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+44 X
+14 TS

99% | 1653 X | 1583 TS

+44 X
+11 TS

90% | 1442 X | 1424 TS

+62 X
+3 TS

87% | 1381 X | 1472 TS

+42 X
+9 TS

69% | 1293 X | 1351 TS

+32 X
+3 TS

66% | 1236 X | 1346 TS

-40 X
-7 TS

93% | 1451 X | 1525 TS

-43 X
-6 TS

91% | 1491 X | 1408 TS

-41 X
-2 TS

89% | 1359 X | 1537 TS

-41 X
-2 TS

77% | 1305 X | 1423 TS

-47 X
-3 TS

79% | 1216 X | 1488 TS

Chat log

00:00:03kircho_kirev -ap
00:00:03Soulyah -ap
00:00:03MATi -ap
00:00:08Sjakalen why didi you pick barrum
00:00:08Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:09Affliction -ii
00:00:21MariahCarry don't pick bara
00:00:22MariahCarry dude
00:00:24MariahCarry what the hell
00:00:31kircho_kirev get
00:00:32MariahCarry wormik
00:00:32kircho_kirev chick
00:00:34FetAA venge top with kunkka
00:00:39The_KknD ok
00:00:41MariahCarry how are u even in a silvergame
00:00:42The_KknD better with u
00:00:43The_KknD bu ok
00:00:46Sjakalen furion
00:00:52Sjakalen you gonna get
00:00:54FetAA venge kunkka strong lane
00:00:55Sjakalen force ?
00:00:56kircho_kirev i dont get
00:00:57FetAA abba was just shitty pick
00:00:57Sjakalen hmm
00:00:58Sjakalen lanes
00:00:59Sjakalen is
00:01:01kircho_kirev why u pick carries
00:01:03Soulyah lanes are*
00:01:05Sjakalen es barum bot
00:01:05MATi ill see what farm illget
00:01:05Wormik HEY
00:01:08Sjakalen raxxra
00:01:08kircho_kirev when we can win for 30 mins
00:01:08The_KknD i am not carry
00:01:08FetAA cause im pro carry
00:01:08Sjakalen mid
00:01:11FetAA u rest not
00:01:13Sjakalen furion
00:01:14Sjakalen me
00:01:15Sjakalen top
00:01:16kircho_kirev yeah
00:01:22Lowbob im semi
00:01:23The_KknD where u want ward
00:01:25MariahCarry ok
00:01:26kircho_kirev 25 min pt + ring inc
00:01:28Wormik SO STFU KTNXXBYE
00:01:29MariahCarry then go ahead and ruin game
00:01:33FetAA on u?
00:01:33MariahCarry if u were asking for venge
00:01:35FetAA try better..
00:01:36MariahCarry that makes sense :)
00:01:42Affliction fetAA you wanted THD ? the worst hero in dota
00:01:45Wormik forgot chick
00:01:46FetAA lol
00:01:49MariahCarry ban
00:01:50MariahCarry srsly
00:01:51Lowbob thd is nice
00:01:51MariahCarry sell items
00:01:54Affliction no
00:01:54MATi no
00:01:54MariahCarry i need fast bottle
00:01:54Wormik quiet bitch
00:01:56Lowbob i love that hero
00:01:56Soulyah no lol
00:01:57FetAA thd is nicie u coulda babysit me
00:01:58MATi ill activate asap
00:01:59FetAA its good hero
00:01:59Sjakalen banned
00:02:00MATi i can tp base
00:02:03kircho_kirev DONT FEED
00:02:03kircho_kirev PLS
00:02:06kircho_kirev and we win]
00:02:11Affliction shitty ulti random stun and poop passive
00:02:13The_KknD kill?
00:02:17The_KknD mid or top?
00:02:34FetAA kunkka no torrent ;p
00:02:48Soulyah void frams
00:03:02Sjakalen furion
00:03:04Sjakalen semi woods
00:04:02The_KknD :D
00:04:05MATi :D
00:04:05Lowbob owned
00:04:06MATi i got them all
00:04:59Lowbob b
00:05:02The_KknD omg
00:05:02Lowbob wtf
00:05:11Sjakalen gj
00:05:16Wormik CHARGED
00:05:23MariahCarry k
00:05:38Soulyah Lol u wanted that creep badly
00:05:43Sjakalen ss
00:05:46FetAA bara cahrged from base
00:06:27Lowbob stun?
00:06:31The_KknD ok
00:06:32The_KknD :)
00:06:43The_KknD ss
00:06:45The_KknD furi
00:06:47Affliction sry
00:06:47Affliction :/
00:06:53FetAA ?
00:06:58Affliction steal
00:06:58Affliction :/
00:07:01FetAA lol not
00:07:02MariahCarry tp mid furion gank
00:07:03MariahCarry ?
00:07:12Affliction well aim not carry
00:07:13Affliction :/
00:07:17The_KknD gj
00:07:39The_KknD omw mid
00:07:43Sjakalen get
00:07:44Sjakalen him
00:07:45Affliction pulling
00:07:46Sjakalen furon
00:08:06The_KknD ?
00:08:12kircho_kirev i wasnt
00:08:13kircho_kirev watching
00:08:14kircho_kirev chat
00:08:17The_KknD hmm
00:08:21MATi ye sry
00:08:22The_KknD and map?
00:08:22MariahCarry venge was mid
00:08:22MATi venge miss
00:08:26kircho_kirev I WAS REGENING
00:08:27kircho_kirev and he send
00:08:29MariahCarry but my imba pig
00:08:29kircho_kirev pig to hit me
00:08:30MariahCarry saved m
00:08:32MariahCarry me
00:08:45Affliction ss bot
00:08:47Affliction 2
00:08:49Affliction es
00:08:50Affliction bara
00:08:52FetAA care mid
00:08:52MariahCarry can we gank him again?
00:08:53MariahCarry furion
00:08:54FetAA re
00:08:54FetAA re
00:08:57Affliction nvm
00:09:00MariahCarry my ulti + axes is only barely enough
00:09:01MariahCarry furion
00:09:07The_KknD wait
00:09:24kircho_kirev gj
00:09:27The_KknD u2
00:09:29kircho_kirev b now
00:09:32Lowbob furi miss
00:09:36Affliction lol
00:09:42Affliction reallly+
00:09:45The_KknD ss
00:09:57MariahCarry omw top
00:10:02Soulyah bot is lost
00:10:03Soulyah tovoid
00:10:03Sjakalen kk
00:10:05Soulyah freefarming
00:10:44Lowbob heal him
00:11:19FetAA 9 miin pt ring not 35
00:11:38MATi bot miss 3
00:11:49kircho_kirev try torrent
00:11:51kircho_kirev if u hit hes daed
00:12:17kircho_kirev owm bbot
00:12:17Affliction lol
00:12:17Affliction :D
00:12:19FetAA :D
00:12:20FetAA gj
00:12:23Affliction sry
00:12:27kircho_kirev or not
00:12:28Affliction was takeing items
00:12:28Affliction :D
00:12:30MariahCarry ss mid
00:12:56Affliction bot ss
00:12:56Affliction :/
00:13:17Sjakalen come
00:13:21Wormik CHARGED
00:13:26kircho_kirev b
00:13:28The_KknD lol
00:13:35Lowbob reuse
00:13:37FetAA kill es
00:13:55FetAA sry
00:13:56The_KknD :)
00:13:57Wormik wtf
00:13:57FetAA didnt know he had mana
00:14:03kircho_kirev let me farm top
00:14:09kircho_kirev get that
00:14:10kircho_kirev zombie?
00:14:18The_KknD swap
00:14:37kircho_kirev b
00:14:45MATi VOID DOWN
00:15:10Soulyah :DD:
00:15:11Sjakalen JEEES
00:15:14FetAA oom
00:15:27The_KknD lol
00:15:41Lowbob team
00:15:43Lowbob rly no tps
00:15:46FetAA gj
00:15:57FetAA top shoulda have
00:16:00MariahCarry give chicken
00:16:05Wormik fuck off
00:16:08MariahCarry LOL
00:16:11Wormik u used my hero
00:16:11MariahCarry ban
00:16:15MariahCarry no i didn't
00:16:38MariahCarry SHARE
00:16:40The_KknD sry
00:16:41kircho_kirev dont
00:16:45The_KknD i know
00:16:47The_KknD afk
00:17:08Sjakalen its gg when newbi lowbob pwning :/
00:17:22The_KknD omw mid
00:17:42Sjakalen mati
00:18:04Sjakalen mati
00:18:08Sjakalen first time furion
00:18:33MariahCarry gank mid?
00:18:36MariahCarry ??
00:18:45The_KknD comin
00:19:01Sjakalen SERIOUS FETA
00:19:05The_KknD :)
00:19:11FetAA 25?
00:19:14Affliction whine in teamsay
00:19:15Affliction :D
00:19:21Sjakalen more luck 75 %..
00:19:29Sjakalen oh stfu abba..
00:19:31FetAA well u woulda been dead anyways xd
00:19:39Sjakalen yah
00:19:59Sjakalen get
00:20:00Sjakalen some
00:20:02Sjakalen towers..
00:20:07MariahCarry want me to go BoT?
00:20:13Sjakalen nah
00:20:14Sjakalen dagger
00:20:21kircho_kirev go
00:20:29MariahCarry done
00:20:31kircho_kirev SWAP
00:20:34The_KknD fog
00:20:35The_KknD omg
00:20:38kircho_kirev u have
00:20:39kircho_kirev freaking
00:20:41kircho_kirev fog killer
00:20:48FetAA b
00:20:51kircho_kirev bara bot
00:21:05FetAA löol
00:21:10Affliction :/
00:21:14Sjakalen push
00:21:14Sjakalen and
00:21:15kircho_kirev get es
00:21:15Sjakalen go mid
00:21:35The_KknD stun :D
00:21:43kircho_kirev b
00:21:51kircho_kirev omw top
00:21:57kircho_kirev go help
00:21:57The_KknD lol
00:22:38MATi care
00:22:39MATi 5 there
00:22:45Sjakalen mati
00:22:47Sjakalen when you can
00:22:49Sjakalen see there is
00:22:57Sjakalen 4 heros top and 1 bot
00:22:59Sjakalen tp mud
00:23:01Sjakalen mid
00:23:28Sjakalen cmon
00:23:30Sjakalen g
00:23:43Sjakalen ffs
00:23:45Sjakalen rexxar
00:23:47Sjakalen faster
00:23:50The_KknD :D
00:23:54The_KknD gj
00:23:55Sjakalen LOWBOW PWNING
00:23:56Sjakalen WTF
00:24:01Sjakalen JEEES
00:24:09Sjakalen bm
00:24:10Sjakalen just
00:24:12Sjakalen fucking blink
00:24:14kircho_kirev aba
00:24:15Sjakalen to that necro
00:24:17kircho_kirev why werent
00:24:17MariahCarry k
00:24:18Sjakalen when i tp
00:24:18Sjakalen ffs
00:24:18kircho_kirev u in the fight
00:24:19kircho_kirev ;\
00:24:23Soulyah ffs
00:24:23Soulyah ffs
00:24:24Soulyah prolly
00:24:26Soulyah imo
00:24:26Soulyah ffs
00:24:31Affliction :/
00:24:35Affliction was @ bot
00:24:36Affliction :/
00:24:40kircho_kirev try to come
00:24:41kircho_kirev ur the
00:24:42kircho_kirev supporter
00:24:48FetAA fuuck
00:24:57Affliction can i has a cheesburger ?
00:25:06kircho_kirev venga
00:25:08kircho_kirev go furi
00:25:09kircho_kirev just wai tme
00:25:12kircho_kirev swp and kill
00:25:22kircho_kirev go
00:25:30Affliction lol
00:25:32Affliction :D
00:26:09Sjakalen ff
00:26:32Lowbob im b'
00:26:39FetAA why
00:26:54Lowbob cause
00:26:58Lowbob im charged
00:27:03kircho_kirev b
00:27:09Sjakalen haha lowbob pwning what an joke
00:27:25Lowbob su hater
00:27:51Sjakalen not hater its lol every game i see you play like shit and now you have 11-11
00:27:59MATi I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:03Soulyah overpicked notn else
00:28:19MariahCarry well
00:28:19MATi ff this game
00:28:20MATi its over
00:28:21FetAA can ulet me use chicken
00:28:21MariahCarry bara
00:28:22MariahCarry gg
00:28:23FetAA tryed last 2hours
00:28:24MariahCarry I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:29Sjakalen but Lucky told me you have to acc ? norrebro and lowbob ? why ?
00:28:49Lowbob lucky is a sad bitch
00:28:54Lowbob that whines
00:28:56Sjakalen kinda lame dont you think ?
00:28:57Lowbob 24/7
00:29:05Affliction :D
00:29:18Lowbob well he cant prove that bullshit so i dont care
00:29:21kircho_kirev jhesus
00:29:22kircho_kirev XD
00:29:25MariahCarry CAN U STOP IT
00:29:25FetAA well
00:29:26FetAA impossibile;p
00:29:37Sjakalen does he rly need prof.
00:29:57Soulyah I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:21MariahCarry taljin
00:30:26MariahCarry u from denmark?
00:30:46The_KknD :D
00:30:54Sjakalen yup
00:30:55Soulyah gg awp
00:30:57Soulyah good picks
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