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Chat log

00:00:19Skinkemaden pl ?
00:00:19Planktoni what are u banning?
00:00:19whatugotskills ban morf
00:00:19whatugotskills or nag
00:00:19whatugotskills naga
00:00:19Planktoni morph or storm imo
00:00:19Wormik u banz naga
00:00:19whatugotskills ban morf or storm then
00:00:19Wormik and take eather one of those
00:00:19Skinkemaden ban pl ..
00:00:19Skinkemaden ..
00:00:19veuncent no one ever takes storm..
00:00:19Zajeb sry was afk
00:00:19Zajeb ban storm
00:00:19whatugotskills okay hhe :D
00:00:19whatugotskills ban morf
00:00:19veuncent lol
00:00:19Planktoni goiod player with storm is the gayest thing ever
00:00:19Wormik hmmm
00:00:19Wormik k
00:00:19Zajeb who wants morph or sand king?
00:00:19wodrock there are no good players
00:00:19wodrock in other team
00:00:19Lafrenzz i morph
00:00:19Wormik ban morph
00:00:19Zajeb ns want?
00:00:29whatugotskills Morf And Storm Banned
00:00:32Planktoni does someone play naga?
00:00:39Lafrenzz are u mid
00:00:53Zajeb depends what u get?
00:00:56Lafrenzz i go pl
00:01:01Zajeb then u mid
00:01:06Zajeb more imba hero
00:01:11Lafrenzz well
00:01:16Lafrenzz hard vs dest
00:01:18Planktoni tiny kunkka would be nice
00:01:20veuncent slardar
00:01:32whatugotskills -repick
00:01:37veuncent ..
00:01:40Planktoni what was that tb pick?
00:01:42whatugotskills omg wrong
00:01:46Wormik rhasta nice
00:02:13Planktoni can u handle tb?
00:02:20whatugotskills no
00:02:23whatugotskills ^^
00:02:24Planktoni -swap 4
00:02:28wodrock fast swap
00:02:30whatugotskills -swap 2
00:02:30Zajeb if u cant handle mid pl let me know so we swap
00:02:34veuncent good
00:02:36Planktoni items wrong
00:02:38Lafrenzz yy
00:02:44Planktoni i go jungle
00:02:45Skinkemaden -afk
00:02:49wodrock k i go bot then
00:02:54Lafrenzz just need some gangs
00:02:58veuncent run tiny run
00:03:04Planktoni lion buy items
00:03:10Planktoni ah
00:03:26Planktoni this tb was really bad pick to this game
00:03:29Skinkemaden who pulls ?
00:04:24Lafrenzz rune bot
00:05:28veuncent wtf
00:05:28wodrock hm
00:05:32Lafrenzz haste bot
00:05:33veuncent that sucked
00:05:33Wormik pls miss
00:05:33wodrock why are you suiciding
00:05:50wodrock just stay back
00:05:52veuncent y
00:05:56veuncent i will
00:06:20Zajeb dont block me
00:06:21Planktoni get flying
00:06:27Wormik guys ns was missing
00:06:28Lafrenzz dont go further
00:06:31Lafrenzz if u dont have mana
00:06:37Wormik care now
00:06:37wodrock b
00:07:02Skinkemaden go
00:07:11Skinkemaden dude
00:07:16veuncent nice
00:07:17Zajeb was shoping
00:07:23Skinkemaden so you see
00:07:23Skinkemaden ..
00:07:24Planktoni rhasta flying
00:07:29veuncent k
00:07:41Skinkemaden slow
00:07:51wodrock b
00:08:17Zajeb dd
00:08:19Skinkemaden k
00:08:27Lafrenzz ss
00:08:41whatugotskills ss 1
00:09:04veuncent reg
00:09:05Zajeb im coming up
00:09:07whatugotskills re 2
00:09:36whatugotskills nice ss for mid
00:09:40veuncent bot s
00:09:46Wormik pls is mid
00:09:56whatugotskills thx i can see i am dead
00:10:22reptile oom
00:10:49Skinkemaden 3 bot
00:10:50Zajeb bb why back?
00:10:53reptile oom
00:11:03Planktoni ss ns
00:11:07Skinkemaden help bot
00:11:29Skinkemaden COME BOT
00:11:32Skinkemaden free kilss ..
00:11:46Planktoni gang top
00:11:56veuncent -ms
00:12:06whatugotskills thx
00:12:14Skinkemaden stun ?
00:12:15Skinkemaden kiddign ?
00:12:38veuncent ss
00:12:39veuncent bot
00:12:57Lafrenzz ty
00:12:58Skinkemaden my rune
00:12:59whatugotskills this game gg
00:13:01veuncent incoming
00:13:02veuncent ns
00:13:07Skinkemaden ..¨'
00:13:08Skinkemaden TARD
00:13:14Wormik just chick at tower when this ns comes
00:13:27Skinkemaden STU
00:13:42wodrock i dont get it
00:13:48wodrock why they are with 4 always
00:13:52wodrock and we dont reven have wards
00:14:11veuncent help
00:14:30veuncent gone
00:14:32Skinkemaden omw
00:14:59whatugotskills b
00:14:59whatugotskills b
00:15:00whatugotskills b
00:15:00whatugotskills b
00:15:13Wormik b
00:15:14whatugotskills omg rasta why not lvl 6
00:15:23wodrock fucking pa thetic
00:16:26wodrock kil sk
00:16:56Zajeb lion
00:17:42wodrock why the hell did you tp away
00:17:45wodrock lion
00:18:24veuncent b
00:18:43wodrock 0 ppl in mid
00:18:44whatugotskills -ma
00:18:45wodrock k
00:19:10Planktoni b
00:20:04veuncent nice
00:21:14wodrock wtfd
00:21:17veuncent w
00:21:18veuncent t
00:21:19veuncent f
00:21:20wodrock are you even doing :D
00:21:20veuncent :D
00:21:27veuncent planting a ward ofcourse
00:21:40wodrock and get trapped by creeps?
00:21:52veuncent yes thats right
00:22:14Wormik shet too many
00:22:18whatugotskills b
00:23:01Skinkemaden farm bot
00:23:13Planktoni it's pretty much lost
00:23:20whatugotskills y
00:24:53whatugotskills this game lost
00:25:02Planktoni thx to ur pick :/
00:25:34whatugotskills we have a rasta there are in lvl 7 in 22 min lol
00:25:45wodrock that's not the reason
00:25:49veuncent sure put the blame on me
00:25:58wodrock rhasta is doing a good job
00:26:03veuncent thank you
00:26:30Zajeb tp some1
00:26:44Lafrenzz tard crix
00:26:57veuncent escort me to plant wards please
00:27:24Wormik nvm
00:30:00wodrock v
00:30:02Planktoni yy
00:30:48Wormik needed 4 properly
00:30:52Wormik we had that fight :S
00:31:11veuncent puck is a bitch
00:31:16Wormik but paper
00:31:37wodrock dont die
00:32:10veuncent nice block!
00:32:29Wormik b
00:32:46Zajeb bb be more agressive
00:32:54Zajeb they cant touch u
00:33:34Skinkemaden ward
00:33:37Planktoni y
00:33:38Planktoni mid
00:33:47wodrock pls dont
00:33:48wodrock fight yet
00:33:49veuncent also bot
00:34:35veuncent always that puck bitch
00:35:20Zajeb go fast ro
00:35:21Zajeb ?
00:35:24Planktoni pl is weak as hell
00:35:33Skinkemaden gonna counterward
00:35:35Skinkemaden the we can
00:35:38Skinkemaden then
00:35:38Wormik 400 and i might able to 1hit him
00:35:40Wormik with ulti
00:35:51veuncent lion can you start buying wards?
00:35:58veuncent please
00:36:40Wormik gj
00:36:43veuncent w00t
00:37:40wodrock -ma
00:38:30wodrock we have 2 hex :D
00:38:32wodrock still nothing
00:39:29whatugotskills nice
00:39:50Zajeb we need that rax and fast
00:41:01Zajeb go mid
00:41:19wodrock yea
00:41:22wodrock cant win when half of the team is playing
00:41:23wodrock at once
00:41:23Skinkemaden rax
00:41:26Skinkemaden and i go b
00:41:49wodrock ffs
00:41:59Skinkemaden i get rune
00:42:02Skinkemaden no mana
00:42:33Skinkemaden ward down
00:42:46Planktoni eblade=?
00:42:54wodrock omfg
00:42:56wodrock again
00:43:04wodrock pls look at the minimap
00:43:05wodrock guys
00:45:50whatugotskills ther
00:48:26Skinkemaden i place wards at rosh
00:48:29Skinkemaden lets go then
00:49:09Skinkemaden -apm
00:50:15Wormik fkc
00:50:40veuncent wow nice :D
00:50:55Planktoni lucky us they play stupid as hell
00:50:57veuncent only too late
00:51:01wodrock nope
00:51:04wodrock i got gem
00:51:07Skinkemaden get rosh !
00:51:08Planktoni i'm getting fat
00:51:11wodrock :D
00:51:30Planktoni got skadi
00:51:33Skinkemaden gem
00:51:34Skinkemaden !
00:51:40Planktoni no
00:51:42Planktoni move together
00:51:44Planktoni kill them
00:52:09Zajeb all def
00:52:10veuncent tps?
00:52:15whatugotskills y
00:53:00veuncent loller
00:53:03veuncent sucks
00:53:12veuncent get sieges
00:53:25veuncent :D
00:53:26wodrock lol this guyõ
00:53:26veuncent dude
00:53:32wodrock pretty useless the whole game
00:53:34veuncent tb
00:53:37whatugotskills omg
00:53:38Planktoni dgåphjf
00:53:38Planktoni hxgf
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