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Chat log

00:00:06iNeuron too many too good players added apparently
00:00:07iNeuron x'D
00:00:18NotAHax -phoenix
00:00:18Tamme -pudge
00:00:22NotAHax someone wants wd+
00:00:30NotAHax ??
00:00:39iNeuron obviously no
00:00:47Mario DIDIDII
00:00:57Pojetz es
00:00:59Pojetz tide
00:01:01Pojetz i play wd
00:01:05Tamme shaker would be nice
00:01:07NotAHax es
00:01:09NotAHax ittelles
00:01:11Pojetz ...
00:01:17Tamme or tide
00:01:18NotAHax pojetz
00:01:20NotAHax you can play wd
00:01:21aRkker tide treant gg
00:01:21NotAHax k?
00:01:22Pojetz k
00:01:23Tamme theeeen
00:01:26Tamme um
00:01:27NotAHax get me sniper
00:01:30Pojetz i take morph ?
00:01:31Pojetz for u?
00:01:32Pojetz k
00:01:32Tamme well yea
00:01:34NotAHax sniper
00:01:39Tamme kinda need ranged now :/
00:01:42NotAHax sniper
00:01:44NotAHax -swap 4
00:01:47Pojetz -swap 1
00:01:52Tamme hm
00:01:54NotAHax wd es top
00:01:54Pojetz me exe top
00:01:54aRkker wisp could work
00:01:57Tamme naix or somth
00:01:59iNeuron chicken dont forget
00:01:59aRkker if he knows how to drive it
00:02:01Tamme dno
00:02:08Tamme -water red
00:02:10Tamme -weather moonlight
00:02:10Tamme -hhn
00:02:11aRkker -water 0 0 0
00:02:12Tamme shit pool imo
00:02:14Tamme :(
00:02:18Tamme shit pool imo
00:02:26Tamme boring heroes and shait
00:02:27iNeuron oleks ma nii kole ma oleks üldse vait !
00:02:37NotAHax Damage vault
00:02:50Tamme aye aye
00:03:07Tamme what lanes are those :DD:
00:03:13Mario Tinker has hasteeee
00:03:18Casberry shitlanes
00:03:38Mario pull ing
00:04:52iNeuron stun ??
00:05:07iNeuron ,....
00:05:10Mario ?
00:05:21iNeuron 10 creeps behind him and you can make him stuck
00:05:22iNeuron and wont
00:05:37Pojetz ....
00:05:38Exe~ sucks aasssss
00:07:16aRkker inc mid soon
00:07:20aRkker Im in vent iwth marios & notahax
00:07:37Pojetz ss
00:07:38Pojetz bara
00:08:17aRkker inc mid
00:08:17aRkker now
00:08:20aRkker mario said he'll come
00:08:34aRkker bot urne
00:08:37aRkker illu
00:08:51aRkker inc
00:08:52aRkker tamme
00:08:52aRkker get back
00:08:53aRkker now
00:08:57aRkker he is waiting for a situation
00:09:30Exe~ how middl
00:09:31NotAHax ¨b
00:09:31NotAHax b
00:09:34NotAHax tinker coming
00:09:39NotAHax oh
00:09:40NotAHax nvm
00:09:40NotAHax re
00:09:41aRkker -2 top
00:09:51NotAHax and i need gang midd
00:10:22Tamme MID MISS
00:10:41poskus gang
00:10:41poskus bot
00:10:42poskus ;/
00:10:45poskus cant hold it
00:10:47Casberry y plx
00:10:53Tamme omw
00:10:53aRkker could charget here
00:11:05Mario gj
00:11:07NotAHax mid mis
00:11:07iNeuron u 2
00:11:11poskus ............
00:11:17NotAHax tiny
00:11:19NotAHax take ur ulti
00:11:22NotAHax it gives more dmg to ur toss
00:11:23aRkker gooo
00:11:27NotAHax then upgrding the level
00:11:32Exe~ 'k
00:11:43iNeuron munn :<
00:11:43Pojetz ss bara
00:11:50iNeuron i had a good thing going on here
00:11:57Tamme gang mid too
00:12:19NotAHax wd tiny
00:12:20NotAHax come gang midd
00:12:30NotAHax from there
00:12:54edgarass ss top 2
00:12:55aRkker -ms
00:12:59Exe~ tree
00:13:15aRkker rockits
00:13:23Tamme get
00:13:26Tamme SNIOPER
00:13:37Tamme omfg
00:13:37Tamme ARKKER
00:13:37aRkker ?
00:13:38Tamme why
00:13:38Tamme why
00:13:38Tamme why
00:13:40Pojetz ..
00:13:41aRkker why not?
00:13:48aRkker cause he would've killed me
00:13:54Tamme lol
00:13:56Tamme :D:D:D:D
00:14:17Mario Mana plz
00:14:21Mario thx
00:15:04NotAHax leave midd
00:15:08Exe~ kj
00:15:27Mario TY
00:15:36iNeuron õinvis tinker
00:15:39aRkker wait for iit
00:15:49aRkker they know you're invis
00:15:58aRkker gooo
00:16:02aRkker nvm
00:16:21aRkker 4 mid
00:16:45Tamme COME ON
00:16:51Tamme omfg
00:17:08Tamme cant understand
00:17:08Tamme how
00:17:12Tamme sniper can live in mid
00:17:14Tamme when we have sb
00:17:18Tamme he can outrange me
00:17:20Tamme as he's good
00:17:22Tamme but rly
00:17:37NotAHax ffs
00:17:42Pojetz lose controll
00:17:43Pojetz -.-
00:17:49Pojetz lost*
00:18:00iNeuron maybe then you dont fucking tele bot as soon as I make it there
00:18:05Casberry waht item for tree ?
00:18:15Casberry be4 refresh mby
00:18:20Tamme shivas
00:18:22NotAHax mayby you let me farm instead of you taking it
00:18:25NotAHax becouse ur fucking useless im not
00:18:32iNeuron you could have farmed mid
00:18:43NotAHax lol how you expect me farm there
00:18:47aRkker gimme armorz
00:18:47NotAHax they can just come and kill me
00:18:59aRkker Casberry?
00:19:14Casberry sry
00:19:34Exe~ delay:)))
00:19:34NotAHax -water 0 0 0
00:19:40Mario -water 0 0 0
00:19:42NotAHax -water 1 0 0
00:19:48NotAHax -water 100 100 100
00:19:50Pojetz -water 1 0 0
00:19:52Pojetz -water 3
00:19:52NotAHax -water ble
00:19:54NotAHax -water blue
00:19:56Pojetz -water blue
00:19:58Pojetz -water 0 0 0
00:19:59Exe~ -water red
00:21:10aRkker tinekr ES inc
00:21:10aRkker care
00:21:30Tamme GANG SNIPER
00:21:31Tamme omfg
00:21:50NotAHax -afk
00:21:56Tamme for fucks sake
00:21:57Tamme ff
00:22:07NotAHax tamme ur so kid
00:22:17NotAHax plz
00:22:18NotAHax fucking eza
00:22:19NotAHax let me farm
00:22:21NotAHax fucking idiot
00:22:22Tamme as sb cant fucking charge and onehit you?
00:22:35NotAHax su child whiner
00:22:38aRkker I can't onehit him, already tried twice.
00:22:44iNeuron youre a child whiner too, hypocrit
00:22:49NotAHax :DD
00:22:55NotAHax and you have no idea how to play this game fucktard
00:22:59iNeuron xD
00:23:07aRkker go top someone?
00:23:07NotAHax ooh im eza i carry i take all farm
00:23:09NotAHax yeaaaaa
00:23:19iNeuron yea
00:23:22iNeuron how u play douda
00:24:50iNeuron 21mins ive seen 1 bara charge. hmm
00:24:56aRkker charged 5 times in total
00:24:57NotAHax yes eza
00:24:59NotAHax take my farms
00:24:59NotAHax again
00:25:01Tamme then open your eyes
00:25:01iNeuron y
00:25:02NotAHax Ff
00:25:03NotAHax win this game tamme
00:25:07NotAHax eza wants it
00:25:10iNeuron only doing it
00:25:12iNeuron cause of your bitching
00:25:29NotAHax just gonna banrequest you for gameruining
00:25:29NotAHax np
00:25:31iNeuron npo
00:25:37Exe~ omg play
00:25:43NotAHax not listening captain orders taking carrys farm
00:25:45NotAHax gl
00:25:46iNeuron gl
00:25:51aRkker charge soon
00:25:54aRkker still on cd
00:25:55aRkker half
00:26:15iNeuron cajrged
00:27:13NotAHax ¨wd tiny gang tinker
00:27:18Pojetz k
00:27:20Exe~ yy
00:27:36Mario take it
00:28:15Mario b
00:28:19Mario b
00:29:03aRkker es
00:29:12aRkker illu
00:29:30aRkker _ms
00:29:32Pojetz gogo
00:29:32aRkker -ms
00:29:43aRkker yeah theres many
00:30:11NotAHax ty for help tiny
00:30:20Exe~ ty
00:30:22Casberry ffuuck
00:30:24Pojetz :D:D:D
00:31:00NotAHax go go pro eza
00:31:01NotAHax !!!!
00:31:05iNeuron -!!!!
00:31:07iNeuron umad tho?
00:31:14NotAHax näh
00:31:18NotAHax normal gc retard in team
00:31:22NotAHax not surpriced at all
00:31:25iNeuron surely you are
00:31:27iNeuron umad
00:32:53poskus charge tip?
00:32:54poskus top
00:32:55poskus ?
00:32:58aRkker sec
00:33:01poskus now
00:33:10aRkker he goes back
00:33:13aRkker said in vent, trolling me ;<
00:33:23aRkker ulti
00:34:15NotAHax skadi...
00:34:19NotAHax pro is pro
00:34:21Exe~ thats not the fucking prblem
00:34:29iNeuron typical gc retard tbh imho
00:34:34NotAHax y
00:34:36iNeuron Y
00:35:22Pojetz b
00:35:24Exe~ what
00:36:07aRkker stinker
00:36:12aRkker ah nvm
00:36:22NotAHax plz
00:36:23NotAHax dont
00:36:23NotAHax take
00:36:24NotAHax fucking
00:36:25NotAHax farm
00:36:25NotAHax ..
00:36:37iNeuron like there is anything else to do
00:36:46NotAHax well how about let me farm and we might win
00:36:51Pojetz y
00:36:52aRkker could use some rune-owls or wards
00:36:54iNeuron we will win anyway
00:36:59NotAHax no we dont
00:37:04NotAHax i cant go farm
00:37:04iNeuron with your shit attitude yes
00:37:05edgarass tower bot
00:37:06NotAHax anywhere
00:37:08iNeuron other then that we will
00:37:09NotAHax becouse theres fucking bara
00:37:21Pojetz tp
00:37:22Pojetz bot
00:37:44Pojetz omg
00:38:16Tamme gogo
00:38:20iNeuron lucky for you nota has given up
00:38:31aRkker quit trollin
00:38:54edgarass b
00:39:25Tamme tped
00:41:14Exe~ who taking my levels
00:41:14Mario B
00:41:14Pojetz b
00:41:40poskus sry
00:41:41poskus syr
00:41:41poskus ;/
00:41:42Pojetz bara too imba
00:41:45poskus didnt mean
00:41:45poskus tpo
00:41:48aRkker np
00:41:59NotAHax qq
00:41:59NotAHax qq
00:42:25Tamme we could take roshan
00:42:30poskus yup
00:42:45Pojetz gg
00:44:17NotAHax let me
00:44:17NotAHax tiny
00:45:13Pojetz gg
00:45:30iNeuron btw if you get someplace alone
00:45:33iNeuron he will insta charge you
00:45:36NotAHax yh..
00:45:37Pojetz y
00:45:39Pojetz ...
00:45:41iNeuron just so you know to leave lane immediately when you get there
00:45:53Pojetz we need to move with 5
00:46:31Pojetz I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:32NotAHax I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:34iNeuron I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:37Mario efef
00:46:38Mario I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:39Casberry [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:46:39Casberry [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:46:39Casberry [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:46:39Casberry [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:46:39Exe~ I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:45aRkker armorrr
00:46:48aRkker tamme
00:46:48aRkker back
00:46:49aRkker now
00:46:57aRkker they forfeited
00:47:00aRkker we can't do anything but push mid
00:47:06Casberry ah
00:47:32aRkker Fighting after FF = banned
00:47:32poskus BANS?
00:47:32aRkker lolz
00:47:34Pojetz :D
00:47:37Pojetz joke
00:47:39Pojetz arkker -.-
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