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95% | 1582 X | 1549 TS

-14 X
-2 TS

79% | 1265 X | 1505 TS

-23 X
-2 TS

65% | 1221 X | 1405 TS

-17 X
-9 TS

64% | 1264 X | 1351 TS

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-2 TS

61% | 1209 X | 1380 TS

+15 X
+3 TS

98% | 1696 X | 1576 TS

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+2 TS

76% | 1314 X | 1412 TS

+18 X
+3 TS

72% | 1258 X | 1430 TS

+46 X
+2 TS

70% | 1223 X | 1451 TS

+6 X
+3 TS

60% | 1199 X | 1384 TS

Chat log

00:00:04NotAHax lets do this soulyeah
00:00:09NotAHax you wanna go vent?
00:00:20Soulyah cant rly
00:00:20NotAHax so it hapened
00:00:20Nxtra oO
00:00:21NotAHax as i said
00:00:22Dara ban es
00:00:22Nxtra -don
00:00:24Nxtra -ii
00:00:24NotAHax Challenge accepted
00:00:28creeeeeee i could come too if u go
00:00:39Dara phoenix/alche/mirana/naga/invoker
00:00:40Soulyah my vent lags somehow
00:00:41Nxtra any pref picks?
00:00:43NotAHax can someone play phoenix
00:00:46NotAHax well we can go mumble soulyeah
00:00:48NotAHax or anywhere
00:00:52NotAHax can someone play phoenix?
00:00:56NotAHax soulyeah can youp lay?
00:00:58creeeeeee never played it :)
00:01:00NotAHax what you guys wanna play
00:01:01NotAHax communicate plz
00:01:06NotAHax i have to know
00:01:11wodrock i'd like to play roof
00:01:16Nxtra Less seriosu plx
00:01:17NotAHax yeah you cant anymore
00:01:17creeeeeee hmm...
00:01:18NotAHax wow roof
00:01:19wodrock :D
00:01:20NotAHax nigger
00:01:21Soulyah well im on vent
00:01:22Soulyah so
00:01:24Nxtra GOGOG
00:01:25Soulyah we can try
00:01:41Dara i can ck
00:01:41NotAHax gl nigger.
00:01:48creeeeeee hahaha
00:01:48wodrock so
00:01:56Nxtra jwalker plays viper
00:01:57Nxtra me potm
00:01:57creeeeeee i'd like zeus
00:02:01wodrock anyone takes slard?
00:02:02NotAHax not against thoe sorry
00:02:06creeeeeee yea
00:02:07creeeeeee viper
00:02:09creeeeeee hmm
00:02:10Soulyah i can lock
00:02:14NotAHax i have plan
00:02:17NotAHax MINUS ARMORR
00:02:20Soulyah plan is good
00:02:27Dara ck/lina/warlock
00:02:30NotAHax so lanes
00:02:35NotAHax alche midd
00:02:36NotAHax (ME)
00:02:38creeeeeee get eza last? :)
00:02:39NotAHax soulyeah slardar + wd top
00:02:41que2stress gimme puck
00:02:43que2stress or ck
00:02:44NotAHax dazzle + sometinhg bot
00:02:46NotAHax no eza sorry
00:02:51NotAHax can someone play omni?
00:02:51Soulyah imo omni
00:02:52NotAHax y
00:02:53creeeeeee ok i go wd then
00:02:54Soulyah fucking gamewinner
00:02:57creeeeeee with soulyah
00:02:57Nxtra ck lina will go top
00:02:58NotAHax :)
00:03:00Nxtra viper puck botm
00:03:02NotAHax i come vent
00:03:06NotAHax SLARDAR WD TOP
00:03:07Soulyah k
00:03:10Dara hmm why melee bot?
00:03:11Dara top*
00:03:16Dara when you can put 2 rangeds top
00:03:18Nxtra thought we were scourge
00:03:21Nxtra ck lina bot
00:03:24Soulyah cree
00:03:25wodrock omni wards?
00:03:25Soulyah tule ka
00:03:50creeeeeee millises te olete
00:03:51mrk kahtlane teema
00:03:56Dara nxtra go for fast diffu
00:04:02Nxtra ya
00:04:02Nxtra ofc
00:04:04Nxtra will need ganks mid
00:04:08Nxtra i cant rly kill beofre im 6-7
00:04:08creeeeeee millises te olete
00:04:12Nxtra and whens hes 6 hes immortal
00:04:12NotAHax dangerz
00:04:13Soulyah see kus alati
00:04:13h0whigh lanes
00:04:13NotAHax vent
00:04:15h0whigh ?
00:04:16Jwalker -hhn
00:04:16que2stress y go for nxtra fast diffu
00:04:17Jwalker -clear
00:04:22creeeeeee ohissand ma ei tea selle ip
00:04:32Dara lina+ck bot , mirana mid , viper+puck top
00:04:34creeeeeee mul pole siin palju ip'si :/
00:04:39Soulyah lolz
00:04:39creeeeeee poh siis
00:04:40NotAHax leave
00:04:43NotAHax BOT lane
00:04:43NotAHax listen
00:04:46NotAHax just dont DIE
00:04:48NotAHax you sohuldnt die
00:04:50NotAHax wit those heros
00:05:07creeeeeee pullward
00:06:25Nxtra crow
00:06:27Nxtra puck lina
00:06:33h0whigh foxat
00:06:36h0whigh fixat
00:06:40Soulyah at 3?
00:06:43creeeeeee k
00:07:12Dara be ready
00:07:15mrk ss
00:07:16h0whigh y
00:07:20NotAHax hi nessaj
00:07:22NotAHax hows going with dd
00:07:29Dara hello
00:07:29Nxtra ss
00:07:30Nxtra mid
00:07:31Soulyah lähen selga
00:07:35Nxtra re
00:07:43que2stress ss
00:08:05NotAHax :D:D
00:08:10NotAHax why so serious?
00:08:21que2stress viper
00:08:23que2stress just farm
00:08:26NotAHax -D:D:D:D
00:08:51Nxtra gogo
00:09:05NotAHax B
00:09:05NotAHax POTM
00:09:26NotAHax ..
00:09:27que2stress ss top
00:09:36mrk cant really go b when he's already here
00:09:37mrk :/
00:09:41NotAHax :F
00:09:55wodrock miss
00:10:34creeeeeee jaa no keegi helistab skypes
00:10:46Nxtra get slard
00:10:50mrk ss öoma
00:10:50h0whigh döda
00:10:51h0whigh han
00:10:52mrk lina
00:10:52h0whigh top
00:10:55Nxtra mm
00:10:59Nxtra be rdy
00:11:02NotAHax MID MISS
00:11:04h0whigh redo
00:11:05NotAHax MID MISS
00:11:13Dara gj
00:11:13creeeeeee ooohohohohooo
00:11:13NotAHax pff
00:11:19creeeeeee top already :D
00:11:20Nxtra ta mitt
00:11:22NotAHax bottom no miss
00:11:27creeeeeee and lina too
00:11:28Nxtra trap
00:11:29Nxtra kom
00:11:33mrk lina was miss 2 minutes ago
00:11:43creeeeeee lez do sexy time mid
00:11:52mrk ss
00:11:54creeeeeee ah no mana :/
00:12:00que2stress coming
00:12:11Dara gang bot
00:12:16NotAHax hmm .
00:12:17creeeeeee luckmore
00:12:20creeeeeee ...
00:12:24h0whigh kill
00:12:24creeeeeee sooo random arrow
00:12:24h0whigh bot
00:12:30NotAHax its smart to just stay top
00:12:35NotAHax i can handle alone
00:12:36creeeeeee looks like
00:12:36NotAHax we need wards cree
00:12:37mrk still ss lina
00:12:42h0whigh miss 2
00:12:44h0whigh bot
00:12:46h0whigh care
00:12:52creeeeeee no money since got ganged top :/
00:13:02Nxtra gj ;)
00:13:03Nxtra worth it
00:13:06NotAHax puck miss,...
00:13:10NotAHax rly need those wards
00:13:12creeeeeee and some guy fcin calling me in skype hole game...
00:13:17Nxtra dara
00:13:18NotAHax CLOSE SKYPE
00:13:18NotAHax man
00:13:18Nxtra just farm
00:13:19NotAHax close it
00:13:21Nxtra get pt diffu you too
00:13:30Dara pt?
00:13:33Nxtra power
00:13:34mrk ss2
00:13:34h0whigh power
00:13:34Nxtra threads
00:13:36creeeeeee all miss
00:13:40creeeeeee looks good
00:13:51NotAHax 2 midd
00:13:52NotAHax we need WARDS
00:13:54NotAHax _NOW_
00:13:57NotAHax dazzle
00:13:57Nxtra care
00:13:57NotAHax omni
00:13:59NotAHax byut
00:14:08Nxtra låt mig mid måste ha lvl 8
00:14:11Nxtra chilla skog
00:14:12Nxtra gå runt
00:14:13h0whigh sure
00:14:17h0whigh a
00:14:20h0whigh har
00:14:21h0whigh ulti
00:14:23que2stress i come mid
00:14:24que2stress wait
00:14:39mrk ss
00:14:48NotAHax PLZ
00:14:49NotAHax wARDS
00:14:57Nxtra get bot
00:14:57Nxtra omw
00:15:00NotAHax ad ugprd chicken
00:15:05NotAHax dazzle
00:15:05NotAHax wards
00:15:18Nxtra GO
00:15:19h0whigh oom
00:15:19Nxtra stun
00:15:22wodrock place yourslef
00:15:23wodrock with my char
00:15:25NotAHax k
00:15:26wodrock the first one
00:15:42wodrock k
00:15:51mrk tps or anything
00:16:18Nxtra kör
00:16:26h0whigh oom
00:16:30Nxtra backa då
00:16:35que2stress 2 easies
00:16:40mrk 3
00:16:42Nxtra backa
00:16:45Nxtra du gör ingen nytta utan mana
00:16:47creeeeeee atleast slard getting good farm :)
00:16:49h0whigh behövde
00:16:50h0whigh 1
00:16:51h0whigh creap
00:16:52h0whigh för
00:16:52h0whigh mana
00:16:53h0whigh bots
00:17:08creeeeeee poison him
00:17:13Dara gang bot
00:17:18Nxtra ta mitt nu
00:17:20Nxtra viper divar
00:17:24h0whigh fick
00:17:24h0whigh inte
00:17:25h0whigh mitt
00:17:26que2stress ss
00:17:26h0whigh creap
00:17:26h0whigh 7.d
00:17:42h0whigh döda
00:17:43NotAHax ty
00:17:43h0whigh slard
00:17:44NotAHax :DD
00:17:45Nxtra ..
00:17:53wodrock lol
00:17:55Nxtra 3 mid
00:17:56NotAHax D:
00:17:56Nxtra come all
00:17:57Nxtra we win fight
00:17:57wodrock asnt looking thereat all
00:18:35h0whigh b
00:18:56NotAHax dazzle omni
00:18:57Nxtra ge mig
00:18:57Nxtra den
00:18:58NotAHax get mana boots
00:18:59Nxtra asså
00:19:02Nxtra du är dum i hvuudet
00:19:02h0whigh han
00:19:03h0whigh ville
00:19:03h0whigh ta
00:19:04h0whigh den
00:19:05h0whigh tyst
00:19:06h0whigh kid
00:19:07h0whigh börjha
00:19:08h0whigh inte
00:19:08h0whigh dryga
00:19:09h0whigh ditrr
00:19:15Nxtra sluta va så efterbliven
00:19:17Nxtra bara
00:19:18Nxtra inte svårt
00:19:19h0whigh tyst
00:19:22Nxtra han går inte in o tar reggen när du är där
00:19:24Nxtra o jag är där
00:19:27h0whigh du
00:19:27h0whigh va
00:19:29h0whigh inte
00:19:29h0whigh där
00:19:29Nxtra aja nu har du mana o farma med iaf
00:19:30h0whigh och
00:19:31Nxtra bra
00:19:31h0whigh jo
00:19:32h0whigh han
00:19:33h0whigh hade
00:19:36NotAHax 4 midd
00:19:38Nxtra använd arc boots
00:19:39Soulyah gang top
00:19:39Soulyah ck
00:19:40NotAHax need
00:19:41que2stress wtf
00:19:41Nxtra bannad
00:19:43h0whigh tyst
00:19:44Nxtra 15
00:20:01wodrock ??
00:20:09wodrock why u put grave os early
00:20:12NotAHax yeah sorry
00:20:13NotAHax :D
00:20:17NotAHax was tyhinking you not gonna use it
00:20:18NotAHax sorry
00:20:19NotAHax my fault
00:20:21wodrock :D
00:20:29NotAHax i basicly killed myself
00:21:13NotAHax wd
00:21:14NotAHax gang ck
00:21:17Nxtra get mid tower
00:21:18Nxtra and alche
00:21:18que2stress need gang slard
00:21:23creeeeeee looks like they not planning to go away from mid
00:21:27NotAHax y
00:21:27NotAHax its np
00:21:30NotAHax im fine alone
00:21:31NotAHax just finish ck
00:21:43creeeeeee hes dead
00:21:54NotAHax go
00:21:54NotAHax someone
00:21:56Dara slardar soon bkb
00:22:03Nxtra WARD RUNES
00:22:05Nxtra shoudlnt have to say
00:22:06Nxtra lina puck
00:22:13Nxtra gogo
00:22:16mrk pole mana
00:22:33NotAHax new wards
00:22:34NotAHax plz
00:22:49NotAHax hi
00:22:51Nxtra wards
00:22:52Nxtra wards
00:22:53Soulyah 1 to gang
00:22:53Nxtra wards
00:22:53Soulyah ck
00:22:54Nxtra wards
00:22:55Nxtra on runes
00:22:55Nxtra atleast
00:22:56Soulyah keep ganging him
00:22:57Soulyah he dies fast
00:22:57NotAHax y wd should
00:22:58Nxtra we have 2 super supprots
00:23:04NotAHax def
00:23:35Dara gang
00:23:39Nxtra omw ck
00:23:39Nxtra stun
00:23:44Nxtra blink
00:23:44Nxtra stun
00:23:47h0whigh ska vi göra något innan det är försent ?
00:23:58Nxtra tower
00:24:08Dara what should I make?
00:24:15NotAHax again
00:24:17Nxtra diffu
00:24:17NotAHax you are gicving them
00:24:18NotAHax free tower
00:24:18Nxtra aswell
00:24:19NotAHax GUYS
00:24:20NotAHax wake uip
00:24:20NotAHax ..
00:24:21NotAHax zz
00:24:27que2stress do vanguard first
00:24:32Nxtra get alcahe
00:24:33NotAHax leave
00:24:34NotAHax farm
00:24:35NotAHax for slard
00:24:40Nxtra 1 sec for my difuf
00:24:51Nxtra diffuing him
00:24:52Nxtra go
00:25:31que2stress dont dive anymore
00:25:37Nxtra stop farm now
00:25:44Dara 700 for diffu
00:25:47NotAHax push midd
00:25:47Nxtra fuck ur diffu
00:25:48Nxtra come now
00:25:56Nxtra we lose mid and alche gets items
00:26:13creeeeeee get ck now
00:26:15NotAHax slardar top farm
00:26:17creeeeeee from somewhere
00:26:23creeeeeee sb will come bot
00:26:25creeeeeee gang
00:26:26creeeeeee come
00:26:32Nxtra go wood
00:27:33NotAHax mana
00:27:41wodrock care
00:27:43wodrock viper inc
00:27:44NotAHax gj
00:27:45que2stress wtf
00:27:45Nxtra Rofl
00:27:50Nxtra I heard orb shit is good
00:27:51Nxtra JK
00:28:37NotAHax dazzle remember use ultis in fites
00:28:40wodrock yea
00:28:41NotAHax all top
00:28:43NotAHax after def midd
00:28:57mrk ill make pipe? or what
00:28:58Nxtra go mid
00:28:58Nxtra 5
00:29:01NotAHax b midd
00:29:04wodrock 5 mid soon
00:29:53NotAHax b
00:29:54NotAHax b
00:29:56h0whigh oom
00:30:07Nxtra du får fett bra farm me dina arc boots iaf
00:30:14h0whigh farmar
00:30:16h0whigh dock
00:30:16h0whigh inte
00:30:18Dara diffu now
00:30:22mrk ck difu also
00:30:25NotAHax np :D
00:30:30Nxtra ne du anävnder idn mana för att gå o teamfighta me oss
00:30:31Nxtra lr ne
00:30:33Nxtra för du är oom
00:30:34Nxtra va går du oom av
00:30:38creeeeeee chick
00:30:45h0whigh va dock jag som döda dazzel
00:30:45h0whigh där
00:30:50h0whigh och alche
00:30:51h0whigh dogh
00:30:51Nxtra go mid all 5
00:30:53h0whigh pga
00:30:53wodrock wards and counterwards needed
00:30:53h0whigh av
00:30:54h0whigh att
00:30:55h0whigh jag va
00:30:56h0whigh där
00:30:57wodrock no money here
00:31:05creeeeeee i can get 1 pair in a sec
00:31:18Nxtra go woods after tower
00:31:19NotAHax DEF
00:31:30h0whigh bra
00:31:30h0whigh där
00:31:39h0whigh vi va 5 mot
00:31:40h0whigh 3
00:32:13Nxtra b
00:32:19Nxtra or you can fight
00:32:21Nxtra youre choice
00:32:22Nxtra our loss
00:32:29NotAHax like taking candy from baby
00:32:33NotAHax push mid and b
00:32:39Dara notahax toi sun buildi on aika mielenkiintonen
00:32:50NotAHax mitä vikaa acs
00:32:50que2stress get wds and dazzles first
00:32:51NotAHax en nää vikaa
00:32:53NotAHax ?=
00:33:03Dara eikö se radi olis kätevämpi heti alkuu
00:33:08NotAHax ei koska tapatte mua :D?
00:33:24Nxtra ward bot they prolly rosh soon
00:33:26Nxtra and go win
00:33:35NotAHax take
00:33:36Soulyah take
00:33:47NotAHax BACK
00:33:47NotAHax ALL
00:33:50NotAHax wait me
00:33:51Nxtra go
00:33:52Nxtra i ulti
00:33:53que2stress nessaj not here
00:34:07Nxtra just go mid
00:34:17Nxtra b
00:34:32NotAHax SPARTAANS
00:34:46Nxtra we dont care
00:34:47Nxtra ok?
00:34:51que2stress u said b?
00:34:51Nxtra I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:53Soulyah nice armors mate
00:34:53Jwalker I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:54Nxtra well
00:34:56que2stress or u said go fight=
00:34:56Nxtra you could obv see
00:34:59Nxtra that we couldnt really b
00:35:03Nxtra right?
00:35:10Nxtra you dint see invis omni that slowed us by 99%
00:35:19Nxtra alche in ulit with 995 ms
00:35:25mrk rosh -22
00:35:27Nxtra or slardar with bkb and 5555 ms
00:35:37Nxtra or dazzles slow on me for 99%?
00:35:40que2stress why are
00:35:42Nxtra or alches stun on viper fo r15 sec?
00:35:50que2stress we pushing then
00:35:55que2stress if we anyway cant get b
00:36:32creeeeeee aua
00:36:58h0whigh 3
00:36:59h0whigh heal
00:37:38NotAHax so you just cant give up
00:37:57que2stress well seems like outpicked
00:38:04Soulyah no wai
00:39:24NotAHax b
00:39:24NotAHax b
00:39:29NotAHax so you just wanna make game longer
00:39:30NotAHax np
00:39:53Dara no etkö oo aikasemmi huomannu et ei nää retardit tääl GC:S tajua luovuttaa
00:40:13NotAHax BACK NOW
00:40:15NotAHax and wait me
00:40:41NotAHax all midd
00:40:54Nxtra gogo mid
00:41:00Nxtra see hwo far we can go
00:41:05que2stress unti lthere
00:42:19Soulyah whens the game gona start
00:42:25Soulyah this is quite boring
00:42:38NotAHax gg
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