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-36 X
-4 TS

92% | 1457 X | 1553 TS

-3 X
-3 TS

89% | 1439 X | 1479 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

80% | 1328 X | 1444 TS

-21 X
-8 TS

64% | 1176 X | 1422 TS

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-3 TS

20% | 930 X | 1261 TS

+5 X
+5 TS

92% | 1583 X | 1400 TS

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+3 TS

84% | 1299 X | 1526 TS

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+12 TS

74% | 1304 X | 1382 TS

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+3 TS

63% | 1208 X | 1380 TS

-30 X
+4 TS

46% | 1062 X | 1346 TS

Chat log

00:00:07Herre get me es
00:00:08Herre xxxxxxD
00:00:13iNeuron no get me es
00:00:17Herre nope
00:00:17Herre me
00:00:19iNeuron nope me
00:00:19Herre you wish sucker
00:00:19iNeuron you suck fucker
00:00:19Herre nope
00:00:19iNeuron troo
00:00:19NotAHax -penis
00:00:19NotAHax -phoenix
00:00:19angryfin whats that
00:00:19NotAHax -slardar
00:00:19Herre If I were you I wouldnt be talking after your mid failure
00:00:19NotAHax taku vaihos
00:00:19Herre which was ultra sad
00:00:19NotAHax -slardar
00:00:19NotAHax -slardar
00:00:19iNeuron Youd like to ban penis so you dont have to pick it daily, wouldnt ya ?
00:00:19angryfin oot aika ovela
00:00:19Herre bannaa -viivalla
00:00:19NotAHax jep
00:00:19angryfin joo mut mitä bannais
00:00:19angryfin hmmm
00:00:19Herre se ottaa es
00:00:19Tamme you want weaver dont ya :D
00:00:19angryfin es aika op täs poolis
00:00:19NotAHax nää
00:00:19Herre koska ei halua antaa sitä mulle
00:00:19Tamme alche? :o
00:00:19NotAHax im just making him think i do ;)
00:00:19Herre tai sit se ottaa weaver
00:00:19angryfin -earthshaker aka maantärisyttäjä
00:00:19NotAHax can someone play venge ?
00:00:19Herre koska bannas slartun
00:00:19Tamme aye
00:00:19Tamme i could
00:00:19svents i want
00:00:23iNeuron why not ban weaver..
00:00:23angryfin no ei weaver oo imo problems
00:00:28Herre tai sit pl
00:00:31Tamme or cm
00:00:32angryfin vitun farmer läski paska
00:00:32Herre !BANNED: es - slardar
00:00:33Tamme i can go cm
00:00:33svents or give me cm
00:00:34Tamme also
00:00:34NotAHax :DD:
00:00:36Tamme D:
00:00:37NotAHax y
00:00:40Tamme võta sa cm
00:00:41NotAHax cm venge gogogo
00:00:43svents ok
00:00:44Tamme ma siis venge
00:00:54Tamme wormik
00:00:56Tamme võta
00:01:01Tamme mingi
00:01:03Tamme alche
00:01:08Tamme ohoh
00:01:17svents balanar oleks hea
00:01:18Tamme pl goes mid?
00:01:22Tamme oleks
00:01:23angryfin warlock babysit me?
00:01:24svents weaveri vastu
00:01:25Tamme weaveri vastu
00:01:26iNeuron SURE
00:01:27Tamme yeap
00:01:27svents ah
00:01:29Lucky -swap 33
00:01:30Herre caps*
00:01:32Tamme darn
00:01:33Lucky -swap 3
00:01:33angryfin kiitti herre )
00:01:34xecution -swap
00:01:35Tamme alche
00:01:36Tamme krobe
00:01:36Tamme go
00:01:36xecution -swap 2
00:01:49svents -swap 3
00:01:51xecution take
00:01:51xecution mid
00:01:52xecution weaver
00:01:53angryfin PENIS OR BALATARD MID?
00:01:53iNeuron WHAT IS THIS
00:01:53Lucky ewaver mid ?
00:01:55Wormik -swap 5
00:01:55xecution -clear
00:01:56xecution weaver mid
00:01:59SUPERmamus -swap 2
00:02:04iNeuron 2 solos
00:02:05Tamme -swap 4
00:02:06Lucky wl
00:02:07iNeuron i forest
00:02:07Lucky bot
00:02:11xecution wl
00:02:11xecution go bot
00:02:12Lucky me phoenix
00:02:12Wormik lanes?
00:02:13Lucky mates
00:02:20NotAHax tamme
00:02:21Tamme cm bot with me
00:02:21NotAHax go midd
00:02:23angryfin solo bot?
00:02:24Tamme oh
00:02:25Tamme ok
00:02:26angryfin u joking?
00:02:26NotAHax cm venge bot with me
00:02:27Tamme aaa
00:02:27Lucky wl
00:02:28Lucky go
00:02:29angryfin if pl is bot
00:02:29NotAHax krobe solo top
00:02:29Lucky mid
00:02:31Tamme against wevaer? :S
00:02:31angryfin he will free farm
00:02:32angryfin -.-
00:02:35iNeuron ill go lane then
00:02:35Tamme -water red
00:02:37Lucky then weaver
00:02:37NotAHax spammpoison and faceroll
00:02:38Lucky go
00:02:38Lucky bot ?
00:02:40NotAHax wormik you want bot?
00:02:40Lucky easy
00:02:41angryfin NO
00:02:42Herre ?? :D
00:02:42Tamme -weather moonlight
00:02:42NotAHax or top?
00:02:43angryfin suck my cocks
00:02:43Tamme -hhn
00:02:44SUPERmamus krobe bot?
00:02:45Lucky 2v7
00:02:45Wormik top fine
00:02:45Herre sano nyt vaan lanet
00:02:49Herre !
00:02:49NotAHax k we bot
00:02:50angryfin VITTU
00:02:54Lucky 2v1 with waver
00:03:03xecution its ok
00:03:04xecution unkiable
00:03:05xecution lane
00:03:06xecution bot
00:03:19angryfin ench gank mid with slow at lvl 3 or so
00:03:26angryfin take creep befor that
00:03:28iNeuron stfu cunt i rape u mom
00:03:32Herre manners?
00:03:34xecution ¨ss
00:03:54NotAHax :d
00:03:55svents gj
00:03:55Herre lol.
00:04:05iNeuron karma's a bitch
00:04:06Tamme here we go
00:04:06NotAHax ..
00:04:08NotAHax HOW
00:04:13Herre 3 lane?
00:04:15iNeuron ye
00:04:17iNeuron so he can farm
00:04:30svents i pull
00:04:30angryfin OMW
00:04:32angryfin WEITH THASTE
00:04:35angryfin gogogo
00:04:39angryfin GO
00:04:39xecution creeps on me
00:04:40Tamme MDI MISS
00:04:41Tamme care tpo
00:04:48Wormik noshit
00:04:50angryfin kiitos
00:05:05Herre hea nuke
00:05:06iNeuron ss bot some
00:05:09angryfin PLS
00:05:13SUPERmamus kuole
00:05:18angryfin ty
00:05:25iNeuron ss venge
00:05:28iNeuron not
00:05:29iNeuron kidding
00:05:32NotAHax GO WL
00:05:45svents :D:D
00:05:49SUPERmamus uppaa kana
00:06:02SUPERmamus svents
00:06:06SUPERmamus upgrade chick
00:06:15Wormik ss
00:06:28NotAHax lol salee
00:06:29SUPERmamus lol sry
00:06:30Herre evo
00:06:30angryfin :D:D:D:
00:06:32Wormik re
00:06:33iNeuron lolfin
00:06:34NotAHax mikset wavennu
00:06:39angryfin yes
00:06:40angryfin lol
00:06:40SUPERmamus ei ollu manaa
00:06:41SUPERmamus :D
00:06:42NotAHax :(
00:06:48iNeuron put that ward
00:06:49iNeuron on chick
00:06:52iNeuron z
00:07:16NotAHax we can kill
00:07:18iNeuron ss bot 2
00:07:20Tamme bot rune
00:07:23NotAHax wait sevnts
00:07:24SUPERmamus tuun
00:07:26Wormik ssup
00:07:29NotAHax kerjäät kuolemaa
00:07:41Herre :<
00:07:51Herre so
00:07:53iNeuron yes
00:07:54Herre build heal?
00:07:54angryfin gank mid pls
00:07:57iNeuron no point
00:08:01Herre no point?
00:08:02Herre :D
00:08:04iNeuron yep
00:08:16svents i deny
00:08:31Herre ei jumalatua
00:08:32NotAHax moikka
00:08:39angryfin FUCK THAT
00:08:41iNeuron wait
00:08:42NotAHax :DD
00:08:43iNeuron just a fucking second
00:08:45iNeuron ?+
00:08:50angryfin w8 i tp
00:08:51angryfin -.-
00:08:51angryfin -.-
00:08:52angryfin -.-
00:08:58Herre am I supposed to solo bottom?P
00:08:59SUPERmamus lol
00:08:59angryfin i didnt fuckign want mid but fuck fuck fuck
00:09:02Herre they got frefarm
00:09:38svents ma oom
00:09:52angryfin fuck this shit
00:09:52Wormik 2ssup
00:09:54Wormik care night
00:10:09Herre cant do shit
00:10:11Herre pl freefarms
00:10:12Wormik re
00:10:20angryfin NO SHIT
00:10:24angryfin '¨fucking bad lanes
00:10:24Herre hea mäng
00:10:26Tamme dont
00:10:27Tamme scare
00:10:27Tamme me
00:10:28Tamme like
00:10:29Tamme that
00:10:29Tamme :d
00:10:37Herre swap bottom
00:10:46Herre this is bullshit
00:10:51Herre and btw you have the power to dictate lanes
00:10:55Herre so dont cry about them
00:11:14Tamme bot rune
00:11:18angryfin buy dust
00:11:19angryfin and i ganki bot
00:11:19NotAHax svents
00:11:20Tamme weaver has it
00:11:22NotAHax wanna go pro suport?
00:11:27svents ?
00:11:30Herre bot miss
00:11:31NotAHax buy salve and bring it to me with chick
00:11:36NotAHax and i can get 10-13 min radi
00:11:42svents need chicken
00:11:53SUPERmamus chick salve
00:11:55NotAHax ty
00:12:01Tamme nice :D
00:12:04svents i could buy it also
00:12:09NotAHax venge come bot
00:12:10SUPERmamus i had it
00:12:28iNeuron 'ss bot 3
00:12:32Wormik cant do much
00:12:36Tamme ;:(
00:12:38Wormik fuckers dive towers
00:12:38NotAHax yeah i know wormik
00:12:39NotAHax its np
00:12:42NotAHax gay lane there
00:13:15Tamme moar wards pls
00:13:52NotAHax FUCK
00:13:58SUPERmamus 4 bot lol
00:14:02svents venge why i dint stun wl?
00:14:02Herre nvm
00:14:03Wormik ss ns
00:14:07NotAHax need wards
00:14:12svents i could freee and bite him
00:14:13xecution kill
00:14:16NotAHax ty
00:14:17NotAHax plant here
00:14:50angryfin AKQFEEFQWEFGqgekqg#e
00:14:58Tamme asd :d
00:15:05angryfin BALANARD GANK PL
00:15:07angryfin AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE
00:15:09angryfin NOT AT NIGHT
00:15:10SUPERmamus they appear from nowhere 24/7
00:15:15angryfin silence him
00:15:23Tamme how's bot
00:15:24Tamme pl?
00:15:28NotAHax 3,2k
00:15:29angryfin w8 for me bot
00:15:31angryfin iu got dust
00:15:32NotAHax 3,3k*
00:15:40iNeuron -ms
00:15:52NotAHax gg
00:15:54svents ok
00:15:58NotAHax they hate
00:15:59NotAHax lol
00:16:37Tamme asd
00:16:52Tamme they actually use tp scrolls
00:16:58Tamme something very fucking new in dota.gc
00:17:06xecution the bird says
00:17:07xecution ty
00:17:22NotAHax VITTUU
00:17:30angryfin dust inc
00:17:31Herre fuu
00:17:36Herre no flying :D
00:17:38Herre epic
00:17:41xecution well
00:17:43xecution ist your job
00:17:44angryfin go
00:17:47Herre it is
00:18:00Herre hikoillaan
00:18:02NotAHax --
00:18:11NotAHax KUOLE
00:18:14angryfin why
00:18:15angryfin u dont
00:18:15angryfin heal me
00:18:17angryfin and nuke
00:18:18svents rofl
00:18:18angryfin instead
00:18:21angryfin pure stupidity
00:18:30NotAHax they rly do hate
00:18:35Herre wryy
00:19:04angryfin LET ME MID
00:19:16xecution dont Quit your day job
00:19:17xecution weaver
00:19:25angryfin wat?
00:19:31Herre gang
00:19:32xecution u talk like your the shit
00:19:33xecution chill
00:19:42angryfin well i ma
00:19:45angryfin 5 day break tho
00:19:51xecution ok
00:19:57iNeuron for some reason
00:19:57xecution more top please
00:20:00iNeuron I thought its illu
00:20:01iNeuron xD
00:20:03iNeuron died so fast
00:20:03angryfin guys top
00:20:07svents more bot pls
00:20:07xecution please carry tps
00:20:21SUPERmamus b
00:20:22SUPERmamus top
00:20:26angryfin WAT
00:20:36Herre push mid
00:20:42Tamme mkay :S
00:20:53angryfin and considering i've only been ganking
00:20:54angryfin i need some farm
00:21:07angryfin tyu for 0 lkast hits
00:21:13angryfin 0
00:21:13angryfin 0
00:21:14angryfin 0
00:21:50svents ffs
00:21:54angryfin gj guise
00:21:55iNeuron oh well
00:21:56iNeuron for allah
00:22:11SUPERmamus ..
00:22:13NotAHax ..-
00:22:13NotAHax :_dd
00:22:15angryfin very gj
00:23:05NotAHax gang
00:23:09angryfin ill get
00:23:17NotAHax phoenix
00:23:18NotAHax first
00:23:35xecution haha
00:23:36xecution invis pl?
00:23:37xecution fu
00:23:38xecution nab
00:24:19xecution pl radi
00:24:20xecution now
00:24:20xecution g
00:24:21xecution gj
00:24:33angryfin b
00:24:42angryfin ¨pl relic
00:24:52angryfin w8 bala
00:24:53angryfin w8
00:24:57angryfin ohj
00:24:57Herre XxD
00:24:57angryfin .D:D:D:D
00:24:58NotAHax LOL
00:24:58angryfin gj
00:25:00NotAHax just lol
00:25:51svents nujh
00:26:08xecution stay
00:26:10xecution tutle
00:26:16angryfin w8
00:26:30angryfin said w8
00:26:33NotAHax obvs tarp is obvs
00:26:35iNeuron nigga plz
00:26:51angryfin ill get
00:26:59iNeuron ..
00:27:00angryfin -.-
00:27:03angryfin wtf man
00:27:24NotAHax --
00:27:31iNeuron i wanted to get away from there cause some were coming
00:27:34iNeuron and didnt want to leave to them
00:27:36SUPERmamus turha oli
00:27:52SUPERmamus ...
00:28:03iNeuron lucky
00:28:07iNeuron make that valor medal thing :x
00:28:09Herre got golem soon
00:28:10Herre lets push mid
00:28:11Tamme imba heroes they got
00:28:12Tamme rly
00:28:17Lucky soon
00:28:30Herre push?
00:28:30SUPERmamus turtlee sit
00:28:34NotAHax jep
00:28:35Tamme that phoenix is so damn annoying
00:28:53NotAHax hyvä yritys
00:28:54Herre join us
00:28:58angryfin olet gosu
00:29:03Herre y
00:29:07xecution heal me
00:29:08Herre niillä ei oo wardia siinä
00:29:11NotAHax ffs
00:29:12NotAHax dont
00:29:12NotAHax take
00:29:13NotAHax my
00:29:13NotAHax farm
00:29:14NotAHax -.-
00:29:30Herre no tuutko ottaan?
00:29:31Herre aegis
00:29:34angryfin tuun
00:29:46NotAHax varo
00:29:51Lucky ewaver
00:29:52Lucky take
00:29:53angryfin ottaka dust
00:29:57Tamme wave
00:29:58Tamme of
00:30:00Tamme terror
00:30:01Tamme to
00:30:01Herre no anna
00:30:02Tamme roshan
00:30:02Tamme man
00:30:04SUPERmamus why
00:30:08NotAHax ..
00:30:13Tamme because of that
00:30:16SUPERmamus wasnt that obvious
00:30:22SUPERmamus ?
00:30:27Herre go top
00:30:28SUPERmamus what would that helped?
00:30:35NotAHax no säikyttäny ne?+
00:30:36Herre tps
00:30:39SUPERmamus joo
00:30:43SUPERmamus nii varmaa
00:30:43angryfin pl
00:30:53Herre fuyuyu
00:30:54Tamme lol
00:30:55Tamme :D
00:31:05Tamme def at second tower?
00:31:11SUPERmamus cant
00:31:23Tamme then how can we at the base tower?
00:31:24SUPERmamus have to let them have those 2
00:31:26Tamme no dif
00:31:34SUPERmamus well
00:31:41SUPERmamus dunno lol
00:31:42SUPERmamus gg
00:32:28SUPERmamus b
00:32:28SUPERmamus b
00:32:29Herre b
00:33:11SUPERmamus ...
00:33:17NotAHax :DD
00:33:18NotAHax linken salee
00:33:28angryfin aika op
00:33:30NotAHax :DD
00:33:31NotAHax Sewrved
00:33:32SUPERmamus gj
00:33:32Herre lol.
00:33:36svents omg
00:33:38Herre refresher soon
00:33:39SUPERmamus :D
00:33:40Herre need 300
00:33:55Herre or is aghanim stronker?
00:33:59NotAHax tamme you need ac
00:34:01xecution aghe
00:34:01angryfin agha imo
00:34:02xecution better
00:34:04Herre y
00:34:10Tamme i know that
00:34:31SUPERmamus mitä mun pitäs rakentaa
00:34:35NotAHax mjeka
00:34:37SUPERmamus k
00:34:38Tamme hex
00:34:49Tamme ty
00:34:54NotAHax huoh
00:35:07Herre go mid?
00:35:12Tamme -ms
00:35:14Herre nvm
00:35:15Herre b
00:35:27NotAHax lol bai
00:35:33Herre b.......
00:35:33xecution -.-
00:35:36Herre wtf?
00:36:09Lucky gem
00:36:23Lucky take gem
00:36:24Lucky weaver
00:36:29angryfin asd
00:36:42Herre urthe greatest
00:36:46iNeuron :D
00:36:54NotAHax ffs guys
00:36:55NotAHax i need afk
00:36:56NotAHax few mins
00:37:03SUPERmamus not now
00:37:04Tamme no you dont
00:37:05Tamme fuck
00:37:06Tamme this
00:37:07Herre now can we fucking push?
00:37:07Tamme shiot
00:37:08Tamme man
00:37:12xecution y
00:37:13xecution its
00:37:14xecution u guys
00:37:15xecution who keeps
00:37:17NotAHax no can do man
00:37:17xecution going away
00:37:19NotAHax fucking police
00:37:20NotAHax t´here
00:37:21NotAHax Q_QQ_
00:37:22Lucky wl
00:37:22Herre I said b
00:37:25svents :D:D
00:37:27Lucky just ulti and slow
00:37:28angryfin let me jsut get bbot
00:37:31angryfin mkb soon
00:37:31Herre no kidding?
00:37:32Lucky then phosenix
00:37:34iNeuron when we go b, why do you intend on staying and then blaming others for leaving ?
00:37:34Lucky go ulti
00:37:36svents fck police :D
00:37:43SUPERmamus idd
00:37:47Tamme are you
00:37:47Tamme a
00:37:49Tamme bad man?
00:37:55Tamme do you touch children?
00:37:56SUPERmamus no but seriosly
00:37:58Lucky givem me
00:37:59Lucky gem'
00:38:01SUPERmamus during a douda game?
00:38:02SUPERmamus lol
00:38:05Herre go mid now
00:38:06SUPERmamus fuck the police
00:38:09SUPERmamus :b
00:38:11Lucky ge,
00:38:30Tamme theyu pushing with 5 now
00:38:41svents they have gem?
00:38:41angryfin omw
00:38:42Lucky take it
00:38:42xecution otw
00:38:44Tamme y
00:38:47SUPERmamus bala
00:38:48SUPERmamus gem
00:39:57Tamme it's day
00:40:26Herre b
00:40:28xecution just b
00:40:31Herre push again with a new rock
00:40:37angryfin yes
00:40:37Herre less chasing nxt time
00:40:54SUPERmamus they rosh
00:40:57angryfin well all chased instead of 2 so it was good
00:40:58angryfin got lache
00:40:59xecution rosha
00:41:00xecution go
00:41:01xecution dd
00:41:01SUPERmamus cant do shit
00:41:02Wormik cant do shit
00:41:03angryfin ok
00:41:04SUPERmamus D
00:41:06Wormik :D
00:41:07Herre no wards
00:41:21xecution come hit
00:41:22xecution wl
00:41:24SUPERmamus NOTA
00:41:26iNeuron ye idiet
00:41:27SUPERmamus KAMOON
00:41:27iNeuron ffs
00:41:30Herre ?
00:41:32Herre manners?
00:41:35iNeuron idiet??
00:41:42Herre what does that mean?
00:41:43Herre a king?
00:41:43angryfin mkb in 600
00:41:45angryfin then pushg
00:41:45xecution heal me
00:41:46SUPERmamus vittu mitä paskaa
00:41:48Tamme siis
00:41:50iNeuron its like idiot, but said by an idiot
00:41:51Tamme sil on linken
00:41:54Tamme ulti
00:41:55Herre so
00:41:56Herre manners
00:41:57Tamme ja aegis
00:42:00Herre like tard means retard
00:42:00Tamme weehhhhoooo
00:42:08iNeuron only that
00:42:11iNeuron people who say idiet
00:42:11angryfin ward
00:42:12angryfin come
00:42:12iNeuron are idiots
00:42:18Tamme ja phööniksi on kuolematon
00:42:21Herre so you are an idiot
00:42:22xecution gather mid
00:42:23iNeuron yes
00:42:24xecution u wanna loose?
00:42:26iNeuron now youre getting it
00:42:28Herre dotn be idiot at .gc
00:42:29angryfin N 300
00:42:30angryfin WAIT
00:42:31angryfin FFS
00:42:32angryfin ITEM
00:42:33Herre or you get banned
00:42:39iNeuron get b a little
00:42:41SUPERmamus ban this nota idler
00:42:42Herre b
00:42:42SUPERmamus D:
00:42:47Tamme rly!
00:42:52Herre def top
00:42:54Herre b
00:43:12angryfin got my item
00:43:14angryfin wlockj def and come
00:43:39iNeuron GG
00:43:41Herre gg
00:43:42Tamme you having sex with the policeman?
00:43:47xecution go mid
00:43:48xecution now
00:43:55svents little blowjob :D
00:43:56iNeuron ill get my item too
00:44:02Herre :D:D
00:44:04iNeuron cumming
00:44:05Wormik lol mybad
00:44:11Herre xxxxxD
00:44:55xecution just b
00:44:55xecution wait
00:45:00xecution wait
00:45:01xecution til krobs
00:45:02xecution ulti is of
00:45:04angryfin yes
00:45:05Herre back a bit
00:45:10xecution come near me
00:45:10SUPERmamus voitettas
00:45:11xecution 'get hp
00:45:12SUPERmamus jos nota ois
00:45:17SUPERmamus ei riitä mikro
00:45:53iNeuron FAQQQ
00:46:01SUPERmamus nota ei oo ees koneel
00:46:08SUPERmamus se idlaa
00:46:47xecution b
00:46:57Herre got agha for the nxt push
00:47:03iNeuron bout time
00:47:17SUPERmamus vittu tää on paskaa
00:47:17Herre your encha sucks ass btw
00:47:23iNeuron manners
00:47:23svents notal päris kenasti raha juurde tulnud :D:D
00:47:28Herre but... which hero you played wouldnt
00:47:32iNeuron manners
00:47:35SUPERmamus wat
00:47:36angryfin ^^
00:47:38iNeuron oh wait
00:47:40Tamme meil oleks teda ennast vaja
00:47:40iNeuron youre admin
00:47:41NotAHax 'dsfggsdf
00:47:43svents y
00:47:43iNeuron you guys dont need em
00:47:44Tamme FUCK MAN
00:47:44SUPERmamus noni
00:47:45SUPERmamus NOTA
00:47:46Herre and mannered
00:47:46Tamme GET BACK
00:47:48SUPERmamus tulithan
00:47:50SUPERmamus voiteteaa
00:47:50NotAHax y'
00:47:52NotAHax sorry guys
00:47:56Herre nothing unmannered action took place in my words
00:47:58NotAHax police came my door
00:47:59SUPERmamus gather and kill
00:48:01iNeuron surely enough
00:48:02svents blowjob?:D:D
00:48:02NotAHax they wanted look if my brother is smoking
00:48:03angryfin agreed
00:48:03NotAHax :DDDDDD
00:48:06NotAHax they bringed my brother here
00:48:08svents :D:D
00:48:10NotAHax he got busted for smoking
00:48:15NotAHax i lold
00:48:16Tamme serious crime
00:48:16SUPERmamus lol
00:48:17angryfin u should see me with my imba manners
00:48:18SUPERmamus LOL
00:48:19angryfin and never ban
00:48:19SUPERmamus LOL
00:48:20NotAHax 15 years old
00:48:21angryfin 8D
00:48:21SUPERmamus LOL
00:48:21NotAHax :DD
00:48:22iNeuron xD
00:48:25svents :D:D
00:48:28SUPERmamus fuck them
00:48:32NotAHax indeed
00:48:33angryfin gather bot
00:48:35SUPERmamus serious business
00:48:36NotAHax i just told them "jajajajjajajajaj let me go"
00:48:36angryfin phönix
00:48:38iNeuron herre hates me so I wouldnt be surprised to be banned
00:48:40svents :D:D
00:48:41xecution shiva
00:48:42xecution in sec
00:48:56NotAHax how long i was afk
00:49:01NotAHax becouse i guess im banewd
00:49:02NotAHax :(
00:49:10Lucky push top
00:49:12Herre no need to hate you you poor little human being
00:49:12SUPERmamus if we win
00:49:16SUPERmamus youre noy
00:49:18iNeuron :D:D::D
00:49:19angryfin guys
00:49:20NotAHax lol
00:49:20angryfin top
00:49:24Herre push top
00:49:26Tamme swap
00:49:29Herre y swap
00:49:33xecution gj
00:49:38Herre nice action there
00:49:41iNeuron ty was trying to make it to top
00:49:48Lucky go
00:49:48Lucky top
00:49:51Lucky ill come
00:49:58angryfin 4v5
00:50:00Tamme bomo
00:50:04iNeuron im no use in fight anyway
00:50:06iNeuron chillax
00:50:13xecution b
00:50:15iNeuron krobe ulti up
00:50:16iNeuron back
00:50:17xecution b
00:50:22xecution nice ulti
00:50:24xecution now we just wait
00:50:28xecution Or
00:50:29xecution oh
00:50:29angryfin :D:D:D:D
00:50:29NotAHax yeah
00:50:29xecution we got
00:50:30NotAHax i see
00:50:31angryfin :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
00:50:33angryfin :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:
00:50:34iNeuron nope, we got retards too
00:50:35angryfin yeah i see
00:50:37iNeuron who just cant play this game
00:50:41NotAHax tamme
00:50:42NotAHax gg
00:50:44iNeuron should buy notas lessons
00:50:45SUPERmamus alche
00:50:56NotAHax nigger tamme lost us raxs
00:51:07Herre hikoillaanxxxxxxxxxD
00:51:10iNeuron admit it
00:51:12iNeuron you lost em
00:51:17angryfin lets chase
00:51:18angryfin rax sucks
00:51:19angryfin !
00:51:21NotAHax :D:D
00:51:21NotAHax :DD
00:51:41Herre b
00:51:52NotAHax ineuron still selling lessons
00:52:02SUPERmamus b
00:52:02SUPERmamus b
00:52:02SUPERmamus b
00:52:03SUPERmamus b
00:52:04iNeuron I admit to buying them secretly
00:52:12iNeuron but I found them useless and dumped after first 10 minutes
00:52:15angryfin i also did buy em
00:52:19angryfin and look what i've become
00:52:27SUPERmamus stick together
00:52:28iNeuron student became the maste
00:52:29iNeuron r
00:52:35NotAHax only Gosukurdi and biggie are my studendts
00:52:37Herre go
00:52:39Herre got refresher
00:52:41Herre xxxxxxD
00:52:42Herre me imba
00:52:42svents :DD
00:52:48iNeuron biggie sucks
00:52:49iNeuron lol
00:52:52Wormik do we need gem
00:52:55NotAHax he took only 1 lesson
00:52:57Tamme wont hurt
00:53:05Tamme ma võin kanda
00:53:06iNeuron apparently
00:53:09iNeuron well taught
00:53:12Wormik baasis
00:53:15NotAHax im also selling "how to troll" 1000 years ban from .gc lessons
00:53:22iNeuron :OO
00:53:24iNeuron me want
00:53:34iNeuron 3
00:53:35iNeuron of us
00:53:35iNeuron b
00:53:42xecution chesee +aegios
00:53:43xecution now
00:53:48Herre fuuu
00:53:51iNeuron silly herr
00:53:53Herre :D:D
00:53:55Herre thoguht we went in
00:53:58Herre xD
00:54:00iNeuron not gonna go with 3
00:54:02NotAHax me
00:54:03NotAHax me
00:54:07NotAHax let mne
00:54:07SUPERmamus PL
00:54:08NotAHax -
00:54:22Tamme half and half
00:54:23xecution i take cheese
00:54:26iNeuron i take pride
00:54:57Lucky got ac
00:55:07iNeuron lets keep going alone
00:55:08Lucky push top
00:55:09iNeuron cheers
00:55:12NotAHax b
00:55:12NotAHax b
00:55:12NotAHax b
00:55:40Herre w
00:55:41iNeuron OMG
00:55:44iNeuron IVE GOTTEN A KILL
00:55:47iNeuron FOUR SCOURE
00:55:47Herre WTF
00:55:55angryfin indeed
00:55:57angryfin wtf bird
00:56:08SUPERmamus b
00:56:08SUPERmamus b
00:56:09SUPERmamus b
00:56:09NotAHax b
00:56:09NotAHax b
00:56:09SUPERmamus b
00:56:16Herre xD
00:56:19SUPERmamus gah
00:56:21Herre noobs
00:56:25NotAHax now we lost
00:56:26NotAHax gg
00:56:37iNeuron ye
00:56:40iNeuron Fockin wankers
00:56:43Herre manners
00:56:47iNeuron chillax
00:56:55iNeuron one of them is named Fockin Wankers
00:56:57Herre def
00:57:01NotAHax ..
00:57:01NotAHax :DD
00:57:02NotAHax :DD
00:57:02Herre xD
00:57:04SUPERmamus well now
00:57:04Herre poro
00:57:24Tamme def
00:57:25Tamme rax
00:57:32angryfin thnx for help
00:57:34angryfin as always
00:57:36iNeuron np
00:57:37SUPERmamus gg
00:57:41angryfin i survive for 30sec
00:57:42svents I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:42angryfin and no help
00:57:55Herre herre too stronk
00:57:59iNeuron thy my shoulder hath
00:58:06svents herre is noob
00:58:07SUPERmamus ...
00:58:24Tamme :D
00:58:42SUPERmamus voitetaan
00:58:43SUPERmamus viel
00:58:45SUPERmamus jooojoo
00:59:43SUPERmamus nota ottaa
00:59:51Tamme tule ära
00:59:51NotAHax jos saisin vitut itemeitä
00:59:51Tamme :d
00:59:52NotAHax voitettais
01:00:16Herre go
01:00:19Lucky need gem
01:00:25Wormik venge gimme gem
01:00:48Herre b
01:00:53iNeuron just B
01:00:55iNeuron till we all there
01:00:57iNeuron imho
01:01:38Lucky b
01:01:39iNeuron b
01:01:39iNeuron b
01:01:40iNeuron b
01:01:58Lucky b
01:02:01Lucky fs
01:02:03angryfin herre
01:02:04angryfin failed
01:02:06Herre ?
01:02:07NotAHax :D:D
01:02:08Herre miten muka
01:02:11angryfin MIKS ETY MEE B
01:02:14angryfin JOS KROBE UÖLTAA
01:02:15iNeuron I dont get it
01:02:17Herre aijoo
01:02:17Herre :D:D
01:02:18iNeuron when 2-3 people yell b
01:02:19SUPERmamus gemi
01:02:20Herre miks te jäitte?
01:02:22iNeuron why dont some go b
01:02:33Herre nojoo
01:02:34Herre failasin kyl
01:02:35Herre xD'
01:02:36NotAHax tamme i need vladimir
01:02:38Herre uudestaanvaan
01:02:40SUPERmamus vittu näytetää
01:02:46iNeuron yeah okay you failed
01:02:46iNeuron but
01:02:54iNeuron what I would like to know is what goes on in your head
01:02:57iNeuron while youre in their base alone
01:02:59iNeuron killing
01:03:01iNeuron when all yell b
01:03:02SUPERmamus ois saanu phoenixin hengiltä
01:03:05angryfin :D::DD
01:03:09Herre I didnt watch chat
01:03:14Herre and I didnt see anything
01:03:17Herre I just rocked hard
01:03:27SUPERmamus jos phoenix ult ni tapetaa se sillo
01:03:35iNeuron what about the previous plans about going b when krobe ultis
01:03:35angryfin b bot
01:03:37Herre and btw what are these two gentlemen doing
01:03:38iNeuron didnt read then too ?
01:03:42xecution just push
01:03:43xecution other lanes
01:03:44xecution we stay here
01:03:45iNeuron dont ask me sir
01:03:46Herre I did come b then?
01:03:50Tamme youve got vladi and alot more now
01:03:51Tamme so
01:03:54Tamme BUILD THEM
01:03:57Tamme :d
01:05:05Herre so
01:05:05Tamme wormik
01:05:06Tamme hot
01:05:06Herre nice staying
01:05:08Wormik y
01:05:09iNeuron I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:05:12NotAHax im trying et hot also
01:05:15Herre hävitään vielä
01:05:17angryfin phenix try to use ult in team battle
01:05:24xecution pl rapes me
01:05:24Herre just
01:05:27xecution if im to close
01:05:30Herre wait for the krobe ulti to stop :----D
01:05:30angryfin yes
01:05:36Herre I didnt throw any golems in that battle
01:05:51angryfin no items for last 20 min
01:05:53xecution i make radi
01:05:53angryfin frustrating
01:05:55Tamme used bkb
01:05:57Tamme why not swpa
01:05:58Tamme :s
01:06:03Tamme they got 3 dead
01:06:07angryfin well phoenix carry
01:06:07angryfin np
01:06:10angryfin NOT
01:06:11Tamme they go roshan if they dont stay that wasy
01:06:11Tamme so
01:06:16Herre gather bot now
01:06:17Herre take roshan
01:06:20Herre np
01:06:36Herre omfg.
01:06:38NotAHax back
01:06:39NotAHax BAXK
01:06:42Tamme y
01:06:48iNeuron lets do it bro
01:06:49NotAHax i repet
01:06:51NotAHax you guys cant go without alche
01:06:56Lucky ech
01:06:57Lucky why
01:07:02Lucky do you have hood anyway ?
01:07:05iNeuron dunno
01:07:06angryfin and no aghja
01:07:06Herre xDD
01:07:07iNeuron cant make any money
01:07:10Tamme they at roshan
01:07:11Tamme :S
01:07:11iNeuron so making some stuff I can make
01:07:14SUPERmamus go? D:
01:07:21Lucky hood is useless this game -,.
01:07:28Lucky take the chees
01:07:32Lucky have no room
01:07:34Herre I will
01:07:59NotAHax I NEEDF 200
01:08:02xecution u got sick defend
01:08:03xecution .-.
01:08:03Tamme fuck that weaver has shit farm :D
01:08:09NotAHax buy me salve
01:08:13NotAHax BUY ME SALVE
01:08:16SUPERmamus b
01:08:19NotAHax BUY ME SALVE
01:08:20NotAHax NEED 1 SALVE
01:08:28Herre B
01:08:29iNeuron b
01:08:31xecution all b
01:08:34Herre RUN
01:08:36Lucky hill
01:08:36NotAHax gg
01:08:41iNeuron run like wind
01:08:42xecution let me
01:08:42Lucky stay
01:08:43xecution farm
01:08:44xecution for radi
01:08:45Lucky here
01:09:33SUPERmamus gah
01:09:44Herre xxxxxxxD
01:09:47SUPERmamus gg
01:09:49svents wormiku ultita ei saa sittagi tehtud :/
01:09:49iNeuron too ez pls ??
01:09:54Herre hikoilusi oli surkeaa
01:09:56xecution says the useless
01:09:57xecution nab
01:09:57Tamme saab ju
01:09:58NotAHax lol
01:09:59xecution nab
01:10:02iNeuron can you guys atleast try ??
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