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-9 X
-7 TS

93% | 1437 X | 1571 TS

-52 X
-14 TS

65% | 1216 X | 1337 TS

+6 X
-25 TS

37% | 1011 X | 1280 TS

+21 X
-23 TS

26% | 918 X | 1284 TS

-15 X
-33 TS

13% | 915 X | 1163 TS

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+4 TS

78% | 1241 X | 1486 TS

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+5 TS

64% | 1149 X | 1404 TS

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+5 TS

60% | 1136 X | 1364 TS

-6 X
+8 TS

37% | 1017 X | 1275 TS

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+4 TS

17% | 886 X | 1254 TS

Chat log

00:00:03NotAHax -ap
00:00:06Jwalker -hhn
00:00:06Jwalker -clear
00:00:34Swagga who mid?
00:00:40NotAHax wanna bet?
00:00:41Herre shares
00:00:42Herre XXXXXd
00:00:46N2xy necro.. wanna solo mid?
00:00:49jrNy hmm
00:00:51NotAHax Bendover
00:00:51Swagga -clear
00:00:52NotAHax ur top
00:00:52NotAHax btw
00:00:52Herre ok
00:00:54NotAHax Lion Clock bottom
00:00:58NotAHax ur top
00:01:03NotAHax "captain decieds lanes"
00:01:09NotAHax clock bottom
00:01:10creeeeeee decay + stuntoss
00:01:11creeeeeee pewpewpew
00:01:18NotAHax clock afk
00:01:18NotAHax wow
00:01:18Jwalker no
00:01:18Jwalker rofl
00:01:18BenDover ?
00:01:18N2xy sad
00:01:22Jwalker ^.-
00:01:22NotAHax UR TOP BEN
00:01:27NotAHax UR TOP LANE
00:01:28Herre buy flying asap
00:01:30NotAHax RETARD
00:01:31Swagga lal
00:01:44Jwalker -hhn
00:01:45Jwalker -clear
00:01:50BenDover get wards
00:01:54NotAHax :D:D
00:02:12jrNy tb
00:02:15creeeeeee im small but i hurt
00:02:15jrNy fb
00:02:16jrNy bot
00:05:55N2xy veno?
00:06:02Swagga we
00:06:03N2xy nice
00:06:04N2xy :D
00:06:05creeeeeee jeap
00:06:05creeeeeee :D
00:06:05Swagga weee
00:06:39svents ss1
00:06:57NotAHax can you fucking retard stop shooting raktess midd
00:07:04Jwalker qq
00:07:21Herre mid miss
00:07:37jrNy kk
00:07:40Jwalker 'rhasta
00:08:05svents re1
00:08:07svents re2
00:08:20creeeeeee 20
00:08:23creeeeeee for combo
00:08:23N2xy kk
00:08:26NotAHax lion
00:08:26NotAHax come mid
00:08:35NotAHax haste
00:08:36jrNy omw
00:08:54NotAHax wait
00:08:55NotAHax wait
00:08:59NotAHax okay we can go
00:09:01NotAHax got ulti + sutn?
00:09:07svents ss
00:09:08svents ss2
00:09:08NotAHax gu
00:09:09NotAHax gj
00:09:09Herre gg
00:09:19svents ss lion
00:09:24Herre no kidding?P
00:09:26Herre buy wards
00:09:28Herre and flying
00:10:09svents ss12
00:10:19Swagga ss top
00:10:36Herre stay at ur lane.
00:10:49N2xy ss
00:10:50N2xy 2
00:10:50N2xy top
00:11:00creeeeeee kill
00:11:06NotAHax care
00:11:06NotAHax ..
00:11:45NotAHax can someone buy wards?
00:11:47NotAHax orange get wards
00:11:51Herre mid miss
00:11:52BenDover broke
00:11:55BenDover someone else get it
00:11:55NotAHax leave midd
00:11:56NotAHax go top
00:11:57NotAHax atleast
00:12:07NotAHax leave
00:12:07NotAHax midd
00:12:16NotAHax whjat part you dont get
00:12:45NotAHax omw
00:13:05NotAHax go
00:13:06NotAHax clock
00:13:34NotAHax cool last hitting
00:13:40NotAHax why noone isent top?
00:13:42Swagga haha
00:13:47Swagga i go
00:14:00N2xy lol
00:14:10N2xy afk tiny?
00:14:10N2xy :D
00:14:14creeeeeee nope
00:14:15creeeeeee but
00:14:17creeeeeee there's 5
00:14:18creeeeeee :D
00:14:26N2xy when i went there was 2
00:14:30N2xy with you we can kill 2
00:14:34N2xy and 2 was helping later
00:14:45NotAHax sure you know
00:14:51Herre illu
00:14:55creeeeeee i know everything
00:15:05BenDover you a wizard ?
00:15:11creeeeeee nope
00:15:13Herre go away
00:15:14creeeeeee wizards suck
00:15:16NotAHax hes not last pick like you
00:15:21Herre go gang
00:15:24Herre -ma
00:15:52NotAHax get wards..
00:15:53NotAHax seriously
00:15:54BenDover omfg
00:15:58Swagga in base
00:15:59BenDover thought he was out of mana
00:16:00Swagga bought
00:17:04NotAHax :D:D
00:17:04NotAHax retard
00:17:17NotAHax god sake
00:17:19NotAHax to runes
00:17:19NotAHax ...
00:17:25BenDover dude
00:17:26BenDover stfu
00:17:31NotAHax well ur fucking retard
00:17:35NotAHax last hitting kills
00:17:36NotAHax not ganging
00:17:38NotAHax just farming with qop
00:17:39NotAHax :DD
00:18:00NotAHax again pro last hit
00:18:17BenDover im gonna let him run for you to get him next time
00:18:18BenDover srsly
00:18:19BenDover ...
00:18:21Herre new wards
00:18:31Swagga gank
00:18:41Swagga they will come
00:18:44Herre gang lycan
00:18:46creeeeeee top careful
00:18:46Herre lol
00:19:11BenDover epic fail
00:19:20Swagga haha
00:19:23N2xy allmost hot me
00:19:25N2xy got
00:19:29BenDover no shit :P
00:19:37BenDover lion hex ?
00:20:14Herre so
00:20:15Herre gang
00:20:26Herre earlier.
00:20:34creeeeeee well i looked away :S
00:20:38Herre :f
00:20:48creeeeeee KILLL
00:21:14creeeeeee i got kill
00:21:15BenDover wtf was that
00:21:15creeeeeee yea
00:21:16creeeeeee haha
00:21:23BenDover save lion
00:21:33N2xy got you
00:21:35N2xy :D
00:22:23jrNy my fucking wc3 screen is 17" and i have 21" in windows dont know how to fix it ..
00:22:25jrNy its so lame
00:22:53creeeeeee you dont know how to fix it
00:22:54creeeeeee not windows
00:23:07jrNy yeah o dont know how to fix it
00:23:11Herre wards
00:23:28Swagga care
00:23:37Swagga lal
00:23:41N2xy lol
00:23:44jrNy wtf was invis :D
00:23:45Herre gang
00:23:45creeeeeee he used invis
00:23:49creeeeeee i know :D
00:23:49jrNy gem ?
00:23:50creeeeeee Lol
00:23:53svents :D:D
00:23:53Herre or push?
00:23:53N2xy hack
00:23:56Herre push mid
00:24:01jrNy you shacle me when i was invis :)
00:24:06Herre got ward and wards
00:24:09svents now u werent then
00:24:12Herre go
00:24:12jrNy Pewpew
00:24:13Herre tower
00:24:46Swagga fail
00:24:55creeeeeee fail toss
00:24:59creeeeeee blink was too short :D
00:25:28N2xy no blink?
00:25:35creeeeeee blinked from base
00:25:38creeeeeee to get top fast :S
00:25:51NotAHax i say it simply
00:25:57NotAHax we win if we go together and you guys /ignore orange
00:26:13Herre dont farm
00:26:15Swagga then tell clock not to steal
00:26:16Herre we cannot outfarm lyca
00:26:21N2xy ye.. lets go top
00:26:23creeeeeee cant see none
00:26:29creeeeeee should push then
00:26:30creeeeeee or sth
00:26:44NotAHax ¨just
00:26:46NotAHax turte
00:26:48NotAHax turtle
00:26:50NotAHax tele
00:27:06NotAHax gather
00:27:12NotAHax b rambo
00:27:23jrNy i just stunend
00:27:23NotAHax qop
00:27:23jrNy him
00:27:24NotAHax go bait
00:27:27NotAHax bait them here
00:27:39Herre ..
00:28:09Herre gg
00:28:12Swagga do i have to fucking intiate
00:28:13NotAHax see?
00:28:19BenDover tiny you fucking kidding me ?
00:28:21NotAHax well y
00:28:22NotAHax ur ulti kinda win
00:28:28creeeeeee ?
00:28:28Swagga kk
00:28:39Swagga lal
00:28:39BenDover tiny you god ?
00:28:55Herre what can you do against lyca
00:28:56BenDover he intentionally returned because i was fucking blinking
00:28:57Herre nothing
00:28:58NotAHax Y tiny god plxxdxiitmylord teach me play
00:29:04svents ghost
00:29:32NotAHax rosh is back
00:29:33NotAHax going get it
00:29:34NotAHax come help me
00:29:46NotAHax i get dd
00:29:47BenDover go
00:29:49NotAHax wait
00:29:50NotAHax wait
00:29:51NotAHax WAIT
00:29:52creeeeeee just get ghost scepters
00:29:55svents y
00:29:58NotAHax you guys
00:29:59NotAHax stay here
00:30:01BenDover lion get wards
00:30:03NotAHax i go rosh alone
00:30:27BenDover back
00:30:27BenDover back
00:30:36NotAHax i get rosh
00:30:38creeeeeee and wards
00:30:38Herre great farming
00:30:39creeeeeee needed
00:30:39N2xy rosh up?
00:30:40Swagga inc
00:30:43Herre yes
00:30:44Herre its up
00:30:52Herre I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:03NotAHax GU_Ys
00:31:04NotAHax wtf
00:31:14NotAHax team
00:31:14NotAHax yo
00:31:25NotAHax you guys
00:31:26NotAHax look
00:31:27NotAHax i go 1v5
00:31:31creeeeeee he is so easy
00:31:31NotAHax wtf are you thinking?
00:31:35Herre just
00:31:37Herre do your work
00:31:37BenDover that you're a dumbass
00:31:38creeeeeee just with aegis again
00:31:39Herre and dont farm at woods
00:31:40Herre ok?
00:31:42NotAHax :DDDDD
00:31:46BenDover :D
00:31:48jrNy zz Qop..
00:31:48Herre and palce wards
00:31:55Herre and let me farm
00:31:55N2xy lets go 5 top
00:31:57NotAHax you rly are begging me to lose this game
00:31:59NotAHax shall i?
00:32:01Herre got mystic soon
00:32:03Herre going for guinsoo
00:32:09NotAHax ur not first retard i have teached some respect for captain
00:32:22Herre let me
00:32:23BenDover who ?
00:32:28Herre got mystic soon
00:32:47Herre 100 more
00:32:49Herre wards?
00:32:49creeeeeee in our forest
00:33:11Herre def mid
00:33:24NotAHax go get full manas duudes
00:33:25Herre and those wards :DDDD
00:33:26NotAHax and lets go with 5
00:33:29Herre srsly.
00:33:54Herre all miss
00:33:57N2xy lets go top
00:34:25jrNy to fast
00:34:39creeeeeee will see about that
00:34:40jrNy push ?
00:34:42creeeeeee :)
00:34:48NotAHax go midd
00:34:48NotAHax all
00:34:51NotAHax we go there
00:34:55BenDover wait i need mana
00:34:56Herre lets gang
00:35:00N2xy lets go
00:35:02N2xy all 5
00:35:04Herre gather
00:35:10Herre veno has lothar
00:35:11NotAHax whats piont of waiting if you if use ur ulti only for last hitting kills?
00:35:13Herre so care for him
00:35:19NotAHax instead of usiong it wull power and using it when we go in
00:35:26NotAHax go necro
00:35:39BenDover gonna use it nice
00:35:51NotAHax zz
00:35:57BenDover i said wait
00:36:07Swagga they found us
00:36:09jrNy we need that ward down
00:36:15creeeeeee pugna ward needs to be placed well
00:36:18Swagga but we got 3
00:36:27creeeeeee those others just kill themselves
00:36:29NotAHax we need focus newcro
00:36:37jrNy ward
00:36:38jrNy fist
00:36:49Herre gpo
00:36:50Herre go
00:36:53creeeeeee he instas me
00:36:55Swagga on chick
00:36:59Herre ...
00:37:03Herre he does not
00:37:07creeeeeee not?
00:37:10creeeeeee i have 650 hp
00:37:12Herre ofc ont
00:37:13Herre if you stun
00:37:16creeeeeee stun ult and im dead
00:37:20Herre u stun first
00:37:20Herre :D:D
00:37:21creeeeeee had no vision as u saw
00:37:35NotAHax sigh relic...
00:37:55Herre engage again
00:38:06N2xy gather
00:38:17creeeeeee pugna just place sexy ward
00:38:20creeeeeee :)
00:38:41jrNy warded
00:38:43Herre try pushing mid a bit
00:38:52NotAHax isent it obvs?
00:39:02jrNy nothing is obvs when its gc
00:39:09BenDover back
00:39:14Herre b
00:39:15creeeeeee shiva is coming
00:39:23jrNy notahax
00:39:28jrNy use your gold
00:39:34N2xy lol
00:39:36Herre got guinsoo
00:39:38Herre wards
00:39:44N2xy why we didnt push there?
00:39:53Herre cause he would push a tower
00:39:56creeeeeee no need to give lyca free towers
00:39:57NotAHax get back
00:40:10Herre just
00:40:10N2xy ok.. rax or our second tower
00:40:30Herre we need wards.
00:40:36svents i have
00:40:37N2xy come
00:40:38N2xy plant
00:40:40svents help me to plant
00:40:43jrNy whre is the ward..
00:40:45Herre BUY ALL
00:40:48Herre dont let them stack
00:40:55jrNy ahah
00:41:03jrNy war
00:41:06NotAHax oon
00:41:12NotAHax ...
00:41:12N2xy mid
00:41:13NotAHax you guys
00:41:13N2xy !!1
00:41:13NotAHax ..
00:41:14Herre oush mid
00:41:15jrNy swagga
00:41:16Swagga fucker
00:41:18Swagga wrar
00:41:19jrNy use your ward
00:41:22jrNy to kill it
00:41:24NotAHax -.^
00:41:29Swagga stfu u got me killed
00:41:29jrNy jeez
00:41:34jrNy just put ward
00:41:36jrNy and go away
00:41:37creeeeeee heh
00:41:37jrNy mofo
00:41:41creeeeeee so cool smily :D
00:41:42jrNy how hard can it be
00:41:43Swagga motherfucker
00:41:47Swagga very hard
00:41:48NotAHax clock
00:41:49NotAHax you need jump in
00:41:50NotAHax wait all
00:41:52Swagga retard
00:41:54NotAHax GO
00:41:54jrNy oh mby the newb havent skilled it
00:42:14NotAHax ty for ur support
00:42:15NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:35Jwalker I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:41jrNy I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:13Herre dont chase.
00:43:28Herre push a bit
00:43:29Herre then b
00:43:32Herre when lyca arrives
00:43:37Herre b
00:43:37Herre b
00:43:40Herre b'
00:43:56BenDover wkjpadskl;sda;'
00:44:01NotAHax en voi tulla enää btw
00:44:03NotAHax ja endatkaa
00:44:08NotAHax I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:10Herre guard that roshan
00:44:11jrNy I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:17NotAHax go ff
00:44:18Herre push bottom now
00:44:37Herre or defend their rage pushes if they decide to push
00:44:54Herre more wards
00:44:59creeeeeee gogogo
00:45:19BenDover stop roshing like that
00:45:23Herre my
00:45:36N2xy mid and then top
00:45:37Herre push bottom
00:45:40Herre bottom
00:46:12Herre somebody should def
00:46:18N2xy i wll tps oon
00:46:24Herre if needed
00:46:49creeeeeee urn heal me
00:46:50creeeeeee plz
00:47:53creeeeeee :D:D:D
00:47:54jrNy NEW WARD
00:48:03jrNy I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:42BenDover jasdaasdl
00:49:53BenDover asdkjasdlkjals;adslkd;alwkda
00:50:03BenDover I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:47jrNy HAA
00:50:48N2xy lol
00:50:48NotAHax >D>
00:50:49jrNy HAHA
00:50:49N2xy XD
00:50:53BenDover take down the meatwagon
00:50:57Herre push top and finish
00:51:08jrNy I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:14NotAHax Arvaa
00:51:15NotAHax >DDDD
00:51:19NotAHax bendover
00:51:20NotAHax y
00:51:34NotAHax :D:D
00:51:41PinaryB talisman chicken?
00:51:44Herre gather top
00:51:44NotAHax sano arkkerille et se oikein johti tääl tiimiä
00:51:53Herre gather top
00:51:54Herre not alone
00:52:14NotAHax lol
00:52:16creeeeeee haha
00:52:18svents u cant :D:D
00:53:23jrNy HAHA
00:53:27N2xy xD
00:53:47BenDover gg
00:53:50svents gg
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