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-40 X
-3 TS

93% | 1464 X | 1557 TS

+24 X
-5 TS

92% | 1432 X | 1544 TS

+35 X
-7 TS

50% | 1055 X | 1397 TS

+22 X
-4 TS

41% | 1085 X | 1258 TS

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-14 TS

27% | 1018 X | 1221 TS

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+5 TS

90% | 1413 X | 1518 TS

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+3 TS

89% | 1439 X | 1465 TS

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+3 TS

77% | 1274 X | 1465 TS

-47 X
+2 TS

57% | 1161 X | 1344 TS

+39 X
+6 TS

33% | 965 X | 1344 TS

Chat log

00:00:19Keimo oho cd
00:00:23MariahCarry oho
00:00:25Euforia oho
00:00:26MariahCarry let me hlp u
00:00:31Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:32Affliction -iii
00:00:33Affliction -ii
00:00:33MariahCarry pick riki pl bs ck luna
00:00:33Affliction -.-
00:00:33Brax3n ? :D
00:00:33makkara afk
00:00:36Keimo sounds like a plan
00:00:39Affliction -afk
00:00:43Brax3n he's afk?
00:00:45makkara y
00:00:48Affliction who ? :D
00:00:48MariahCarry stop it
00:00:48NotAHax yo
00:00:49MariahCarry let him be afk
00:00:54Euforia fu
00:01:00MariahCarry ban furi?
00:01:00MariahCarry wtf
00:01:03MariahCarry ban eredar pls
00:01:06MariahCarry and PL
00:01:45Affliction get techie
00:01:48MariahCarry WTF
00:01:49Affliction lol
00:01:52MariahCarry how can i fp necro
00:01:55MariahCarry with CM in pool
00:02:02McNabb i can go lesh or tc
00:02:08McNabb or bb
00:02:09MariahCarry ck lesh
00:02:10MariahCarry go
00:02:16AdemC get me void
00:02:17McNabb k my lesh
00:02:20MariahCarry ck/lesh lane
00:02:21MariahCarry good
00:02:23Keimo id prefer centa if someone plays
00:02:29MariahCarry he has no target stun
00:02:35Keimo ah nvm, lets pick what u wanna play
00:02:42AdemC get me void
00:02:44MariahCarry can i mid?
00:02:46NotAHax ProButAlone can you slo krobe?
00:02:46MariahCarry haha no
00:02:49MariahCarry play dazzle pls
00:02:50ProButLagsK no
00:02:54AdemC luk ihufa
00:02:57NotAHax solo bs?
00:02:58MariahCarry hvem er du?
00:02:58AdemC din newb
00:03:00ProButLagsK y
00:03:03AdemC bare luk
00:03:06MariahCarry hvem er du?
00:03:13ProButLagsK zues can rape here
00:03:14AdemC en fra cafeen
00:03:18NotAHax y
00:03:18MariahCarry oh really
00:03:20NotAHax but krobe also
00:03:22MariahCarry no shit
00:03:24NotAHax we would have imba push power + late game
00:03:34NotAHax Triple lane top, CENT,RHASTA,CM
00:03:39NotAHax cm wards, rhasta chick
00:03:40MariahCarry dazzle void
00:03:41McNabb kunkka krob?
00:03:41MariahCarry gogo
00:03:56Brax3n kk
00:04:05AdemC i play cent
00:04:12MariahCarry try
00:04:14Affliction ok
00:04:15Euforia -swap 3
00:04:16AdemC :D
00:04:18Affliction join sentinal
00:04:32NotAHax you cantp lay cent?
00:04:38Brax3n -swap 4
00:04:39MariahCarry går du stun/light?
00:04:39McNabb grønland necro:-/
00:04:43Brax3n zz
00:04:43McNabb y
00:04:45Brax3n not a fan
00:04:46Brax3n but ok
00:04:46Euforia ..
00:04:50McNabb så vi kan æde dem
00:04:54MariahCarry nice
00:05:03MariahCarry hader når de går explosions i starten
00:05:06Keimo is this bronze?
00:05:06NotAHax you guys have to play agressive
00:05:09McNabb y
00:05:10Brax3n yes
00:05:10MariahCarry obv
00:05:12Keimo necro could mid if he can handle it
00:05:22Affliction hate midt ./
00:05:24ProButLagsK else u get outleveled and die like noobs
00:05:25MariahCarry i can mid then
00:05:29AdemC let me
00:05:30Brax3n correct
00:05:34MariahCarry i go mid
00:05:35McNabb ik ck mid
00:05:35MariahCarry k?
00:05:35MariahCarry ?
00:05:36McNabb din tard
00:05:37Keimo nessaj mid
00:05:38AdemC me
00:05:41Keimo necro top
00:05:48NotAHax :D
00:05:49McNabb fucking
00:05:49NotAHax gj
00:05:49McNabb noob
00:05:54Brax3n rhasta?
00:05:54Affliction :D
00:06:00Affliction han lavede lige en GL :D
00:06:00MariahCarry du er ikke top necro
00:06:03MariahCarry necro
00:06:07Brax3n wtf ward
00:06:08Euforia WHY
00:06:12Affliction captain sadi
00:06:14MariahCarry necro bot
00:06:17MariahCarry lesh/ck lane
00:06:21Affliction -.-.--.-.-.-.-.
00:06:22MariahCarry omfg fucking noob
00:06:23McNabb lol 3 top
00:06:26Euforia 2 pullwards ftw
00:06:29NotAHax :D
00:06:37Brax3n urs doesnt do anything
00:06:50Euforia except gives vision and blocks
00:06:55Brax3n doesnt block
00:06:58Euforia it does
00:06:58Brax3n from there
00:07:04Brax3n if u eat tree
00:07:04Brax3n yes
00:07:06Brax3n but u didnt
00:07:11Euforia no
00:07:11Euforia lol
00:07:35NotAHax cm remember
00:07:36NotAHax max aura
00:07:55AdemC ss mid
00:09:02Brax3n let me farm
00:09:17NotAHax cm
00:09:19NotAHax let cent farm
00:09:33Brax3n good thing ur a bad lasthitter
00:09:51Euforia aha
00:09:53Euforia fu then
00:09:58Brax3n well l2p
00:10:09Brax3n nice
00:10:09McNabb gj
00:10:10Brax3n gj
00:10:16AdemC 'ss mid
00:10:19Brax3n run into ts stun
00:10:30NotAHax gj
00:10:44NotAHax D:D
00:10:45NotAHax gj
00:10:45Brax3n omw
00:10:46Brax3n save mana
00:11:00McNabb ss cent
00:11:00MariahCarry ss top
00:11:04Brax3n go
00:11:05Brax3n go
00:11:45Affliction stikker hjem
00:11:49AdemC ss mid
00:12:09AdemC fucking haste
00:12:18AdemC thx for eards btw
00:12:20Keimo botmsis
00:12:21AdemC wards
00:12:30ProButLagsK gogo wards
00:12:35MariahCarry 2 soon
00:12:36Brax3n cm
00:12:37Brax3n really
00:12:39Brax3n u focus nessaj?
00:12:53NotAHax keimon kavereita vissii
00:13:50MariahCarry zz
00:13:53McNabb ja
00:13:54McNabb sry
00:14:00Brax3n idont know what to say
00:14:02Brax3n :)
00:14:08McNabb ss top
00:14:09NotAHax cm is frend of pink i think
00:14:09McNabb 2
00:14:09ProButLagsK zues ulti
00:14:17NotAHax cd
00:14:17NotAHax cd
00:14:18Brax3n makes sense
00:14:26Euforia my fault u suicide?
00:14:30Brax3n yes
00:14:44MariahCarry get one
00:14:55ProButLagsK dude u dont have cd
00:14:58AdemC ss mid
00:15:02AdemC bot care
00:15:04AdemC re
00:15:04ProButLagsK go use
00:15:07NotAHax can ulti now
00:15:07NotAHax need?
00:15:09Brax3n ok cm
00:15:11ProButLagsK y
00:15:12Brax3n plz
00:15:13NotAHax ok
00:15:13NotAHax rdy
00:15:16Brax3n tell me why you focus ck
00:15:27Euforia because hes under tower now shut up fggt
00:15:35AdemC gang mid
00:15:40AdemC hes gettin fat
00:15:53McNabb ss top
00:16:02AdemC ss mid
00:16:13McNabb kill
00:16:18NotAHax he got ulti
00:16:18Brax3n okok
00:16:19NotAHax you know
00:16:20NotAHax and ulti cd
00:16:25Brax3n so if 1 player can deal 600 dmg in 1 sec
00:16:29Brax3n one 600 dmg in 10 sec
00:16:32Brax3n who you chose to stun?
00:16:43Euforia gj
00:16:43McNabb bahh
00:17:10McNabb y
00:17:10NotAHax go
00:17:56NotAHax so fail
00:17:59AdemC gj
00:17:59Keimo gj
00:18:11NotAHax cm voitko ostaa niit vitun sentryi
00:18:24AdemC abba i lov you
00:18:31NotAHax ?
00:18:48Euforia thought we had trilane
00:18:52MariahCarry can i farm?
00:18:54MariahCarry DUDE
00:18:58Keimo duud
00:18:58Brax3n impossible to lane with u
00:19:07McNabb hi
00:19:20Affliction FML !
00:19:33AdemC stay
00:19:37Keimo oom
00:20:50ProButLagsK useless
00:20:50NotAHax we need
00:20:51NotAHax sentrys
00:20:52NotAHax CM
00:20:52ProButLagsK fucking
00:20:56ProButLagsK players
00:21:54AdemC oom
00:21:58ProButLagsK go hgex and shackle ffs
00:22:01McNabb regen
00:22:02McNabb top
00:22:28McNabb regen
00:22:34AdemC take
00:22:34Affliction LOL
00:23:07McNabb bahh
00:23:08ProButLagsK hi?
00:23:14McNabb :D
00:23:24McNabb stupid tp
00:23:53Keimo tower
00:23:54McNabb Zzzzz
00:23:54Affliction i leave ?
00:23:54MariahCarry gues
00:23:54McNabb ofc
00:23:54ProButLagsK hax
00:23:54ProButLagsK wtf
00:23:54ProButLagsK u doing
00:23:54McNabb du sutter altid når du er med mig
00:23:54McNabb :D
00:23:54MariahCarry mig eller ham?
00:23:54Affliction who leaves ?
00:23:54McNabb u
00:23:54MariahCarry u
00:23:54MariahCarry bai bai
00:23:54Affliction u
00:23:54Keimo necro goes
00:23:54McNabb lvl 8 for a lvl 12 i like
00:23:54McNabb 12
00:23:54Euforia who balances
00:23:54AdemC guess
00:23:54Affliction you
00:23:54Euforia keimo
00:23:57Keimo necro
00:24:13Brax3n 3 top
00:24:24Keimo tower
00:25:06Brax3n + 100
00:25:07Brax3n for blink
00:25:22Keimo warded
00:25:23ProButLagsK u should have had min 8
00:25:27Brax3n yep
00:25:40McNabb b
00:25:49Brax3n but what can i do
00:25:52Brax3n imba lanepartner
00:25:58Brax3n who eats farm
00:26:24Keimo tower
00:27:43AdemC b
00:27:45Keimo y
00:28:00McNabb need anti wards
00:28:12Brax3n rhasta
00:28:14Brax3n stop joking
00:28:18Brax3n not funny
00:28:27McNabb ck go sell necros items
00:28:33MariahCarry ye
00:28:41MariahCarry but cap decided
00:28:42MariahCarry s
00:28:46Keimo go ahead
00:28:48MariahCarry ty
00:29:04McNabb crap that stupid bs silence me every time
00:29:13makkara check woods?
00:29:49Euforia rhasta dont shackle when shes in ice
00:30:57MariahCarry omw
00:31:14Keimo meh
00:31:14McNabb cant do 3v4
00:32:09ProButLagsK stay
00:32:26Keimo lets push
00:32:28ProButLagsK b
00:32:35Keimo mid all
00:32:57ProButLagsK b
00:33:33Euforia go cent?
00:34:24McNabb b
00:34:59Euforia sentrys pls
00:35:02Euforia ive no g
00:35:18AdemC more wards in base
00:35:32McNabb need heal
00:35:34McNabb mana
00:35:38McNabb items
00:35:56McNabb im not there
00:35:57Brax3n go away
00:36:04ProButLagsK gj
00:36:07ProButLagsK very gj
00:36:14ProButLagsK pls suck some more horsecock
00:36:18MariahCarry go mid
00:36:18ProButLagsK u fucking lowskilled nigga
00:36:46ProButLagsK PATHETIC
00:36:55makkara orly??
00:37:03ProButLagsK O RLY U FUCKING SHIT
00:37:03Brax3n go
00:37:07MariahCarry fast
00:37:08MariahCarry get it
00:37:08MariahCarry huit
00:37:09MariahCarry hit
00:37:10MariahCarry hit
00:37:27McNabb gj
00:38:07Keimo regen and push again
00:38:32Keimo :D
00:38:35Brax3n lal
00:38:38Keimo teh timing
00:38:56Keimo def
00:38:59Keimo all
00:39:00Keimo bnow
00:39:07Keimo come
00:40:02Euforia bs
00:40:14McNabb crap
00:41:40ProButLagsK let me top
00:42:11Keimo b
00:42:22Keimo all bot
00:42:22Keimo and push
00:42:25MariahCarry w8
00:42:27MariahCarry picking up vkv
00:42:28MariahCarry bkb
00:43:14McNabb abba?
00:43:15AdemC dig og din bkb
00:43:23McNabb wtf
00:43:24McNabb abba
00:43:30MariahCarry hvem fuck er du
00:43:33MariahCarry gigi?
00:43:42AdemC jeg er kurdi for 7 gang
00:43:55Keimo yeah thats what happens when u pick up bkb
00:44:05MariahCarry that's what happens when u get engaged
00:44:07AdemC lost game for us
00:44:11MariahCarry cus u stand there
00:44:18MariahCarry if we fight without my bkb
00:44:20MariahCarry we lose too
00:44:25MariahCarry u can just fucking not get engaged
00:44:29AdemC we have won every fucking gang !!!
00:44:34AdemC fuck you bkb
00:44:34McNabb b
00:44:35McNabb b
00:44:35McNabb b
00:44:35McNabb b
00:44:36McNabb b
00:44:36McNabb b
00:44:42MariahCarry wow
00:44:46McNabb FUCKKING
00:44:47McNabb RETARD
00:44:49Keimo so obvious
00:44:50McNabb NOOBBBBBBBB
00:44:52AdemC was typing to you
00:44:56AdemC again your fault
00:45:10ProButLagsK gogo wards roshan
00:45:16ProButLagsK rhasta go ulti
00:45:16AdemC how can you fuck up a gme like that
00:45:19AdemC bkb
00:45:19makkara no
00:45:21Keimo just chill
00:45:23AdemC up yours
00:45:25Keimo we still have a good chance
00:45:25MariahCarry lol
00:45:28Keimo just gather and push
00:45:29MariahCarry just stop feeding like a noob
00:45:32AdemC lol
00:45:33AdemC hahaha
00:45:34McNabb u just did yours to help them krob
00:45:37AdemC mig feede
00:45:39MariahCarry if u have to wait 30 sec
00:45:41MariahCarry u get restless
00:45:42MariahCarry and die
00:45:43MariahCarry ?
00:45:44ProButLagsK go rax mid
00:45:53Keimo def
00:45:57Keimo let me tank
00:46:32McNabb :D
00:46:33Keimo :D
00:46:33Brax3n oh
00:46:38Keimo "wut"
00:46:41Brax3n :D
00:47:10ProButLagsK go push alll lanes
00:47:15AdemC gang them
00:47:19MariahCarry haha
00:47:36MariahCarry got dust?
00:47:37MariahCarry or sentry
00:48:35ProButLagsK go all fast
00:48:40McNabb b?
00:48:42ProButLagsK tp jump gogo
00:48:43Keimo y
00:48:46Brax3n k
00:49:03ProButLagsK junkies u late
00:49:37ProButLagsK come all
00:49:41Keimo def mid
00:49:51Keimo tp back
00:49:54Keimo zomg
00:50:42AdemC they split
00:51:24Keimo again
00:52:00Brax3n tp rhastsa
00:52:06Brax3n o )
00:52:27ProButLagsK srsly maiden where u goddamn ulti
00:52:34ProButLagsK start help
00:52:38ProButLagsK or leave
00:52:41Euforia i couldnt
00:52:42McNabb krob lets get ghost scepter
00:52:59AdemC we need guinsos
00:53:05Euforia "start"
00:53:05Euforia lol
00:53:06Euforia xD
00:53:08MariahCarry gs is a little more affordable
00:53:14Brax3n euForia
00:53:16Brax3n lol.
00:53:31Keimo lets all go mid
00:53:39McNabb need ghost scepter
00:53:40Brax3n (it's euphoria)
00:53:40McNabb first
00:53:42MariahCarry rosh up?
00:53:46Keimo no
00:53:47Euforia its not
00:53:53Brax3n in what language?
00:53:53ProButLagsK share chick u jerk
00:54:06Brax3n tell me cm
00:54:09Brax3n what language?
00:54:18Brax3n :D::D:D
00:54:20McNabb got it
00:54:23Keimo b
00:54:24McNabb yy
00:54:25Euforia u want me to tell you every language its not euphoria in?
00:54:26Keimo all mid
00:54:27Keimo come def
00:54:35Euforia do less durgs pls
00:54:36Brax3n tell me wich language it's euforia
00:54:40Euforia finnish
00:54:44Brax3n bull
00:54:48Brax3n :D
00:54:48ProButLagsK rhasta go backdoor racks
00:54:53makkara k
00:54:55Brax3n backdoor prohibite
00:54:56Brax3n d
00:54:59Brax3n on dota.gc
00:55:00Brax3n ./
00:55:03Euforia u can bd rax
00:55:05Keimo b bot
00:55:05makkara like didnt know :D
00:55:11McNabb lol
00:55:12McNabb nabs
00:55:19MariahCarry ?
00:55:20Keimo gj
00:55:24AdemC :P
00:55:26MariahCarry "nabs"
00:55:26AdemC :P
00:55:27MariahCarry :D
00:55:30McNabb they are
00:55:33MariahCarry nice stun
00:55:34McNabb all chact
00:55:36McNabb chat
00:55:39MariahCarry u gotta recognize
00:56:05makkara lets loose this k=
00:56:08makkara for fun
00:56:12ProButLagsK gj defend u fucking cock eater
00:56:20ProButLagsK gj help lasttime mid
00:56:24ProButLagsK u fucking hore
00:56:26AdemC make entry top
00:56:36Keimo rosh respawned
00:56:37Keimo need ward
00:56:43McNabb no gold
00:57:00Keimo gogo
00:57:03MariahCarry omw
00:57:13ProButLagsK go rosh
00:57:18Keimo ok b
00:57:30Keimo lets fight
00:57:33McNabb y
00:57:41ProButLagsK go
00:58:16ProButLagsK no nned to play with such hores
00:58:16Keimo go mid
00:58:17Euforia I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:18McNabb gj
00:58:20Brax3n I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:33makkara yay
00:58:39MariahCarry top raxes
00:58:39MariahCarry gogo
00:58:44McNabb i take care
00:58:50ProButLagsK u play like fucking gaysuckers
00:58:57makkara lets farm for fun
00:58:58ProButLagsK stop blowing negro coks :)
00:59:07MariahCarry why u lose
00:59:10MariahCarry i no understand
00:59:16ProButLagsK why u feed me gay?
00:59:19AdemC go rage quit newb
00:59:23MariahCarry so u lose
00:59:24ProButLagsK u like sucking this bloodseeker cock?
00:59:29ProButLagsK u fail mid 0-3 gj?
00:59:38ProButLagsK 1on1 unvouch?
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