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+42 X
+4 TS

99% | 1795 X | 1585 TS

+12 X
+5 TS

98% | 1727 X | 1521 TS

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+1 TS

83% | 1384 X | 1471 TS

+54 X
+15 TS

82% | 1427 X | 1411 TS

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51% | 1166 X | 1310 TS

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98% | 1676 X | 1580 TS

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-2 TS

97% | 1656 X | 1576 TS

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-2 TS

80% | 1365 X | 1449 TS

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79% | 1384 X | 1414 TS

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76% | 1313 X | 1435 TS

Chat log

00:00:08seppo12 no ar :S
00:00:14GunzComeOut what a shame
00:00:19NotAHax ;_;
00:00:19seppo12 ym ar specialist
00:00:19KING-_-JOHN cant see pool
00:00:24NotAHax balanced teams are balanced
00:00:25Herre king john > all
00:00:25Strom notahax, which side is stronger?
00:00:25Herre hard time
00:00:25Iho pikkaatko mulle cmn
00:00:25Herre their.
00:00:25seppo12 i can go crixa
00:00:25NotAHax hmm well actually
00:00:25KING-_-JOHN -pugna
00:00:25NotAHax depends skill of iho planktoni
00:00:25GunzComeOut seem kinda even
00:00:25GunzComeOut to me
00:00:25NotAHax jungle + king are good
00:00:25NotAHax but kinda even after all
00:00:25seppo12 alche maybe hard :<
00:00:25seppo12 emt
00:00:25Herre yea
00:00:25seppo12 katotaa
00:00:25NotAHax depends if soulyeah plays srs or goes troll mod
00:00:25Herre rather even
00:00:25Soulyah :D
00:00:25Herre ==D
00:00:25Herre well, get me sk
00:00:25junglejonte mitää
00:00:25NotAHax hmm
00:00:25NotAHax well
00:00:25seppo12 mitäää
00:00:25NotAHax you guys wanna get rid of lion or alche?
00:00:25Soulyah jungeljonte
00:00:25Herre alche
00:00:25Planktoni mi
00:00:25Soulyah will play sk
00:00:25Soulyah he has
00:00:25seppo12 john playin?
00:00:25junglejonte no ei mitään ihmenpää
00:00:25Soulyah 30%
00:00:25Soulyah games
00:00:25Strom imo get rid of omni
00:00:25Soulyah with
00:00:25Soulyah skele
00:00:25NotAHax no strom
00:00:25Iho pitääkö juntit venttihin
00:00:25seppo12 you are missing one "e"
00:00:25seppo12 =)
00:00:25NotAHax hmm
00:00:25GunzComeOut think i go storm
00:00:25Strom well don't blame me when junglejonte picks it
00:00:25NotAHax well if we dont ban lion
00:00:25NotAHax we can get
00:00:25NotAHax sk + cm
00:00:25seppo12 ihmeeeeeeenpii
00:00:25junglejonte mitää maito se on?
00:00:25NotAHax i get rid of naga
00:00:25NotAHax get cm + leoric?
00:00:25Soulyah HERRE CHICKEN
00:00:25NotAHax and sk + necro?
00:00:25Herre :(
00:00:25seppo12 :E
00:00:25NotAHax + somethnig midd
00:00:25Herre bash me more sir
00:00:25NotAHax deal?
00:00:25GunzComeOut u can play the leoric then
00:00:25GunzComeOut lol
00:00:25Soulyah i can leo
00:00:25NotAHax -naga
00:00:26Herre I will arpe u irl
00:00:28NotAHax -siren
00:00:29NotAHax -naga
00:00:29GunzComeOut ye let this soulyah
00:00:33GunzComeOut he is farmer
00:00:36NotAHax get sk
00:00:38Soulyah noim not:D
00:00:39Herre get me SAND KING
00:00:43NotAHax .......
00:00:44GunzComeOut oO
00:00:46NotAHax i told get sk
00:00:48NotAHax fuck sake
00:00:49Soulyah i ganged morewith slark last game
00:00:53Soulyah than our venge or lina
00:00:55NotAHax noob gunz
00:00:59KING-_-JOHN gunz: "Pick clinkz for me!!!"
00:01:12NotAHax leoric triple i guess now
00:01:18Herre get me lina
00:01:20NotAHax get me necro
00:01:22NotAHax no lina
00:01:22NotAHax no
00:01:27NotAHax we got cm lion
00:01:27Soulyah get him necro then
00:01:29NotAHax no more lina
00:01:30NotAHax get necro
00:01:34Herre ======d
00:01:35GunzComeOut hmm
00:01:36NotAHax .
00:01:37GunzComeOut i shouldnt play
00:01:39GunzComeOut this :P
00:01:39seppo12 maybe get lina with me
00:01:40NotAHax yeah..
00:01:42NotAHax you shouldnt
00:01:43NotAHax soulyeah
00:01:44GunzComeOut -swap 1
00:01:44NotAHax swap for him
00:01:47GunzComeOut na its cool
00:01:49NotAHax -swap 2
00:01:49junglejonte ok baby
00:01:49GunzComeOut i go lion
00:01:52seppo12 need some fat
00:01:52Soulyah i dont want cm
00:01:56NotAHax herre
00:01:58NotAHax ff
00:01:59NotAHax alche
00:02:00GunzComeOut they got
00:02:01NotAHax tai silencer
00:02:02NotAHax silencer
00:02:02GunzComeOut sexy heroes tho
00:02:04NotAHax silencer
00:02:05seppo12 take wards
00:02:05NotAHax silencer
00:02:06NotAHax silencer
00:02:07NotAHax couinteraa
00:02:08NotAHax stormi
00:02:09NotAHax silencer
00:02:10NotAHax -swap 5
00:02:12Herre -swap 1
00:02:12junglejonte i have no place for them
00:02:16Soulyah ok
00:02:17Soulyah lanes?
00:02:17Strom nobody would have picked naga
00:02:19Herre saat nuolla mun persettä
00:02:19seppo12 i meant top noobs =)
00:02:21Strom but now they have that damn omni
00:02:21GunzComeOut me/leo top
00:02:26Planktoni hohoho
00:02:26Strom I'm calling it right now
00:02:29Strom omni gonna be pain
00:02:29NotAHax Strom
00:02:32NotAHax omni is pain
00:02:32Soulyah fucking
00:02:33NotAHax but you know
00:02:33Planktoni seppo the milkman
00:02:37NotAHax well
00:02:39Soulyah tc is pain
00:02:45NotAHax and lion + cm is pain
00:02:45Soulyah not in a good way
00:02:45junglejonte old school lane
00:02:46Soulyah :d
00:02:49seppo12 ye
00:02:54GunzComeOut come top for fb
00:02:55GunzComeOut cm
00:02:55NotAHax i gonna get diffu
00:02:57seppo12 i can pull if they dont block it
00:02:57NotAHax omni problem solve
00:03:06Herre I need beer
00:03:08Strom soulyah, you just noob with tc
00:03:14GunzComeOut soulyah u stun first
00:03:17Soulyah will do
00:03:22Herre im kinda late
00:03:35Herre necro
00:03:35GunzComeOut omni
00:03:58Herre D:D
00:03:59Herre what a noob
00:04:14NotAHax dont emo strom
00:04:17NotAHax its not lose
00:04:21Strom I'm not emo
00:04:24Strom lina just had invi
00:04:26Strom tough luck
00:04:30Planktoni ss 3
00:04:37Planktoni re
00:04:59Soulyah u or me
00:04:59seppo12 cm
00:05:01GunzComeOut u
00:05:03seppo12 go
00:05:08Soulyah lol
00:05:14Herre omg what a lag
00:05:18Herre 700 ms
00:05:26Herre couldnt cast a spell
00:05:33Planktoni ss 2
00:05:35Planktoni care mid
00:05:35GunzComeOut ur alone now
00:05:36GunzComeOut leo
00:05:55GunzComeOut omw bot
00:06:04seppo12 i can gank mid
00:06:08NotAHax need wards
00:06:09NotAHax strom boltt
00:06:11NotAHax storm
00:06:20seppo12 omw mid
00:06:21seppo12 now
00:06:23seppo12 go
00:06:27Herre gg
00:06:30NotAHax oh sk midd
00:06:31NotAHax very nice
00:06:42Strom was in middle of battle
00:06:43Strom couldn't type
00:06:50seppo12 cm ?
00:06:52junglejonte yeh
00:06:59Planktoni still missing 2
00:08:04Soulyah 6 cs
00:08:04Soulyah ...
00:08:07GunzComeOut 1
00:08:08GunzComeOut cs
00:08:10Herre 1
00:08:16Strom 11!
00:08:21NotAHax 20
00:08:22NotAHax nubs
00:08:22Herre u so farmy
00:08:27seppo12 i gank mid again
00:08:34Strom mis sk
00:08:43NotAHax no newcro
00:08:44NotAHax necro
00:08:45NotAHax no win
00:08:59seppo12 need night
00:09:02Herre sk still miss
00:09:07seppo12 go
00:09:34GunzComeOut comeon man
00:09:36GunzComeOut arent u watching?
00:09:40NotAHax i am
00:09:42NotAHax but he got haste
00:09:45GunzComeOut he had haste
00:09:46seppo12 omw bot
00:09:48GunzComeOut when he was fighting me
00:09:50GunzComeOut at runespot
00:09:51NotAHax ??????
00:09:54NotAHax well no i wasent watching
00:09:55NotAHax ;_;
00:10:02seppo12 i pull
00:10:06seppo12 and then kill with my ult
00:10:16Soulyah i srsly need help here
00:10:20Herre I am on it
00:10:23Herre after I get tp
00:10:30GunzComeOut i come top then
00:10:37GunzComeOut but rly
00:10:37seppo12 we need to get both stunned
00:10:39seppo12 or i dont ult
00:10:41GunzComeOut what u wanna do vs them :/
00:10:45Soulyah dunno
00:10:47Soulyah bad lane
00:10:49Planktoni ss skele
00:10:52GunzComeOut just pull creeps
00:10:53junglejonte ss bot
00:10:53GunzComeOut and farm
00:10:53Strom soulyah, come farm bot then
00:10:54seppo12 ss 2 bot
00:10:55Strom lina / sk
00:11:02seppo12 omw mid again
00:11:06Planktoni re
00:11:07GunzComeOut b
00:11:11seppo12 regen
00:11:14seppo12 bot
00:11:17GunzComeOut omw bot
00:11:21seppo12 storm
00:11:24KING-_-JOHN ya
00:11:33Herre LION
00:11:33seppo12 they all coming
00:11:52NotAHax b
00:11:52NotAHax b
00:12:03Herre for fuck sake.
00:12:16seppo12 g
00:12:17seppo12 j
00:12:20KING-_-JOHN u
00:12:21KING-_-JOHN 2
00:12:26NotAHax just blame urself rly
00:12:33NotAHax necro would counter but nooo i get tc
00:12:34NotAHax wee
00:12:44Planktoni miss skele
00:12:46seppo12 tc
00:12:48seppo12 lina
00:12:58seppo12 4 missing
00:13:02NotAHax and soulyeah dont even have farm
00:13:06NotAHax ,_,
00:13:19Soulyah what do u want from omni necro lane
00:13:23Herre pro cm
00:13:25seppo12 not worht it
00:13:25junglejonte heeya
00:13:42Herre long tp is long
00:14:03seppo12 olisko midin puskemisen paikka pojat
00:14:13Planktoni joop
00:14:22Herre lina dagger
00:14:36GunzComeOut some1 else tp
00:14:36GunzComeOut wtf
00:14:47seppo12 ei ultia
00:14:49NotAHax 3 midd
00:14:49Herre =D
00:14:50Planktoni k
00:15:10KING-_-JOHN omw
00:15:41GunzComeOut soulyah
00:15:43GunzComeOut u must come to fights
00:15:53Herre this is starting to suck ass really hard
00:15:55seppo12 farm bot
00:15:56seppo12 and top
00:16:00NotAHax idd
00:16:08NotAHax wel horrible outpicked
00:16:09NotAHax the end
00:16:24Soulyah y
00:16:24NotAHax giving them necro omni kinda is gg
00:16:26NotAHax insane heaing
00:16:27Herre I wanted to be on king johns side
00:16:28Strom lol
00:16:28Herre :(
00:16:30seppo12 necro
00:16:31seppo12 farmaa
00:16:35NotAHax iw anted to have good picks :<
00:16:40Strom I told you to ban omni
00:16:44Strom now you whining about them having it
00:16:46Strom wtf
00:16:47NotAHax so ur actually thinking
00:16:50NotAHax omni is winning the game?
00:16:52seppo12 repeliä
00:16:54seppo12 ku meen
00:16:55Planktoni ju
00:17:02Soulyah necro is
00:17:06Herre b
00:17:08NotAHax näh
00:17:09NotAHax necro iswent
00:17:14NotAHax just picks
00:17:17Herre storm lina is
00:17:17NotAHax if they woudlnt get
00:17:18NotAHax omni necro
00:17:21NotAHax sk could farm more
00:17:31GunzComeOut gank it
00:17:59Herre 4 man farming
00:18:28Herre good ulti
00:18:28Herre sior
00:18:30Herre sir
00:19:05Soulyah cant see thatimba tc we were promised
00:19:23seppo12 gatheroidutaa
00:19:32junglejonte skele
00:19:33junglejonte no ulti
00:19:34GunzComeOut go
00:20:15Herre this is over
00:20:21GunzComeOut was over since picks
00:20:22GunzComeOut :)
00:20:25NotAHax y
00:20:28Soulyah yeaaaao
00:20:30Herre well
00:20:33Herre now its official
00:20:35Strom gunz & notahax, have you even won together?
00:20:41NotAHax :D
00:20:42Strom always when I see you two together, your team looses
00:20:45Planktoni i make shiva
00:20:45NotAHax well y
00:20:47GunzComeOut maybe once
00:20:48NotAHax we have noticed that
00:20:48GunzComeOut haha
00:20:56NotAHax kinda strange isent it?
00:21:01GunzComeOut very
00:21:06NotAHax well
00:21:09KING-_-JOHN u drink
00:21:09NotAHax we lost 2 games before
00:21:11KING-_-JOHN from meee
00:21:13Herre both to me
00:21:14NotAHax becouse we had like 3 svents in team
00:21:16NotAHax who picks gondar b
00:21:17NotAHax :DDDDDDDD
00:21:18junglejonte drinks on king john
00:21:29NotAHax but rly
00:21:29NotAHax this game
00:21:31NotAHax outpicked
00:21:32NotAHax nothing else
00:21:39NotAHax i knew he would pick storm
00:21:42NotAHax that wasent the problem
00:21:46NotAHax but the problem is gunz faild
00:21:50seppo12 kaua wardi kestää
00:21:53NotAHax and you pick tc instead of necro and let them get game best lane
00:21:57Planktoni 20s
00:22:14GunzComeOut that and u wasted ur ban
00:22:17Strom well I wasn't even aware that someone was epxecting me to pick necro
00:22:28seppo12 almost 11
00:22:29NotAHax well Gunz
00:22:30Strom I may have picked necro if it was made as a clear wish
00:22:31Strom it wasn't
00:22:34NotAHax king john is best naga player
00:22:35NotAHax at .di
00:22:35Strom so don't blame me now
00:22:35NotAHax so..
00:22:36GunzComeOut wards in inventory increase vision herre :)
00:22:43GunzComeOut naga is trash
00:22:44GunzComeOut oO
00:22:46Herre cant play it
00:22:46NotAHax näh mn
00:22:47Herre it is not
00:23:18GunzComeOut didnt see that coming
00:23:18seppo12 hiil
00:23:19seppo12 iho
00:23:22GunzComeOut no way
00:23:34seppo12 repel
00:23:53Herre :--D
00:23:57seppo12 asdasdas
00:24:12seppo12 b
00:24:14seppo12 imo
00:24:24NotAHax soulyeah..
00:24:29Soulyah i so wanted this deny
00:24:30Herre ;SOUL_YEAH
00:24:58GunzComeOut how do i have
00:25:00GunzComeOut +24 dmg
00:25:01GunzComeOut oO
00:25:09seppo12 daku
00:25:10Strom bracers
00:25:11seppo12 huh
00:25:13GunzComeOut ye
00:25:15GunzComeOut should be +12
00:25:16seppo12 jos nyt osuis ulteil
00:25:19Planktoni :)
00:25:20Soulyah lol
00:25:22Soulyah u took stats
00:25:24seppo12 voiks planktoni ostaa teleee
00:25:26GunzComeOut no i didnt
00:25:29seppo12 mul ei varaa
00:25:31Soulyah well
00:25:34Soulyah not possible other way
00:25:36Planktoni jo
00:25:43seppo12 ty
00:25:46Planktoni np
00:25:46GunzComeOut happy?
00:25:47Soulyah wtf
00:25:51seppo12 lets öö gank ?
00:25:51GunzComeOut i have
00:25:53GunzComeOut +12 int
00:25:55junglejonte yes plz
00:25:55GunzComeOut and +24 dmg
00:25:56GunzComeOut oO
00:26:02seppo12 i ward
00:26:14Strom what if you drop a bracer?
00:26:17Herre bracers increase damage?
00:26:20GunzComeOut -6
00:26:21Herre what are you talking about
00:26:21GunzComeOut lol
00:26:27Herre +3 for each
00:26:27GunzComeOut oO
00:26:29GunzComeOut since when?
00:26:30GunzComeOut lol
00:26:32Herre ehh?
00:26:35Herre since long time ago
00:26:40Strom ah that
00:26:40Planktoni wardubg
00:26:41Strom hmm
00:26:41Herre bracer imba
00:26:43GunzComeOut lol
00:26:45GunzComeOut i never knew that
00:26:46Herre it costs 190
00:26:47Strom it was added some monthjs ago
00:26:50Herre talisman costs 150
00:26:51seppo12 bug?
00:26:55Planktoni :)
00:26:58Planktoni typo
00:27:05seppo12 :D
00:27:08Soulyah so bracer gives dmg
00:27:08junglejonte give repel to sk
00:27:10Herre y
00:27:13Soulyah + main attribtes 03?
00:27:13seppo12 nn
00:27:14seppo12 got dagger
00:27:16Soulyah +3
00:27:17Herre y
00:27:18junglejonte still
00:27:18GunzComeOut kinda sexy
00:27:19Soulyah i mean str
00:27:22Soulyah lol
00:27:23Strom +9 dmg total to str heroes
00:27:24Soulyah no wonder
00:27:24GunzComeOut so for str hero its +9 dmg
00:27:25Soulyah nagash
00:27:25GunzComeOut lol
00:27:27Soulyah bought them
00:27:28GunzComeOut imba
00:27:28Herre :--D
00:27:59Herre nagash also buys talismans and bans
00:28:01Herre bands*
00:28:04Herre 4
00:28:05NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:07Herre for each hero
00:28:07Strom no
00:28:07Herre I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:11Strom he always buys bracers
00:28:13Herre nope
00:28:23seppo12 lion fast?
00:28:26Planktoni farm
00:28:31Strom nagash even buys bracers for morph
00:28:36Soulyah :D
00:28:37Herre seen him building those 4 talismans and bands too
00:28:38NotAHax yes nagas imba player
00:28:39NotAHax oh wait..
00:28:49Herre forfeit?
00:28:50Herre ppl
00:28:54Herre add nxt
00:28:55NotAHax yh we swhould
00:28:57Strom haven't lost raxes
00:28:57Herre maybe better picks
00:29:01Herre so..?
00:29:02Herre :DD
00:29:06seppo12 omw mid
00:29:20Herre :DD
00:30:04Soulyah KILLED THE BITCH
00:30:15NotAHax well..
00:30:17NotAHax we can still turtle
00:30:18NotAHax and mayby try win
00:30:19NotAHax xd
00:30:27Herre boooooooooooooriing
00:30:29Herre I want beer
00:30:31GunzComeOut we can turtle
00:30:31Herre if we do that
00:30:32Iho :D
00:30:33GunzComeOut but we wont win
00:30:34GunzComeOut :)
00:30:35Herre oh wait
00:30:37Herre I has
00:30:37seppo12 outplayd
00:30:37NotAHax gunz we might!
00:30:40NotAHax if they wail over 9000
00:30:41NotAHax but doubt
00:30:44NotAHax king john not that stupid
00:30:45NotAHax but you never know
00:31:00seppo12 lion needs to die :<
00:31:01Herre I actually havent seen john to blunder ever
00:31:05seppo12 first i mean
00:31:06NotAHax i have
00:31:07NotAHax many times
00:31:16Herre what kind of blunders are we talking about
00:31:31NotAHax well hes stomping her eman
00:31:33Soulyah talk about lucky
00:31:35NotAHax but di he got owned many times
00:31:35Herre you blunder in every game
00:31:42NotAHax yy (c) herre
00:31:45Herre yy
00:31:47seppo12 use chicken
00:31:48Herre im lastpick
00:31:50Herre ur captain
00:32:02Herre king john > notahax
00:32:03NotAHax so ur actually telling me
00:32:05Planktoni 3 bot
00:32:05NotAHax we lost game becouse me
00:32:09NotAHax cool story
00:32:10seppo12 bot long
00:32:16Herre am I?
00:32:25KING-_-JOHN i want man!!
00:32:33Herre ur story is much cooler
00:32:36NotAHax how you expect me to win midd example if you tard cant buy wards and tell misses
00:32:44NotAHax learn to play supports first and then come tell me
00:32:46NotAHax how to play
00:32:46NotAHax okay?
00:32:48Herre ahhah
00:32:53seppo12 lina we can easily rape alone heroes
00:32:55Herre I play 100x better supports than yo usir
00:32:59NotAHax yy cool storey
00:33:01junglejonte yepp
00:33:01Strom what is this ra
00:33:02seppo12 together i mean
00:33:02Strom rage
00:33:04Strom and bashing
00:33:06Strom just focus on trutle
00:33:09seppo12 u know what i mean
00:33:10seppo12 :)
00:33:16NotAHax you should focus when choosing admins
00:33:56seppo12 asdasdasasdsddssd
00:34:03GunzComeOut sure :)
00:34:06seppo12 hirveetä kurafailia
00:34:17GunzComeOut nice try herre
00:34:21Herre LÖl
00:34:40Soulyah i took storm down pretty quickly
00:34:41NotAHax well tbh should ff
00:34:42Soulyah few crits
00:35:05NotAHax hes just diving
00:35:06NotAHax for me
00:35:13NotAHax look
00:35:14NotAHax they fail
00:35:15NotAHax so easy
00:35:16seppo12 shouldnt feed em
00:35:21KING-_-JOHN boooooooooooring
00:35:25Herre löl
00:35:44seppo12 regen
00:35:49Soulyah need wards
00:35:55Herre I just bought
00:35:57GunzComeOut we got
00:35:59Planktoni rosh?
00:35:59Soulyah nice
00:36:00Herre need to place
00:36:00GunzComeOut just so hard to place
00:36:03NotAHax we should try
00:36:04NotAHax gang with smoke
00:36:05GunzComeOut must go with
00:36:06GunzComeOut alot
00:36:06NotAHax and get some good gangs
00:36:14NotAHax would give some advance to us and make more time to game
00:36:17Soulyah shpuld i get armlet
00:36:19Soulyah or deso
00:36:21NotAHax deso
00:36:23NotAHax definetly deso
00:36:30NotAHax its tarp
00:36:30NotAHax b
00:36:31NotAHax b
00:36:37NotAHax dead
00:36:37NotAHax 3
00:36:38NotAHax 2
00:36:45NotAHax 1
00:36:54Strom why not take regen? :D
00:36:59Herre woops
00:37:02NotAHax john inc
00:37:03Soulyah lets gang
00:37:04NotAHax gather
00:37:06KING-_-JOHN save reg if possible
00:37:46NotAHax again
00:37:47NotAHax only for me
00:38:19NotAHax i need get hod
00:38:20NotAHax i think
00:38:27GunzComeOut hod?
00:38:31NotAHax Hood of defiance?
00:38:32Strom hood of defiance
00:38:33GunzComeOut ah
00:38:42Soulyah hilary on dick
00:38:49NotAHax y
00:38:53seppo12 planktoni tee shiva
00:38:55Soulyah tbh
00:38:59Soulyah fuck
00:39:01Soulyah nvm
00:39:04Soulyah so many ppl to target
00:39:07Soulyah omni died fast luckily
00:39:12NotAHax yg i got good ulti
00:39:15NotAHax storm is only focusing me
00:39:16seppo12 vai mitä oot väsäämä
00:39:27Soulyah warded
00:39:42NotAHax let me farm
00:39:42NotAHax midd
00:39:43NotAHax lz
00:39:46Herre lz
00:40:05Soulyah need
00:40:06seppo12 take rosh ?
00:40:06Soulyah more
00:40:12seppo12 baiting
00:40:19NotAHax wow
00:40:21seppo12 or not
00:40:25seppo12 come
00:40:34seppo12 rosh ?
00:41:03seppo12 imo rosh
00:41:07junglejonte tower low
00:41:08junglejonte mid
00:41:11junglejonte but ok
00:41:24GunzComeOut they rosh
00:41:30Soulyah we go or
00:41:31seppo12 aegis for storm and its gg
00:41:33GunzComeOut sure
00:42:24Herre I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:32Soulyah I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:33NotAHax I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:38GunzComeOut I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:46Strom this is bullshit
00:42:47Iho [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:42:47Iho [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:42:47Iho [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:42:47Iho [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:42:47Strom I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:42:50Herre gg
00:42:52NotAHax indeed it is
00:42:53NotAHax go readd
00:43:03seppo12 gj guys
00:43:08junglejonte \o/
00:43:22NotAHax gunz
00:43:22NotAHax add
00:43:57GunzComeOut wp ladies
00:44:05junglejonte \o/
00:44:06GunzComeOut no clinkz no victory
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