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-16 X
-2 TS

93% | 1479 X | 1566 TS

-44 X
-1 TS

89% | 1409 X | 1479 TS

-35 X
-1 TS

67% | 1240 X | 1380 TS

+1 X
-5 TS

23% | 908 X | 1264 TS

+7 X
-5 TS

10% | 896 X | 1143 TS

+3 X
+4 TS

83% | 1326 X | 1454 TS

+34 X
+2 TS

82% | 1281 X | 1445 TS

+24 X
+1 TS

77% | 1224 X | 1508 TS

-8 X
+6 TS

57% | 1110 X | 1382 TS

+42 X
+4 TS

26% | 951 X | 1249 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Krusbaer anyone wantz anything?
00:00:16chodaboy nah
00:00:16chodaboy ban potm
00:00:16AdemC dk for me or void
00:00:16NotAHax -magina
00:00:16NotAHax nvm
00:00:16NotAHax -doom
00:00:16chodaboy ademc stfu
00:00:16Planktoni am
00:00:16tjavo dont give ademc carry
00:00:16chodaboy ruin games
00:00:16tjavo DONT
00:00:16Krusbaer no ademc
00:00:16Planktoni pls ban am
00:00:16tjavo HE WILL RUIN
00:00:16AdemC hahaha
00:00:16Krusbaer you will not do that
00:00:16AdemC i never ruin with carry
00:00:16Krusbaer rofl
00:00:16tjavo haha
00:00:16chodaboy yes u do
00:00:16tjavo "ok"
00:00:16AdemC never did necver will
00:00:16Krusbaer more jokes?
00:00:16chodaboy 10/10
00:00:16chodaboy u loose
00:00:16AdemC tjavo foreverlastpick i wonder why
00:00:16Krusbaer potm
00:00:16BenDover ??
00:00:19Milky doom potm
00:00:21NotAHax someone
00:00:21NotAHax venge?
00:00:24Planktoni any am players?
00:00:25chodaboy banend
00:00:26AdemC got 30 wins against 25 ?
00:00:28BenDover me
00:00:29BenDover venge
00:00:35tjavo still im more useful than u..
00:00:39AdemC haha
00:00:41chodaboy give me veno
00:00:41tjavo u are = NOTHING
00:00:45AdemC sure you are
00:00:45Planktoni i play this
00:00:47AdemC haha
00:00:47chodaboy ok
00:00:52AdemC what ever
00:00:55Krusbaer Bah
00:00:56tjavo want to be carry... cant do it... no skill.. still u pick it and ruin for your team
00:00:58chodaboy ademc ur worse than atc
00:01:00NotAHax -swap 3
00:01:00AdemC tjVO PRO
00:01:02NotAHax wank
00:01:03NotAHax carry
00:01:03NotAHax plz
00:01:06tjavo ive never said im pro
00:01:07NotAHax magina
00:01:07Herre -swap 3
00:01:10tjavo i just realize my limits
00:01:11Herre -swap 1
00:01:13NotAHax wank
00:01:13NotAHax afk
00:01:16tjavo idiot =) youre just braindead..
00:01:18WANKmaster took razor
00:01:23chodaboy get jakiro
00:01:25Herre take jakiro
00:01:27Herre bendover
00:01:31chodaboy me and jakiro
00:01:31BenDover k
00:01:33chodaboy me and tjavo
00:01:34chodaboy vent
00:01:35chodaboy bot
00:01:36chodaboy -hhn
00:01:37chodaboy -di
00:01:39chodaboy we rape caryr
00:01:39Herre -swap 5
00:01:39Krusbaer dk mid
00:01:43BenDover -swap 3
00:01:43Krusbaer me veno top
00:01:43chodaboy hahaa
00:02:00NotAHax ...
00:02:01NotAHax retard milky
00:02:05Milky fuuu
00:02:06Milky =)
00:02:10NotAHax milky bend top
00:02:16Krusbaer -ma
00:02:18chodaboy dk mid?
00:02:19chodaboy wtf
00:02:22Milky 2 chick woo
00:02:23AdemC IAM IMBA
00:02:24tjavo fucking DK 4th pick... where u supposed to get your farm???
00:02:26tjavo dumbfuck
00:02:31tjavo i remember last time you played D
00:02:32tjavo DK
00:02:34Planktoni nigma jungle?
00:02:34tjavo and fucked it up
00:02:38chodaboy enigma bot with me
00:02:40AdemC lol
00:02:41chodaboy vent
00:02:43chodaboy =rape
00:02:43Planktoni k
00:02:49WANKmaster kinda imba team they have there
00:02:54WANKmaster herre u pull
00:02:57Krusbaer dk is the best mid hero picked tbh
00:03:04tjavo yy
00:03:05tjavo but he
00:03:10tjavo säger inget
00:03:11BenDover don't worry guys you got me :P
00:03:12tjavo men du får se själv
00:03:17Krusbaer know
00:03:20Krusbaer lets just pray
00:03:20Krusbaer rofl
00:03:29chodaboy i could have gone mid
00:03:42AdemC come mid its furion anyways
00:03:52BenDover ss
00:04:03Milky dont lasthit
00:04:38Milky pls
00:04:38Milky ..
00:05:28BenDover i hit 3 we gank mid
00:06:15NotAHax go
00:06:18BenDover oom
00:06:28AdemC ss mid
00:06:37WANKmaster click on basillius
00:06:38Krusbaer T_T
00:06:40NotAHax just hit him..
00:06:41NotAHax ..
00:06:51Krusbaer nice timing on tp x)
00:07:26tjavo my bad
00:07:28Milky ss top panda
00:07:35BenDover i need to get mana and lets gank mid
00:07:42Planktoni ss
00:07:49NotAHax :D:D?
00:08:37NotAHax leave mid
00:09:07AdemC ss mid
00:09:10Krusbaer kill dusa
00:09:19chodaboy nice miss on venge
00:09:19chodaboy gj
00:09:31WANKmaster let me mid nota
00:09:33NotAHax no
00:09:34WANKmaster cant farm bot ..
00:09:35NotAHax i farm dagon
00:09:42WANKmaster aeh ..
00:10:12AdemC ss mid
00:10:28Milky fucking shit
00:10:31BenDover furi go mid
00:10:33WANKmaster fuck this
00:11:06Milky ss alll
00:11:07Milky miss
00:11:09Milky carem iddle
00:11:13BenDover 1 bot
00:11:19tjavo omw
00:11:32NotAHax RUN!
00:11:36chodaboy pft
00:11:50NotAHax Toidl you
00:11:52Krusbaer dagon really
00:11:53Krusbaer ??
00:11:56NotAHax Yes really
00:11:57chodaboy miss venge again?
00:11:58Krusbaer why
00:12:02chodaboy roam lina
00:12:04tjavo def
00:12:04chodaboy =D=D=D=D==D
00:12:10Milky fuck off
00:12:13chodaboy kill
00:12:23BenDover wards ?
00:12:28Milky u
00:12:29tjavo tp
00:12:35NotAHax veno is nicely feeded
00:12:36NotAHax by retard imlky
00:12:49WANKmaster yeah
00:12:50WANKmaster gj
00:12:51WANKmaster venge
00:12:53WANKmaster run away
00:13:00WANKmaster ff
00:13:09NotAHax go midd
00:13:14Krusbaer dk
00:13:14NotAHax and farm
00:13:16Krusbaer farm
00:13:18Krusbaer for the love of god
00:13:18BenDover at least dusa can farm top
00:13:23NotAHax dusa is retard
00:13:28Milky fu hax
00:13:37NotAHax TELE
00:14:26BenDover gonna swap
00:14:29BenDover jaki wtf?
00:14:35AdemC care
00:14:39chodaboy b
00:15:14NotAHax milky biggest retard there is in gc
00:15:16NotAHax no doubt
00:15:22Milky what could i do there
00:15:28Milky ulti cd
00:15:30tjavo omw bot
00:15:40Milky dude get a fucking life
00:15:45Milky caps to ur mom
00:15:47Milky not me
00:15:49Milky :D kid
00:15:50NotAHax :DD
00:16:02NotAHax yeah usual noob comment "kid"
00:16:06Milky :D
00:16:08Herre ?
00:16:10Herre why not?
00:16:17tjavo tp
00:16:54NotAHax that solo retar veno
00:16:55NotAHax owning you
00:16:58NotAHax how fucking bad you are..
00:17:04chodaboy omw bot
00:17:06chodaboy we get tower
00:17:08Milky extremely bad
00:17:09Milky :)
00:17:11NotAHax yeah noticed
00:17:13Milky :D
00:17:17Milky then why you ask
00:18:01BenDover tp out furi
00:18:04BenDover they gonna gank you
00:18:22BenDover :/
00:18:27NotAHax 'just ff
00:18:29NotAHax this shit game
00:18:34NotAHax cant win with milky
00:18:54Planktoni blah
00:19:01BenDover chodaboy laguna blading me lol
00:19:06BenDover stay we can beat them
00:19:10BenDover we have to gank them
00:20:44BenDover good now rape
00:21:05NotAHax su
00:21:05NotAHax we cant
00:21:09NotAHax milky never gonna get
00:21:10chodaboy if we go 5
00:21:11NotAHax any items
00:21:14chodaboy we win SOOO EASY
00:21:15NotAHax and he got fucking int treads
00:21:16Milky :D
00:21:17NotAHax :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:21:21Krusbaer start pushing mid then
00:21:25Milky just changed
00:21:33tjavo ademc you PROMAN
00:21:37tjavo how is it going??
00:21:38AdemC lol
00:21:43AdemC its going fine
00:21:44tjavo doing well with your dk???
00:21:45tjavo i see
00:21:50Milky should i linkens?
00:21:51AdemC omg you are tard
00:21:53tjavo nice farm and stats :)))
00:21:55BenDover get deso
00:21:58AdemC nio miss ganged buy 3 stfu
00:21:59tjavo fucking awesome
00:22:00Herre get linken y
00:22:02Milky from flat? :S
00:22:03AdemC farm is good
00:22:04NotAHax DESO VENGE
00:22:05Milky y
00:22:05NotAHax PLZ
00:22:05tjavo HAHAHAHA
00:22:06NotAHax :DD:
00:22:10tjavo kid or only retarded 4 sure
00:22:11tjavo :))
00:22:12Planktoni oom
00:22:20Krusbaer good farm is about 100 cs per 20 min
00:22:24Milky low
00:22:25Milky tower
00:22:27Milky go
00:22:28AdemC forever lastpick
00:22:35tjavo ask anyone who will be most useful thsig ame
00:22:38tjavo between me and u
00:22:41tjavo you dumbfuck
00:22:44AdemC ahaha
00:22:47AdemC stfu
00:22:50AdemC looser
00:22:52AdemC lastpick
00:22:56tjavo promaster DK with bracer ant pt will own =)))
00:23:04Krusbaer go
00:23:11NotAHax IMBA!
00:23:15AdemC where is your dagger newb
00:23:19Milky :D
00:23:34chodaboy all together mid tower
00:23:35Krusbaer we need to go for pushing
00:23:39Milky notahax
00:23:41Herre -ma
00:23:44Planktoni goog
00:23:45Milky frustration leads to anger
00:23:45BenDover -apm
00:23:50Milky anger leads to hate
00:23:55NotAHax rly mr starwars?
00:23:57Milky hate leads your mom to hate you
00:23:58Milky :D:D
00:23:59Milky lol
00:24:03AdemC n00b
00:24:05NotAHax hehehe rly fun
00:24:09tjavo kid
00:24:12chodaboy come
00:24:14AdemC iam 30
00:24:15Milky mr serious :)
00:24:25BenDover leave it back
00:24:26NotAHax ur mom should have repicked you
00:24:34tjavo thats make it even more sad
00:24:39BenDover dusa you retarded ?
00:24:47Milky for?
00:25:05Milky venge goo :D
00:25:14Milky whhy no stun
00:25:25tjavo can u plz learn me how to get THAT fat ademc!?!
00:25:29tjavo plzzz mirc me later
00:26:09AdemC tjavo just play man ... flame your mother
00:26:16AdemC for making you
00:26:29BenDover lol
00:26:33AdemC ahahaha
00:26:41tjavo hahaha.... sinking lower and lower... explaining your LACK of iq :)
00:26:53BenDover how much did you guys lose ? :]
00:26:58AdemC just stfu newb foreverlast pick no good shit
00:27:17AdemC how about plantinf those wrds newb
00:27:31Krusbaer there are
00:27:31Krusbaer ?
00:27:46Krusbaer omw mid
00:29:17AdemC invi
00:29:28tjavo :DDDDDDDDDd
00:29:43tjavo sure you can lasthit them woods???
00:30:05NotAHax not so fast
00:30:05Krusbaer lol
00:30:10Krusbaer I was so afk looking at mid
00:30:16Planktoni hnngh
00:30:21Planktoni not enough damage to solo
00:30:22Krusbaer I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:27chodaboy DK GO
00:30:35BenDover b
00:30:36tjavo dk loosing it :D
00:30:42AdemC :F
00:30:44tjavo a descent DK would have owned this game
00:30:50chodaboy get gem
00:30:52tjavo but i have the gift of foresight...
00:31:01tjavo no big news though :)
00:31:28NotAHax go
00:32:12WANKmaster plz
00:32:18NotAHax Revenge
00:32:22Planktoni hnngh
00:32:31chodaboy just get that fucking gem
00:32:35tjavo where are our farm!?
00:32:41tjavo :(
00:32:53NotAHax rly?
00:32:54Krusbaer yes
00:33:03tjavo go
00:33:04tjavo panda
00:33:14Milky haste
00:33:27Krusbaer why use dagger before you come here
00:33:28Krusbaer rofl
00:33:34Krusbaer mid
00:33:35tjavo vet inte
00:33:36Krusbaer push
00:33:36Krusbaer now
00:33:44chodaboy get rosh
00:34:22chodaboy go mid focus that fucking furion
00:34:24chodaboy PAPER MAN
00:34:25WANKmaster veno has gem
00:34:38BenDover care top
00:34:56Planktoni who?
00:34:58Krusbaer veno
00:34:59tjavo panda
00:35:13Krusbaer let him
00:35:15Krusbaer mid
00:35:21Planktoni i got no tp
00:35:33tjavo we have to def top
00:35:40NotAHax def
00:36:33BenDover n1 furi
00:36:34BenDover ;]
00:36:38tjavo theyre 3 dead
00:36:38tjavo go
00:36:43tjavo def
00:36:51tjavo veno take tower
00:36:57NotAHax def
00:37:15Krusbaer !!!!
00:37:23NotAHax Ty for gem
00:37:28NotAHax destroy gem
00:37:43NotAHax got hex
00:37:50Milky got perseverance
00:38:11Herre shares
00:38:12Krusbaer all
00:38:16tjavo bkb > hyper
00:38:18BenDover bb
00:38:22tjavo just so u know
00:38:23Herre ?
00:38:30Herre share the chicken
00:39:06BenDover back
00:39:09NotAHax b
00:39:41Milky venom dusts
00:39:44NotAHax y
00:39:46NotAHax just def and i get top raxes
00:39:47Krusbaer ZzzZ
00:39:56tjavo def
00:39:57tjavo top
00:39:57tjavo ffs
00:40:10Krusbaer o.o
00:40:20Krusbaer you missed hex?
00:40:22NotAHax y
00:40:52tjavo someone have dusts?
00:40:53Milky b top
00:40:55Planktoni y
00:41:21NotAHax wank
00:41:22NotAHax ~~
00:41:25Krusbaer let bot be
00:41:32WANKmaster this is soo nigger game
00:41:38NotAHax if you would just farm
00:41:39NotAHax ..
00:41:46WANKmaster am would've won allready :D
00:42:01tjavo someone tp
00:42:02tjavo and def bot
00:42:09Krusbaer rax
00:42:10Krusbaer fast
00:42:11tjavo suicide rax
00:42:13tjavo or something
00:42:17Krusbaer RAX
00:42:19Krusbaer HIT IT
00:42:21tjavo suicide
00:42:37Krusbaer b
00:42:37Krusbaer :D
00:42:39NotAHax WHY
00:42:44NotAHax you let him
00:42:46NotAHax kill our rax free
00:42:47NotAHax idiots..
00:42:53Planktoni what should i build next
00:43:04AdemC agaha
00:43:07AdemC agha
00:43:07Krusbaer ya
00:43:18NotAHax b
00:43:19NotAHax b
00:43:19Krusbaer you need hp
00:43:29tjavo BKB HEART
00:43:31tjavo :)))
00:43:39Krusbaer no dust -__-
00:43:39Krusbaer oh
00:43:40Krusbaer :D
00:43:45Planktoni get from base
00:43:48Planktoni two at floor
00:43:54NotAHax all come here
00:43:54NotAHax plz
00:43:56WANKmaster gem on veno
00:44:13Krusbaer go
00:44:18NotAHax STAY
00:44:21NotAHax HIDE
00:44:21NotAHax ,..
00:44:22NotAHax retards
00:44:23NotAHax retard
00:44:24NotAHax wank
00:44:40NotAHax psh
00:44:40NotAHax push
00:44:41chodaboy i think they are coming top
00:44:52Krusbaer tp base
00:44:53Krusbaer dk
00:44:53Milky venge
00:44:55Milky stay back
00:44:59Milky to stun black hole
00:45:02NotAHax b
00:45:03NotAHax b
00:45:26Milky haste
00:45:42BenDover lina down
00:45:44tjavo b
00:45:57chodaboy just need to go with all
00:46:00chodaboy AND EVERYONE TP
00:46:08Planktoni we need side towers
00:46:17chodaboy manta
00:46:26NotAHax fuck
00:46:31NotAHax b
00:46:31NotAHax b
00:46:31NotAHax b
00:46:32NotAHax b
00:46:57NotAHax :D:D
00:46:59Planktoni *buahah
00:47:00BenDover lol furion
00:47:09Herre HIT HIM
00:47:11Planktoni push bot?
00:47:12Herre omfg
00:47:14Krusbaer ye
00:47:23chodaboy fast
00:47:54Krusbaer go tank rosh
00:47:55Krusbaer dk
00:48:01WANKmaster -ms
00:48:08Milky should i deso?
00:48:16Herre manta
00:48:20Krusbaer veno go
00:48:21AdemC i take this time
00:48:26Herre taking roshan
00:48:43Herre Xd
00:48:58Milky def?
00:48:59Milky or not
00:49:09NotAHax def in base
00:49:21NotAHax def
00:49:21Planktoni def top?
00:49:21NotAHax in
00:49:22Krusbaer all got tps?
00:49:22NotAHax or
00:49:22NotAHax k
00:49:22tjavo tp?
00:49:23NotAHax go
00:49:23NotAHax go
00:49:24tjavo no
00:49:26tjavo i
00:49:39Milky base race ?
00:49:42Milky they ded
00:49:57Herre vittuko failasin :D:DD
00:50:00Herre huoh
00:50:06Herre failasin niin vitusti
00:50:09Krusbaer mid now
00:50:11Krusbaer tower is gone
00:50:25Herre skip jos kosket rakseihin
00:50:46chodaboy veno enigma top
00:50:47NotAHax go dk
00:50:59Planktoni mid
00:51:01Herre :D:DD
00:51:06NotAHax :D:D
00:51:06Herre xxxxxxxxxD
00:51:09chodaboy drunken dk
00:51:10Krusbaer you hurt sir
00:51:17Herre tuhoa
00:51:18NotAHax 235 plus dmg
00:51:18BenDover bend over
00:51:19NotAHax yEA
00:51:27Krusbaer I can bo
00:51:29Krusbaer if needd
00:51:41NotAHax can we?
00:51:41Herre takn
00:51:43Herre taken
00:51:44Herre just ottivat
00:51:45Krusbaer but we have to stop being so spread out
00:51:46Planktoni push top nigma
00:51:46NotAHax i dont think so
00:51:49Planktoni mb furi comes
00:51:50Herre ???
00:51:50tjavo y
00:51:52NotAHax jaha
00:51:56Herre venolla on aegis
00:52:00Krusbaer care
00:52:01tjavo dont die
00:52:02NotAHax ..
00:52:03NotAHax wp wank
00:52:19Herre lol.
00:52:25Krusbaer sorry x)
00:52:25Krusbaer :D
00:52:25Herre xxxxxxD
00:52:31NotAHax vitut että tuo on retardi kaveri
00:52:36Planktoni b
00:53:11Krusbaer ZzZZ
00:53:11NotAHax destroy
00:53:14NotAHax and b
00:53:14NotAHax b
00:53:17NotAHax b
00:53:17tjavo dont die
00:53:17NotAHax b
00:53:20Planktoni i can bo
00:53:24Krusbaer we lost gem
00:53:24tjavo do it
00:53:25tjavo and
00:53:25Krusbaer and aegis
00:53:26Krusbaer lol
00:53:39tjavo im out in 30
00:53:39NotAHax häviän retardi venolle
00:53:40NotAHax vitut .DD
00:53:41tjavo just def
00:53:41tjavo dont die
00:53:52Milky ainii olit viel suomest
00:53:53Herre he pro
00:53:54Herre you noob
00:54:15BenDover who's noob ?
00:54:19Herre hmm
00:54:20Herre you?
00:54:29tjavo can someone pick up dusts
00:54:30tjavo base
00:54:35WANKmaster nigmal ei oo ulti
00:54:38Herre einii
00:54:43NotAHax go
00:54:43NotAHax all
00:54:45Milky gro0up
00:55:25tjavo omg
00:55:26NotAHax i wish i would have rebuy now
00:55:35NotAHax b
00:55:35NotAHax b
00:55:36NotAHax b
00:55:38NotAHax dk is bcack
00:55:45tjavo had cd on my ult
00:55:51Herre GET BACK
00:55:52tjavo out in 30
00:55:55AdemC nice humb newb
00:55:57tjavo def the best u can
00:56:02tjavo haha says almighty DK
00:56:03chodaboy veno enigma ultis at the same times
00:56:05chodaboy and end it
00:56:10Herre >>>>>>>>......<<<<<<<<<<
00:56:22Planktoni need to rege
00:56:23Herre bendover feeling all mighty?
00:56:47Krusbaer go mid
00:56:49Krusbaer all have ulties
00:57:03Krusbaer first kill that gay thing though
00:57:12tjavo sure
00:57:14tjavo just j ump and dust
00:57:15tjavo omw
00:57:31NotAHax :D:D
00:57:34Herre wat
00:57:35NotAHax siel oikein jkoko laumalla ansottaa
00:57:49Herre ei tajua laittaa wardia kalliolle
00:57:54Herre ja kattoa onko wardi
00:57:56NotAHax onneks ie
00:58:03Herre deffime mid
00:58:08Herre GET MID
00:58:12Milky menos
00:59:09Krusbaer anyone with tp
00:59:18Krusbaer DK
00:59:19Milky dk low
00:59:19Krusbaer TOWER
00:59:21Milky furi
00:59:33Herre huoh
00:59:34Krusbaer tank it
00:59:41Krusbaer jesus
00:59:45tjavo hahaha
00:59:47tjavo sick
00:59:56Krusbaer rego mid
00:59:58NotAHax backdoor
00:59:59Krusbaer furi dead
01:00:00NotAHax not allowe
01:00:01Herre ei oo
01:00:02NotAHax you came from
01:00:03NotAHax bot lane
01:00:05NotAHax mut se tuli botista
01:00:05Herre ei tull
01:00:06Herre j
01:00:06NotAHax ei midistä
01:00:09Krusbaer Dk
01:00:09Herre midistä tuli
01:00:09Krusbaer D:
01:00:11Krusbaer GTFO :D
01:00:14Herre it is not bd
01:00:18Krusbaer lol?
01:00:22Krusbaer he left base
01:00:24Herre he came from mid
01:00:30tjavo nah
01:00:30tjavo nah
01:00:30Planktoni come roshan
01:00:30Krusbaer even so. he has 10% hp
01:00:30Krusbaer so its gtfo either way
01:00:30Herre y
01:00:30tjavo rage
01:00:30chodaboy lulz
01:00:44Krusbaer omw
01:01:11chodaboy dg cheese
01:01:11Milky b
01:01:14chodaboy veno aegis?
01:01:16Krusbaer y
01:01:22Herre omFg
01:01:29Krusbaer mid
01:01:30Krusbaer then bot
01:01:40Herre panda has cheese
01:01:40Planktoni need to rege mb
01:01:46Herre dont focus him
01:01:48Krusbaer nah
01:01:48Krusbaer :D
01:01:56Milky inc mid
01:01:59Herre y
01:02:03Herre pakko taistela
01:02:04tjavo alkl tp
01:02:04tjavo if
01:02:06Milky focus who ?
01:02:07Planktoni nope
01:02:09Herre veno
01:02:11Herre eni
01:02:59Milky tp top
01:03:14Krusbaer rosh has tp
01:03:37chodaboy DUST DK
01:03:38chodaboy ret
01:03:43Herre loLX
01:03:58BenDover what should i get now
01:03:59Krusbaer we need top now
01:04:03chodaboy all need tps
01:04:05NotAHax ac
01:04:06chodaboy get travels
01:04:07BenDover hood and pipe
01:04:08chodaboy all of u
01:04:13BenDover or
01:04:15BenDover deso
01:04:17NotAHax AC
01:04:28BenDover assault
01:04:31NotAHax yu
01:04:31Herre Xd
01:04:31chodaboy top
01:04:32chodaboy all
01:04:45Herre did panda lose aegis?
01:04:46NotAHax milky 61 min manta linken treads
01:04:47NotAHax :D
01:04:50Herre XXXXX
01:04:50Milky eeeeasy :D
01:04:50Herre D
01:04:52Milky ns
01:04:54Milky helppo peli
01:05:24Milky b
01:06:37Krusbaer nvm
01:06:38chodaboy just go
01:06:40Herre hmm
01:06:41chodaboy they get bottowe
01:06:41Herre tekis guinsoo
01:06:44chodaboy the creeps
01:07:04BenDover dusa lol
01:07:12NotAHax HIT
01:07:22Planktoni tp
01:07:47Milky next items?
01:07:47tjavo now i have ult ready
01:07:50tjavo did not have last ifhgt
01:07:51tjavo fight
01:07:58Milky dmg
01:08:02NotAHax buter
01:08:07tjavo dusts top?
01:08:10Planktoni gem
01:08:19Krusbaer you mad bro?
01:08:39Milky care mid
01:08:54Krusbaer get tps if you dont have
01:09:15chodaboy panda jumps then enigma
01:10:05Herre no vittu
01:10:11tjavo gg
01:10:13Milky my loss sry boys =/
01:10:16Herre no kidding?
01:10:24Herre useless you were
01:10:42Milky no kidding ?:D
01:10:45AdemC wp tjavo
01:10:52Herre I should ban you
01:10:52AdemC all wp
01:10:56tjavo wp all
01:10:59tjavo strong of us to win :D
01:11:01Planktoni wp
01:11:02Planktoni phew
01:11:03Milky you shouldnt :D
01:11:07Planktoni -apm
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