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+2 TS

89% | 1372 X | 1478 TS

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85% | 1363 X | 1435 TS

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+7 TS

75% | 1209 X | 1433 TS

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72% | 1142 X | 1465 TS

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95% | 1449 X | 1562 TS

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79% | 1297 X | 1424 TS

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79% | 1279 X | 1433 TS

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61% | 1078 X | 1397 TS

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51% | 1067 X | 1343 TS

Chat log

00:00:10FetAA action pool
00:00:17Papaya let me play potm or clock plz
00:00:21FetAA ?
00:00:21PeterLars LOL
00:00:24curdi ah soz..
00:00:37Jaylarno give me wr
00:00:39infect riki is annyoing
00:00:42N2xy i would like eza :D
00:00:44PeterLars pl
00:00:44infect jaki u there?
00:00:46curdi ban/pick furi :((
00:00:47infect n
00:00:48infect :)
00:00:50Herre I can play sk
00:00:59FetAA any1 venge?
00:01:02Jaylarno i can
00:01:03infect get me venge/sk/rhazta/sven/ud :):)
00:01:05FetAA k
00:01:14Jaylarno should not pick veng
00:01:15Jaylarno as first pick
00:01:16FetAA jakkihirki?
00:01:16Jaylarno this game
00:01:17PeterLars get him ud then
00:01:18Herre y
00:01:19Herre get sk
00:01:26jakkihirki fetaa?
00:01:26FetAA why
00:01:28FetAA venge best
00:01:30FetAA hero in pool
00:01:30FetAA :p
00:01:31Herre sk best
00:01:33Jaylarno not rly
00:01:34FetAA no,P
00:01:35Jaylarno wr
00:01:35FetAA yes
00:01:36Jaylarno better
00:01:37FetAA well wr
00:01:38Jaylarno my wr
00:01:38FetAA is nice
00:01:39Jaylarno better :)
00:01:43FetAA im wr
00:01:43FetAA sry
00:01:45FetAA ;(
00:01:46FetAA take venge
00:01:47Herre XXXXXd
00:01:49Herre take sk
00:01:51Herre xxxxxDD
00:01:52Jaylarno u
00:01:53Jaylarno pick
00:01:55Jaylarno for all of us
00:01:55FetAA i will sk venge
00:01:55Jaylarno dude
00:02:04Papaya i want potm/clock :(
00:02:06Herre sk sk sk
00:02:09FetAA who wanted ezaklor?
00:02:13N2xy me :p
00:02:14FetAA any1 sven?
00:02:15infect sk and sven
00:02:17Papaya get potm its good vs them
00:02:19infect would be nice
00:02:19N2xy but pick it later
00:02:23infect with rhazta wards
00:02:27infect but no real carry then
00:02:28infect :)
00:02:28Jaylarno let me crix
00:02:32Herre ¨I do sk
00:02:33Jaylarno my favorit hero
00:02:34Usires i play jugger
00:02:34Jaylarno herre
00:02:36N2xy someone wanted mirana
00:02:38curdi ud would be nice
00:02:39Herre nope, I play it
00:02:39Jaylarno im playing a better crix
00:02:40Papaya y me
00:02:40Jaylarno than u
00:02:43Jaylarno -clear
00:02:45infect stuns
00:02:46infect own more
00:02:47N2xy xD
00:02:50infect i think
00:02:50Herre I said thousend year before you did
00:02:52PeterLars ud
00:02:53PeterLars plz
00:02:55Herre years*
00:02:56Jaylarno haha funny crix
00:02:56Jaylarno game
00:02:59Jaylarno can dogde
00:03:02Jaylarno 2 stuns :)
00:03:06PeterLars infet
00:03:07FetAA any1 na?
00:03:09N2xy eza imba.. stun now
00:03:09PeterLars you play ud :D
00:03:13Jaylarno ill play crix
00:03:13infect sure
00:03:15Usires jugger is mine
00:03:17Herre nope, I play it
00:03:19jakkihirki yap
00:03:22Jaylarno no
00:03:22Herre I said it way before
00:03:23Jaylarno i play it
00:03:24FetAA well herre sayid first :e?
00:03:25PeterLars i play venge
00:03:26Jaylarno doesnt amtter
00:03:27curdi hm so im sven then
00:03:29Herre it sure does
00:03:30Papaya get razor phoenix
00:03:31Jaylarno fetAA
00:03:34Jaylarno let me play crix
00:03:35N2xy who can pick faster
00:03:37N2xy that plays
00:03:38Herre I play it
00:03:38Jaylarno way better than herres crix
00:03:42Jaylarno feeta
00:03:44Herre is not
00:03:45Jaylarno me or herre
00:03:49Jaylarno who plays crix
00:03:50PeterLars jugger med and u top
00:03:55FetAA herre saiyid first
00:03:56FetAA ..
00:03:58Jaylarno stupid
00:03:59Jaylarno -.-
00:04:01PeterLars jugger me and u toåp
00:04:01N2xy xD
00:04:02FetAA who r u ;p?
00:04:04Jaylarno my crix way better than hes
00:04:05Usires y
00:04:08N2xy prove it
00:04:10Jaylarno i saw herres crix
00:04:10curdi or should we go razor
00:04:14Jaylarno it isint good at all
00:04:17Herre just stop talking rubbish
00:04:21PeterLars jugger
00:04:31FetAA so
00:04:33FetAA hmm
00:04:33curdi lanes
00:04:34Jaylarno i suck
00:04:35Jaylarno at na
00:04:35Herre I have warned you before
00:04:39FetAA crix sk
00:04:41FetAA ezalor na
00:04:43Jaylarno i suck at na
00:04:43jakkihirki now good
00:04:45FetAA eza wards
00:04:45infect venge wards
00:04:49PeterLars to late
00:05:02curdi get basi UD
00:05:02FetAA eza na top
00:05:05FetAA eaaz go wards
00:05:07infect too late
00:05:09FetAA eza need tpo side
00:05:10FetAA in sentinel
00:05:11PeterLars ^^
00:05:14FetAA he can channel in fog
00:05:16curdi when u can that is..
00:05:20infect k
00:05:24FetAA and u can take pretty fast tower
00:05:24curdi i know u cant get if u buy courier
00:05:27FetAA then na can roam mid and shit
00:05:33N2xy yepo.. 6 min or 7 min
00:05:35Jaylarno i suck with na
00:05:37PeterLars i opgrad
00:05:39FetAA u pro na
00:05:39Jaylarno now i told u
00:05:43infect hard mid kinda
00:05:50Jaylarno nice build herre
00:05:53FetAA i saw ur na
00:05:54FetAA its pro
00:05:54Jaylarno next time buy stick
00:05:56Papaya get 2 watchers at runes na
00:05:58Jaylarno so u can stun twize
00:06:05Jaylarno just a pro crix
00:06:07Jaylarno tip
00:06:19PeterLars i pull?
00:06:22Usires sure
00:06:24N2xy vs invis
00:06:25N2xy care
00:06:31FetAA where
00:06:37FetAA put wardss?
00:06:39N2xy between topp
00:06:57infect herre, what happened to playing with recognisable nick?
00:06:58Jaylarno mana leak
00:07:03Herre ?
00:07:04Usires come stun
00:07:05Usires he burns
00:07:10Usires when pulled
00:07:19Herre what are you talking abou
00:07:21PeterLars wait
00:07:22Herre ..
00:07:50Usires ill pull
00:08:03Usires wards
00:08:22Usires camp
00:08:23Usires and go
00:08:26Usires before he burns
00:08:36PeterLars ok
00:09:00Jaylarno lemme farm
00:09:07jakkihirki go
00:09:37Jaylarno mana
00:09:40jakkihirki rune
00:09:41jakkihirki i take it
00:09:49Papaya why now?
00:10:00Herre thought there were no creeps
00:10:04Herre beetween the arrow
00:10:08Papaya oh
00:10:28Papaya gj
00:10:55curdi ss
00:11:02Usires miss neruz
00:11:03jakkihirki kill top
00:11:04Herre ezalor buy the flying
00:11:08PeterLars come
00:11:23FetAA furi tps
00:11:39infect ffs
00:11:40Papaya lol
00:11:41Jaylarno tt
00:11:42infect was shoping
00:11:43infect :/
00:11:45Papaya epic undy :D
00:11:46curdi are u doing that on purpose.....
00:11:49Herre y :g
00:12:20Herre ud miss
00:12:20Herre bottom
00:12:24Herre re
00:12:44Usires kill top
00:12:47jakkihirki y
00:12:49PeterLars y
00:13:04curdi ss
00:13:17Jaylarno fuck this
00:13:21Jaylarno keep ganking
00:13:32Jaylarno crix
00:13:37Jaylarno so much more easy top
00:13:42Jaylarno can dogde
00:13:43Jaylarno stun
00:13:46Jaylarno and stun away
00:13:49FetAA mm
00:13:52infect sk ss
00:13:55Jaylarno cant do shit
00:13:57Jaylarno veng furi
00:13:58FetAA y
00:13:59Jaylarno keeps ganking
00:14:08Papaya ss2
00:14:12Herre from behind
00:14:24Herre haloo?
00:14:26FetAA ?
00:14:29FetAA from behind and they stun me
00:14:30Herre :DD
00:14:30FetAA "haloo"
00:14:36Herre you saw it from miles away
00:14:40Herre that there was a gank incoming
00:14:41FetAA yes yes saw it
00:14:46curdi go
00:14:49Herre why did you die then
00:14:56FetAA i saw it that why i thinked its better to stay there..
00:14:58FetAA nice thinking
00:15:09Jaylarno ff
00:15:25Jaylarno this game is over
00:15:26FetAA ei o tpt
00:15:31FetAA why so
00:15:35curdi oomn
00:15:36Jaylarno cause u dont gank
00:15:38FetAA only top lane lost
00:15:38Herre kuolit ihan turhaan midissä
00:16:05PeterLars my
00:16:05infect potm freerfarms
00:16:35FetAA XD
00:17:00Herre :DD
00:17:13infect gank bot
00:17:15infect potm oom?
00:17:17PeterLars i come
00:17:35FetAA omw na
00:17:37FetAA crix
00:17:48curdi no mana :/
00:17:58infect n1
00:18:27curdi wards
00:18:44curdi vs gang with me
00:18:46curdi easy kills
00:19:06FetAA omw
00:19:16Jaylarno i give up
00:19:36jakkihirki ty
00:19:47PeterLars np
00:20:25Papaya put watchers at rune
00:20:29infect u dead furi
00:21:02Papaya omfg
00:21:04Papaya fail
00:21:52FetAA go
00:21:53PeterLars b
00:22:47Papaya lol
00:22:50Papaya stun into wood
00:22:59Herre lol
00:23:04curdi more wards up
00:23:07Herre chase him when cannot kill him
00:23:07Herre lol
00:24:06N2xy inv bot
00:24:19N2xy not anymore
00:24:55jakkihirki potm did you ravage me?
00:25:00Papaya what?
00:25:00FetAA :D
00:25:02FetAA mirana
00:25:02FetAA thata
00:25:08FetAA build sucks
00:25:10FetAA i mean lifesteal..
00:25:10jakkihirki did you hit me
00:25:14jakkihirki before i teled?
00:25:32Papaya well i autoattacked u
00:25:42FetAA en kattonu yhtää et telesit 10hpl
00:25:46FetAA no 200;l
00:25:51FetAA 200:l
00:25:53FetAA mut kummink
00:25:55jakkihirki se on sad
00:26:05FetAA kil
00:27:24infect fuck me
00:27:30Herre no thx
00:27:30Papaya just did
00:27:32FetAA thats what we doing ;p
00:27:42Herre it is so called "forced sex"
00:27:49infect just too tired to play really :D
00:27:54infect nba was exhausting :(
00:28:08Jaylarno bah
00:28:36curdi towers`?
00:28:57Jaylarno hihi
00:29:09jakkihirki wow
00:29:16jakkihirki todella vaikuttavaa
00:29:22FetAA ?
00:29:26infect he dead
00:29:27infect :d
00:29:35FetAA i know
00:29:42FetAA now
00:29:43infect u didnt know
00:29:44infect :D
00:29:53Herre eiiih
00:29:59Herre unohin furionin
00:29:59jakkihirki kyllä
00:30:00Herre xDDdd
00:30:05Herre olutjakki tulee
00:30:07Jaylarno tp
00:30:08Jaylarno top
00:30:09Jaylarno mirana
00:30:13Jaylarno hes gone
00:30:41Papaya shoulda prolly done that earlier
00:31:10jakkihirki care mid
00:31:16infect na
00:31:18infect there
00:31:20infect somewhere
00:31:23curdi wards -.-
00:31:44jakkihirki need
00:31:46PeterLars omw
00:32:42infect oom
00:32:49curdi furi voisit säki auttaa
00:33:02jakkihirki pakko defaa toi torni
00:33:09curdi miksei pusketa tornei
00:33:15jakkihirki koska eza vittuilee
00:33:27curdi ja miksei meidän vs osta wardei
00:33:35infect yeah
00:33:37infect imba def
00:34:09FetAA go de fmid
00:34:09infect furi, u hv tele but you are always one step behind them
00:35:04infect and i wotn def alone anymore
00:35:29Jaylarno i am pro na :D
00:35:34Herre as we saw
00:35:35Herre 1-5
00:35:41Papaya he plays fine
00:35:42Jaylarno u try
00:35:43Jaylarno top lane
00:35:54curdi venge will u start doing ur job soon
00:35:54Jaylarno veng fury yur
00:35:54N2xy perma gank
00:35:55N2xy :p
00:36:02Jaylarno u try surive that
00:36:05PeterLars furi
00:36:09jakkihirki go
00:36:19Herre noo
00:36:20curdi 0 wards
00:36:23Herre tsay
00:36:35Jaylarno go
00:36:35Jaylarno feta
00:36:38FetAA WHY
00:36:39FetAA IDIOT
00:36:41FetAA tp me
00:36:46FetAA ..
00:36:48Herre :D:DD
00:36:53FetAA well
00:36:53FetAA ..
00:36:58Herre n2xy gamruin
00:36:58Papaya shame on eza!!
00:37:00Papaya trying to help
00:37:03FetAA u just wanted to help i know;p
00:37:10FetAA :p
00:38:25FetAA xD
00:38:26FetAA trouble
00:38:34Herre ?
00:38:38Jaylarno mana
00:38:39Jaylarno eza
00:38:42Herre ulti cd
00:38:42curdi hävitää ku meil ei oo suppoo
00:38:43infect so venge
00:38:44FetAA cant go up hill
00:38:45infect wards soon?
00:39:23FetAA some1 should tp top
00:39:25FetAA i dont have
00:39:32Jaylarno herro
00:39:41Herre ;herro
00:39:43Jaylarno tp
00:39:44Jaylarno bot
00:39:49FetAA dont tp bot
00:39:50FetAA tp top
00:39:53Jaylarno yy
00:39:54Jaylarno :)
00:39:57Jaylarno mana
00:41:03curdi miks vitus ud meni sinne
00:41:07jakkihirki jaa-a
00:41:12infect miks vitus no sentries
00:41:19Jaylarno told u
00:41:20Jaylarno i wanted na
00:41:22jakkihirki because infect is way too strong player
00:41:24jakkihirki go bronze
00:41:26curdi ei ku miks menit sinne ja annoit entry
00:41:26infect but atleast venge has lothars
00:41:27jakkihirki you belong there
00:41:27Jaylarno mana eza
00:41:29infect jacki
00:41:30infect you too
00:41:32Herre thats what I kept saying to you!
00:41:33infect with shitty furi
00:41:34jakkihirki right
00:41:35Jaylarno :)
00:41:38infect even i play furi better
00:41:43Jaylarno mana please
00:41:44curdi y.y
00:41:46jakkihirki good for you
00:41:52curdi no wards from our support
00:41:55Jaylarno mananan
00:41:58curdi kinda sucky to turtle that way
00:42:29jakkihirki I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:30jakkihirki paska tiimi
00:42:41Jaylarno worth it :)
00:42:47Herre onhan teillä usires
00:42:55Usires oho herre
00:42:57jakkihirki fetaa voittaa pelejä vaikka itse ei vaikuta peliin ollenkaa
00:42:57Herre eikujoo
00:43:05FetAA vaikutin
00:43:05Herre just sitähän sää just sanoit
00:43:07curdi ongelma taitaa olla se että vs luulee carryyvansa
00:43:07FetAA pickasin paremmat herot
00:43:12jakkihirki vitut pikannut
00:43:20jakkihirki se on hyvä uskotella itelleen niin
00:43:26FetAA puhutko itteleS?
00:43:38jakkihirki sinähän siinä vastaat kokojan
00:43:46Herre fuu
00:43:52Usires hyvä herre
00:44:01Papaya lol
00:44:01FetAA xD
00:44:05FetAA had view for to oshort
00:44:07Papaya terrible arrows
00:44:14FetAA it seemed like it would hit tho.
00:44:17Papaya ye
00:44:27Papaya i kinda always win with potm/pudge
00:44:34Papaya even when shit arrow or hook
00:44:40Usires I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:45:04jakkihirki well my mamas play better ud than you
00:45:12FetAA b :D
00:45:13FetAA lets not get
00:45:17infect well ur mama sucks my cock too
00:45:22jakkihirki really
00:45:31FetAA :D
00:45:34FetAA bit greedy
00:45:35Herre plz
00:45:40Papaya just playin around
00:45:42infect ya rly btw
00:45:50FetAA come all
00:46:18jakkihirki mitä sä tyhjää ultaat
00:46:22Herre :DD
00:46:26Herre no luulin että siihen tulee mättöä
00:46:52FetAA lets throne
00:46:54FetAA since he rax top
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