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97% | 1593 X | 1556 TS

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Chat log

00:00:18jrNy free win
00:00:21Sjakalen give jrny potm
00:00:22jrNy not a hax
00:00:23Sjakalen insane potm
00:00:26NotAHax ~~
00:00:26jrNy y :)
00:00:27NotAHax k
00:00:29jrNy -clear
00:00:37Sjakalen and give me wr
00:00:40Sjakalen insane wr
00:00:47Ckalle I'd like PotM :)
00:01:01jrNy go mirana wr
00:01:04jrNy 2 fb
00:01:07jrNy fp
00:01:20Herre I can do lion
00:01:21Ckalle alch is strong
00:01:22Ckalle vs them
00:01:23Sjakalen you play alche or kunkka ?
00:01:26Aerwyn y
00:01:29Aerwyn pick kunkka for me
00:01:33BT yes uoi can take lion
00:01:33jrNy get abba
00:01:36jrNy vs bane
00:01:42Sjakalen or lycan woods could work to ? :)
00:01:49BT nota im playing with a broken hand so no hard feelings :/
00:01:50FaH.Q take lanaya
00:02:05jrNy Im playing with me penis
00:02:16Sjakalen and im helping him
00:02:21Raj ?
00:02:27FaH.Q lanaya
00:02:31Ckalle TA SD?
00:02:32jrNy od last?
00:02:35NotAHax no
00:02:35Sjakalen nah
00:02:37NotAHax lesh
00:02:39jrNy k
00:02:42Aerwyn hmmm
00:02:43Aerwyn sure
00:02:47Sjakalen lech or ench would be awesome
00:02:54NotAHax well if someone can pålay na
00:02:56NotAHax i can go ench
00:03:06jrNy would be nice
00:03:09NotAHax aerwyn you can play na?
00:03:10jrNy if me and wr could solo
00:03:11Aerwyn i'm not so good with na....
00:03:12Aerwyn no
00:03:13Ckalle wtf
00:03:14jrNy u ganking from woods
00:03:17jrNy -clar
00:03:33Ckalle so, kunkka lion bane tri?
00:03:40NotAHax well i play lesh then
00:03:40BT no
00:03:43Aerwyn sure
00:03:45Raj let me bane
00:03:48NotAHax you play abba or na
00:03:59jrNy u take mid?
00:04:02jrNy hax
00:04:03NotAHax can do
00:04:07BT kunkka bane top
00:04:08NotAHax would be nice
00:04:08NotAHax y
00:04:09Sjakalen we potm bot
00:04:10BT alche mnid
00:04:10Sjakalen we
00:04:10Ckalle Raj chick
00:04:11Sjakalen are lan
00:04:18NotAHax but you guys are carrrys
00:04:18NotAHax >_>
00:04:20NotAHax you should seperate
00:04:21Ckalle ure kidding right?
00:04:21Sjakalen its np
00:04:22NotAHax and farm bouth lanes
00:04:26jrNy -clear
00:04:26NotAHax and its
00:04:27Sjakalen i just play supprt wr
00:04:27NotAHax double melee
00:04:27jrNy wr
00:04:30jrNy support
00:04:30NotAHax it isent "np"
00:04:30Aerwyn i go bot
00:04:35NotAHax it isent "np"
00:04:36jrNy abba
00:04:37jrNy u top
00:04:41Aerwyn ?
00:04:42Aerwyn okay
00:04:43jrNy better we rape 1 lane
00:04:44jrNy total
00:04:45NotAHax yes abba top
00:04:47NotAHax ---
00:04:49Ckalle oh my
00:04:50jrNy then mby 2 lanes fail
00:04:50Ckalle ff
00:04:50NotAHax why just go
00:04:51NotAHax potm na
00:04:53NotAHax rape
00:04:54jrNy we can afford to loose 1 lane
00:04:54NotAHax and
00:04:57NotAHax abba + wr top
00:05:00jrNy i know mids gonna win
00:05:00Aerwyn y
00:05:01Raj ?
00:05:03Aerwyn thinking that too...
00:05:03NotAHax wr farms
00:05:03jrNy and bot
00:05:04BT -hhn
00:05:04NotAHax bottom rapes
00:05:05NotAHax mid rapes
00:05:07NotAHax ??????????
00:05:08Ckalle TA side lane alch mid
00:05:11Ckalle yay for captain
00:05:26Raj rune
00:05:35jrNy fb
00:05:36jrNy gogo
00:06:04BT pull
00:06:08Herre looooooool
00:06:26Herre man I failed
00:06:38Ckalle hard with dual range with DD level 1
00:07:28Ckalle need to stop my torrents -.-
00:07:43NotAHax tuun kohta
00:07:45Aerwyn ju
00:07:53FaH.Q ss
00:07:53FaH.Q mid
00:08:26Ckalle what a fucked up lane -.-
00:08:31FaH.Q rofl
00:08:33FaH.Q no chance mikd
00:09:00Ckalle well
00:09:08Ckalle if captain allows it I still want mid..
00:09:46NotAHax just stay bot
00:09:57NotAHax stun him
00:09:59Sjakalen oom
00:10:01NotAHax DONT
00:10:02NotAHax tAKE
00:10:04NotAHax Ff
00:10:04Sjakalen zz
00:10:13Raj oom
00:11:05NotAHax now im getting fucked up midd becouse you took my rune
00:11:06NotAHax sigh
00:11:18Herre plz
00:11:20NotAHax mid mis
00:11:29FaH.Q im just outplayed
00:11:36Herre ofc you are
00:11:36Raj oom
00:11:59Ckalle ss mid
00:12:07Ckalle alc stay bot?
00:12:10NotAHax tuun top
00:12:11NotAHax tapetaa
00:12:18Ckalle at least there u got some support
00:12:18Herre nah
00:12:20Herre he just outplayed
00:12:55BT bane go gang
00:13:04NotAHax lanya
00:13:04NotAHax there
00:13:04Ckalle no hex no win
00:13:08NotAHax or not
00:13:08NotAHax k
00:13:26Sjakalen i take
00:13:32Sjakalen i take
00:13:33Sjakalen rune
00:13:40Sjakalen zz
00:13:45NotAHax you took mine i took yours
00:13:48NotAHax now its 1-1
00:15:00BT :_D
00:15:02BT imba
00:15:02NotAHax et sitte nvoinu heittää kilpeä
00:15:08Aerwyn ei ollu rangee
00:15:08NotAHax ja olla blockkaamatta
00:15:08Aerwyn :(
00:15:09NotAHax y imba abba
00:15:14NotAHax no eikait oo ku jos et juokse peräs :DD?D?
00:15:15BT imba bane
00:15:19Raj STFU
00:15:37BT i told you to go gang not to disturb me from farming
00:15:44Herre kill
00:15:46Herre mirana
00:16:11Herre srsly
00:16:18Raj omw
00:16:22FaH.Q y srsly
00:16:23FaH.Q ur full mana
00:16:25FaH.Q and do nothin
00:16:28FaH.Q ofc i die
00:16:29Herre ahhah
00:16:36Herre you just suck
00:16:40FaH.Q y
00:16:41FaH.Q mb
00:16:49Raj ffs
00:17:50Ckalle gj
00:18:23NotAHax sjakalen
00:18:24NotAHax give
00:18:25NotAHax travels
00:18:27NotAHax gave thenm you misstake
00:18:35jrNy seriusly
00:18:36jrNy this
00:18:36jrNy game
00:18:41Ckalle don't talk.
00:18:44jrNy i never seen so many people hitting dar
00:18:45jrNy dark
00:18:47Herre why didnt my stun take the sleep off?
00:18:49jrNy when i monfall
00:18:59Ckalle I got hit
00:19:02Ckalle Refraction u know
00:19:03jrNy but not double
00:19:08jrNy u dint have
00:19:09jrNy it on
00:19:15Ckalle I activated for the 2nd
00:19:19Ckalle jsut got mana
00:19:42Ckalle I need that chick...
00:19:52NotAHax cmon team
00:20:25BT nice dodge
00:20:26BT lol
00:20:36BT he didged ship with shield
00:20:36BT gg
00:20:40BT dodged*
00:21:03Raj oom
00:22:54BT Wtf is this hate
00:22:56Ckalle why is this bane taking my farm?
00:23:02Herre raj wtf
00:23:20BT bane mby stop farmin..
00:23:32BT tp top
00:24:47jrNy abba
00:24:49jrNy why u run
00:24:51jrNy first place?
00:25:07Sjakalen shild
00:25:09Sjakalen ffs
00:25:23Herre -10
00:25:25Herre 1-10
00:25:36Ckalle ^^
00:25:36Herre hope you wont play mid any time soon
00:25:36FaH.Q y why u put me mid vs lesh
00:25:38FaH.Q ofc fail
00:25:45jrNy lemme
00:25:45BT you just use ur smoke
00:25:45jrNy farm
00:25:46jrNy hax
00:25:47BT and he dies
00:25:48NotAHax ur making he+
00:25:50NotAHax hex?
00:25:52Ckalle told u I should have gone mid
00:25:52FaH.Q y watch replay
00:25:53FaH.Q and u see
00:25:56FaH.Q it doesnt work
00:25:56Sjakalen i make meka
00:25:57jrNy likens
00:25:59NotAHax ..
00:25:59FaH.Q hes 97%
00:25:59NotAHax -ff
00:26:00NotAHax retard
00:26:02FaH.Q he jsut fucked me up
00:26:03Sjakalen nope
00:26:04NotAHax why the fuck linken
00:26:07NotAHax its not gonna help u
00:26:07jrNy x mark
00:26:09NotAHax us
00:26:10NotAHax ... lol
00:26:18NotAHax just play carefully?
00:26:34Ckalle Medallion of Imba :)
00:26:35NotAHax make manta
00:26:36NotAHax srsly
00:26:41NotAHax and dmg
00:26:43jrNy we win this
00:26:45jrNy dont worry
00:26:47NotAHax no we wont
00:26:52NotAHax kunkka gonna carry this
00:26:53NotAHax with alche smoke
00:26:56NotAHax if you dont get dmg with wr
00:27:01Ckalle ^^
00:27:26Ckalle or not
00:27:48Ckalle kunkka
00:27:50Ckalle can't u see
00:27:51Ckalle WE NEED U
00:28:04Herre this is fucking bullshit
00:28:05Herre l2p
00:28:34jrNy jesus
00:29:23NotAHax gtfo rly
00:29:27jrNy ?
00:29:32NotAHax ur not taking farm for fucking likens
00:29:56Ckalle my bottle? -.-
00:30:24NotAHax pusk
00:30:32Ckalle X
00:30:34Herre X
00:30:36BT cd
00:31:10Ckalle how the fuck did u get to be captain? -.-
00:31:24Herre he once was 100%
00:31:25Herre :-----D
00:31:26NotAHax We got
00:31:27NotAHax linken
00:31:30NotAHax "sick" potm as wr said
00:31:30NotAHax :DD
00:31:36jrNy some1
00:31:38jrNy get orn
00:31:41jrNy urn
00:31:46NotAHax why wwould we need urn
00:31:51jrNy reflaction
00:32:12jrNy .-.-
00:32:40NotAHax HEITÄ
00:32:41NotAHax KILPI
00:32:44NotAHax ..
00:32:46NotAHax vittu sä oot paska
00:32:48BT .|.
00:32:51NotAHax miks käytät kilpee ittees
00:32:53NotAHax ku sulla on full hp
00:33:13NotAHax ,...
00:33:14NotAHax :DD
00:33:15jrNy -.-
00:33:16Ckalle SICK POTM
00:33:19jrNy stfu
00:33:21NotAHax y
00:33:22NotAHax sick potm
00:33:32BT he is kapow
00:33:35jrNy why u act
00:33:37NotAHax LOIL
00:33:38NotAHax RLY?
00:33:38jrNy like an idiot?
00:33:39NotAHax :DDDDDDDD
00:33:40BT y
00:33:41NotAHax Ahhaahahahha
00:33:41BT :d
00:33:43NotAHax oh my good
00:33:45Ckalle SICK
00:33:46NotAHax and i listened them
00:33:52Aerwyn b
00:33:55NotAHax "take us potm and wr" "we so sick"
00:33:55NotAHax _..
00:33:57NotAHax oh wait
00:34:04Raj we have to gang
00:34:22Raj focus
00:34:22Raj nerub
00:34:50Sjakalen KAPOW!
00:35:45Aerwyn mikset tappanu alchee blue?
00:35:49Aerwyn tossa ku juostii
00:35:58NotAHax ajattelin vähä ku sä
00:36:02Aerwyn joo joo
00:36:14Sjakalen gi
00:36:16Sjakalen git
00:36:17NotAHax sitten ku alat pitää mua ja potmii elos tuun auttaa ehkä suakin
00:36:17Sjakalen dust
00:36:24Raj omg
00:36:28Herre wp
00:36:35Sjakalen FIX
00:36:46jrNy -.-
00:36:46Sjakalen OMFG
00:36:46Ckalle Mario
00:37:46Raj b
00:38:09jrNy dust
00:38:10jrNy any1?
00:38:13Sjakalen i got
00:38:19NotAHax potm who can play any?
00:39:34Ckalle kunkka please
00:39:38Raj omfg
00:39:40Raj kunkka
00:39:42Raj wtf r u doing
00:39:43Herre important enfeeble is important
00:39:50Herre l2p ur hero raj
00:39:52BT 'bane stfu
00:39:56Raj stfu
00:40:04Raj your not doing shit
00:40:09BT like you
00:40:13Ckalle and youre feeding
00:40:14Ckalle u both suck
00:40:16Raj im there for the team
00:40:19BT :d
00:40:19Raj stfu
00:40:20BT to fee
00:40:49jrNy ok
00:40:59NotAHax see
00:41:01NotAHax linken didnt help you a shit
00:41:13NotAHax but hey? what i can do for retard who thinks hes good
00:41:21NotAHax as you sai
00:41:22NotAHax said
00:41:24NotAHax "sick potm"
00:41:25NotAHax 8DDDDDD
00:41:28jrNy dude
00:41:29jrNy worst
00:41:29jrNy game
00:41:31jrNy with potm
00:41:32jrNy i ever had
00:41:32Ckalle dd
00:41:34jrNy and u keep
00:41:34NotAHax you suck
00:41:39jrNy trash talking
00:41:43jrNy think im gonna play better
00:41:46jrNy for that reasen?
00:41:46NotAHax well you told me ur good and you suck
00:41:48Ckalle Alch mega tank without armor!
00:41:48NotAHax that makes you noob
00:41:54Herre :------D
00:41:58Ckalle Heart before any armor FTW
00:42:12NotAHax you should be that gu
00:42:13NotAHax who kills
00:42:14NotAHax ppl
00:42:18NotAHax only what ur doing is taking my farm
00:42:22jrNy ok
00:42:24jrNy i last hit now
00:42:26jrNy np
00:42:29Ckalle fucking WR
00:42:30NotAHax so i last hitted?
00:42:33NotAHax i went there with na
00:42:33Ckalle 100% miss
00:42:35Ckalle is so uncool
00:42:42jrNy just stfu
00:42:42jrNy ty
00:42:46Ckalle and not like I can get MKB either
00:42:48NotAHax l2p and i stfu
00:43:04BT just focus lesh
00:43:30NotAHax lets go mid all
00:43:31NotAHax wait me
00:43:34Ckalle 150 for bkb
00:43:46Herre they pushing
00:44:52Herre gg
00:44:53Herre I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:53Ckalle sad captain loss
00:44:55Ckalle I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:45:11NotAHax you might be my second pick if you wouldnt show ur shtiness me before and got "fremoved"
00:45:12Ckalle Alch mid instead of TA
00:45:29Herre just so sad
00:45:35Ckalle Cute. CW about it?
00:45:44Ckalle oh, that's right. U bailed out last time
00:45:51NotAHax :DDDDDD
00:45:57Sjakalen im in on a cw.
00:46:00Sjakalen gonna be easy.
00:46:05Ckalle fo sho
00:46:12Ckalle what div u play?
00:46:20NotAHax ur talking to me?
00:46:24Ckalle nah
00:46:27Sjakalen just dp.xp only thing
00:47:35NotAHax go finish
00:47:36NotAHax i tele
00:47:38NotAHax gathe
00:48:24Raj I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:48:26BT I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:48:28Ckalle wp herre
00:48:35Ckalle 2v4 no win
00:48:54Herre xxxxD
00:48:59Herre sad story
00:49:05Ckalle but true
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