Game #1708161

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-55 X
-1 TS

98% | 1681 X | 1552 TS

-46 X
-1 TS

85% | 1451 X | 1420 TS

-31 X
-1 TS

59% | 1221 X | 1319 TS

-2 X
-1 TS

54% | 1142 X | 1350 TS

-8 X
-4 TS

5% | 906 X | 1030 TS

+4 X
+3 TS

98% | 1660 X | 1547 TS

+21 X
+1 TS

68% | 1209 X | 1433 TS

+56 X
+1 TS

52% | 1067 X | 1416 TS

+45 X
+9 TS

44% | 1147 X | 1254 TS

+24 X
+3 TS

38% | 1059 X | 1300 TS

Chat log

00:00:05jrNy -rd
00:00:08ZarD Du har et ret så sørgeligt hold.
00:00:12jrNy helt vildt
00:00:13KolleBolle who got wooden comp? Oo
00:00:18Bra~ svents
00:00:18svents ?
00:00:18jrNy 30 procent
00:00:18Seppo13 SICK POOL
00:00:18Seppo13 i liket it
00:00:18svents j
00:00:18jrNy wim chances
00:00:18svents mis on?
00:00:18Bra~ ei midagi
00:00:18jrNy u have like 70 procent win chances on this
00:00:18ZarD You might be amazed
00:00:18Bra~ sa veidi overrated :D
00:00:18Seppo13 ill go clock
00:00:18svents ei ole
00:00:18curdi yeah yeah cut the talk
00:00:18jrNy -ns
00:00:18jrNy -stalker
00:00:18svents tegin reseti endale
00:00:18Seppo13 gunz go kunkka?
00:00:18Bra~ hui
00:00:18Seppo13 hook gates torrent
00:00:18Seppo13 youknow
00:00:18jrNy any1
00:00:18jrNy dirge?
00:00:18ZarD Cog*
00:00:18GunzComeOut im not the best kunkka
00:00:18GunzComeOut tbh
00:00:18svents ei tglt eile oli 8 m2ngu järjest streak :D
00:00:18Bra~ gimme sk / nigma
00:00:18GunzComeOut dirge
00:00:19svents l6puks saime ikka mingi m6ttetu m2ngu biiti :D
00:00:24curdi dirge bala banned
00:00:28Lafrenzz u play enigma
00:00:29svents silveri m2ngud kh nii naljakad et jube :D
00:00:31jrNy no
00:00:36Lafrenzz k
00:00:42Lafrenzz i might take a carry
00:00:42Seppo13 all my homies!
00:00:47GunzComeOut try to get
00:00:50GunzComeOut rhasta/wd
00:00:51GunzComeOut next
00:00:55curdi i get pugna
00:00:56Lafrenzz u mid ?
00:00:57curdi if possible
00:00:58jrNy get brsitle for me
00:00:59GunzComeOut also fine
00:01:01ZarD I would get pugna
00:01:03GunzComeOut some1 swap me
00:01:04ZarD So nah.
00:01:04GunzComeOut sniper
00:01:08Lafrenzz -swap
00:01:08ZarD Sure I play sk
00:01:10Lafrenzz -swap 1
00:01:10jrNy -swap 2
00:01:10Lafrenzz i do enigma then
00:01:10jrNy k
00:01:10Bra~ oh
00:01:10svents ?
00:01:10Bra~ k
00:01:10Lafrenzz want me woods
00:01:10jrNy y
00:01:10GunzComeOut ah
00:01:10ZarD no idea
00:01:10jrNy well
00:01:10GunzComeOut nvm
00:01:10jrNy can any1 solo?
00:01:12jrNy think
00:01:12GunzComeOut get rhasta/wd
00:01:13Lafrenzz i can
00:01:14jrNy u should let
00:01:15jrNy bra
00:01:17jrNy enigma
00:01:20jrNy and get a carry
00:01:21ZarD -swap 1
00:01:21Bra~ i can solo
00:01:22Bra~ np
00:01:23Lafrenzz ok
00:01:25Lafrenzz bra
00:01:28GunzComeOut -swap 4
00:01:29jrNy i saw that loast game
00:01:29GunzComeOut take
00:01:30GunzComeOut wd
00:01:31jrNy u feeded like hell
00:01:31Lafrenzz give me riki
00:01:32GunzComeOut plz :/
00:01:33KolleBolle ok if i get axe?
00:01:35curdi nah
00:01:35svents enimg a woods
00:01:35Bra~ ?
00:01:36GunzComeOut also fine
00:01:38curdi played it last gmae
00:01:39curdi sucked
00:01:41Lafrenzz give me riki
00:01:41DeMiaN can i play
00:01:43DeMiaN wisp ?
00:01:44svents i can solo
00:01:48Lafrenzz nvm
00:01:48GunzComeOut clock is mid
00:01:48Lafrenzz nvm
00:01:49Lafrenzz nvm
00:01:51DeMiaN i dislike wd
00:01:51GunzComeOut i go top with wisp then
00:01:52Seppo13 im bad
00:01:52Lafrenzz i solo
00:01:53GunzComeOut ye
00:01:53Seppo13 mid :C
00:01:54DeMiaN can i get wisp
00:01:54GunzComeOut thats cool
00:01:56DeMiaN ok cool
00:01:58ZarD Sk+rhasta
00:01:58Seppo13 sniper trust me
00:02:00ZarD kidding me?
00:02:00Seppo13 im bad mid
00:02:01Lafrenzz I SOLO
00:02:02GunzComeOut ok
00:02:03Lafrenzz axe woods
00:02:04GunzComeOut im mid then
00:02:05KolleBolle i can go woods if no1 do it
00:02:06Lafrenzz and pugna WD top
00:02:08Seppo13 ty : )
00:02:09curdi i can mid too
00:02:13GunzComeOut na
00:02:13DeMiaN SIT
00:02:14DeMiaN SHIT
00:02:15GunzComeOut we need u on lane
00:02:17svents no why we wont go bot
00:02:17DeMiaN forgot courrier
00:02:19Seppo13 sk With me
00:02:21DeMiaN i sell item or u guys wait ?
00:02:22svents we can pull there?Ü
00:02:25DeMiaN ok ty
00:02:26ZarD Clock+Wisp should lane bot
00:02:26jrNy axe
00:02:27DeMiaN <3<3
00:02:27jrNy need
00:02:28jrNy puuling
00:02:30DeMiaN i'll get wards asap
00:02:30jrNy when hes woods
00:02:33Lafrenzz chick
00:02:39Lafrenzz WHO GET CHICK
00:02:41Seppo13 WEll ok
00:02:42jrNy 0 chick
00:02:42KolleBolle fav ill buy it
00:02:42jrNy gg
00:02:43jrNy :)
00:02:44svents chicken?
00:02:44jrNy -clear
00:02:47KolleBolle 2 min
00:02:47Lafrenzz -clear
00:02:48DeMiaN clock
00:02:49KolleBolle and ill get it
00:02:50ZarD w-t-h is this
00:02:51GunzComeOut wisp/clock shouild be lane
00:02:53Lafrenzz OMG
00:02:55ZarD Clock+wisp bot
00:02:55Lafrenzz fucking bob
00:02:57DeMiaN whisp + clock better
00:02:58svents i get chicken
00:02:58KolleBolle forogtt :(
00:03:00Bra~ rule is chick needs to be up b4 the start
00:03:05Lafrenzz axe
00:03:05jrNy !fff
00:03:07Lafrenzz upgrade it
00:03:09Lafrenzz soon u got money
00:03:10jrNy -clear
00:03:11ZarD hva sp?= :D
00:03:12KolleBolle stfu BRA all can do misstakes sometimes
00:03:13ZarD Så*
00:03:16Lafrenzz ASSAP u got em
00:03:19Lafrenzz or report
00:03:21Lafrenzz u upgrade
00:03:23Lafrenzz and pull
00:03:34Lafrenzz ok
00:04:05ZarD what a lane >D
00:04:07ZarD s
00:04:11ZarD ss
00:04:33jrNy Cmon
00:04:57Seppo13 get 3
00:05:03Lafrenzz axe
00:05:03GunzComeOut gan mid
00:05:04Lafrenzz go lvl 3
00:05:05Lafrenzz clock
00:05:06Lafrenzz ok
00:05:10Lafrenzz i stun first
00:05:10KolleBolle ill try
00:05:12Lafrenzz so u can call
00:05:19KolleBolle they ruin my pull
00:05:27Seppo13 go 3
00:05:32jrNy Reg ftw
00:05:33DeMiaN 3 what ?
00:05:36DeMiaN skill ?
00:05:42Seppo13 kill him
00:05:50Lafrenzz come
00:06:08Seppo13 Wtf
00:06:17Lafrenzz gj
00:06:19Lafrenzz keep doing that
00:06:20Lafrenzz when i say
00:06:21jrNy jezz
00:06:24jrNy how many denies
00:06:24jrNy u got?
00:06:27GunzComeOut 14
00:06:32svents yritame tappa?
00:06:48svents lol
00:06:55Bra~ decrepify pls :(((
00:06:57Bra~ newb
00:07:00svents ma tegin wardi
00:07:02GunzComeOut gank mid
00:07:04Bra~ lol
00:07:06Bra~ XDDD
00:07:22Bra~ alati tee decrepify
00:07:25Bra~ alati!!!
00:07:28svents ei
00:07:38Lafrenzz ss
00:07:39jrNy kill
00:07:39jrNy rhasta
00:07:41Bra~ decrepify 1 omab ward 1
00:07:42Lafrenzz re
00:07:43ZarD b
00:07:44ZarD rhasta
00:08:10jrNy retards
00:08:33ZarD use lightning asap
00:08:34jrNy i wanna go top
00:08:36ZarD dont stall it
00:08:36jrNy with haste
00:08:40jrNy and they do shit
00:08:45Bra~ stfu i was b
00:08:49jrNy pugna
00:08:50jrNy wasent
00:08:51GunzComeOut guys
00:08:52GunzComeOut bb
00:08:53GunzComeOut is the only one
00:08:55GunzComeOut that can win this
00:08:57GunzComeOut gank him
00:09:04Bra~ gj
00:09:06Seppo13 need lvl 6 1
00:09:09DeMiaN me too
00:09:15Lafrenzz axe
00:09:15Bra~ aga see ward lvl 1 ikka mõttetu
00:09:16Lafrenzz come
00:09:24svents nojh
00:09:28ZarD dont worry, when wisp is lvl 6, him and clock can fuck him
00:09:29ZarD proper
00:09:30svents aga teen aint 1 lvl decre
00:09:32Lafrenzz clock
00:09:32GunzComeOut just come
00:09:33GunzComeOut now
00:09:34GunzComeOut sk
00:09:34Bra~ mhmh
00:09:35curdi i come bot
00:09:36Bra~ logish
00:09:36curdi get tower
00:09:39Bra~ nii käibki
00:09:44ZarD will run
00:09:45ZarD around
00:09:56ZarD can I take invis?
00:10:01GunzComeOut let me
00:10:03svents ss2
00:10:09ZarD was typing
00:10:10ZarD fml
00:10:13GunzComeOut :/
00:10:25Lafrenzz bb
00:10:26Lafrenzz w8 me
00:10:27ZarD care
00:10:27Lafrenzz i got ulti
00:10:28Lafrenzz W( !
00:10:35Lafrenzz dude
00:10:35Lafrenzz omg
00:10:38Lafrenzz why dont u listen
00:10:38jrNy WTF
00:10:39jrNy MANA?
00:10:40jrNy HAHA
00:10:46jrNy Ff
00:10:47jrNy This
00:10:48jrNy shit game
00:10:51Seppo13 :D
00:11:13DeMiaN -ms
00:11:20svents re sk
00:11:23Lafrenzz u need to listen to me
00:11:29GunzComeOut me
00:11:36jrNy ss dwarfen
00:11:38Lafrenzz axe
00:11:40Lafrenzz u got call
00:11:42KolleBolle y
00:11:46Seppo13 let me 4 cs
00:11:47DeMiaN clock
00:11:47jrNy axe
00:11:48jrNy no chicken
00:11:49DeMiaN wanna go top ?
00:11:49jrNy uprge
00:11:52Seppo13 3 cs
00:11:53Seppo13 1
00:11:54DeMiaN k
00:12:07KolleBolle take tree
00:12:18Lafrenzz go
00:12:22GunzComeOut thought he was gone
00:12:25GunzComeOut soz
00:12:28curdi np
00:13:00ZarD why
00:13:00ZarD rthe
00:13:01ZarD fuck
00:13:02ZarD do you flee
00:13:07Seppo13 imnc mid
00:13:07Lafrenzz omw
00:13:08Lafrenzz go
00:13:09curdi ???????
00:13:15curdi he went behind the tower
00:13:17curdi should we dive?
00:13:18ZarD he ran into a trap, I had mana, you had mana
00:13:20ZarD yes
00:13:29Seppo13 YES
00:13:38jrNy dont go
00:13:58curdi onko manaa
00:14:08Lafrenzz b
00:14:20Bra~ nice blind dudes
00:14:22Bra~ xd
00:14:24Lafrenzz y
00:14:24Lafrenzz rly
00:14:27jrNy well
00:14:28Seppo13 inc bot
00:14:30jrNy thought i could get away
00:14:33jrNy +
00:14:34Bra~ y
00:14:34jrNy axe
00:14:36jrNy did u fucking
00:14:37jrNy uprage
00:14:38jrNy chick
00:14:42jrNy or did u fucking do anything
00:14:48curdi otetaa torni
00:15:14Seppo13 go
00:15:21Lafrenzz bb
00:15:22jrNy ff
00:15:23jrNy fu
00:15:24jrNy all
00:15:25Lafrenzz THIS BB
00:15:25ZarD 5 from denyable
00:15:26Seppo13 XDD
00:15:27ZarD lucky
00:15:28jrNy funny
00:15:28jrNy how
00:15:29Lafrenzz HE THINK HE IS THE BEST
00:15:29jrNy no1
00:15:31jrNy can tp
00:15:33jrNy fuck this
00:15:34Lafrenzz OMG '
00:15:36jrNy To late to plug sadly
00:15:37Lafrenzz stfu plz
00:15:40DeMiaN clock
00:15:42Bra~ sven gankime
00:15:44DeMiaN want health and mana ?
00:15:46DeMiaN i tp u fountain
00:15:48Bra~ meil suht norm combo
00:15:49Seppo13 nah
00:15:52curdi i could--
00:15:53DeMiaN kk
00:15:53svents y
00:16:00svents tulen regenin ja l2hme
00:16:53Bra~ why the fuck you chase
00:16:54Seppo13 :D
00:16:58Bra~ if we have 2 under twr
00:16:59Seppo13 b
00:17:05Lafrenzz bb
00:17:07Lafrenzz tell me
00:17:09Lafrenzz why dont u follow
00:17:09jrNy cause
00:17:10jrNy all inc
00:17:39Seppo13 asd
00:18:29DeMiaN clock
00:18:29DeMiaN top ?
00:18:33Seppo13 ye
00:18:52GunzComeOut wp guys
00:18:52jrNy well
00:18:52GunzComeOut twr
00:18:54jrNy what can u do
00:18:54Bra~ ffs
00:18:59GunzComeOut so lame combo :)
00:19:02jrNy yup
00:19:04jrNy lame team
00:19:06jrNy teams
00:19:09Bra~ xd
00:19:15Lafrenzz haha
00:19:22Bra~ get a life dude
00:19:26curdi top twr
00:19:26jrNy kk
00:19:34DeMiaN mid
00:19:35DeMiaN kill
00:19:44Lafrenzz go
00:19:51Lafrenzz GO
00:19:54Lafrenzz omg
00:19:54Lafrenzz nc
00:20:10Lafrenzz OK
00:20:11Lafrenzz fuck this
00:20:14ZarD <3
00:20:27Seppo13 ?
00:20:36Lafrenzz HE IS FUCKING NEWB !§ ! ! !! ! !§! §
00:20:37curdi chill
00:20:39Lafrenzz WHY
00:20:40Seppo13 l
00:20:42Lafrenzz he is a fucktard
00:20:44Lafrenzz look him
00:21:09Seppo13 b
00:21:14ZarD 2 creeps
00:21:16ZarD obviously
00:21:21Bra~ sven
00:21:47DeMiaN clock
00:21:49Seppo13 y
00:21:52DeMiaN if u didn't break the link
00:21:54Lafrenzz get dagger axe
00:21:57DeMiaN i would have tped u fountain
00:21:58jrNy axe
00:21:58jrNy get
00:21:59jrNy dagger
00:22:00jrNy not
00:22:00KolleBolle trying
00:22:01jrNy breazzers
00:22:01Seppo13 :/
00:22:25GunzComeOut go mid
00:22:29KolleBolle sk dagger
00:22:32jrNy give me a f
00:22:34jrNy f
00:22:48jrNy we stil dont have wards
00:22:54Seppo13 chill
00:22:55Seppo13 20 sek
00:23:00Bra~ nor a bb
00:23:01Lafrenzz btw
00:23:04Lafrenzz bb is bot
00:23:07Lafrenzz while mid getting raped
00:23:10Seppo13 ulti
00:23:11Seppo13 Wisp
00:23:11Seppo13 aa
00:23:14Lafrenzz pro
00:23:29Lafrenzz now just die
00:23:33ZarD Axe got dagger soon?
00:23:41Lafrenzz gg bb
00:23:47Lafrenzz hahahaha
00:23:47Seppo13 hay
00:23:51jrNy well
00:23:52jrNy enigma
00:23:53jrNy had
00:23:53jrNy tp
00:23:56jrNy but dint wanna use
00:23:59Seppo13 >:
00:24:00jrNy pugna
00:24:01jrNy had tp
00:24:01ZarD my
00:24:02ZarD tp
00:24:02jrNy dint wanna use
00:24:04ZarD rune*
00:24:05jrNy wd
00:24:05jrNy had
00:24:06jrNy tp
00:24:08jrNy dint wanna use
00:24:38Bra~ blink moar
00:24:40jrNy axe
00:24:41jrNy why
00:24:42jrNy u use
00:24:43jrNy call
00:24:43Lafrenzz bb
00:24:44jrNy ?
00:24:46Lafrenzz dont say a word
00:24:48jrNy stfu
00:24:49jrNy lafrenz
00:24:49Lafrenzz why
00:25:22GunzComeOut go middle
00:25:26GunzComeOut end game
00:25:47GunzComeOut go 5 mid
00:25:52jrNy ill win this for us
00:26:03Lafrenzz hahahaha
00:26:40DeMiaN clock b
00:26:42svents im oom
00:27:15Lafrenzz sniper manta
00:27:16Lafrenzz wtf
00:27:17curdi farm
00:27:20jrNy ofc
00:27:21Seppo13 Wisp
00:27:22jrNy free farm
00:27:23Bra~ 24 mins
00:27:24Bra~ ..
00:27:26DeMiaN yy
00:27:45curdi im omw
00:27:58curdi b
00:27:59curdi all inc
00:28:02Seppo13 np
00:28:05Lafrenzz wisp
00:28:18jrNy Fucking
00:28:19jrNy serius
00:28:23Lafrenzz :)
00:28:25Seppo13 :DD
00:28:36Bra~ jrny
00:28:37Bra~ rly
00:28:41Bra~ take a break
00:28:42jrNy what
00:28:46Lafrenzz axe
00:28:46Lafrenzz go
00:28:47Lafrenzz go
00:28:47Lafrenzz go
00:28:48Lafrenzz go
00:28:55jrNy if
00:28:56jrNy axe
00:28:56jrNy just
00:28:57jrNy get
00:28:58jrNy dagger
00:28:59jrNy this is over
00:29:00jrNy we win
00:29:14Bra~ y but you still messed shit up
00:29:27GunzComeOut heal up
00:29:28GunzComeOut go mid
00:29:37ZarD :(
00:29:43jrNy just pro long
00:29:45jrNy i farm radi
00:29:45jrNy its gg
00:29:47DeMiaN mana
00:29:48DeMiaN pls
00:29:48ZarD Everyone was there in a split-second
00:29:55GunzComeOut u were in their base
00:29:56GunzComeOut alone :)
00:29:58Bra~ hope it will be
00:29:59Lafrenzz dude
00:30:00Lafrenzz stfu
00:30:04Seppo13 ye
00:30:05Seppo13 go
00:30:39Seppo13 AS*D;LP?;LDP?SLD
00:30:41ZarD ye well
00:30:42ZarD I am bored
00:30:52ZarD Go with 5
00:30:53ZarD and end this
00:31:01ZarD TP
00:31:02ZarD BOT
00:31:02ZarD now
00:31:22Lafrenzz .....
00:31:27Lafrenzz poor guys
00:31:28Seppo13 madnees block
00:31:42jrNy u cant come?
00:31:45jrNy any1 of u+
00:31:46jrNy ?
00:31:47jrNy only
00:31:48Seppo13 -ms
00:31:49jrNy 1 min hunt
00:31:50Lafrenzz WE ARE BASE
00:31:53Lafrenzz WATCH MAP FFS'
00:31:57jrNy i see map
00:31:59Lafrenzz l2p rly
00:32:07jrNy kk
00:32:08jrNy :)
00:32:09jrNy sry
00:32:10jrNy i dont
00:32:10Lafrenzz ty
00:32:11jrNy have
00:32:12jrNy 20-0
00:32:15jrNy sry
00:32:16jrNy i feed
00:32:17jrNy like u noobs
00:32:19jrNy allways do
00:32:21Lafrenzz 1-7
00:32:22Lafrenzz y
00:32:24jrNy y
00:32:25jrNy standard
00:32:26jrNy for noobs
00:32:27jrNy like u
00:32:30Lafrenzz u been into 3 kills
00:32:33Lafrenzz 30 min
00:32:35Lafrenzz with bb
00:32:39Lafrenzz fuck u rly
00:32:49jrNy im not
00:32:50jrNy going before
00:32:52jrNy axe gets dagger
00:33:03jrNy witch he got now
00:33:03Lafrenzz axe buy
00:33:04KolleBolle got it now
00:33:04Lafrenzz and go
00:33:07GunzComeOut w8 crow
00:33:07Lafrenzz axe
00:33:09Lafrenzz u go first
00:33:10Lafrenzz then me
00:33:21Lafrenzz go
00:33:28Bra~ xd
00:33:30svents omw
00:33:33Lafrenzz rly
00:33:34GunzComeOut clock
00:33:35GunzComeOut start
00:33:35Seppo13 next
00:33:35jrNy I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:36Seppo13 go
00:33:36Seppo13 1
00:33:37Seppo13 ye
00:33:39Seppo13 i ll go eni
00:33:43Seppo13 get rdy
00:33:47Bra~ -ii
00:33:51ZarD rocket
00:33:53ZarD up there
00:34:00Seppo13 -.-
00:34:02Seppo13 dojt block
00:34:04Seppo13 fuck tards
00:34:14Bra~ I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:17Lafrenzz I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:21Lafrenzz ok ty to BB
00:34:22Lafrenzz rly
00:34:25Lafrenzz fucking newb
00:34:29ZarD Suck dick
00:34:32ZarD no one wants to hear your BS
00:34:34Lafrenzz wp scourge btw
00:34:56Lafrenzz ff it
00:35:18jrNy Im so angry :)
00:35:28ZarD Axe
00:35:28ZarD :D
00:35:45curdi ?
00:35:50curdi helix works in hex??
00:35:54curdi duh
00:35:58ZarD Yes
00:36:12Bra~ gunz what
00:36:14Seppo13 NOOO
00:36:18Bra~ autoattack ftw
00:36:21Bra~ btw
00:36:23Lafrenzz tell me
00:36:28Lafrenzz why the hell u go back to him
00:36:34jrNy cause
00:36:35jrNy sk
00:36:36jrNy was there to
00:36:41GunzComeOut ?
00:36:41Lafrenzz just run ?
00:36:43jrNy sk
00:36:44jrNy dagger
00:36:46jrNy no way out
00:36:47jrNy anyways
00:36:48jrNy only
00:36:50jrNy chances
00:36:51jrNy is to go to base
00:37:01Lafrenzz just su plz
00:37:02Seppo13 full build :C
00:37:02curdi back to bot lane?
00:37:07GunzComeOut ye
00:37:07DeMiaN clock
00:37:09jrNy mby
00:37:10DeMiaN i can relocate
00:37:11curdi pipe :)
00:37:14jrNy -90 x for me
00:37:16GunzComeOut :D
00:37:24jrNy nice teams do :)
00:37:26jrNy fair
00:37:26GunzComeOut u shouldnt go mid
00:37:27jrNy love gc
00:37:37Lafrenzz bb plz
00:37:39Seppo13 >:
00:37:39jrNy mid was fine
00:37:40Lafrenzz u are not pro
00:37:43Lafrenzz just su
00:37:43jrNy not saying
00:37:44jrNy i just say
00:37:48jrNy u fucking suck hard
00:37:51Bra~ snipa vs bb sure
00:37:56Bra~ "fine"
00:37:59Seppo13 lol sk
00:38:01ZarD :D
00:38:01jrNy I was fine at mid
00:38:11Bra~ i hear that
00:38:41jrNy nice ulti
00:38:49jrNy fucking
00:38:50jrNy enigma
00:38:52jrNy u couldt
00:38:52jrNy ulti
00:38:53jrNy there
00:38:53jrNy gg
00:38:55Lafrenzz no
00:38:57jrNy all focus on me
00:38:58jrNy gj
00:39:00jrNy fucking tard
00:39:01jrNy and u dont
00:39:02jrNy stun rhasta
00:39:02Lafrenzz i had focus
00:39:06GunzComeOut wp guys
00:39:08Lafrenzz dude
00:39:10Lafrenzz its to late
00:39:10Lafrenzz stfu
00:39:11jrNy when he staclke me
00:39:12Lafrenzz u lost this
00:39:12jrNy fucking
00:39:13jrNy nabb
00:39:15jrNy i dint
00:39:15jrNy u did
00:39:23Lafrenzz ask team who did
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