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-37 X
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80% | 1312 X | 1505 TS

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-5 TS

63% | 1219 X | 1311 TS

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-3 TS

56% | 1144 X | 1354 TS

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-6 TS

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+17 TS

6% | 840 X | 1164 TS

Chat log

00:00:11custy wtf teams :s
00:00:27Idx võta es kui ei bännita
00:00:54Vampi ban ud
00:00:55custy how does this mode work?
00:01:03BEAR_TRAP they ban, we ban, they pick, we pick
00:01:05Vampi how i pick hero
00:01:08custy ok
00:01:11Idx you cant
00:01:13BEAR_TRAP victory für alles
00:01:14Idx muhaha
00:01:18ricke you cant read or what?
00:01:18Vampi i have 0 gold
00:01:55Vampi ban weaver
00:02:05Vampi ban weaver
00:02:06N2xy tuskar anyone?
00:02:09ricke no
00:02:12Dotson not me
00:02:18N2xy np. cant pick it
00:02:19N2xy :
00:02:21ricke ban tuskar
00:02:38ricke get me tiny pleaes.
00:02:40ricke please*
00:02:41Dotson gimme venge
00:02:44Dotson tiny is good too
00:02:51ricke venge+tiny lane, its good
00:03:28ricke Dotson, get venge and go with me then...
00:03:29ricke imba
00:03:41N2xy venge?
00:03:45Dotson suure
00:04:00ricke Lich?
00:04:04ricke and end this fast?!
00:04:05N2xy sure
00:04:05Idx ill go wr
00:04:11tjavo give me venge
00:04:14ricke n2xy WE
00:04:23ricke wr*
00:04:25custy i will ogre
00:04:29Vampi i will ogre
00:04:33DeduXserS go roll
00:04:36DeduXserS who get higher
00:04:38DeduXserS will get him
00:04:41custy -roll
00:04:47Vampi -roll
00:04:50custy :D
00:04:51DeduXserS vampi goes ogre
00:04:53BEAR_TRAP vampi will ogre
00:04:53Vampi owned 1v1
00:05:04custy let me rylai theb
00:05:07Dotson WTF
00:05:12Dotson how did this happen
00:05:13Dotson omg.
00:05:15ricke venge with me.
00:05:15N2xy ?
00:05:17BEAR_TRAP tad too late
00:05:20N2xy wanna lich?
00:05:22ricke tjavo, come bot
00:05:25Dotson yes please!
00:05:27Dotson -swap
00:05:28N2xy -swap 4
00:05:29Dotson -swap 1
00:05:29BEAR_TRAP tbh angst sven sucks
00:05:30DeduXserS ogee potm down
00:05:30Dotson ty
00:05:32DeduXserS svne maiden top
00:05:43Idx -apm
00:05:49N2xy venge bot
00:05:49custy i play ogre the best
00:05:50N2xy then
00:05:53DeduXserS xD
00:05:54custy so you better be good
00:05:55BEAR_TRAP I dont
00:06:39Dotson fb mid
00:06:41Juffos -aa
00:08:34custy go pull
00:09:39Juffos ss2
00:09:42Juffos re1
00:09:59ricke ogre miss
00:10:27ricke ogre still miss
00:11:29N2xy cm
00:11:59custy well
00:12:12tjavo upg chick someone
00:12:13tjavo lich
00:12:16Dotson 100gold
00:12:23tjavo asap then please.
00:12:25ricke potm miss
00:12:26Dotson aye
00:12:34N2xy 'take someone
00:12:35N2xy haste
00:12:36N2xy oplease
00:12:39N2xy or sf takes it
00:13:02Idx ss sf
00:13:02DeduXserS 5 miss
00:13:08custy y
00:13:49Dotson miss 2 top
00:13:55Dotson re
00:14:08N2xy lvl 6 then kill
00:14:16Dotson bot of us
00:14:17Dotson ?
00:14:25Dotson both*
00:15:20Idx sry
00:15:22ricke nice miss fro mid Idx
00:15:24ricke noob
00:15:26tjavo ..-....¨'
00:15:27ricke no more miss from me
00:15:34ricke hate noobs like u
00:15:43ricke bye bye team, ego game here I come
00:15:45N2xy easy cowboy
00:15:51Dotson haha
00:15:52Dotson lol
00:15:53Idx cry moar
00:16:00ricke noob more
00:16:24custy omg
00:16:40custy well
00:18:17Dotson FUCK
00:18:36N2xy rune
00:19:05custy come bot
00:19:32Vampi noob team no call miss
00:19:44custy wow
00:19:54tjavo DSOKSADokdaSOSAd
00:19:54custy wp
00:20:02ricke wait wr
00:20:04ricke i come
00:20:27DeduXserS -ii
00:20:48DeduXserS go
00:20:49DeduXserS lich
00:20:50ricke wards lichh
00:20:50DeduXserS no ulti
00:20:54DeduXserS dive
00:21:02Dotson cumin
00:21:32tjavo this sf
00:21:33tjavo so farmed
00:21:33tjavo gj
00:21:34tjavo all
00:21:34tjavo ff
00:21:53tjavo level 12 sf
00:21:54tjavo haha
00:22:48Dotson venge
00:22:50Dotson pwn him
00:22:54tjavo with what?
00:22:57tjavo my cock?
00:23:00Dotson YES
00:23:00ricke our WR rocks.
00:23:09Idx went for haste rune
00:23:16ricke u rock
00:23:21tjavo how is it possible for SF to be level 13
00:23:30tjavo gg feedteam
00:23:31Dotson ...
00:23:31ricke no misses, no items, no level.. ur very bad.
00:24:13custy wow
00:24:22tjavo fucking leave wr
00:24:29Idx yeah right
00:24:45ricke u are a big part why we loose
00:25:49ricke i toss u
00:25:52N2xy k
00:26:00Dotson great..
00:26:04ricke moron
00:27:13ricke next time dont die like that
00:27:17ricke u saw sf go invis
00:27:26Dotson didn't u seee arrow?
00:27:27DeduXserS gank this lane
00:27:27DeduXserS hid
00:27:28DeduXserS forest
00:27:29DeduXserS hide*
00:27:39Juffos -aa
00:27:57ricke we got the push line up... still we cant push :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:27:59N2xy tiny.. toss me
00:28:04ricke ulti?
00:28:07N2xy ahh
00:28:08N2xy ye
00:28:10N2xy nvm
00:28:14N2xy :D
00:28:27tjavo hahahahahah
00:28:31Dotson w
00:28:31Dotson t
00:28:32custy ogre
00:28:32Dotson f
00:28:32tjavo who have feed this sf
00:28:33tjavo its sick
00:28:34Dotson ???
00:28:38Vampi yes no
00:28:46Dotson only my computer bugged there?
00:29:02tjavo ha
00:29:03tjavo h
00:29:04tjavo ahahahahaha
00:29:08tjavo gj dotson
00:29:12ricke thanks for waste my time Idx.
00:29:14Dotson lols
00:29:25Dotson he were well fed b4 he started to kill me..
00:29:28Dotson atleast with lvls
00:29:32Idx np glad you enjoyed it
00:29:45ricke Dotson, yes he was... thanks to Idx.
00:29:57Dotson stop blaming everyone...
00:29:58ricke and he cant even say he got raped in mid
00:30:00Dotson it's not war
00:30:05Dotson chill
00:30:07ricke i dont blame everyone.. i blame Idx
00:30:07Dotson out
00:30:15DeduXserS roshan
00:30:27ricke and n2xy
00:30:29N2xy i blame dedu
00:30:32ricke said he should play carry
00:30:33Dotson and me?
00:30:36Dotson haha
00:30:37ricke not idx
00:30:41ricke n2xy should
00:30:51N2xy i dont want
00:31:03DeduXserS mid goes
00:31:13ricke u got ulti now?
00:31:16ricke i toss u
00:31:16N2xy yep
00:31:16ricke come
00:31:24ricke lich be rdy with ulti
00:31:28N2xy no wr
00:31:32N2xy or venge
00:31:44N2xy go
00:32:41Idx I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:43tjavo I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:43N2xy I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:46Dotson I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:10ricke PLEASE BAN me from this channel
00:33:12Dotson rly--
00:33:20custy :D
00:33:25DeduXserS sven balance
00:33:31custy really?
00:33:34DeduXserS Yes
00:33:40custy i get ban?
00:33:53custy if i leave?
00:33:57BEAR_TRAP no
00:34:07DeduXserS sven balane
00:34:08tjavo LEAVE FFS
00:34:10BEAR_TRAP [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:10BEAR_TRAP [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:10BEAR_TRAP [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:10BEAR_TRAP [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:34:10Dotson I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:34:16Juffos why forfeit
00:34:18Juffos no retreat
00:34:21Juffos fight like man
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