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Chat log

00:00:03iNeuron rd
00:00:04NotAHax -rd
00:00:17iNeuron es tusk banned go
00:00:17NotAHax -wisp
00:00:17Knaitti ban es/sf
00:00:17ApLoX all new bans
00:00:17ApLoX ?
00:00:17ChubbyChris2 have to ban doom
00:00:17iNeuron ALL TWO YES
00:00:17iNeuron THE ALL
00:00:17ChubbyChris2 doom
00:00:17Knaitti alche/mirana/sf/bb/bat/tusk/doom :S
00:00:18Herre !Wisp & Doom - BANNED
00:00:28MonkeyKing somebody give me furion?
00:00:30MonkeyKing ........
00:00:32MonkeyKing es?????
00:00:32NotAHax no
00:00:41ApLoX tusk ?
00:00:44NotAHax monkeyking dont get fucking ufrion
00:00:47NotAHax ur just gonna ruin game
00:00:47ApLoX sk ?
00:00:49ApLoX get sk
00:00:54MonkeyKing i dont care
00:01:08Herre -swap 1
00:01:08MonkeyKing i pick furior by my way..
00:01:09NotAHax -swap 2
00:01:14Herre no furion
00:01:15ChubbyChris2 get sk and bat
00:01:16iNeuron "by my way" ?
00:01:17ChubbyChris2 Would be imba
00:01:20NotAHax ur way is 0-20
00:01:21iNeuron what the fuck are you mentally challenged?
00:01:23Knaitti i cant play either of them :<
00:01:26MonkeyKing ´´
00:01:28ChubbyChris2 puck
00:01:29ChubbyChris2 alch
00:01:30ChubbyChris2 somth
00:01:33MonkeyKing :d
00:01:33Knaitti fat guy
00:01:34NotAHax i can bet
00:01:35Knaitti coming
00:01:36NotAHax all my fucking moneys
00:01:38NotAHax and my computer
00:01:40NotAHax you will feed
00:01:42NotAHax we have bet+
00:01:43NotAHax ?
00:01:46BenDover what's banned?
00:01:50iNeuron noone wants your 3 euros and windows 95
00:01:50NotAHax alch
00:01:50SUPERmamus wisp and doom
00:01:51NotAHax alch plz
00:01:51ChubbyChris2 doom and Whisp
00:01:53Knaitti omni/pugna/puck
00:01:54NotAHax omni also good
00:01:57Herre omni buy the chicken
00:01:59NotAHax windows 7
00:02:01SUPERmamus bat go bot with bb
00:02:03Herre buy the chicken
00:02:04NotAHax and 3560 euro correctly
00:02:06MonkeyKing fuck u all+ +
00:02:10ChubbyChris2 y
00:02:12Herre !
00:02:20MonkeyKing ...
00:02:23ChubbyChris2 potm
00:02:26SUPERmamus y
00:02:27iNeuron 3560.. I make that in uggh..
00:02:27ChubbyChris2 get diffu vs omni
00:02:30iNeuron divide by.. 70..
00:02:30SUPERmamus k
00:02:31MonkeyKing frist timeing play it
00:02:34iNeuron that amount of days doing nothing
00:02:38iNeuron 500 days off work
00:02:42iNeuron 70 euros a day for nothing
00:02:50MonkeyKing ..
00:03:29iNeuron you better not fucking fail
00:04:08Knaitti LET ME BAT?
00:04:23Knaitti hear me?
00:04:29Knaitti let me farm
00:05:38Herre lol
00:05:39Herre :D:D
00:05:41iNeuron downys
00:05:41NotAHax :D:D
00:05:42Knaitti TAO LET ME FARM
00:05:44iNeuron Swear to god
00:05:46Knaitti u hear what i say
00:05:58Herre sticks
00:06:02Herre fuu
00:06:07ChubbyChris2 ss
00:06:12NotAHax all buy sticks btrw
00:06:19NotAHax bat + bb
00:06:40NotAHax I USE
00:06:40NotAHax fIRST
00:06:43Herre let mid use
00:06:45Herre imo
00:07:49ChubbyChris2 ss
00:08:33BenDover lol arrow mira :d
00:08:35SUPERmamus y
00:08:37ChubbyChris2 up chick
00:08:49SUPERmamus knaitti
00:08:50SUPERmamus gtfo
00:09:20iNeuron come slower imo
00:09:21iNeuron no point
00:09:29BenDover ss
00:09:53NotAHax he gave up
00:09:57NotAHax guys
00:09:58NotAHax let me farm mid
00:10:05NotAHax GO AWAY
00:10:10iNeuron lastpick pride
00:10:17MonkeyKing just need 1 creep
00:10:18MonkeyKing ..
00:10:20MonkeyKing for item
00:10:21MonkeyKing ..
00:10:21NotAHax WOODS?
00:10:25MonkeyKing no mana
00:10:32ApLoX go
00:10:41Herre ._.
00:10:42NotAHax someone buy wards plzx
00:10:44ApLoX sry..
00:10:53iNeuron cant
00:10:58iNeuron cause Im cs 0 and 0-3
00:11:34ChubbyChris2 "ok"
00:12:24NotAHax SOMEONE
00:12:24NotAHax PLZ
00:12:25NotAHax BUY
00:12:26NotAHax WARDS
00:12:28iNeuron 7 gold
00:12:29iNeuron 10 gold
00:12:31iNeuron 13 gold
00:12:36NotAHax BUY WARDS
00:12:48iNeuron time to go try to gank again
00:12:58NotAHax plant to runes
00:13:29iNeuron sk ?
00:15:40NotAHax :D:D
00:16:17ApLoX jeg ulti
00:16:23MonkeyKing ..
00:16:25MonkeyKing ikk nu..
00:16:26MonkeyKing no mana
00:16:47Knaitti JOO
00:16:49Knaitti ELÄ HILLOTA
00:16:50Knaitti 1hp
00:16:55BenDover perkele :P
00:17:02Knaitti ja piikkien cd vittu puol sekkaa liia lyhyt :E
00:17:10NotAHax snowball +ulti him
00:18:02NotAHax tele
00:18:02NotAHax mid
00:18:06NotAHax Sandking omni, we need you to gangs
00:18:08NotAHax and def
00:18:57iNeuron wards still on chick
00:18:58iNeuron hahaha
00:19:26NotAHax b
00:19:26NotAHax b
00:19:27NotAHax b
00:19:27NotAHax b
00:19:27NotAHax b
00:19:28NotAHax b
00:19:28NotAHax b
00:19:36NotAHax COME MIDD
00:20:00NotAHax yiu guys
00:20:01NotAHax retards
00:20:06iNeuron lastpicks
00:20:07iNeuron dont expect
00:20:13NotAHax WELL PLAYED
00:20:18NotAHax sk go
00:20:48Knaitti WE WON
00:20:49Knaitti :D
00:20:52Knaitti 4 for
00:20:53Knaitti 5
00:20:54Knaitti :D
00:21:00NotAHax if you fucking retard aploxx and monkey
00:21:01iNeuron now
00:21:02NotAHax could come with us
00:21:02iNeuron place em
00:21:04NotAHax its easy win
00:21:05NotAHax ...
00:21:10NotAHax YEAH and place wards god sake
00:21:26BenDover get new wards
00:21:49NotAHax ALL TOP
00:22:55NotAHax dont let sf ulti
00:22:57NotAHax free
00:23:02iNeuron not like there was much I could do
00:23:18SUPERmamus asd
00:23:21NotAHax b
00:23:22NotAHax b
00:23:38NotAHax i come
00:24:13iNeuron you too herr farm
00:24:14NotAHax y nvm
00:24:18MonkeyKing ..
00:24:19NotAHax es farms ghes dagger
00:24:20NotAHax then we go
00:24:49ChubbyChris2 keep up Wards plz
00:24:54NotAHax dont
00:24:54NotAHax touch
00:24:57iNeuron rly?=
00:24:59Tao sk dagger
00:25:01iNeuron thanks for the tip captain
00:26:10NotAHax all midd
00:26:10NotAHax now
00:26:25NotAHax repel me
00:26:30NotAHax sk es stay back
00:26:40BenDover wtf ?
00:26:49SUPERmamus ..
00:26:50ApLoX gj
00:26:50Tao y
00:26:52Tao no wards
00:26:53NotAHax yeah
00:26:54ApLoX tower mid
00:27:00NotAHax omni repel me 24 /7
00:27:03Knaitti like it matters on that position
00:27:24BenDover they have too much fucking stunn
00:27:26ApLoX b
00:27:28ApLoX b
00:27:28ApLoX b
00:27:29ApLoX b
00:27:34Herre go
00:27:34NotAHax no b
00:27:35NotAHax NO
00:27:37SUPERmamus i ult
00:27:41Knaitti they have high aoe
00:27:41NotAHax RETARD SK
00:27:49ApLoX you retarded mf
00:27:59Knaitti FUCKIN PUGNA
00:28:01Knaitti u justr lost the fight
00:28:04NotAHax REOEK
00:28:05NotAHax ..
00:28:06NotAHax why
00:28:07NotAHax no repel
00:28:08NotAHax on me
00:28:10NotAHax stypid omni
00:28:11MonkeyKing repel on tuskar
00:28:14NotAHax WHY
00:28:14iNeuron dont repel me
00:28:15MonkeyKing for save him..
00:28:16iNeuron I can die
00:28:16MonkeyKing ..
00:28:17Knaitti why an eartth u GO AND DECRI HIM NEAR ALL OF US?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
00:28:18iNeuron who gives a fuck
00:28:22MonkeyKing + + frist time..
00:28:26Knaitti he is still alive cos of that
00:28:26NotAHax well played
00:28:26iNeuron first time dota?
00:28:27NotAHax retard
00:28:27NotAHax omni
00:28:32MonkeyKing frist time Gc
00:28:35Knaitti dont decri ppl if he is 1on5 near us
00:28:36Knaitti wtf
00:28:38NotAHax YOU USE REPEL ON ME 24//
00:28:39iNeuron as long as morph is alive
00:28:40iNeuron we win
00:28:40NotAHax UNDERSTAND?
00:28:43NotAHax yes...
00:28:52MonkeyKing K K
00:28:56Knaitti nice decri from pugna, wasnt it ineuron?
00:29:03iNeuron dunno, didnt notice anyrthing
00:29:04Knaitti he is middle of 5
00:29:05iNeuron prolly
00:29:06Knaitti so DECRI HIM
00:29:10NotAHax :DD
00:29:10Knaitti so noone can do a shit
00:29:15BenDover i don't know what's going on
00:29:27Knaitti if tuskar is middle of 5
00:29:30Knaitti u decripy him
00:29:31Knaitti DONT
00:30:13BenDover ok guys who should i aim for in team fights
00:30:18BenDover you gotta tell me stuff like that
00:30:19NotAHax ALL TOP
00:30:21ChubbyChris2 just use Ward
00:30:22NotAHax go
00:30:26Knaitti ward and blast
00:30:28NotAHax and guys
00:30:29NotAHax listen me
00:30:31NotAHax try kill sf
00:30:32NotAHax before he ultis
00:30:36NotAHax and repel on me allthetime
00:31:28ChubbyChris2 deff
00:31:31NotAHax okay after this crepew wave
00:31:47NotAHax go
00:32:09MonkeyKing ...
00:32:29Knaitti just ike that
00:32:29NotAHax back
00:32:31Knaitti dotn do that
00:32:33NotAHax back
00:32:33Knaitti if near us 1 only
00:32:34ApLoX b
00:32:35ApLoX b
00:32:35ApLoX b
00:32:56ApLoX noob
00:33:12NotAHax go
00:33:14SUPERmamus b
00:33:14SUPERmamus b
00:33:14SUPERmamus b
00:33:17SUPERmamus np
00:33:27NotAHax kill the nigger
00:33:43SUPERmamus bkb?
00:33:53SUPERmamus ...
00:33:56SUPERmamus stupid fight
00:33:56NotAHax gj
00:34:07Knaitti why we even go if tuskarr coming
00:34:10MonkeyKing ?
00:34:12Knaitti should have b immediately
00:35:08BenDover too much fucking stunn :/
00:35:12iNeuron going gosu?
00:35:21SUPERmamus gogo
00:35:25Tao ar
00:35:26BenDover wait
00:35:49NotAHax fail
00:35:53iNeuron that wasnt a planm
00:35:56iNeuron you going gosublade?
00:36:00NotAHax no
00:36:09NotAHax omni
00:36:11NotAHax why sy...
00:36:13NotAHax cmon.. :D
00:36:18iNeuron first time gc
00:36:19iNeuron np
00:36:25NotAHax make mjekans
00:36:28NotAHax omni
00:36:32MonkeyKing you was too fast..
00:36:57ChubbyChris2 good fight
00:37:06iNeuron whats the gameplan
00:37:14Herre me farms agha
00:37:15NotAHax es farms agha then we go
00:37:32iNeuron so 2400 gold
00:37:33iNeuron k
00:37:37NotAHax no...
00:37:38NotAHax 500
00:37:39Herre 500*
00:37:45MonkeyKing ..
00:37:47MonkeyKing morphling
00:37:50MonkeyKing regn
00:38:08NotAHax i try farm butter
00:38:36NotAHax LET ES FARM
00:38:36NotAHax FFS
00:38:45ApLoX soz
00:39:22NotAHax wait
00:39:23NotAHax wait
00:39:24NotAHax stop
00:39:28NotAHax go now
00:39:59SUPERmamus go roam with 5
00:40:04NotAHax b
00:40:04NotAHax b
00:40:08iNeuron k got agha and buter
00:40:11iNeuron gather mid
00:40:26NotAHax all midd
00:40:29ChubbyChris2 go mid
00:40:39NotAHax and buy wards plz
00:40:44NotAHax sk or omni
00:40:49MonkeyKing 158..
00:41:12iNeuron omni..
00:41:13iNeuron heal
00:41:16Tao 1 tank
00:41:17SUPERmamus i ult
00:41:17SUPERmamus go
00:41:28ChubbyChris2 blue is bot
00:41:29ChubbyChris2 gogo
00:41:47SUPERmamus b
00:41:48ChubbyChris2 ffs
00:41:49ChubbyChris2 b
00:41:49ChubbyChris2 b
00:41:51SUPERmamus b
00:42:00SUPERmamus b
00:42:03NotAHax b
00:42:03NotAHax b
00:42:10ChubbyChris2 couldnt u leap ? ..
00:42:10NotAHax try fight on lane
00:42:13SUPERmamus no
00:42:15BenDover take the freaking dusts from me guys
00:42:15NotAHax so es beter ult
00:42:34MonkeyKing tpt
00:42:35MonkeyKing tp
00:42:36MonkeyKing tp
00:42:49iNeuron all mid?
00:43:17MonkeyKing comeing
00:43:35ChubbyChris2 gotta fight them While i got token
00:43:35Knaitti ulti go?
00:44:15Knaitti mirana
00:44:18Knaitti what was that ULTI GO
00:44:20Knaitti thing...
00:44:22iNeuron had phone
00:44:23iNeuron gg
00:44:25Knaitti u instaed cos u didnt use ulti :<
00:44:33NotAHax mana
00:44:37NotAHax mana plz
00:44:38Knaitti obvious that they insta u if dont go with ulti
00:44:42ChubbyChris2 hoW can u all die
00:44:46ChubbyChris2 Without achieving anything
00:44:47ChubbyChris2 at all
00:44:47ChubbyChris2 ?
00:44:48MonkeyKing sec
00:44:54Knaitti well all low
00:44:54BenDover :P
00:44:59Knaitti spiked them like 15 times
00:45:00Knaitti in battle
00:45:07Knaitti mirana died with 0 dmhg
00:45:09ChubbyChris2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:03ChubbyChris2 just ff
00:46:05Knaitti fuckin omni
00:46:06Knaitti op hero
00:46:07Tao I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:09SUPERmamus I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:46:19MonkeyKing mana mana
00:46:25BenDover guys we need to fucking plan the teamfights lol
00:46:30BenDover we just run around like niggers
00:46:30ApLoX b
00:46:30Knaitti mirana ulti
00:46:32Knaitti and we win
00:46:34NotAHax no
00:46:42ApLoX kk
00:46:45Knaitti but he dont figure to use it
00:46:46ApLoX not b then
00:47:00Knaitti get that omni down
00:47:02Knaitti first
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