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Chat log

00:00:11Lavos any1 cm?
00:00:11zebbelito ? play sk
00:00:16zebbelito want anything?
00:00:17tjavo sure
00:00:17zebbelito nvm
00:00:17Chinaski ?
00:00:17Solisluu chinaski
00:00:17Lavos we ban 2 heros
00:00:17Solisluu remember to buy a chicken
00:00:17Chinaski ah, im new here
00:00:17Solisluu and please you should read rules before playing
00:00:17Lavos abaddon
00:00:17Chinaski sry
00:00:17zebbelito -doom
00:00:19Solisluu as lastpick
00:00:25Solisluu youll have to buy a chicken
00:00:28Solisluu at start
00:00:33teh_re voin ottaa ton
00:00:35Chinaski k, np
00:00:35zebbelito and share
00:00:39Lavos haluuks
00:00:39tjavo what u want
00:00:42curdi lich
00:00:43Lavos ruskeelle olin ottamas
00:00:44curdi i play
00:00:54Lavos ota itelles jotai
00:00:58teh_re aa
00:00:59teh_re okke
00:00:59Solisluu zebbe
00:01:01Chinaski im not a retard, been playing for 6 years now
00:01:01Solisluu where are you
00:01:04curdi lich + sk
00:01:06zebbelito botlsane
00:01:07teh_re :D
00:01:13Lavos haha
00:01:14zebbelito i must play easy hero
00:01:17Lavos hgmm
00:01:17zebbelito i broke my arm
00:01:20Solisluu : D
00:01:20Lavos give me
00:01:20zebbelito cant find binds
00:01:21tjavo lavos
00:01:21Solisluu derp
00:01:21zebbelito :D
00:01:22tjavo wah tu want
00:01:23Lavos lanaya
00:01:23zebbelito fast
00:01:26Solisluu i broke my knee
00:01:29zebbelito :D
00:01:32zebbelito what did u do
00:01:33Solisluu yesterday
00:01:36Solisluu played volleyball
00:01:36Casberry ugly
00:01:39Lavos -swap 5
00:01:39zebbelito lol
00:01:40zebbelito auch
00:01:41tjavo -swap 1
00:01:44zebbelito -hhn
00:01:46curdi lmao
00:01:53zebbelito leg is better
00:01:53zebbelito for dota
00:01:53zebbelito :D
00:01:53teh_re cent woods?
00:01:53curdi i got binds on pedals
00:01:53zebbelito extreme pluggin
00:01:53curdi ..
00:01:53extremewaari i go top with centa
00:01:54extremewaari i buy obs cm take em
00:01:59Casberry i can
00:02:01Solisluu had to stay untill 2 am in hospital 80 km from here and had my end tests of high school at 8 am
00:02:03Momdsiw chick last one
00:02:04Solisluu : D
00:02:05tjavo thx
00:02:23Momdsiw trilane bot ^^?
00:02:26Lavos en juur pelaa tätä
00:02:28Casberry well part time
00:02:28Lavos mut vois opetella
00:02:31Lavos imba skillit :D
00:02:32teh_re emmäkää tätä :D
00:02:34curdi if nort's fine top
00:02:35curdi but
00:02:40curdi might be brood top
00:02:41Momdsiw ye he is
00:02:41Lavos noni kisa
00:02:42curdi so he wont be
00:02:43extremewaari joo se on ihan jees jos osaa vähä microttaa sen slowin kanssa jne ^^
00:02:46teh_re tjavo, pull ward and rune ward, ok?
00:02:47Momdsiw i cant help vs brood
00:02:51curdi ehm
00:02:51Momdsiw .<
00:02:53Lavos ota hämähäkkei ja puske
00:02:53curdi yes u can
00:02:54tjavo Sure
00:02:55Chinaski spamming curse of the silent dont worry
00:02:55Momdsiw ill go top then
00:03:00curdi crix is brood counter
00:03:01Casberry ugly team
00:03:11Momdsiw i max sandstrom before stun :D
00:03:14Momdsiw ??
00:03:15Lavos -ma
00:03:20Chinaski nope
00:03:25Chinaski thats dumb
00:03:30curdi mm brood bot i think
00:03:31Momdsiw counter for brood xD
00:03:44curdi ward's
00:04:11Chinaski ....
00:04:24Momdsiw sec
00:04:31zebbelito nuke
00:04:32zebbelito ffs
00:04:34Chinaski ur lvl not mine
00:04:39curdi i cant when im lvl 1 can i
00:04:43zebbelito D
00:05:35extremewaari gj
00:05:36Momdsiw herää midi
00:05:38Chinaski awesome miss
00:05:39Lavos jep
00:05:43Momdsiw 2 ilmasta tappoa
00:05:46Chinaski ss
00:05:47Solisluu sorry phone
00:06:03Lavos AURA
00:06:04Lavos CM
00:06:38tjavo plz hit him too next time :D
00:06:39zebbelito w8
00:06:48Lavos cm
00:06:48Lavos aura
00:06:53tjavo ofc
00:07:03Chinaski ss
00:07:05zebbelito cm soon
00:07:33curdi you can wait till i get mana
00:08:22curdi brood inc mid
00:08:24curdi hasted
00:08:25teh_re mid
00:08:32tjavo ss bot
00:08:36tjavo lich
00:08:48Lavos ties
00:08:49teh_re niil wardi
00:08:50teh_re tai jtn
00:09:21Chinaski ss lion
00:09:38extremewaari centa
00:09:55Casberry gj
00:09:57extremewaari u2
00:10:23tjavo this bot lane
00:10:23tjavo plz
00:10:24tjavo gang
00:10:30tjavo sk fat
00:11:09zebbelito hbahahah
00:11:09Chinaski ss
00:11:11zebbelito normal
00:11:16zebbelito he send illu
00:11:17extremewaari take stuff
00:11:24zebbelito first
00:11:26zebbelito what a bug
00:11:33curdi well there's a ward so you could see them
00:11:45Momdsiw miss top both
00:12:08curdi bot ss 2
00:12:30Solisluu miss mid
00:12:38Casberry gj
00:12:40Momdsiw i see
00:13:12teh_re joo
00:13:13teh_re sellast
00:13:28Lavos eiks lähe
00:13:35Solisluu ,oss ,od
00:13:46tjavo bottle?
00:13:57curdi ?
00:14:02curdi where the fuck did he come from
00:14:13zebbelito dagger
00:14:13Lavos lanjayal lähtee :D
00:14:15zebbelito 10 min
00:14:17zebbelito ptreads
00:14:29curdi didnt see dagger on him
00:15:13zebbelito liqvid wtf are u doing
00:15:14Lavos my
00:15:16extremewaari ju
00:15:16Lavos oh
00:15:18Lavos ota vaa
00:15:20extremewaari ty
00:15:35Solisluu oz was on phone
00:15:47Solisluu so had to play with one hand
00:15:56Solisluu b
00:16:01zebbelito were losing atm
00:16:14curdi well no kidding
00:16:30zebbelito lanaya insanly eed
00:16:31zebbelito feed
00:16:32curdi if mid has treads dagger in 10mins
00:16:37zebbelito he has 40 min farm in 10 min
00:16:39tjavo no sheep?
00:16:55extremewaari too long distance
00:16:58Solisluu lanaya has bkb dagger treads in 20 min normal
00:16:59tjavo nah
00:17:06Solisluu not like treads dagger would be 40 min : D D
00:17:48tjavo lol
00:18:49zebbelito dead
00:19:07teh_re joopajo
00:19:09Lavos :D
00:19:11teh_re taidan olla metäs loppupelin
00:19:18teh_re katellaan 50min kohal uusiks
00:19:42extremewaari haste
00:19:44Lavos meikä
00:20:17zebbelito who will stop lanaya :D
00:20:20Solisluu me and u
00:20:23Solisluu lanaya sucks late
00:21:24zebbelito gj
00:21:52curdi jooh..
00:21:55Lavos haha
00:21:58Lavos eka lanaya varmaa ikinä
00:22:07zebbelito hf whit that planb
00:22:10Lavos tää menee wr kans samaa kastii
00:23:05teh_re sain treadsit jo
00:23:13zebbelito get dusts or we lose
00:23:31Lavos ne menee näköjää viidel ny
00:24:01Casberry spider come
00:24:06extremewaari centa go forst
00:24:07Lavos just go
00:24:08extremewaari first
00:24:09Casberry or not
00:24:12Lavos Gogo
00:24:16Lavos they will b now
00:24:19Lavos lol
00:24:24tjavo omfg
00:24:27tjavo why dont u fucking blink
00:24:36extremewaari ur fat
00:24:44tjavo u are bad with lion :D
00:24:46extremewaari u wont die so ealisy
00:24:49Casberry meh there where 4 be4
00:24:51Casberry wasnt sure
00:25:20extremewaari care bot they are coming there
00:25:23extremewaari or rosh
00:25:28zebbelito armor
00:25:34extremewaari care
00:25:34extremewaari b
00:26:13teh_re miksköhä menin
00:26:15teh_re tiiän et ne tappaa
00:26:19teh_re ois vaan pitäny farmaa
00:26:48Momdsiw well they have always 5 on fights
00:26:58curdi well i had a shitty ulti
00:26:58Casberry wah ?
00:26:58zebbelito i wasnt there
00:26:58curdi .. and that
00:26:58zebbelito y
00:27:07extremewaari ota tästä
00:27:10extremewaari lavos
00:27:11Momdsiw def top
00:27:16Lavos ty
00:27:26Momdsiw sk farming and dosent even carry tp
00:28:15Lavos hahahahahaha
00:28:18Lavos 2hit
00:28:36Momdsiw oops
00:29:52extremewaari tower
00:29:55zebbelito hf liqvid
00:30:11Momdsiw mitä buildaat
00:30:12Momdsiw lol
00:30:17Momdsiw joku domi ilma damagea?
00:30:29Solisluu vihaajat vihaa
00:30:57zebbelito gg
00:31:02zebbelito wp liqvid
00:31:05zebbelito u lost the game
00:31:21Solisluu not my fault you guys feed lanaya
00:31:22Solisluu : D
00:31:25zebbelito :D?
00:31:27zebbelito not?
00:31:29curdi it is
00:31:34zebbelito u 1-6 lanaya
00:31:38zebbelito and give him all creeps
00:31:40Solisluu ?
00:31:41zebbelito u dont gang
00:31:44Solisluu lanaya got 0 creeps
00:31:46zebbelito and u buy dominator
00:31:51curdi :D 0 creeps
00:31:55Solisluu he got his kills from you guys
00:31:55curdi and 10min dag ptreads
00:31:55zebbelito he had dagger powertreads 10 min
00:31:58zebbelito vs u
00:32:01Solisluu he killed me first time 12 min
00:32:08Solisluu and he didnt get any creeps mid
00:32:22zebbelito u suck
00:32:31zebbelito thats why we lose
00:32:32Lavos cena
00:32:34Lavos tank rosh
00:32:40Lavos hm
00:32:41Lavos ur low
00:32:46teh_re se ois 50%
00:32:50Casberry y kinda
00:32:51Lavos täh :D
00:33:02teh_re en saanu sitä yksi
00:33:05Lavos :D:D
00:33:07Chinaski forfeit?
00:33:37curdi we dont need to
00:33:40curdi if we play better
00:33:42curdi we win
00:33:44teh_re saan -80x
00:33:45teh_re vaiks voitettasi
00:33:50curdi we got good heroes and sk semi farmed
00:33:50zebbelito we cannot kill lanaya
00:33:52Solisluu def in base
00:34:00zebbelito he got aegis to
00:34:04Lavos mut
00:34:06Lavos kato mun stattei
00:34:07zebbelito they kill us all before we kill him 1 time
00:35:04Casberry sk is ugly
00:35:06teh_re ainii
00:35:09Lavos ugly
00:35:13Lavos right :D
00:35:15zebbelito gj sk
00:35:20Solisluu y
00:35:49curdi just try to take our lion fast
00:35:51curdi then lanaya
00:35:53zebbelito i make ac?
00:35:56curdi or some1 out of positio
00:35:57Momdsiw yea
00:35:59Solisluu imo y
00:36:02Momdsiw ac good vs that - armor
00:36:08Lavos mitä lanayal kuuluu buildaa
00:36:11Lavos mitää käryy
00:36:16extremewaari emt
00:36:20Lavos pitäskö vaa bkb vai manta
00:36:25extremewaari manta vois olla hyvä
00:36:28Solisluu -afk
00:36:38Lavos tosin niil kyl nii paljo spellei
00:36:45extremewaari niin totta
00:36:52extremewaari noitten setit hajottaa hyvinb
00:37:16Solisluu boom 5s
00:37:22tjavo lol
00:37:30Momdsiw ¨go mid?
00:37:32Momdsiw with 5
00:37:32Solisluu no
00:37:36Solisluu we need to def in base
00:37:37Momdsiw 4vs5 fight
00:37:41zebbelito nah let thgem try pushinbg
00:37:42Lavos go
00:37:43curdi b
00:37:47curdi we got afker
00:37:48Momdsiw easy win with norts ulti
00:37:49Solisluu dont
00:37:51Solisluu give entry
00:37:52Solisluu sk
00:37:52Solisluu b
00:37:53Solisluu b
00:38:05extremewaari ne näkee
00:38:08Lavos b vaa
00:38:19Lavos iha kunnol b
00:38:29zebbelito ok kill minions
00:38:30zebbelito lion
00:38:32zebbelito and cm
00:38:37zebbelito imo
00:38:41curdi y 1st
00:38:41zebbelito care now
00:38:43curdi easy kills
00:39:25tjavo 1st?
00:39:27Lavos puske yksi
00:39:31Solisluu -afk
00:39:31Momdsiw sk tanks when all on him i ulti in
00:39:34tjavo 1st target?
00:39:36Solisluu this mofo sile afk
00:39:41Momdsiw use hes ulti
00:39:43Momdsiw -afk
00:40:21curdi ?
00:40:22Momdsiw fuck
00:40:47curdi afking nort lost this
00:40:57Solisluu -afk
00:41:01zebbelito =D
00:41:04zebbelito gj sk
00:41:06zebbelito dont stun im
00:41:14Momdsiw :D
00:41:16Lavos :D
00:41:23zebbelito i waqs hunting him
00:41:26zebbelito u could have stunned
00:41:29zebbelito when he hunted u
00:41:34Momdsiw had stun cd
00:41:36Momdsiw stunendlion
00:41:38tjavo ok guys lets end this
00:41:40tjavo mid rax
00:41:41Momdsiw after blink i got it
00:42:16curdi afking sile won this :/
00:42:23Lavos eiii
00:42:40tjavo why dont go rax mid :D
00:42:42Solisluu -afk
00:42:59Lavos :DD
00:43:07teh_re noh
00:43:10teh_re ainaki mid raxit :D
00:43:12Lavos kompensoit hyvin mua
00:43:14curdi -afk
00:43:19Momdsiw -afk
00:43:19teh_re radi brood ehkä paras :D
00:43:21Lavos o :D
00:43:25teh_re oon kyl paskempi ku joku kriss
00:43:27teh_re täs pelis ainaki
00:43:31zebbelito hes banned
00:43:33zebbelito idiot
00:43:33curdi y
00:43:47Momdsiw -afk
00:43:54extremewaari tai no ei
00:43:55Lavos sairas dmg lanayal
00:43:57tjavo just go
00:43:59tjavo mid instead
00:44:05teh_re otetaaks me uus viel
00:44:07teh_re jos oppisin pelaa
00:44:08Lavos emt
00:44:17Lavos pitäskö
00:44:22teh_re voissitä yhe
00:44:35Lavos kattoo
00:45:00Momdsiw -afk
00:45:32zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:35Momdsiw I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:38curdi I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:39curdi go end
00:45:53Momdsiw -afk
00:45:54Solisluu hv lion
00:45:59Solisluu -afl
00:46:01Solisluu -afk
00:46:12Momdsiw silencer just afked whole mid / late game
00:46:24Lavos well he was 2hit
00:46:28curdi y
00:46:33zebbelito werll u should be 4
00:46:34zebbelito to
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