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Chat log

00:00:25Luza time to rape this biggie
00:00:26curdi BIG time..
00:00:26h0whigh dont ban invoker plz :)
00:00:26Herre oh jesus
00:00:26WANKmaster -bat
00:00:26Biggie pugna
00:00:26Herre sentinel.blows - you do know you have to buy a chicken
00:00:28Sentinel.Blows no
00:00:29Sentinel.Blows wtf is that
00:00:36Luza he plays sylla
00:00:37Luza i know it
00:00:41Luza i feel it in my armpits
00:00:43Herre that is called a chicken purchase
00:00:43Sentinel.Blows im serious
00:00:50curdi in armpits we trust?
00:00:52Dizney close1 !
00:00:53Miniwe :DD
00:00:56Sentinel.Blows chicken purchase ok?
00:00:56Inuusini i knew he'd go lesh
00:00:58Sentinel.Blows where is that
00:00:59Inuusini with that pugna ban
00:00:59Luza i guess i felt wrong
00:01:02Luza yeah
00:01:19Sentinel.Blows what help me
00:01:22Sentinel.Blows chicken purchase?
00:01:32Dizney veno?
00:01:33WANKmaster get veno
00:01:34Herre yes, an act that you must exceute
00:01:34Luza gonna farm whole game ty
00:01:35h0whigh u have 2 buy chicken
00:01:36WANKmaster dazzle
00:01:38Inuusini yeah, lets have 0 stuns
00:01:41Inuusini cool game
00:01:41Miniwe yeye he knows :D
00:01:46Herre no kidding?
00:01:46WANKmaster dazzle
00:01:48Sentinel.Blows what is this chicken?
00:01:48WANKmaster or ck
00:01:56Herre a courier
00:01:57Inuusini dusa solo top, ill woods
00:01:59Sentinel.Blows oh
00:02:02Sentinel.Blows animal courier?
00:02:04h0whigh u know the game ?
00:02:10Dizney i go wards.. and dot.
00:02:27Luza hmm
00:02:31Luza u think thats a good idea?
00:02:31Herre I lag a lot
00:02:33Herre omg
00:02:35Luza your not as solo
00:02:36Luza so
00:02:39Luza i see no point in thta
00:02:41Luza that
00:02:50Luza just get dps
00:02:52Luza build
00:02:52Luza imo
00:02:54Dizney k
00:02:55Herre top
00:03:02Miniwe :O
00:03:04Dizney don't care... i can do that :)
00:03:05Inuusini hp imo
00:03:14Luza some1 hood
00:03:16Luza pipe
00:03:17Dizney i can make pipe..
00:03:17Luza imean
00:03:22h0whigh -il
00:03:36Miniwe now lost xp
00:03:37Miniwe >.<
00:03:41Herre one creep?
00:03:42Inuusini -2 top
00:03:42Luza ssto
00:03:46Inuusini re
00:03:53Miniwe yup
00:03:53Herre what a disaster
00:05:13Dizney haste
00:05:18Herre gg
00:06:56WANKmaster ss
00:06:57WANKmaster mid
00:06:57WANKmaster re
00:07:10Sentinel.Blows invo
00:07:15Sentinel.Blows can i leave you alone??
00:07:18h0whigh y
00:07:25WANKmaster care
00:07:50h0whigh -il
00:08:11Dizney ss
00:08:17WANKmaster ss
00:08:18WANKmaster mid
00:08:37Dizney b
00:09:16Miniwe ss
00:09:31Sentinel.Blows s
00:09:31Sentinel.Blows s
00:09:33curdi ss
00:09:34Sentinel.Blows r
00:10:44Dizney ss
00:11:25Dizney invoker still miss
00:11:28Biggie sleep
00:11:30Herre y
00:11:41Inuusini lesh miss also
00:11:41h0whigh miss 2
00:11:45Herre dive
00:11:46Luza prolly at top
00:12:18Inuusini ~~
00:12:29Inuusini my dusa, no touch
00:12:35curdi voker farming like hell
00:12:36curdi cant do much
00:12:38Luza pari jukee
00:12:43Dizney gang bot. plz !
00:13:00Luza coming top
00:13:06Luza lvl6 atro
00:13:08Luza hmmmmmmm
00:13:10Inuusini bara still 5
00:13:16curdi omw top
00:13:19Luza well cant do much
00:13:44Luza guys
00:13:47Luza dis atro
00:13:49Luza with stunners
00:13:49Inuusini sec
00:13:56Inuusini omw
00:14:13curdi MORE LUCK
00:14:31Sentinel.Blows -apm
00:14:38Sentinel.Blows lol
00:14:51Sentinel.Blows ck centaur 40 50apm
00:14:56h0whigh -apm
00:14:59Miniwe -apm
00:15:04Miniwe cahrgin
00:15:05Miniwe top
00:16:07Luza guys b
00:16:29WANKmaster we got
00:16:29WANKmaster so
00:16:45WANKmaster fucking pointless team
00:17:37Herre b
00:19:16WANKmaster ff
00:19:18Herre gg
00:19:28Inuusini -c
00:19:29Inuusini -cs
00:19:32Inuusini -co
00:19:47Inuusini -cs
00:19:52curdi well
00:19:57curdi they got too good pushers
00:20:45Herre xDDD
00:20:51Inuusini surprise dagger
00:20:57Luza surprise buttsex
00:21:10Miniwe cahrged
00:21:56Luza could have better farm ---
00:22:27Miniwe veno cahrged
00:22:33curdi 4 mid
00:22:39Dizney b
00:23:09Inuusini care
00:23:55Dizney lesh invis
00:23:55Inuusini invis lesh
00:23:56Inuusini bottled
00:24:02Herre ez
00:24:07Dizney b
00:24:08Dizney b
00:24:27Inuusini gj farming there
00:24:32Sentinel.Blows !!!
00:24:34Herre gg
00:24:44Luza NOT LUCKY
00:24:57Luza at all
00:24:59Herre gg
00:25:02Inuusini bg
00:26:38WANKmaster dusa= so pointless
00:26:43WANKmaster hero
00:26:54Inuusini ur feed didnt help
00:26:59Luza indeed
00:27:08WANKmaster im not saying i played well
00:27:09WANKmaster but
00:27:10WANKmaster dusa
00:27:16WANKmaster is like get 40 min freefarm
00:27:17WANKmaster or lose
00:27:27WANKmaster and u know u wont get that freefarm with biggie in game
00:27:51Inuusini imo when pugna banned fp some caster
00:28:21curdi I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:55Luza :DDD
00:28:57Herre XD
00:28:58curdi go ff guys
00:29:04Inuusini I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:06Herre gg
00:29:15WANKmaster I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:17Biggie rosh
00:30:20Sentinel.Blows lol
00:30:55Herre finish
00:30:55Herre plz
00:31:01Luza bara inc
00:32:26Dizney I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:35Miniwe ty
00:32:36Miniwe :D
00:32:40h0whigh imba :D
00:32:43Biggie ;)
00:33:43Herre gege
00:34:00Luza gG
00:34:08Miniwe gg
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