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+14 TS

84% | 1347 X | 1465 TS

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+15 TS

67% | 1308 X | 1318 TS

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26% | 937 X | 1294 TS

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Chat log

00:00:05AdemC -rd
00:00:06Dota.m rd
00:00:06NotAHax -rd
00:00:06Dota.m -rd
00:00:06Guf -rd
00:00:15Dota.m det var en bedre pool
00:00:15Dota.m stik mig wd
00:00:15NotAHax -wd
00:00:15Dota.m lol
00:00:15Guf doom
00:00:26AdemC get weaver
00:00:29NotAHax y
00:00:31AdemC for me
00:00:31Gandalf BAN ?
00:00:31Guf who do u ban?
00:00:32AdemC ok
00:00:36NotAHax oh
00:00:36Dota.m Doom WD
00:00:37NotAHax wd
00:00:40NotAHax said it on team chat
00:00:46Dota.m doom Wd Bannde
00:00:51AdemC i get weaver ?
00:00:56NotAHax no i play weaver
00:00:58NotAHax or
00:00:59NotAHax hait
00:01:00NotAHax hmm
00:01:01NotAHax ok
00:01:02Lafrenzz vutten
00:01:05NotAHax go midd weaver
00:01:05Lafrenzz tag wd
00:01:06vutten ogre :S
00:01:08NotAHax take me panda
00:01:09Lafrenzz nej WD
00:01:10vutten wd er banned
00:01:10Dota.m wt banned
00:01:12Lafrenzz ah
00:01:13Lafrenzz o
00:01:14Lafrenzz ok
00:01:14NotAHax -swwap 2
00:01:15Lafrenzz tag cm
00:01:16Dota.m wd
00:01:17NotAHax -swap 2
00:01:17Lafrenzz cm
00:01:18AdemC -swap 1
00:01:20Lafrenzz og kom lane med mig
00:01:21NotAHax you sure you can handle ademc..?
00:01:23Dota.m skal jeg pick cm for dig ?
00:01:26AdemC lol
00:01:27AdemC y
00:01:29vutten ok
00:01:31Gandalf -swap
00:01:33Gandalf -swap 1
00:01:36vutten hvem skal du ha?
00:01:41Dota.m giv mig ogre
00:01:41Gandalf -clear
00:01:43AdemC just team do warding propper
00:01:43Gandalf get a carry
00:01:45Guf -swap 4
00:01:47NotAHax ur bot svents
00:01:47Gandalf sniper
00:01:53Dota.m så sniper
00:01:54svents k
00:02:04vutten -swap 4
00:02:06Dota.m -swap 5
00:02:06vutten -swap
00:02:08vutten -swap 3
00:02:11Gandalf -clear
00:02:13Lafrenzz vutten kom bo
00:02:16Lafrenzz mig og vutten
00:02:22Gandalf vutten
00:02:27vutten ja?
00:02:30Gandalf få nogle anti Wards
00:02:30Lafrenzz vutten
00:02:31Lafrenzz lane mig
00:02:34Gandalf til deres pull
00:02:41svents sa oleks v6inud parem wardid osta :/
00:02:42Gandalf så er de solgt
00:02:46Gandalf -clear
00:02:56NotAHax you beter not fail ademc
00:03:01AdemC seriosly why no fuckiing wards !!!!
00:03:03NotAHax if you fail you will go automatically to "svents" list
00:03:06NotAHax you should win without wards
00:03:07vutten kan ikke nå det :&/
00:03:08Lafrenzz DOTA M
00:03:08NotAHax are you retard?
00:03:13NotAHax you just farm with weaver on start
00:03:15Lafrenzz go away
00:03:19Lafrenzz puck
00:03:22Lafrenzz come bot
00:03:22Dota.m skal jeg top ?
00:03:24Lafrenzz ja
00:03:29Lafrenzz gå nu top
00:03:29NotAHax i think we lose this
00:03:31NotAHax becouse i gave it to yu
00:03:36Lafrenzz puck come bot
00:03:38Dota.m de 2 i forvejen ?
00:03:46Lafrenzz cm *
00:03:49Dota.m ffs
00:03:53vutten kommer bot nu
00:03:58vutten skulle lige warde
00:03:59Dota.m taber totalt xp nu...
00:04:58NotAHax see
00:04:59NotAHax knew it
00:05:05NotAHax can we ff?
00:05:07NotAHax retard midd = gg
00:05:08AdemC no
00:05:10NotAHax yes
00:05:19AdemC cm came with haste
00:05:29NotAHax and you got invi?
00:06:39NotAHax wp
00:07:06svents fck S::SS:
00:07:08AdemC ss mid
00:07:57Dota.m great
00:08:35AdemC gj
00:08:40Dota.m ss top
00:08:42Gandalf nice miss
00:08:43Dota.m re
00:08:44Gandalf gj bot
00:09:02AdemC miss mid
00:09:08AdemC and i will win this
00:09:16Lafrenzz cm
00:09:16Lafrenzz go
00:09:26Gandalf ss mid
00:09:32Gandalf re
00:09:48svents ffs
00:09:52NotAHax just
00:09:53NotAHax duude
00:09:54NotAHax stay back
00:09:57svents i know
00:10:02svents but cm nova and bite
00:10:03vutten ogre ss
00:10:05NotAHax well we go bot
00:10:07NotAHax you go top
00:10:07Dota.m ss top
00:10:08Gandalf ss Weaver
00:10:09Dota.m care
00:10:24Gandalf late miss
00:10:24Gandalf again
00:10:26Gandalf ty guys
00:10:38Lafrenzz cm
00:10:39Lafrenzz rdy
00:10:45vutten ye
00:10:46Lafrenzz lina
00:10:46Dota.m ss top
00:10:49AdemC ss mid
00:10:54NotAHax ogre
00:10:55NotAHax go top
00:11:12NotAHax skt
00:11:13NotAHax go top
00:11:19Lafrenzz de var 3 :s
00:11:23Lafrenzz ss
00:11:29Dota.m ss 1 top
00:11:31Dota.m re
00:11:50linnuke ma oomõ
00:11:56Dota.m ss top
00:12:22vutten care mid
00:12:31vutten bot is unstable
00:12:32AdemC ss mid
00:12:38linnuke ss 1 top
00:12:40Lafrenzz go cm
00:12:44Lafrenzz lina
00:12:44Gandalf ss Weaver
00:12:46linnuke tra
00:12:47svents re2 top
00:12:48Lafrenzz all in
00:13:05Dota.m weaver to
00:13:07Dota.m top
00:13:33vutten ss 2 bot
00:13:48svents go mid ffs
00:14:08Lafrenzz ss
00:14:23vutten care mid
00:14:24Dota.m ss tpå
00:14:25Dota.m top
00:14:54Dota.m re 1
00:15:07vutten care bot
00:15:17NotAHax stun him
00:15:27NotAHax k b
00:15:37vutten got invis
00:15:46Gandalf toWer
00:15:46NotAHax wait there
00:15:53NotAHax need hlep
00:15:53Dota.m ss to
00:15:54NotAHax alche
00:15:54NotAHax come
00:16:06Lafrenzz gogo
00:16:24NotAHax ..
00:16:25NotAHax TEAM
00:16:28Dota.m ss top
00:16:33NotAHax you and you
00:16:35NotAHax are losing this
00:16:36NotAHax foru sw
00:16:38NotAHax us
00:16:57svents ffs
00:17:00NotAHax btw ademc, dont bother ask me never again if i let you carry or even go mid
00:17:01NotAHax you suck
00:17:02NotAHax like hell
00:17:09Gandalf ss Weaver
00:17:17AdemC it wasnt easy with aa and cm
00:17:21NotAHax YOU HAVE
00:17:22NotAHax ulti
00:17:23NotAHax invi
00:17:24NotAHax plz
00:17:25NotAHax you just suck..
00:17:26Lafrenzz go
00:17:28AdemC yes but mana cost
00:17:32NotAHax obvs.. mana cost
00:17:35AdemC he ceep harasing
00:17:42Dota.m panda are top
00:17:45AdemC i had a bad start
00:17:48AdemC just w8 and see
00:18:28AdemC omg ulti ""
00:18:36Lafrenzz ok faktisk
00:18:41Lafrenzz problemt bliver panda
00:20:15Gandalf keep Warding
00:20:23vutten iam
00:20:30Dota.m def bot ?
00:20:51NotAHax def
00:21:12NotAHax svents
00:21:13NotAHax you need
00:21:14NotAHax tank items
00:21:19svents i know
00:21:35NotAHax go all mid
00:21:49NotAHax ..
00:21:51linnuke 3
00:21:56NotAHax did i said top?
00:22:16NotAHax we def top after
00:22:17Gandalf let it die
00:22:19Gandalf dont die
00:22:24NotAHax .
00:22:29Gandalf gogo
00:22:31Gandalf sniper
00:22:36NotAHax aclh
00:22:39NotAHax come with us
00:22:40NotAHax and ogre
00:22:47NotAHax we need start move together
00:22:50NotAHax and get some wards skt
00:22:53Gandalf come
00:22:55Gandalf CM
00:22:59Gandalf cm
00:22:59Gandalf sniper
00:23:16NotAHax POISON
00:23:58Gandalf fuck
00:23:58Lafrenzz hva har i gang i seriøst
00:24:00Gandalf nogle noobs
00:24:02NotAHax wion
00:24:14Dota.m han skulle have 1 slag af cm ?
00:24:25vutten det skulle jeg også?
00:24:30vutten et halv
00:24:30vutten t
00:24:34Dota.m havde du ikke nova eller noget ?
00:24:40vutten nej desvære
00:24:41Gandalf ikke skileld ..
00:24:47vutten har skillet aura
00:24:48NotAHax ..
00:24:48Dota.m ok
00:24:49NotAHax wow
00:24:51AdemC omfg
00:24:51NotAHax cmon
00:24:52NotAHax rly
00:25:06AdemC i get no chance man
00:25:12NotAHax you just suck
00:25:12NotAHax rly
00:25:14Gandalf haste bot
00:25:23NotAHax i have been playing with weaver against bloodseeker and ns
00:25:45NotAHax skt get wards
00:25:49NotAHax def midd
00:25:52NotAHax gfather
00:25:52NotAHax gather
00:26:00Gandalf go
00:26:21Lafrenzz b
00:26:34NotAHax go
00:26:36NotAHax rosh
00:26:36NotAHax rosh
00:26:40vutten hvorfor bruge min ulti?
00:26:59NotAHax i take
00:27:06vutten svar ellers fjerne share
00:27:25NotAHax jtn hpt
00:27:28NotAHax tee vaik
00:27:29NotAHax treads
00:27:30NotAHax str
00:27:31Gandalf Wards
00:27:32NotAHax ja 2x bracer
00:27:40NotAHax kuha tuut tappeluihi pidät tele invas
00:27:41NotAHax :
00:27:53NotAHax go all midd
00:27:54NotAHax together
00:27:58NotAHax get hull fp + mana and go
00:28:06NotAHax go regen
00:28:07NotAHax and meet midd
00:28:09Gandalf gather
00:28:10Gandalf push
00:28:13Gandalf samles
00:28:20vutten reg
00:28:26Lafrenzz b
00:28:35NotAHax svents use poison faster
00:28:37svents y
00:29:47AdemC wp
00:29:55Gandalf nova
00:30:05Gandalf WP
00:30:08NotAHax ei
00:30:08NotAHax d
00:30:09Gandalf tak!
00:31:09vutten reg
00:31:24NotAHax when im lv 16
00:31:25NotAHax we go midd
00:32:25Gandalf sniper
00:32:27NotAHax b
00:32:27NotAHax b
00:32:28Gandalf skill scrapnell plz
00:32:31NotAHax i get lv 17
00:32:31Dota.m ok
00:32:40Lafrenzz i er jo totalt bobs
00:32:56NotAHax i told you b..
00:32:56AdemC ffs
00:33:01AdemC i was in base
00:33:06Gandalf b
00:33:06Gandalf b
00:33:06Gandalf b
00:33:12Gandalf ogre
00:33:29Gandalf sniper
00:33:32Gandalf skaf en desolater
00:33:33Gandalf ...
00:33:35Gandalf vi skal bruge dmg
00:33:38Dota.m ok
00:33:53NotAHax lets go now _ALL_ midd
00:33:54vutten invis
00:33:55Lafrenzz mig
00:33:55Dota.m let me bot farmn
00:34:10NotAHax svents get hood
00:34:11NotAHax b
00:34:12NotAHax b
00:34:14NotAHax care
00:34:23NotAHax -.-
00:34:25NotAHax miks menit sooloilee
00:34:26NotAHax noob
00:34:58Lafrenzz seriøst man
00:35:02Lafrenzz det er jo helt væk det her
00:35:20NotAHax focus cent guys btw
00:35:43NotAHax b after
00:35:46NotAHax n1 gflyph
00:35:56NotAHax b
00:36:00Gandalf sut dig selv
00:36:12NotAHax ¨makkara
00:36:13NotAHax osta
00:36:13NotAHax wardei
00:36:16Gandalf mere scrapnell sniper
00:36:16NotAHax tol loppu rahal
00:36:18Dota.m dd
00:36:24Dota.m ok
00:36:24NotAHax ota sä
00:36:25NotAHax pois
00:36:25NotAHax se
00:36:35NotAHax .
00:36:37NotAHax niillä on kato wardei
00:36:38NotAHax -.-
00:36:47NotAHax def midd
00:36:54Dota.m b
00:37:05Gandalf care
00:37:13Lafrenzz -ms
00:37:28NotAHax relic
00:37:29NotAHax ah cmon..
00:37:30Lafrenzz b sniper
00:37:38Gandalf bare gather
00:37:42Gandalf og sniper god Scranpell
00:37:45Gandalf og puck ulti
00:37:54NotAHax we go raxes
00:37:56NotAHax focus cent
00:37:56Gandalf care blink panda
00:37:57NotAHax SPLIT UP
00:38:01NotAHax SPLUIT
00:38:06NotAHax i jump
00:38:07NotAHax rdy to poison?
00:38:10svents y
00:39:05NotAHax b
00:39:10svents ffs
00:39:30Lafrenzz rosh
00:39:31Lafrenzz all
00:39:31NotAHax påistä wardit
00:39:33NotAHax runeille
00:39:39NotAHax mut ei viel
00:39:41NotAHax vihut o elos atm
00:40:19NotAHax b
00:40:19NotAHax b
00:40:19NotAHax b
00:40:20NotAHax b
00:40:20NotAHax b
00:40:21NotAHax BACK
00:40:22NotAHax IDIOT
00:40:25NotAHax how fucking
00:40:26NotAHax stypid
00:40:27NotAHax you are
00:40:39NotAHax def in base
00:40:48Lafrenzz mere
00:40:56Lafrenzz all in på weaver
00:40:56Lafrenzz ok
00:40:56Lafrenzz jeg hopper
00:40:56Lafrenzz all in
00:40:56Gandalf dea7l
00:40:56Dota.m ok
00:40:56Gandalf d
00:40:56Lafrenzz sniper ulti
00:40:56Gandalf e
00:40:56Gandalf a
00:40:56Gandalf l
00:40:56Lafrenzz directe
00:40:56Dota.m ok
00:40:56NotAHax svents
00:40:56NotAHax we need you..
00:40:56svents i come
00:40:56Dota.m der en der kommer til
00:40:56Dota.m at skulle leave
00:40:56Dota.m for balance
00:40:56Guf vutten
00:40:56vutten yeye
00:40:56Dota.m 31 sec så er panda ude
00:40:56Lafrenzz ok
00:40:56Lafrenzz puck laver orb
00:40:56Lafrenzz jeg hopper
00:40:56Lafrenzz og sniper
00:40:56Lafrenzz lav ulti på weaver
00:40:56Dota.m ulyi
00:40:56Lafrenzz ok
00:40:56Dota.m ulyi
00:40:56Dota.m :D
00:40:59NotAHax balalnce
00:40:59Guf vutten
00:40:59Gandalf vutten
00:40:59Lafrenzz sniper
00:41:06NotAHax varo
00:41:07NotAHax centuar
00:41:34Lafrenzz b
00:41:34Lafrenzz b
00:41:35Lafrenzz b
00:41:53NotAHax go all midd
00:42:22NotAHax lol
00:42:24NotAHax sold my treads misstake
00:42:25NotAHax :D
00:42:32svents lol
00:42:44NotAHax go rosh for alche
00:42:45Dota.m hell yea dillerlation tdy :D
00:42:51Dota.m rdy *
00:43:01Dota.m all rosh
00:43:03Dota.m they go
00:43:06Lafrenzz ok all go
00:43:10Lafrenzz all go
00:43:13Lafrenzz nvm
00:43:14Lafrenzz nvm
00:43:16Lafrenzz b
00:43:20NotAHax midd now
00:43:21Lafrenzz b
00:43:21Lafrenzz b
00:43:22Lafrenzz b
00:43:22Lafrenzz b
00:43:23Lafrenzz b
00:43:23Lafrenzz b
00:43:24Lafrenzz b
00:43:24Lafrenzz b
00:43:25Lafrenzz b
00:43:25Lafrenzz b
00:43:29NotAHax midd
00:43:34Lafrenzz b ffs
00:43:37Lafrenzz sniper man
00:43:38Gandalf sniper
00:43:39Lafrenzz back
00:43:43Gandalf lav en manta style ok?
00:43:46Lafrenzz er du helt væk jimmy
00:43:52NotAHax focus cent + snier
00:43:58Lafrenzz focus weaver
00:44:00Lafrenzz ligesom sidst
00:44:01Gandalf Scrhanpel
00:44:08NotAHax go here
00:44:10NotAHax lets hide
00:44:44Lafrenzz og all in på weaver
00:44:48Lafrenzz efter lina
00:44:57Gandalf lad dem komme ind
00:44:59Gandalf ikk push
00:45:35NotAHax my team
00:45:35NotAHax where
00:45:36NotAHax is it
00:45:47svents i came
00:46:06Lafrenzz push mid
00:46:09Gandalf alche invis
00:46:12NotAHax we need push now when we got ac...
00:46:24Gandalf MORE
00:46:25Gandalf MORE
00:46:39NotAHax lost by a retard weaver
00:46:57NotAHax : D
00:46:58Lafrenzz b
00:47:06AdemC well wasnt easy
00:47:20AdemC cent blink after 15 mins
00:47:24NotAHax su idiot
00:47:24NotAHax you suck
00:47:25AdemC cm and aa
00:47:34AdemC wasnt easy
00:47:41svents nota i go ac?
00:47:42AdemC and iam way better then you
00:47:50NotAHax i alrrdy have ac
00:47:53NotAHax ahha
00:47:58NotAHax 5-11
00:47:58NotAHax weave
00:47:59NotAHax XD
00:48:08AdemC lol my fault cent go dagger 15 min
00:48:10NotAHax go midd now or ff
00:48:16AdemC my fault no ward at runes
00:48:18Gandalf dont think so
00:48:20NotAHax su retard
00:48:25AdemC fu cunt
00:48:25NotAHax you just
00:48:27AdemC reatrd fuck
00:48:27NotAHax cant use ur eyes
00:48:28svents shut up weaver rly
00:48:28NotAHax :DD
00:48:30NotAHax y
00:48:30AdemC suck my dick
00:48:32NotAHax weaver you suck
00:48:32NotAHax :(
00:48:34NotAHax aww poor noob
00:48:52NotAHax Tarp
00:48:53NotAHax I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:48:53NotAHax gg
00:48:59makkara I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:49:29Lafrenzz gj
00:49:32Lafrenzz mid
00:49:32NotAHax weaver too imba
00:49:40Lafrenzz nah
00:49:42AdemC yep i lost game
00:49:42Gandalf u2
00:49:43Lafrenzz think sent is
00:49:45NotAHax y
00:49:46Lafrenzz sentinel
00:49:48NotAHax i just think
00:49:49NotAHax this weaver
00:49:51Gandalf not really
00:49:51AdemC not lina or ogre that droped out
00:49:52NotAHax 45 min crystalys
00:49:54NotAHax wasent as expewcted
00:50:13NotAHax if there would be a GOOD player on weaver place you guys would lose
00:50:16NotAHax now end this shit game
00:50:24Lafrenzz nah
00:50:26Lafrenzz lets have fun
00:50:31NotAHax less x for you, p
00:50:31NotAHax np
00:50:34AdemC hes danish tahts why
00:50:49NotAHax oh ur 13ieber frends?
00:50:50NotAHax xD
00:50:56svents :D:D
00:51:05NotAHax you know we trolled him out of .gc?
00:51:13Lafrenzz b
00:51:15NotAHax He were too shy to see real him
00:51:18NotAHax 13ieberknight
00:51:59NotAHax Care panda pushing top
00:52:10Lafrenzz stay all
00:53:55NotAHax lol
00:53:55AdemC gj
00:53:57NotAHax :D
00:54:14svents :D:D:D:D
00:54:19Gandalf gg
00:54:21Gandalf ff it
00:54:24NotAHax dont
00:54:27Gandalf sniper
00:54:31Gandalf get satanic
00:54:35Gandalf life steal
00:54:36Gandalf and HP
00:54:48Guf nej
00:54:50Guf ikke satanic
00:54:53Dota.m bkb :D
00:54:54svents have to push bot too 2 and its gg for them
00:54:54Gandalf bare life steal så ...
00:54:58NotAHax y
00:54:58Lafrenzz bkb
00:55:02NotAHax but theres second tower
00:55:03NotAHax :(
00:55:08svents thats easy
00:55:14Lafrenzz b
00:55:15Lafrenzz b
00:55:18NotAHax lets def
00:55:19NotAHax aa defending
00:55:29NotAHax def all
00:55:39Lafrenzz w8 for aa
00:55:44Lafrenzz go rosh
00:55:46Lafrenzz til sniper
00:56:02NotAHax b
00:56:02NotAHax b
00:56:08NotAHax ffs
00:56:08svents ffs
00:56:09NotAHax svents
00:56:09NotAHax ..
00:56:11svents what lagg
00:56:14Dota.m mid
00:56:18svents i had horrible lagg
00:56:50Lafrenzz ¨rax
00:56:50AdemC fucking silence
00:56:52Lafrenzz all in rax
00:57:05Lafrenzz trone
00:57:11Lafrenzz gg noob panda btw
00:57:13Lafrenzz fucking tard
00:57:15Lafrenzz like furion
00:57:22NotAHax :DD
00:57:23Lafrenzz fucking noob
00:57:32Gandalf haha
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