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-12 TS

97% | 1623 X | 1509 TS

-52 X
-4 TS

92% | 1421 X | 1566 TS

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-3 TS

55% | 1081 X | 1375 TS

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45% | 970 X | 1399 TS

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+6 TS

94% | 1505 X | 1533 TS

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31% | 969 X | 1272 TS

Chat log

00:00:06SlikposeN .
00:00:07Zhaetan -don
00:00:08Zhaetan -ii
00:00:09NotAHax ..
00:00:09SlikposeN -ii
00:00:13SlikposeN -cs
00:00:14NotAHax give me lion
00:00:16SlikposeN 0-0-0
00:00:18NotAHax oh
00:00:20NotAHax not cd
00:00:21fUNCh -clear
00:00:21TOo_LaZy omg
00:00:21Zhaetan -water red
00:00:21Nxtra howd they make theese teams
00:00:21TOo_LaZy this nxtra
00:00:21TOo_LaZy again :D
00:00:21TOo_LaZy :D
00:00:21Nxtra lol
00:00:21NotAHax >_>
00:00:21chodaboy np we win
00:00:21SlikposeN whats wrong with the teams
00:00:21chodaboy eezemode
00:00:21Nxtra -clear
00:00:21fUNCh banz tuskarz
00:00:21Nxtra ban es
00:00:21Nxtra i fp tuskarr or bala
00:00:21fUNCh why
00:00:21chodaboy bala?
00:00:21TOo_LaZy tuskar banned
00:00:21TOo_LaZy dont do bala
00:00:21fUNCh useless
00:00:21TOo_LaZy ;S
00:00:21TOo_LaZy do bs
00:00:21chodaboy bs mid
00:00:21chodaboy venge pudge lane
00:00:21chodaboy tiny lion
00:00:21Nxtra ban es
00:00:21SlikposeN ok
00:00:21chodaboy bs tiny lion venge pudge
00:00:21TOo_LaZy plz win this1
00:00:21TOo_LaZy i have 4 loss streak
00:00:21TOo_LaZy ;D
00:00:21SlikposeN tiny
00:00:21fUNCh 4 is nothing
00:00:21fUNCh had 6 lose, 1 win, 7 lose
00:00:21chodaboy same here=D
00:00:21SlikposeN ban tiny!!!
00:00:33NotAHax i go mid
00:00:34chodaboy funch
00:00:36chodaboy u venge?
00:00:36TOo_LaZy tuskar is carry ?
00:00:39fUNCh k
00:00:39chodaboy funch u venge
00:00:43SlikposeN to late
00:00:45NotAHax ..
00:00:47chodaboy i go pudge
00:00:47Herre xD
00:00:50NotAHax if you go there
00:00:54NotAHax i can tell you
00:00:56NotAHax we will lose this game
00:00:59NotAHax atleast i will go fun mode
00:01:02NotAHax ur choose
00:01:02SlikposeN thanks for the info
00:01:05NotAHax k
00:01:06NotAHax hf dagon
00:01:06TOo_LaZy pick
00:01:07TOo_LaZy bs?
00:01:11chodaboy imo
00:01:12SlikposeN <-- careface
00:01:14fUNCh clarities or i get basillus ?
00:01:16chodaboy we take sven and jakiro
00:01:23SlikposeN go dagon all you want
00:01:24fUNCh sven + razor rather
00:01:24TOo_LaZy or
00:01:27chodaboy -hhn
00:01:27TOo_LaZy i do
00:01:27chodaboy -di
00:01:28TOo_LaZy razor
00:01:30SlikposeN better than no items
00:01:30chodaboy sven razor
00:01:31TOo_LaZy i do razor
00:01:33Nxtra ska du ha mitt choda?A
00:01:33chodaboy me venge top
00:01:41fUNCh sven
00:01:43fUNCh take
00:01:49chodaboy visst
00:01:49fUNCh gut
00:01:50tjavo swap?
00:01:51chodaboy om du inte vill
00:01:53fUNCh -swap 5
00:01:56tjavo -swap 3
00:02:01SlikposeN slardar lion bot
00:02:06TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:02:07TOo_LaZy -di
00:02:07Nxtra du o jag top venge
00:02:15chodaboy -hhn
00:02:15chodaboy -di
00:02:17TOo_LaZy -clear
00:02:19TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:02:35chodaboy really good lanes
00:02:39SlikposeN gl
00:02:41fUNCh not really
00:02:41chodaboy u2
00:02:50TOo_LaZy gl hf
00:02:57tjavo lol
00:03:02chodaboy be sure to gank meepo
00:03:18chodaboy meepo easy gank
00:03:20chodaboy dont let him farm
00:03:28Nxtra pulla andra om de inte e wardat
00:03:58SlikposeN venge miss?
00:04:00SlikposeN or pull
00:04:01fUNCh võta linki
00:04:02Zhaetan Y
00:04:04fUNCh mitte 3'ndat
00:04:41NotAHax go
00:04:42NotAHax pull
00:04:45Zhaetan wards
00:04:50Nxtra thd lvl 3
00:04:52Nxtra haras lite
00:05:30NotAHax ..
00:05:39tjavo aj
00:05:58TOo_LaZy imb
00:06:01SlikposeN miss pudge
00:06:11chodaboy omw
00:06:12chodaboy go
00:06:33TOo_LaZy go?
00:06:36fUNCh oom
00:07:01fUNCh lemme get bottle
00:07:08fUNCh 100g
00:07:23fUNCh 1cs
00:07:35Nxtra ss top
00:07:37fUNCh 20mana
00:07:58chodaboy omw bot
00:08:02fUNCh kill
00:08:07chodaboy wait
00:08:08chodaboy for me
00:08:24chodaboy gj
00:08:32Nxtra crow
00:08:58chodaboy ry
00:08:58chodaboy sry
00:09:41SlikposeN miss pudge
00:09:46TOo_LaZy go mid
00:10:01chodaboy go bot
00:10:02chodaboy i come
00:10:08SlikposeN miss pudge
00:10:11SlikposeN car
00:10:13NotAHax what??
00:10:20chodaboy gief bottle
00:10:38Nxtra stunna
00:10:39Nxtra wtf?
00:10:44Nxtra stuna
00:11:00tjavo hade tele
00:11:05chodaboy ss mid
00:11:08tjavo gj anwayy
00:11:30fUNCh damn i need boots :D
00:11:35tjavo jag swappar
00:11:37chodaboy go top
00:11:45fUNCh nice swap
00:11:54NotAHax well played.
00:12:08tjavo superswap
00:12:11Nxtra :P
00:12:15tjavo :DDD
00:12:18Nxtra Kan du köpa en fågel?
00:12:19tjavo så vare inte de :pPppPp
00:12:20Nxtra wtb vnaguard
00:12:28Nxtra thx
00:12:38fUNCh support sven
00:12:55Nxtra imba sven
00:13:01tjavo swpa
00:13:02tjavo come
00:13:03Nxtra sec
00:13:10Nxtra kör när du kan
00:13:12tjavo y
00:13:18fUNCh get mana ?
00:13:29chodaboy coming with invis bot
00:13:36chodaboy wait for me
00:13:40fUNCh k
00:13:47chodaboy go
00:14:11Nxtra brb boots
00:14:36fUNCh ffs
00:14:46fUNCh epic fail
00:14:46chodaboy i come bot
00:14:47fUNCh so many lows
00:14:52chodaboy can someone buy me tp
00:14:53Nxtra tpo
00:15:00chodaboy thx
00:15:03tjavo pomw
00:15:07tjavo haste11
00:15:26Nxtra kom
00:15:27Nxtra venge
00:15:28Zhaetan someone wanna get wards
00:15:29Zhaetan lion
00:15:30Zhaetan ?
00:15:33tjavo oom
00:15:41Nxtra vänta på min boll
00:15:42Nxtra har terror
00:15:47Nxtra gogo
00:16:16Nxtra men gg
00:16:18Nxtra get tps guys
00:16:42wodrock pudge in c
00:16:50wodrock or not
00:17:03Nxtra tp
00:17:09tjavo g
00:17:14tjavo hora
00:17:15tjavo tpade fel
00:17:17tjavo omw
00:17:43tjavo japp
00:18:03Nxtra gank meepo
00:18:04Nxtra hard?
00:18:06Nxtra get tps
00:18:10Nxtra hes beent op for 15 min
00:18:10tjavo ja tpar
00:18:10Nxtra no tps
00:18:11tjavo om jag får pengar
00:18:15tjavo kan nån köpa tp
00:18:17tjavo till mig
00:18:18tjavo bas
00:18:42tjavo swap
00:18:42TOo_LaZy oom
00:18:50chodaboy need more wards
00:18:59chodaboy sven
00:19:00chodaboy kill bot
00:19:13TOo_LaZy i go take
00:19:14TOo_LaZy rune dd
00:19:14Nxtra hes here
00:19:15Nxtra again
00:19:16Nxtra tp
00:19:17Nxtra t
00:19:27TOo_LaZy get tower bot
00:19:33Nxtra still here
00:19:39Nxtra chilla
00:19:43chodaboy someone buy me tp
00:19:59SlikposeN go venge
00:20:09tjavo har barat reror
00:20:11tjavo terror
00:20:16Nxtra stunna en copy
00:20:17Nxtra b
00:20:52SlikposeN lion i fuck your mother soon
00:21:12tjavo omw mid
00:21:44NotAHax ProButLAgsK i see
00:21:47fUNCh swa+ ?
00:22:01Nxtra just go after meepo
00:22:05chodaboy gank mepo
00:22:06chodaboy y
00:22:19Nxtra gå här
00:22:24Nxtra dem har nog wards
00:22:26tjavo jao
00:22:30Nxtra han har illus här
00:22:30chodaboy bot
00:22:31chodaboy tp
00:22:36Nxtra gogo
00:22:36Nxtra omw
00:23:03NotAHax soon you carre us?=
00:23:10NotAHax carry*
00:23:12Zhaetan you cant do shit lion
00:23:13Nxtra go in woods
00:23:14Zhaetan random newb
00:23:16NotAHax :(
00:23:21Zhaetan i try n save u
00:23:24Nxtra vrf ska du farma
00:23:24Zhaetan I wont do it again dw
00:23:25NotAHax what??
00:23:25Nxtra lol
00:24:00wodrock lion, you block on purpose?
00:24:04NotAHax i stunned them
00:24:09NotAHax tried to save you
00:24:29Zhaetan there
00:24:33Zhaetan I try and save you
00:24:37Zhaetan yet you die and I die
00:24:37Nxtra jag baitar
00:24:43NotAHax aww :(
00:24:50chodaboy go bot
00:24:51Herre -ma
00:24:58chodaboy wait for me
00:25:00chodaboy soon tp
00:25:01chodaboy cd
00:25:39fUNCh takes too much time to reach him :D
00:25:45fUNCh loseing massive xzp
00:26:00chodaboy go
00:26:22fUNCh ffs
00:27:14TOo_LaZy -ms
00:27:52tjavo tp all
00:28:35NotAHax :;D
00:29:18Nxtra op shit
00:29:27SlikposeN oO?
00:29:47chodaboy omw
00:29:54chodaboy bate
00:30:17tjavo can SOMEONE ELE BUY WARDS TOOO
00:30:18tjavo plz
00:30:28tjavo 4th pick
00:30:31TOo_LaZy i have dd
00:30:42chodaboy kill mid
00:30:51TOo_LaZy go ?
00:31:10fUNCh whats that snow
00:31:15fUNCh swap
00:32:28tjavo TP
00:32:31tjavo WHY DONT YOU WEAR TP
00:32:50fUNCh top now
00:32:57fUNCh or team rosh
00:32:58tjavo wear fucking tppppppppp
00:32:59fUNCh tho its warded
00:32:59tjavo idiots
00:33:08fUNCh i had tp but no mana -.-
00:33:10Zhaetan -cs
00:33:20chodaboy got agha
00:33:30fUNCh we need top lvl2 tower atleast
00:34:23chodaboy care top
00:34:29chodaboy kill bot
00:34:31TOo_LaZy -ms
00:34:35fUNCh he will rosh soon
00:34:42Nxtra hooka
00:35:13Nxtra warded
00:35:13Nxtra care
00:35:33tjavo TP
00:35:37fUNCh meepo just needs 2 fags on top alltime
00:35:39fUNCh so we cant push
00:35:42chodaboy 1 on 1?
00:36:07TOo_LaZy nice
00:36:08TOo_LaZy nuce
00:36:18Nxtra you woulnd't have reached him anywyas
00:36:21chodaboy tp
00:36:25chodaboy soon cd gone
00:36:43Nxtra KOM
00:36:44tjavo FAST
00:36:44tjavo TP
00:36:47chodaboy go
00:36:47tjavo rosh
00:37:01chodaboy b
00:37:04tjavo razor take top far
00:37:05tjavo farm
00:37:31Nxtra kom
00:37:31chodaboy coem all
00:37:32Nxtra choda
00:37:41Nxtra KOM
00:37:43tjavo jag swappar
00:38:00tjavo gg
00:38:19Nxtra 3 hits 3 bashses?
00:38:19Nxtra k
00:38:29tjavo gj guys
00:38:31tjavo :)
00:38:41fUNCh 1 def
00:38:44TOo_LaZy go top
00:38:46chodaboy tp sven
00:38:47fUNCh i go
00:38:53TOo_LaZy i cand to
00:38:55chodaboy lets go all top
00:38:55TOo_LaZy shit
00:38:59fUNCh get bot
00:39:00fUNCh lvl2
00:39:15Zhaetan bala
00:39:17Zhaetan agha
00:39:27Herre bala
00:39:27fUNCh just b i guess
00:39:28Herre basher
00:39:49fUNCh k
00:39:51fUNCh all 5 top
00:39:55fUNCh heal and all top
00:39:56Zhaetan jakiro
00:39:57TOo_LaZy i go heak
00:40:02Herre jakiro
00:40:02Zhaetan why try to deny a tower u cant deny anyway
00:40:04fUNCh and sum1 plant wards
00:40:10Herre I dont understand you
00:40:16fUNCh othjer set too
00:40:18tjavo took them
00:40:19fUNCh on chick
00:40:37chodaboy go top
00:40:39chodaboy all
00:40:41chodaboy then push
00:40:57TOo_LaZy ill make bkb
00:40:58TOo_LaZy maybe
00:41:00TOo_LaZy or critical
00:41:01tjavo reg
00:41:02TOo_LaZy maybe first
00:41:04fUNCh i got 1 bkb
00:41:13TOo_LaZy i make critical for now
00:41:16chodaboy focus meepo
00:41:18fUNCh bkb is nice
00:41:20fUNCh better imo
00:41:22NotAHax blue
00:41:23fUNCh or
00:41:25fUNCh if lothar
00:41:27NotAHax i have message for you not letting me mid
00:41:29fUNCh mby just make helm of domi
00:41:34fUNCh link + lifesteal is nice
00:41:40SlikposeN what is that
00:41:50tjavo ill swap
00:41:59SlikposeN i have message for you to ruin game
00:42:00fUNCh scout with 2'nd skill
00:42:07SlikposeN !banrequest notahax ruin
00:42:09NotAHax :(
00:42:44Herre I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:52NotAHax I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:11NotAHax kill me
00:44:15NotAHax try
00:44:35TOo_LaZy all rly
00:44:35TOo_LaZy wp
00:44:42TOo_LaZy nice ganks and no shitty talking
00:44:42TOo_LaZy ;d
00:44:43fUNCh mostly funch tho
00:44:58tjavo wp all
00:45:00NotAHax you just activated my trap card
00:45:44Zhaetan lion
00:45:48Zhaetan im gonna report you
00:45:51Zhaetan enjoy
00:45:55NotAHax OH NOES
00:46:04chodaboy COME
00:46:17fUNCh :D
00:46:37chodaboy wpå
00:46:54chodaboy DONT GO DIE
00:47:37fUNCh i def
00:47:43fUNCh or he tp'd
00:47:53Nxtra all bot and win
00:48:10wodrock -ma
00:48:17fUNCh -ms
00:48:20Nxtra HAHA
00:48:20TOo_LaZy :DDD
00:48:23chodaboy wtf?
00:48:27TOo_LaZy i did not see im ultied
00:48:31TOo_LaZy i mean i did not understand
00:48:41TOo_LaZy so creeps
00:48:43TOo_LaZy killed me
00:48:45chodaboy kill
00:48:49Nxtra he will tp
00:48:50Nxtra go bot
00:48:51TOo_LaZy i wake up and end it?
00:48:54Nxtra if he tps we go
00:48:56Nxtra if eh doesnt we dont
00:49:03TOo_LaZy ill be up
00:49:04TOo_LaZy soon
00:49:05Nxtra tped
00:49:06TOo_LaZy so go bot
00:49:26Nxtra n1
00:49:37NotAHax i enjoy in this game
00:49:39TOo_LaZy do u use a lot of bad words
00:49:41TOo_LaZy inner chat?
00:49:46NotAHax y
00:49:51NotAHax blue swlardar gonna report me
00:49:54NotAHax i game ruin and suck
00:49:54NotAHax :(
00:49:59Zhaetan Lion hexing creep
00:50:01Zhaetan Wp
00:50:05NotAHax )
00:50:07TOo_LaZy i thoguth so
00:50:08Herre he is just a random noob
00:50:13chodaboy uve been nice slarda
00:50:15NotAHax y
00:50:16NotAHax slardar ima
00:50:17NotAHax imba
00:50:18NotAHax :D:D
00:50:24Nxtra gg wp slardar
00:50:27Zhaetan Thx
00:50:33Zhaetan Coz lion was much btet
00:50:53TOo_LaZy brb]
00:51:04TOo_LaZy end it?
00:51:16Nxtra just go
00:51:16Nxtra bot
00:51:18Nxtra i push top
00:51:23TOo_LaZy k i have
00:51:26TOo_LaZy lifesteal now
00:51:50TOo_LaZy i come in peace
00:52:03SlikposeN cant rebuy how sucky is this
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