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Chat log

00:00:11Jonnija lovely
00:00:29DrouGluiN pinary will get zeus
00:00:30DrouGluiN :D
00:00:51DrouGluiN ?
00:00:51Jonnija to ks
00:00:53Bra~ soulyah
00:00:54Jonnija again? :D
00:00:55Bra~ here?
00:00:56NotAHax .
00:00:57NotAHax :DD
00:01:02Jonnija erm soulyah
00:01:05Bra~ afk
00:01:09Jonnija ...
00:01:09DrouGluiN pause? :D
00:01:12NotAHax no
00:01:12DrouGluiN to be fair
00:01:14DrouGluiN mkay..
00:01:16PinaryB lets play with randoms
00:01:17Jonnija notahax
00:01:18Jonnija manner
00:01:19Bra~ cmon
00:01:20Jonnija up please :D
00:01:21svents nota....
00:01:21Bra~ nota
00:01:23svents ffs
00:01:26NotAHax its hes fault
00:01:28NotAHax mode was -cd
00:01:34DrouGluiN yes it is...
00:01:35NotAHax mayby hes just thinking and silent?
00:01:35Bra~ okay
00:01:36Dotson oh come on..
00:01:39DrouGluiN but lets be human? :)
00:01:40Jonnija :D
00:01:43Dotson cd is different
00:01:43DrouGluiN Lets do the right thing
00:01:45DrouGluiN :D
00:01:45Jonnija thinking :D
00:01:46Dotson it's not our fault
00:01:56Jonnija lol
00:01:56DrouGluiN grats
00:01:56Jonnija kk
00:01:57DrouGluiN :D
00:01:59NotAHax see
00:02:02NotAHax he was thinking
00:02:02Bra~ well thought
00:02:07Soulyah i was shitting
00:02:09Jonnija 40 sec
00:02:09Jonnija :D
00:02:11Dotson :D
00:02:13NotAHax yy ur thinking is shitting
00:02:13Jonnija y u got 40 sec
00:02:15DrouGluiN :D
00:02:16Jonnija for everything
00:02:22DrouGluiN was gonna say something like that
00:02:41PinaryB 15 sec
00:02:46Jonnija lol
00:02:47DrouGluiN "If your opponent is arrgoant compliment him to make him overconfident"
00:02:48Jonnija he
00:02:48NotAHax :DD
00:02:48Jonnija is
00:02:49Jonnija epic
00:02:50Bra~ get some cookie cutters
00:03:03Jonnija last heroes
00:03:05Jonnija random
00:03:06Jonnija for sure
00:03:09Bra~ omni ogre
00:03:14NotAHax :;DD
00:03:15NotAHax haahah
00:03:17Soulyah wtf
00:03:17Bra~ :D
00:03:18Soulyah :D
00:03:20Bra~ randomm
00:03:20Jonnija random :D
00:03:23NotAHax 5 seconds!
00:03:24DrouGluiN OR NOT
00:03:28Bra~ :D:D
00:03:45DrouGluiN necro?
00:03:45NotAHax joonija
00:03:46NotAHax can you play
00:03:47NotAHax necro
00:03:50Jonnija sure
00:03:50Bra~ solyah mirana? :P
00:03:53Soulyah prolly
00:03:56DrouGluiN hmm
00:03:57DrouGluiN omni?
00:03:58Soulyah have a broken arm tho
00:03:59DrouGluiN though?
00:03:59NotAHax no
00:04:01NotAHax okay so
00:04:03NotAHax Abbadon necro top
00:04:04svents KES TB?
00:04:04Bra~ võtan tb siis
00:04:05Soulyah will do a poor performance
00:04:06NotAHax drouguin abba
00:04:09DrouGluiN kk
00:04:10DrouGluiN :))
00:04:12NotAHax makkara deathscythe bot
00:04:13NotAHax im solo midd
00:04:13svents võtan ise tb
00:04:16DrouGluiN hey IM not the chicken bitch
00:04:20NotAHax dorugluin
00:04:22NotAHax ur ebter with
00:04:23NotAHax abba
00:04:23NotAHax or rhasta
00:04:26DrouGluiN abba
00:04:27DrouGluiN i guess
00:04:29NotAHax k play abba
00:04:30Soulyah i solo bot
00:04:47Soulyah zeuz and sven mid
00:04:57DrouGluiN oh
00:04:59DrouGluiN u didnt get aura
00:04:59DrouGluiN :D
00:05:13Bra~ ogre tops
00:05:15Bra~ top
00:05:16Jonnija only get it when i am mid :D
00:05:16Bra~ ogre
00:05:20DrouGluiN kk.
00:05:26DrouGluiN HF!
00:05:28Jonnija hmm
00:05:31Jonnija kas panna
00:05:33Jonnija 1 punkt
00:05:35Jonnija alguses
00:05:35Jonnija aurale
00:05:42DrouGluiN dno..
00:05:43Dotson this mid lane will be tough
00:05:43DrouGluiN :D
00:05:48Jonnija tasub
00:05:48DrouGluiN sina "oskad" mängida :D
00:05:49Jonnija vist 2ra
00:05:56Dotson reg top
00:06:19Bra~ kullin essa
00:06:19DrouGluiN pina top
00:06:21DrouGluiN prolly
00:06:22Bra~ pullin
00:06:23Jonnija dual mid
00:06:24NotAHax what is this madness..
00:06:50Jonnija svents
00:06:51Jonnija solo?
00:08:17Dotson harass
00:08:21Dotson oh
00:08:47Soulyah share
00:09:11Soulyah SHARE
00:09:12Soulyah FFS
00:09:17Dotson ogre
00:09:20Dotson cmon
00:09:27svents sry
00:09:34svents i had fight
00:10:06svents tulen botti gankima
00:10:09Dotson zeus
00:10:09Dotson reg
00:10:11Dotson boit
00:10:13Dotson bot¨'
00:10:14Bra~ tule toppi
00:10:16Bra~ ogre
00:10:34svents tapame abba?
00:10:39DrouGluiN ?
00:10:42Dotson gj
00:10:46PinaryB gj
00:10:53Bra~ b
00:11:08DrouGluiN care
00:11:09PinaryB ss sf
00:11:16Jonnija oh mid
00:11:17Jonnija ss
00:11:17Jonnija :D
00:11:21NotAHax need wards
00:11:21NotAHax -.-
00:11:32Bra~ kle
00:11:34Dotson re nevermore
00:11:37Bra~ las ma võtan
00:11:40NotAHax FFS
00:11:40svents ei
00:11:41DrouGluiN oleks v6ind
00:11:41NotAHax I NEED CHICKEN
00:11:42DrouGluiN torni
00:11:42NotAHax fuck sake
00:11:43DrouGluiN v6tta
00:11:50Jonnija ei saanud
00:11:51Jonnija ..
00:12:04Soulyah kill
00:12:07Dotson nevermore getting rune top
00:12:15makkara botm ias
00:12:28Dotson oh god..
00:12:47svents gank top pls
00:13:15makkara bot still mis
00:13:24svents kill mid
00:13:24DrouGluiN gank mid?
00:13:30NotAHax no
00:13:32NotAHax just farm with necro
00:13:37DrouGluiN i take all farm :P
00:13:40NotAHax ..
00:13:42NotAHax are you tard+
00:13:47DrouGluiN are you?
00:14:04svents võtame panda
00:14:22Bra~ ss mid ty
00:14:42svents gj
00:14:50Jonnija playing with fire
00:14:52Jonnija here :D
00:14:53DrouGluiN y
00:14:56NotAHax not rly
00:15:00NotAHax they all were bot
00:15:29Jonnija naturally
00:15:31NotAHax .
00:15:32NotAHax :(
00:15:40makkara bot mis
00:15:42DrouGluiN obviouus
00:16:23DrouGluiN sorry for not shilding you..
00:16:50Soulyah omg
00:17:02Jonnija ei pand t2hel
00:17:03Jonnija sind
00:17:36DrouGluiN care
00:17:36DrouGluiN ..
00:17:43DrouGluiN place behind the tree
00:17:46DrouGluiN next time
00:17:53Dotson they warded top rune
00:18:00DrouGluiN ?
00:18:07DrouGluiN ei taha?
00:18:10Jonnija ei
00:18:18Soulyah ow
00:18:19Soulyah omw
00:18:20DrouGluiN zeus
00:18:21makkara bot mis
00:18:49DrouGluiN care
00:19:21DrouGluiN purp so dead
00:19:26makkara not rly
00:19:57DeathScythe DD
00:19:59makkara carem id
00:20:00Dotson dd
00:20:01makkara care mid
00:20:16Jonnija sf care
00:20:24DrouGluiN when they go sf
00:20:26DrouGluiN we go mid?
00:21:36PinaryB gj
00:21:51svents -mc
00:21:59Soulyah mid
00:22:01Soulyah come
00:22:02Soulyah some1
00:22:12DeathScythe care mid
00:22:13NotAHax ...
00:22:14NotAHax why agha on necro
00:22:15NotAHax cmon
00:22:16NotAHax why so bad
00:22:20NotAHax you need tank not a fucking aha
00:22:21NotAHax agha
00:22:21NotAHax -.-
00:22:24Jonnija agha hood
00:22:27NotAHax ..
00:22:27NotAHax T_T
00:22:33makkara botm is
00:22:54DrouGluiN ty
00:22:55DrouGluiN :D
00:23:28svents gj
00:23:29PinaryB gj
00:24:27Bra~ wtf
00:24:36Soulyah b
00:24:41Jonnija ib
00:25:19Dotson got
00:25:21Dotson the blink
00:26:02svents ck
00:26:04svents fck
00:26:05Soulyah noob sf is killing spree
00:26:06Soulyah lol
00:26:07NotAHax abba z3w
00:26:13NotAHax :DD
00:27:16DrouGluiN deward
00:27:26DrouGluiN dont have money myelf
00:27:52Dotson not a chance
00:28:04Dotson D:
00:28:26DrouGluiN oom
00:28:54Jonnija lol
00:29:02DeathScythe ty
00:29:08DrouGluiN =)
00:29:09Soulyah trasee heal
00:29:15DrouGluiN "only a minor loss"
00:29:18DrouGluiN :D
00:29:25Bra~ lase toppi
00:29:28Bra~ saan kohe manta
00:30:02Soulyah b
00:30:03Soulyah invi
00:30:04Soulyah sf
00:30:38Dotson what boots do i buy?
00:31:02DrouGluiN oom
00:31:21Soulyah wp abba
00:31:25Soulyah supporting ur noob cap
00:31:29Soulyah :D
00:31:29DrouGluiN :P
00:31:29NotAHax :DD
00:31:32Bra~ indeed
00:31:55Jonnija all oom
00:31:56DrouGluiN oom
00:32:23DrouGluiN meh ill get arcane istead of treads this time
00:32:28NotAHax y
00:32:30NotAHax arcane beter
00:32:56PinaryB wtf ult again?
00:32:57DrouGluiN no idea how the cooldown reset :D
00:33:02DrouGluiN probly cause of the stun
00:33:02NotAHax yeah i noticewd lol
00:33:03NotAHax :D
00:33:03Soulyah hax
00:34:35DeathScythe DD
00:35:31svents I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:50NotAHax l2 pick :)
00:35:58Soulyah :DD
00:36:10Jonnija SD
00:36:11Jonnija ASD
00:36:11Jonnija ASD
00:37:00DrouGluiN oom
00:37:25Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:28Bra~ I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:35PinaryB I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:35Bra~ [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:35Bra~ [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:35Bra~ [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:35Bra~ [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:37:35Dotson I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:37:37NotAHax well picked
00:37:38NotAHax not
00:37:41makkara gg
00:37:42Bra~ go throne
00:37:42Soulyah i randomed
00:37:43Soulyah noob
00:37:46Bra~ well randomed imo
00:37:47svents nota u sh1t
00:37:52NotAHax so 2 min no brains to think?
00:37:53NotAHax i see
00:37:57Soulyah I WAS AFK
00:38:00NotAHax yy cool story
00:38:01Soulyah u retarded fuck nolifer
00:38:04svents yeah cant pause game ffs
00:38:08NotAHax 2 min no brain
00:38:10NotAHax lol
00:38:11Soulyah :D
00:38:13NotAHax kinda intresting
00:38:14Soulyah u fat shit
00:38:16DrouGluiN =)
00:38:16Soulyah no real life
00:38:18DrouGluiN gg
00:38:18Soulyah wp
00:38:21DeathScythe gg
00:38:22NotAHax soulyeah sad man
00:38:22NotAHax mad
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