do
00:50:12NotAHax ward check
00:50:16Forthedream they rosh
00:50:21NotAHax go
00:50:27Forthedream b
00:50:29Forthedream or gank
00:50:32N2xy no place
00:50:34Soulyah ära tangi
00:50:35Soulyah n2xy
00:50:35N2xy for aegis
00:50:37Soulyah nii palju
00:50:37Forthedream AL
00:50:43nigulas so wrong item
00:50:48Bra~ hahahaah
00:50:51NotAHax tuskarr
00:50:51NotAHax use smoke
00:50:55NotAHax SMOKE
00:50:56NotAHax USE
00:51:01NotAHax use
00:51:02NotAHax smoke
00:51:05Bra~ doomed the illu
00:51:06NotAHax TUSKARR
00:51:06Bra~ :SD:S:DS:D
00:51:10NotAHax GO
00:51:38Forthedream blink
00:51:54NotAHax it is hard to use smoke
00:51:54NotAHax isent it?
00:51:58Forthedream dont buy dust
00:52:01Forthedream its useless
00:52:03Forthedream if u have heart get gem
00:52:11Idx just tell me if you buy me some new things
00:52:17Soulyah take wards
00:52:18Soulyah hre
00:52:19Soulyah someone
00:52:21Soulyah got no room
00:53:15Forthedream lets go mid
00:53:20nigulas ulti cd
00:53:23Forthedream in teamfight they cant beat us or at least shouldnt
00:53:32Maier whre to ward ?
00:54:00Soulyah at base
00:54:04Maier push quick
00:54:16Forthedream i come
00:55:03Maier hmm
00:55:04NotAHax lol
00:55:05NotAHax go midd
00:55:06NotAHax finish this
00:55:06NotAHax now
00:55:07Maier that was almost... ok
00:55:12Forthedream i didnt have ult
00:55:15Forthedream used it to kill slark
00:55:34NotAHax mv
00:55:35NotAHax nvm
00:55:35NotAHax b
00:55:36KolleBolle i'm like paper for them ;/
00:55:41NotAHax we need
00:55:41Forthedream let me
00:55:42NotAHax all 5
00:55:45Maier ...
00:55:47Maier always others
00:55:49N2xy taking
00:55:49N2xy hot
00:56:43Soulyah mkb we:D
00:56:45NotAHax GAHT
00:56:46NotAHax WE NEED
00:56:46nigulas y
00:56:47NotAHax WE NEED
00:56:48NotAHax TUSKAR
00:56:53NotAHax BACK
00:56:59NotAHax BACK
00:57:05Bra~ tra
00:57:06nigulas WHY
00:57:08nigulas U GUCKIN GGO
00:57:10nigulas ALONE
00:57:11NotAHax go
00:57:16Forthedream go rebuy
00:57:17N2xy mid
00:57:18Bra~ well
00:57:19N2xy `?
00:57:20Bra~ sorry
00:57:21NotAHax k midd
00:57:27Bra~ 400 g short
00:57:30NotAHax tuskar
00:57:31NotAHax snowball us
00:57:32Bra~ :/
00:57:39Forthedream win time
00:57:45NotAHax snowball
00:57:46NotAHax plz
00:58:15Bra~ tra mind polnudki :D:D:D
00:58:28Maier they kinda always target me first
00:58:39Forthedream go mid
00:58:42Bra~ otw
00:59:22Jerkku b
00:59:23Jerkku b
00:59:24NotAHax ppl
00:59:29nigulas B
00:59:36Forthedream dont
00:59:37nigulas or nvm
00:59:53Idx slark going ac?
01:00:02NotAHax y
01:00:03Forthedream go rosh
01:00:04Forthedream let me
01:00:08Forthedream -_-
01:00:09NotAHax need 2k more
01:00:12Jerkku have criti
01:00:21Forthedream your dps is weaker
01:00:31nigulas ult soon
01:00:32Forthedream go mid
01:00:35NotAHax we can go
01:00:36NotAHax with smoke
01:00:38NotAHax gahter
01:00:40NotAHax folow me
01:00:56NotAHax STPIYD VNEO
01:01:11NotAHax gj veno
01:01:12NotAHax lost game
01:01:13KolleBolle you know he made that
01:01:13NotAHax becouse tyou
01:01:13nigulas gg
01:01:14NotAHax well played
01:01:15NotAHax I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:01:15Bra~ ok hea mäng poisid
01:01:15Jerkku gg
01:01:19Bra~ aga GG
01:01:20NotAHax vbg
01:01:24KolleBolle retaded skill and saw me
01:01:28KolleBolle even if i was invis
01:01:35KolleBolle culdebent do a shit
01:01:36Soulyah np
01:01:39Soulyah game got boring anyways
01:01:40Soulyah lol
01:01:44Bra~ rape the twers
01:01:50Bra~ wp all
01:01:56Idx I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:02:08nigulas carry enigma is carry
01:02:11Soulyah I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:02:14Bra~ phoenix makes such a lovely mess in teambattles
01:02:16Bra~ [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
01:02:16Bra~ [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
01:02:16Bra~ [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
01:02:16Bra~ [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
01:02:16KolleBolle I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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