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Chat log

00:00:12Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:13Affliction -ii
00:00:20zebbelito -bat
00:00:20FetAA wd
00:00:26Affliction iam so goth i shit bats :/
00:00:40poskus :D
00:00:41poskus :D
00:00:42poskus :D
00:00:45Affliction any want something ?
00:00:52edgarass me shadow demon
00:01:06analpanic who
00:01:07analpanic who
00:01:15wodrock take roof etc
00:01:15analpanic afk
00:01:18analpanic was
00:01:22wodrock nerub maybe
00:01:25wodrock whatever
00:01:30ISomras me with bala
00:01:46FetAA na is good pick
00:01:48edgarass me what?
00:01:48wodrock gj
00:01:58ISomras take somethin
00:01:59ISomras with roof
00:02:04analpanic jakiro
00:02:05analpanic go
00:02:07analpanic btm
00:02:07analpanic ?
00:02:12wodrock yes
00:02:12analpanic ull pull
00:02:20ISomras bala can u pul?
00:02:25Affliction yy
00:02:32ISomras o k
00:02:45edgarass -ma
00:03:00zebbelito -ma
00:03:06ISomras mb fb
00:03:10Affliction yy
00:03:12ISomras let me harras
00:03:14ISomras then atac
00:03:15Affliction yy
00:03:18Affliction k
00:03:22Affliction DP
00:03:25ISomras y
00:03:53ISomras pull
00:04:05Affliction yy
00:04:09Affliction chill
00:04:10Affliction :)
00:04:13ISomras :D
00:05:02FetAA miss
00:05:30ISomras need pull all time
00:05:37poskus ss
00:06:18FetAA mayeb shareichicken?
00:06:31custy share!
00:06:49analpanic ss
00:07:05Affliction rune
00:07:38poskus ss
00:08:10analpanic ...
00:09:36ISomras i come mid
00:09:37ISomras be rdi
00:10:06poskus ss
00:10:24analpanic go?
00:10:26wodrock yes
00:10:54poskus wtf
00:10:56poskus crob?
00:11:15ISomras krob
00:11:15analpanic go
00:11:17analpanic b
00:11:19analpanic ss
00:11:20analpanic demon
00:11:44ISomras ise nuke after
00:11:46ISomras i make him
00:11:47ISomras ground
00:11:52zebbelito mid is free farming
00:11:58ISomras so he gets slow
00:12:04ISomras or save for tc stun
00:12:14Affliction y
00:12:32ISomras gang mid
00:12:39wodrock miss
00:12:41wodrock bb
00:12:42ISomras use life atack after ground
00:12:44analpanic go
00:13:07FetAA sure this fucker noob is here
00:14:04zebbelito LOl
00:14:05zebbelito mis click
00:14:12ISomras ..
00:14:13ISomras killself
00:14:16zebbelito Y
00:14:17ISomras luck
00:14:28wodrock õffs
00:14:58analpanic go
00:14:59analpanic bot
00:14:59analpanic def
00:15:00analpanic crof
00:15:02analpanic crob
00:16:27ISomras rooftrelen
00:16:29ISomras use ulti after ground
00:16:42ISomras go ult
00:18:13wodrock thjey're denying the towe
00:18:14wodrock r
00:18:15wodrock bot
00:18:17wodrock dont let it
00:18:27ISomras gang top?
00:19:39analpanic go
00:19:48analpanic go
00:19:50analpanic crob
00:20:02ISomras gj
00:20:06analpanic gogo
00:20:07poskus ....
00:20:31zebbelito tb relic soon
00:20:33zebbelito go gkill
00:20:46wodrock üffsdüpfkaoüsdkasdjfop
00:20:49wodrock this is rfucking retarded
00:21:37ISomras b
00:21:41analpanic dont use ur spells
00:21:42analpanic on creeps
00:21:44ISomras im b
00:21:51KolleBolle i dident zebbe did =)
00:21:56KolleBolle coz he got angry
00:22:00analpanic here
00:22:20ISomras care
00:22:20ISomras bs
00:22:21ISomras bala
00:23:34custy take tower plz
00:23:43FetAA let me farm top
00:23:47edgarass b
00:23:49ISomras need ocuple crep
00:23:57ISomras take
00:24:02FetAA ty
00:24:19edgarass told u b
00:24:30ISomras -,ma
00:24:31ISomras -ma
00:24:48ISomras roof come ulti
00:24:51ISomras tb help
00:24:56ISomras tp
00:24:58ISomras terror
00:25:00FetAA y
00:25:01FetAA mm
00:25:01FetAA no tp
00:25:02FetAA w8
00:25:11FetAA gj
00:25:19FetAA i join now
00:25:30FetAA just wanted radiance
00:25:35zebbelito why u stay
00:25:37zebbelito thd
00:25:40zebbelito cant understand
00:25:41zebbelito why
00:25:45analpanic me
00:26:25custy gj
00:26:29wodrock come on
00:27:46FetAA u can make me invis
00:27:47custy bara
00:27:47FetAA ah y
00:27:48FetAA bs
00:27:49FetAA it doesent help
00:27:50FetAA .D
00:27:50custy we cant go like that
00:27:52ISomras :DD
00:28:15ISomras terror
00:28:18ISomras send ilus wood farm
00:28:51analpanic go
00:28:52analpanic b
00:29:22FetAA go with 5?
00:29:26custy no
00:29:38zebbelito w8 me
00:29:44zebbelito loL?
00:30:05poskus I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:06poskus nice playt
00:30:07poskus team
00:30:17zebbelito NICE U?
00:30:21zebbelito GO INTO THEIR SPAWN?
00:30:30ISomras tb
00:30:34ISomras use radi ilus wod
00:30:41FetAA thats what im doing
00:30:43ISomras ok
00:31:18edgarass b
00:31:33FetAA b
00:32:02analpanic go
00:32:02analpanic b
00:32:38FetAA me plz
00:32:41Affliction -.-
00:32:41Affliction :/
00:32:42FetAA lol
00:32:46custy does duoble radi work?
00:32:47FetAA std gc allys
00:32:51Affliction no
00:32:51FetAA no
00:32:56FetAA do something else
00:32:57FetAA like shivas
00:33:00custy what i make then?
00:33:05analpanic w8
00:33:07FetAA shiva guard
00:33:17poskus loooooooooool
00:33:21ISomras b
00:33:34ISomras care
00:33:34ISomras magnus
00:33:44FetAA how long is this stun
00:34:22FetAA wp
00:34:41zebbelito B
00:34:41analpanic go
00:34:41analpanic b
00:35:11ISomras ok
00:35:12ISomras no teamfight
00:35:13ISomras just farm
00:35:18FetAA ok
00:35:20analpanic get
00:35:21analpanic dust
00:35:25ISomras and mb gank 1 vs 3
00:35:25analpanic jkiro
00:35:26analpanic or
00:35:28analpanic banshi
00:35:44zebbelito should i do relic
00:35:45ISomras with bala
00:35:45zebbelito or?
00:35:48zebbelito anythign else?
00:36:03analpanic bm?
00:36:09zebbelito bm?
00:36:12analpanic blade
00:36:15analpanic mail
00:36:18custy mid all
00:36:20ISomras care mid
00:36:23ISomras b
00:36:47ISomras go
00:36:47FetAA go
00:37:42ISomras rax
00:37:43ISomras try
00:37:46ISomras magnus
00:37:47ISomras 6 sec
00:37:49ISomras carfe
00:37:50FetAA no ulti
00:37:51FetAA on him
00:37:54ISomras mb
00:38:06ISomras b
00:38:06FetAA this fast and b
00:38:08ISomras bot
00:38:08edgarass b
00:38:12FetAA o, tpp öpw
00:38:15analpanic b
00:38:17FetAA help me
00:38:18FetAA donkey
00:38:25FetAA sry
00:38:33zebbelito 4
00:38:34FetAA needed ur life!
00:38:37FetAA got no rege
00:38:38FetAA u have
00:38:43analpanic b
00:38:44analpanic b
00:38:47zebbelito :S
00:38:56ISomras ?
00:39:00zebbelito iöluu
00:39:03ISomras need 1 crep
00:39:09ISomras sen ilus
00:39:10ISomras tb
00:39:13analpanic get
00:39:14analpanic dust
00:39:26FetAA magnus ulti
00:40:39zebbelito we must turttle more
00:40:42zebbelito get good magnus ulti
00:40:47zebbelito and kill that little one
00:40:51zebbelito sd
00:40:57wodrock does krobe even use silence?
00:40:59wodrock never seen
00:41:03zebbelito he dont
00:41:06ISomras `???
00:41:07zebbelito -hhn
00:41:09poskus after thbey release all spells
00:41:11wodrock well, he could
00:41:12poskus and shes about to die
00:41:15FetAA chill..
00:41:19custy we must all stay together
00:41:22analpanic must
00:41:23analpanic begin
00:41:24analpanic with
00:41:30analpanic chief
00:41:35FetAA COE ON GUYS
00:41:36FetAA LEAR
00:41:38analpanic GET
00:41:39analpanic DUST
00:41:39FetAA learn to use chicken
00:41:41FetAA FUCKU
00:41:41analpanic CROB
00:41:44ISomras zzz
00:41:45ISomras idiot
00:41:47FetAA fuckign idiots
00:41:48FetAA 2hours
00:42:17analpanic wtf
00:42:35zebbelito i dno who to silence
00:42:36zebbelito :S
00:42:36FetAA go finish?
00:42:41ISomras nede magnus down
00:42:45wodrock i would slence sd
00:42:52ISomras i place wards
00:42:53ISomras and go rosh
00:43:22ISomras re use
00:43:23ISomras bala
00:43:32FetAA go no
00:43:33wodrock wtf
00:43:34FetAA shit
00:43:35wodrock is that ulti
00:43:38wodrock poskus
00:43:40poskus missclick
00:44:05ISomras mb rosh?
00:44:10analpanic only
00:44:10analpanic def
00:44:27custy go
00:44:47analpanic they rosh
00:44:47ISomras tb take
00:44:49analpanic and then
00:44:49FetAA need scout
00:44:52analpanic push
00:45:06FetAA i stop top
00:45:12ISomras magnus
00:45:43FetAA lol
00:45:45poskus omg...
00:45:47poskus u can kill
00:45:48poskus why b
00:46:05FetAA lost aegis
00:46:06FetAA ;z
00:46:06zebbelito no aegis
00:46:08zebbelito i killed
00:47:06Affliction otw
00:47:13FetAA top tower low
00:48:31FetAA lol
00:48:33FetAA where allys?
00:48:40FetAA why farming wods and bot
00:48:41FetAA :S
00:48:48ISomras hmm
00:48:49ISomras what do+
00:49:31analpanic BUY
00:49:31analpanic DUST
00:49:33analpanic CROB
00:49:35custy i have to go so we must win it or loose it
00:49:42custy fast
00:49:55zebbelito this sd is winning
00:50:08FetAA go 1 by1
00:50:09ISomras he is angry :D
00:50:34custy omg
00:50:45ISomras wea re lose..
00:50:51ISomras tb solo
00:50:53FetAA ofc when we go like this
00:51:00custy 1by1
00:51:01FetAA i was mid iwth roof
00:51:03edgarass weait and gather all
00:51:05FetAA u all were farming woods
00:51:09Affliction bkb fucks bs uilti upå ?
00:51:26analpanic b
00:51:27analpanic go
00:51:36custy lets go all mid
00:51:37analpanic me
00:51:37analpanic ?
00:51:38custy all 5
00:51:40zebbelito gang
00:51:47custy no
00:51:47ISomras go
00:51:52custy all mid
00:51:52edgarass send copy there
00:52:20analpanic bad
00:52:21analpanic ulti
00:52:27ISomras gogo
00:52:32custy push moid
00:52:33custy mid
00:52:34custy all
00:52:37ISomras bs lothar?
00:52:39zebbelito i tried to kill that guy
00:52:40analpanic poskus
00:52:41zebbelito but
00:52:43edgarass a;ll mid
00:52:45analpanic go
00:52:46custy all mid
00:52:47analpanic not
00:52:47zebbelito none where on him
00:52:48analpanic cuirass
00:52:48custy now!
00:52:51analpanic or
00:52:55ISomras copy
00:52:55ISomras bot
00:53:00custy omg
00:53:01custy "!
00:53:02FetAA kk
00:53:04analpanic allow
00:53:05ISomras i tp
00:53:05ISomras ?
00:53:06analpanic the
00:53:08analpanic them
00:53:10analpanic to push mid
00:53:11FetAA n oneed ye t
00:53:26FetAA e
00:53:26custy guys really
00:53:27FetAA i went btoo
00:53:28custy i have to go
00:53:33custy win or loose
00:53:40ISomras i can control u
00:53:42ISomras just quit
00:53:49custy lets end it
00:53:51analpanic care
00:53:51FetAA he still got ban :D
00:54:06zebbelito find entry
00:54:07zebbelito sd
00:54:27FetAA all alive
00:54:28FetAA w8 for all plz
00:54:31analpanic so what
00:54:32zebbelito dust?
00:54:40analpanic sd
00:54:42analpanic who is
00:54:43zebbelito kill tree
00:54:46analpanic soul keeper?
00:54:53custy plz
00:54:56custy come all
00:54:57custy 5
00:54:59edgarass all mid
00:55:10FetAA balanar too?
00:55:26custy mid!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:55:38FetAA w8
00:55:51FetAA ok
00:56:11FetAA go
00:56:16custy go
00:56:54analpanic what
00:56:55analpanic it
00:56:56analpanic is?
00:57:06analpanic thanks
00:57:08analpanic for game
00:57:08analpanic all
00:57:10analpanic I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:12wodrock I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:15ISomras gg
00:57:18analpanic host
00:57:18analpanic go
00:57:19analpanic I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:24FetAA outpicked
00:57:33FetAA not
00:57:38analpanic we could end this game
00:57:45analpanic 20 minuts earlier
00:57:59analpanic 2 11 1 9 1 7
00:58:00analpanic ...
00:58:59ISomras base
00:59:24Affliction :D
00:59:59zebbelito bg
01:00:00ISomras gg
01:00:02custy gg
01:00:04zebbelito sd won
01:00:07analpanic sd
01:00:08analpanic who
01:00:09analpanic it is
01:00:10analpanic ?
01:00:13analpanic soul keper?
01:00:14zebbelito shadow deamon
01:00:17analpanic kk
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