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Chat log

00:00:04Malkepigen Thomas?
00:00:07SlikposeN wr
00:00:10SlikposeN ban wr
00:00:11SlikposeN WR
00:00:12SlikposeN BANNED
00:00:18SlikposeN today is the day
00:00:21ATS_ pick swapper
00:00:21Lafrenzz ?
00:00:21Wrench wr is ? sry havent played dota for 1year or so
00:00:21wiSH we are ur friends ull never be alone again
00:00:21Lafrenzz windrunner
00:00:21SlikposeN windrunner
00:00:21Wrench kk
00:00:21Malkepigen orange, you know who wr is?
00:00:21Wrench y
00:00:21Wrench run like the wind
00:00:21NotAHax what is wr
00:00:21NotAHax explain me
00:00:21ATS_ :DDDD
00:00:21Lafrenzz ban pink
00:00:21SlikposeN walkrun
00:00:21Malkepigen not a hax
00:00:21Malkepigen lol
00:00:21NotAHax ??
00:00:21Malkepigen you didn't quit gc?
00:00:21SlikposeN valkary
00:00:21wiSH bann smth
00:00:21NotAHax im hes frend
00:00:21ATS_ its like blowing cock
00:00:21SlikposeN karry
00:00:21NotAHax hes playing wow
00:00:21SlikposeN you know karry?
00:00:21NotAHax what i have to do?
00:00:21Malkepigen lol
00:00:21Malkepigen for real?
00:00:21wiSH cheers
00:00:21NotAHax yes
00:00:21Mario omfg
00:00:21SlikposeN i take doom if you dont ban him
00:00:21NotAHax i write some hero name or?
00:00:21Mario noob captn ban
00:00:21Wrench is it rice and curry ?
00:00:21wiSH go for it
00:00:21ATS_ ban troll
00:00:21Malkepigen Just write: ban venge
00:00:21NotAHax that blue guy with harpoon
00:00:21NotAHax what is name
00:00:21NotAHax ??
00:00:21wiSH you could also write I want techies
00:00:21wiSH and quit
00:00:21Malkepigen WRITE BAN VENGE
00:00:21Lafrenzz slardar
00:00:21Mario -.-.-.-.
00:00:21SlikposeN lardar
00:00:21NotAHax yes
00:00:21Mario .-.-.-.-.-
00:00:21SlikposeN oO
00:00:21NotAHax i ban slar
00:00:21ATS_ no pick venge
00:00:24ATS_ for me
00:00:25Wrench wr slard banned ?
00:00:27Lafrenzz u mid ?
00:00:30SlikposeN y
00:00:32Lafrenzz k
00:00:33Wrench kk
00:00:39Malkepigen I go mid
00:00:40NotAHax someone wants venge?
00:00:43ATS_ y
00:00:45Malkepigen vs doom
00:00:46Mario G
00:00:47Mario FD
00:00:48NotAHax k go
00:00:50Wrench get jugger 4 me
00:00:53Lafrenzz nah
00:00:54ATS_ i will ward and roam
00:00:55NotAHax MAlkepigen who are you
00:00:56NotAHax ?
00:00:57Wrench 4sure
00:00:57Pojetz roof enigma
00:01:01Malkepigen SOme old gc member
00:01:04Wrench i can play enigma
00:01:04Lafrenzz i do carry then
00:01:06Wrench also
00:01:06SlikposeN take thrall
00:01:07Malkepigen we were on eachothers flist
00:01:09Malkepigen back in the days
00:01:14ATS_ nota spectre
00:01:17ATS_ ?
00:01:24Malkepigen I was named qlimax back then
00:01:25Malkepigen but
00:01:28Malkepigen over 1-2 years ago
00:01:30Malkepigen maybe more
00:01:30Wrench specterererere
00:01:35Wrench gG
00:01:40Wrench want me to play enig ?
00:01:44Pojetz noo
00:01:45Wrench k
00:01:48ATS_ wtf nota
00:01:49Wrench what we need +
00:01:50Wrench fast
00:01:50Pojetz woods me
00:01:50Malkepigen Wrench
00:01:51Malkepigen Take slark
00:01:54SlikposeN dazzel
00:01:58Pojetz noo
00:01:58Pojetz thrall
00:02:04Lafrenzz dazzle top
00:02:05ATS_ -swap
00:02:07ATS_ -swap1
00:02:08Lafrenzz roof solo
00:02:10Lafrenzz enigma wood
00:02:10ATS_ -swap 1
00:02:12Lafrenzz me top
00:02:13NotAHax -swap 5
00:02:16Malkepigen LOL
00:02:16NotAHax sä oot parempi tolla
00:02:17NotAHax pelaa se
00:02:18Malkepigen And brown takes slark
00:02:19Mario -swap 1
00:02:23NotAHax ja oon röllänny
00:02:25NotAHax oon mä tääl oikeesti
00:02:27Pojetz Gj
00:02:29NotAHax wish osaa kyl farmata np
00:02:31Skinkemaden pull gank ect..
00:02:33NotAHax wish go bot
00:02:37wiSH ?
00:02:39wiSH rather not
00:02:43Malkepigen do
00:02:45NotAHax you go
00:02:45Malkepigen as captain says
00:02:47Pojetz why roof solo?
00:02:53Skinkemaden fast 6 ?
00:02:59wiSH cuz tc spectrelane so strong
00:03:02ATS_ axe mid
00:03:04Mario olo
00:03:06NotAHax more like cuz mario + me in vent
00:03:07Pojetz i dont think so
00:03:12Mario omfg
00:03:14Pojetz haha im drunk
00:03:15NotAHax and more like cuz i have played 9 years of this game
00:03:16NotAHax and you havent
00:03:16wiSH well you can go bot then cant you dear friend
00:03:16Pojetz -.-
00:03:20wiSH I actually have
00:03:21Wrench gr8
00:03:21NotAHax nope i cant
00:03:22Lafrenzz dazzle - haras
00:03:23NotAHax i wanna rape.
00:03:23Wrench failulties inc
00:03:26Wrench no shit
00:03:31wiSH im pretty sure ive played longer than you son
00:03:34Wrench ive played more dota than you so no need to guide'
00:03:37Mario lol
00:03:39wiSH cheers
00:03:40Pojetz 'nono i m the best ulti ever
00:04:10Pojetz warded
00:05:09Lafrenzz ffs
00:05:58Wrench ahh spectre freefarm lane
00:06:02Wrench this isnt lookin good
00:06:06Skinkemaden freefamrs?
00:06:08Wrench y
00:06:11Wrench ur 1v2
00:06:26Skinkemaden enigma gank
00:06:31Pojetz sec
00:06:33Pojetz lvl 4
00:06:47Malkepigen axe rapes doom
00:06:48Malkepigen aha
00:07:01Skinkemaden ss
00:07:01Skinkemaden tc
00:07:07Wrench ss slark
00:07:28Wrench sec
00:07:28Wrench warding
00:07:43ATS_ chicken?
00:07:49Wrench miss venge top
00:07:52Malkepigen stop blocking chick
00:07:55Malkepigen I need items -_-
00:07:55SlikposeN me
00:07:57Wrench y
00:07:57NotAHax yy
00:07:58Malkepigen standing mid naked
00:07:59Wrench ofc
00:08:03Skinkemaden today enigma ?=
00:08:10SlikposeN go
00:08:12Mario miss dazzle
00:08:13ATS_ care ulti
00:08:15Pojetz stfu
00:08:23Malkepigen -1
00:08:26Pojetz ill coming
00:08:30NotAHax doom top
00:08:39Malkepigen he had a tp in inventory
00:08:55Pojetz vodka is da best
00:08:58Pojetz thing ever
00:09:33wiSH ss
00:09:33SlikposeN me
00:09:35Malkepigen care
00:09:36Pojetz no
00:09:37Pojetz me
00:09:38wiSH re
00:09:39SlikposeN -,-
00:09:39Malkepigen doom inc bot
00:09:41Malkepigen with rune
00:09:51Pojetz gang then?
00:09:59SlikposeN miss axe
00:10:49Lafrenzz seriuse
00:10:54Lafrenzz skill grave one time man
00:10:58Wrench y
00:11:26Wrench ..
00:11:57ATS_ ss
00:12:29Malkepigen 1 stun and he's dead
00:12:44Mario gj
00:12:48Malkepigen scary swap :D
00:12:51SlikposeN -ii
00:12:51Skinkemaden tc
00:13:12Wrench care top
00:13:13Wrench venge tp
00:13:22wiSH if wouldve done ur shit we coulve killed enig
00:13:37Pojetz sec 40 mana
00:13:38Pojetz 'more
00:13:40Pojetz need
00:13:47Wrench i can give pot if u come
00:13:48Wrench here
00:14:05ATS_ 4 bot
00:14:05wiSH 4bot
00:15:17Skinkemaden oom
00:16:28Pojetz wtf slark 8 : 1
00:16:33Wrench yeah
00:16:35Lafrenzz yes i rly failed top
00:16:36Pojetz ff
00:16:38SlikposeN maybe join game when your team is nothing
00:16:42Pojetz stfu
00:16:43Pojetz please
00:16:58Pojetz need blink first
00:17:04Wrench we lack carrying power a lot
00:17:04Wrench :p
00:17:09Wrench theyve slark + spectre
00:17:11Wrench both doing fine
00:17:54Pojetz gj ult
00:18:25Wrench just ff it ? we have no proper cc, no carry
00:18:37Pojetz i m carry
00:18:39Wrench yeah
00:18:43Wrench and pigster
00:18:45Wrench but no farm at all
00:18:53Pojetz just play
00:19:43Malkepigen low lvl stun ?
00:19:55Malkepigen will get my dagger
00:19:57Malkepigen and come mid again
00:20:00NotAHax go fite
00:20:05ATS_ oom
00:20:06Wrench wait for enig ult Å?
00:20:48Wrench invi
00:20:50Pojetz look her farn
00:20:52Pojetz farm
00:20:53Pojetz is sick
00:21:01Wrench y
00:21:15Malkepigen so fucking close
00:23:08ATS_ all bot
00:23:56Pojetz omfg desktop is bad
00:24:23wiSH doom cd
00:25:13Wrench hes oom
00:25:15Lafrenzz enigma
00:25:20Malkepigen OMW
00:25:22Wrench _DS;:
00:25:24SlikposeN 0-10 bristle
00:25:25SlikposeN hf i hell
00:25:38Pojetz i m oom rly
00:25:39Malkepigen nice waste of ulti
00:25:39Pojetz haha
00:26:12wiSH doom cd again
00:26:52Wrench ?
00:26:56Skinkemaden we cant
00:27:05Wrench we can then just ff
00:27:12Wrench in case u didnt notice they still have 2carries we have 0
00:27:16Wrench they win turtle
00:27:31Skinkemaden i bet
00:27:34Skinkemaden that luci can turn
00:27:39Wrench cant :)
00:27:43Wrench spectre is a freewin lategame
00:27:56SlikposeN roof you save ulti for better time?
00:28:01Skinkemaden lol
00:28:03Skinkemaden was stunned ?
00:28:08SlikposeN 3 heroes was near
00:28:10SlikposeN and you run
00:28:11Skinkemaden STUNEND !?
00:28:12Pojetz ffs i hate dota now
00:28:12Skinkemaden ..
00:28:18Pojetz ;(
00:28:18ATS_ :D
00:28:23Pojetz too much vodka
00:28:25Malkepigen Uninstall it
00:28:32NotAHax go play runescape
00:28:36Pojetz i ll play
00:28:38Pojetz late
00:28:40Pojetz ;)
00:28:46Pojetz rs is the best
00:28:49Pojetz game
00:28:51Pojetz 4ever
00:29:00Pojetz :O i m emo
00:29:01Pojetz -.-
00:29:02Malkepigen if you're into 1D gaming, with low quality gameplay
00:29:03Malkepigen yeah
00:29:07Malkepigen 1-D
00:29:10Malkepigen 1-D
00:29:13Malkepigen Not 2d or 3d
00:29:17Malkepigen Fucking worst shit
00:29:18Malkepigen Ever
00:29:20Pojetz :D:DD
00:29:24Pojetz just stfu
00:29:25Pojetz NOOB
00:29:35NotAHax i play wow and i own there also
00:29:42wiSH rating
00:29:42Pojetz no
00:29:43wiSH ?.?
00:29:43Mario WoW
00:29:44SlikposeN gz
00:29:46NotAHax 2,8k atm
00:29:47Pojetz ur cock own
00:29:52wiSH setup?
00:29:56NotAHax Shatterplay
00:29:57Mario What to build
00:29:57Pojetz i m HOMO too now
00:29:58Pojetz ;/(
00:30:02Malkepigen lol
00:30:07NotAHax will go shadowcleave though
00:30:08NotAHax what realm youp lay?
00:30:11wiSH im at 24 with rmp:|
00:30:11NotAHax play*
00:30:13wiSH 2,4
00:30:15wiSH kazzak
00:30:17NotAHax :o nice
00:30:20NotAHax rmp with shadowpriest?
00:30:25wiSH he switches
00:30:26wiSH depending
00:30:27wiSH on enemy
00:30:34NotAHax lol how he have time to switch?
00:30:41wiSH well
00:30:44wiSH we play at certain times
00:30:49wiSH sec
00:30:49NotAHax o
00:30:49NotAHax y
00:31:35Malkepigen Lafrenzz
00:31:37wiSH well as u know at 2,4 rating u usually play the same taem 3-4-5 times in a row
00:31:38Malkepigen Uninstall wc3
00:31:43Lafrenzz i think i should
00:31:45wiSH he goes shadow vs tsg
00:31:51Pojetz VAO
00:31:56Pojetz shiva slark
00:31:58Pojetz worst
00:32:01wiSH and holy if there is alot of spellcleaves
00:32:30Wrench gg wp
00:32:41Wrench I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:52Skinkemaden .ff
00:32:57Skinkemaden I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:00Lafrenzz I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:03Lafrenzz .ff
00:33:07Wrench .ff
00:34:44Mario DENY
00:34:59wiSH to far away had animation
00:35:09Mario Tauren just ran by
00:35:22Malkepigen well
00:35:23Malkepigen tc ..
00:35:29ATS_ what?
00:35:31Malkepigen mith hammer after 32m of rape
00:35:48ATS_ like this hero would be carry
00:35:50ATS_ ?
00:36:01Malkepigen ? :D
00:36:03ATS_ offcourse it could be but
00:36:10Malkepigen yea, but still
00:36:12NotAHax GO END GUIYS
00:36:13NotAHax all midd
00:36:15ATS_ maybe its little better let spectre farm
00:36:22ATS_ agreed?
00:36:29Wrench sherlock in da house
00:37:05Pojetz enigma is in da housre
00:37:42NotAHax end
00:37:49NotAHax -ms
00:38:22Pojetz i love u too
00:38:30Pojetz noob
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