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94% | 1488 X | 1537 TS

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65% | 1157 X | 1409 TS

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59% | 1189 X | 1305 TS

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37% | 1049 X | 1229 TS

Chat log

00:00:24NotAHax -roof
00:00:24ATS_ pick pugna
00:00:24Planktoni wake up
00:00:24Nxtra ya chill
00:00:24Nxtra Weaver
00:00:29Nxtra Anyone doom+
00:00:40Mr.HaM what is banneDD?
00:00:43slc2 i can doo,
00:00:52Mr.HaM roof weaver
00:01:05diesel nxtra
00:01:06diesel u play it?
00:01:08Nxtra yep
00:01:10diesel ok
00:01:12diesel laneme?
00:01:14NotAHax ..
00:01:14diesel ma võtan sk
00:01:17diesel y/n?
00:01:21NotAHax tard liewec
00:01:23Nxtra lane with you?
00:01:23slc2 i can go axe woods?
00:01:25Nxtra sure
00:01:28dhgf k
00:01:30Nxtra plank go mid
00:01:30slc2 super:)
00:01:34Planktoni k
00:01:39NotAHax -swap 5
00:01:39Mario -SWAP 1
00:01:40diesel ma pelan seda hoopis
00:01:44NotAHax ur bottom lol
00:01:52slc2 can aa buy chick?
00:01:57diesel com fallow me
00:01:58Mr.HaM get AXE
00:02:00Nxtra he already got items
00:02:01Mr.HaM and lane with tuskar
00:02:02Mr.HaM gj
00:02:02Nxtra wait with lanes
00:02:04diesel no sorry, spent my gold already :(
00:02:08dhgf wd bot
00:02:11NotAHax no
00:02:12NotAHax wd is top
00:02:13diesel top
00:02:21Nxtra i solo bot
00:02:23Nxtra aa doom top
00:02:29Mr.HaM hehe
00:02:32Mr.HaM top aa
00:02:43diesel axe
00:02:43Nxtra aa, go top.
00:02:43Mr.HaM top
00:02:45Mr.HaM tard
00:02:49slc2 im woods?
00:02:49diesel no midaiganes
00:03:10ATS_ rune
00:03:12diesel ALI G THATS ME THATS ME
00:03:28Nxtra diesel, could you buy chick asap? :P
00:03:36Nxtra crow*
00:03:39ATS_ ss
00:03:43diesel yea sure
00:04:30Nxtra come gank lvl 2 axe
00:04:32Nxtra ezkill ench
00:04:34slc2 sure:)
00:04:50diesel cs 0
00:05:23Nxtra gj
00:05:24NotAHax ..
00:05:34Nxtra gg bot
00:05:36Nxtra got soul ring
00:06:24Planktoni ss mkid
00:06:50Nxtra hwos mid?
00:06:51Nxtra hows*
00:07:20slc2 ball us
00:08:03slc2 nice start tuskar hehe
00:08:03Nxtra let me use chick
00:08:38dhgf bot -2
00:08:52dhgf 1re
00:08:55slc2 tuskar 2min and then ball us again
00:09:00Nxtra i kill them alone soon
00:09:00Planktoni ss mid
00:09:00Nxtra ;P
00:09:06Planktoni care
00:09:11Planktoni rune
00:09:12Planktoni he has
00:09:17Planktoni b
00:09:27Nxtra slc2
00:09:31Nxtra dont max skill helix
00:09:33slc2 ready to ball us`?
00:09:35Nxtra max skill call
00:09:39Nxtra y wait for luna to show
00:09:40Nxtra might be inv
00:09:48Nxtra go
00:09:50Planktoni luna mid
00:09:58NotAHax mid mis
00:09:59diesel mr ham
00:10:00diesel go gank
00:10:00ATS_ ss 2
00:10:02diesel use ur ulti
00:11:04Mr.HaM wrong way
00:11:09Mr.HaM fre e kill sven top
00:11:11Seppo13 brb
00:11:20Planktoni oh
00:11:24Planktoni hnnngh
00:11:42Planktoni care
00:11:46Planktoni luna missing
00:11:56Nxtra listen ffs
00:11:57Nxtra max skill call
00:11:58Nxtra no helix
00:12:02Nxtra come
00:12:03Nxtra axe
00:12:37ATS_ lol all
00:12:38Nxtra gg
00:12:39Nxtra n1
00:12:39dhgf rofl
00:12:40ATS_ wtf
00:12:42Mr.HaM time to die
00:12:44ATS_ no miss
00:12:59Nxtra diesel
00:13:02Nxtra can you ulti some? ;P
00:13:07Nxtra does alot if you haras on lanes all the time
00:13:26Nxtra Ill roam now
00:13:30Nxtra omw
00:13:37Nxtra come pugna
00:13:39Nxtra ill roll us on ench
00:14:13Planktoni missed :D
00:14:16Nxtra ^^
00:14:33Planktoni yy
00:14:37diesel nono
00:14:46Nxtra chill aa
00:14:48Nxtra ill ball me and pugna in
00:14:49Nxtra ulti em
00:14:50Nxtra kay?
00:15:29Planktoni that was bad
00:15:31Nxtra that was baad
00:15:32Nxtra y
00:15:35Seppo13 darra
00:15:44diesel WEHAT
00:15:45Mr.HaM čosiazdfhčoshdf
00:15:46diesel A NOOB
00:15:47Nxtra rofl doom
00:15:47Mr.HaM retard
00:15:50diesel u are a retard
00:15:51diesel ffs
00:15:56Mr.HaM stfu noob
00:16:01Mr.HaM i cay say that formyself
00:16:02diesel ye whatever
00:16:03diesel ffs
00:16:07Mr.HaM but u can shut your nooby mouth
00:16:37Mr.HaM thesy are all lvl not divided byx 3
00:16:40Mr.HaM fsss
00:17:14Nxtra axe
00:17:15Nxtra come
00:17:20slc2 then w8
00:17:31Planktoni ehh
00:17:34Mr.HaM sorry
00:17:57Nxtra we must gank luna
00:17:58Nxtra ALOT
00:18:19Nxtra just focus on luna
00:18:20Nxtra fuck the rest
00:18:23Nxtra luna gonna win the game
00:18:29Nxtra we need a blink on you now axe
00:18:30Planktoni how is he lvl 13 :o
00:18:36Planktoni he farmed none at mid
00:19:18NotAHax -apom
00:19:19NotAHax -apm
00:19:27Nxtra ggnf
00:19:29Nxtra gank luna
00:19:29NotAHax yo
00:19:30Nxtra go all 5 mid
00:19:39Nxtra gg
00:19:56ATS_ no tp
00:19:58ATS_ :DDD
00:19:58NotAHax TELE
00:20:08diesel b
00:20:13slc2 freeze him?
00:20:37Nxtra sup?
00:21:00Nxtra nice ulti aa
00:21:01Nxtra youre pro
00:21:26Mr.HaM i feed too much fsssss grrrrr
00:21:44Nxtra why you farm doom
00:21:50Nxtra you should get 6 and gank
00:21:57ATS_ tp bot
00:21:57Nxtra doom lvl death luna
00:21:58Nxtra sehe dies
00:21:58ATS_ to top
00:21:59Nxtra not now
00:22:00NotAHax TOP
00:22:00Planktoni b
00:22:01Nxtra due to feed
00:22:02Nxtra but lvl 6
00:22:05Nxtra why dint oyu just go for her?
00:22:05slc2 get sven
00:22:08Planktoni b doom
00:22:19Nxtra i tp
00:22:20Nxtra GET LUNA
00:22:21Nxtra come
00:22:49NotAHax D:D:
00:22:56Nxtra doom has no clue
00:22:58Nxtra What lvl death does
00:23:02NotAHax :(
00:23:03Nxtra that it actually interupts his ulti
00:23:04Nxtra 0 brain
00:23:10Nxtra did he even gank you once this game? :D
00:23:20NotAHax well have got many rageultis
00:23:25Nxtra Ye
00:23:26NotAHax Actually i think all of deaths becouse doom ulti
00:23:28Nxtra he can escape
00:23:29Nxtra isntead
00:23:40NotAHax :D:D
00:23:41ATS_ b
00:23:48NotAHax you should fadd me
00:23:53Nxtra axe still in woods after blink nom nom
00:24:00Mario np
00:24:41Nxtra go on
00:24:42Nxtra blink
00:24:45Nxtra i roll in
00:24:55ATS_ care dagger
00:25:01slc2 no mana
00:25:56Nxtra DUDE
00:25:59Nxtra What are you doing?!
00:25:59NotAHax D::D
00:26:01slc2 me?
00:26:03NotAHax me?
00:26:07Nxtra y
00:26:08Nxtra not you slc
00:26:09NotAHax farming
00:26:09Nxtra ;P
00:26:09Nxtra luna
00:26:10slc2 safe u
00:26:17NotAHax How about you?
00:26:29Nxtra anger management
00:26:33NotAHax y
00:26:37NotAHax well killed 5x waves of ancients
00:26:40NotAHax takes some time :S
00:27:54NotAHax :D
00:28:13NotAHax all bot
00:28:39Nxtra Just not possible to win with a semicarry
00:28:53ATS_ care all
00:29:31NotAHax come here
00:29:33diesel luna has bf :D
00:29:34diesel omfg
00:29:42Nxtra :D
00:29:43NotAHax hello!
00:29:45diesel nice gank
00:29:47Nxtra hat do you expect
00:29:49Nxtra diesel
00:29:49Nxtra stfu plx
00:29:51Nxtra you're aa
00:29:54Nxtra havent seen 1 ulti hit
00:29:57Nxtra nor 1 gank
00:29:59Nxtra in 26 min
00:30:01Nxtra fucking sick
00:30:05Planktoni I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:08diesel I have killed with my ulti 2 times
00:30:11diesel open ur eyes
00:30:12diesel dude
00:30:19Nxtra aa says he hitted 2 ulties this game
00:30:21Nxtra Dis true?
00:30:25Mario YES
00:30:29Mario Killed me
00:30:35Mario and huskar
00:31:03diesel MrHam 1. itme windwalk
00:31:06NotAHax :D:D
00:31:07diesel FUCK how noob can you get
00:31:18NotAHax true story
00:31:18Nxtra haha
00:31:19Nxtra This guy
00:31:20Nxtra Lmao
00:31:21NotAHax yu
00:31:24NotAHax welcome gc
00:31:25NotAHax :D:D
00:31:29Nxtra im not new ;P
00:31:31Nxtra im not new
00:31:33Nxtra ;PpPpP
00:31:39NotAHax you are compared to me young padawan
00:32:22Planktoni go ff
00:32:29Nxtra I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:30slc2 lets go
00:32:40diesel I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:49ATS_ b
00:32:50ATS_ b
00:32:50ATS_ b
00:32:50ATS_ b
00:32:51ATS_ b
00:32:51ATS_ b
00:33:02dhgf :(
00:33:11slc2 we can win this
00:33:12Nxtra gogogo
00:33:13ATS_ b
00:33:20Seppo13 pussy
00:33:36Nxtra just go mid
00:33:37Nxtra gotta do a push
00:33:42Nxtra jump
00:34:51Mr.HaM this aa
00:34:53Mr.HaM is ajoke
00:34:53Nxtra slc goes fucking berserK
00:35:03Nxtra So are you doom
00:35:12Nxtra you go lothars but you barley gank
00:35:17diesel u see
00:35:17Mr.HaM lul
00:35:18diesel LKOL
00:35:19NotAHax lol
00:35:22Nxtra hahahaaa
00:35:26NotAHax d:D:D
00:35:27NotAHax :D:D
00:35:36NotAHax revenge of troll
00:35:52ATS_ wp
00:35:56dhgf gj
00:35:59Mr.HaM 1 milisec before i ulti her she turns on heal fss :S
00:36:00dhgf use chicken
00:36:06Nxtra lol
00:36:06diesel sure u did
00:36:06diesel :D
00:36:08Nxtra the heal was up dude
00:36:14Nxtra 15 sec before you even used lothars
00:36:21Mr.HaM y ruight
00:36:29Nxtra they gonna rosh
00:36:30Nxtra and go win
00:36:35Nxtra yarr
00:36:36NotAHax all midd
00:36:39Nxtra but nps
00:36:43Nxtra you jump axe bitch dies
00:36:51Planktoni y
00:36:55Nxtra come mid
00:36:56Nxtra all 5
00:36:57Planktoni we do pretty much insta damage
00:36:58Nxtra axe jumps first
00:37:01Nxtra after aegis
00:37:02Nxtra doom her
00:37:06Nxtra lvl death WD when he ulties
00:37:30Mr.HaM so where are all
00:37:43Planktoni def base
00:38:08Planktoni why do u go before base?
00:38:16NotAHax give up niggers
00:38:22Planktoni would have got higher ground and tower
00:38:51Planktoni we can win this
00:38:56Planktoni if we play smarty
00:39:02Planktoni luna is almost insta dead
00:39:09Mr.HaM we cant win.... cause we cant regroup
00:39:09Nxtra shes just loling around
00:39:11Nxtra dmg items to push fast
00:39:13Mr.HaM u all just chat...
00:39:15Nxtra once she gets manta or bkb
00:39:28Mr.HaM and no1 is talking about regrouping... and if wome1 does, again u wont regroup
00:39:33Mr.HaM some1*
00:39:46ATS_ gtfo
00:39:47ATS_ sepp
00:39:56NotAHax GO
00:39:56NotAHax PUSH
00:39:57NotAHax ALL
00:39:58NotAHax MIDD
00:39:58NotAHax pLZ
00:40:00Nxtra go mid
00:40:02Planktoni y
00:40:04slc2 comon i wanna win
00:40:05Nxtra jump on luna and we might get raxe
00:40:15Nxtra cal?
00:40:17NotAHax b
00:40:17Nxtra we're fucking here dude
00:40:17NotAHax b
00:40:17NotAHax b
00:40:18NotAHax b
00:40:18NotAHax b
00:40:19Planktoni mid
00:40:20slc2 no
00:40:20Nxtra GO
00:40:21Nxtra JUMP
00:41:00NotAHax D:D:
00:41:00NotAHax Ty
00:41:10Seppo13 gj tuskar :D:D
00:42:18slc2 i go hot now?
00:42:29Planktoni gang
00:42:31Mr.HaM bah :D
00:42:32Nxtra :D
00:42:33Mr.HaM :D
00:42:34NotAHax well played.
00:42:34NotAHax :DD:
00:42:45Nxtra 1on1?
00:42:46NotAHax all midd
00:42:49Nxtra come bot rune, ALONE!
00:42:51Nxtra COWARD
00:42:53NotAHax me?
00:42:53NotAHax okay
00:42:54NotAHax come
00:42:58Nxtra Sven
00:42:59diesel got guinsoo in 200
00:42:59Nxtra Piss off
00:43:01NotAHax me
00:43:07Nxtra JUKED
00:43:09Nxtra qq
00:43:10Nxtra JO
00:43:10NotAHax D:D:D:
00:43:13Nxtra lol
00:43:19Nxtra Forgot to use blade mial
00:43:21NotAHax hello
00:43:22Nxtra That was my plan
00:43:44Planktoni go mid
00:43:46Mr.HaM where is chiccc?!?!
00:44:21NotAHax GO
00:44:22Mr.HaM where is chic?!
00:44:47Mr.HaM only retard moves chic out of base... with items in it... + he kills it
00:44:55Mr.HaM I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:20Nxtra we got new crow
00:45:21Nxtra ff plx?
00:45:34NotAHax go ff
00:45:34NotAHax plz
00:45:36NotAHax go ff
00:45:37NotAHax plz
00:45:37Mr.HaM jeah buy me new items also RETARD
00:45:38NotAHax my raid starting
00:45:43ATS_ :DDD
00:45:52Nxtra server?
00:45:56NotAHax Darksorrow
00:46:00Nxtra progress?
00:46:04diesel doom with same items
00:46:05NotAHax 4/12 hc
00:46:05Mario Noobland
00:46:09NotAHax 13*
00:46:09Nxtra oO
00:46:09diesel past 20 mins
00:46:14Nxtra we aint even done with nef and alakir
00:46:17Nxtra Fucking sucky guild ;D
00:46:20NotAHax ;D
00:46:21Nxtra Fucking sucky guild
00:46:25NotAHax migrate my realm
00:46:27Nxtra made it couple weeks ago
00:46:29NotAHax we can play some pvp
00:46:33Nxtra Naah
00:46:36Nxtra ima play 3s
00:46:39Nxtra on wenesday
00:46:40Nxtra when patch hits
00:46:44Seppo13 :D:D
00:46:55Mario Seppo stna !
00:46:56Nxtra cant play ret in 3s in its current state :>
00:47:00NotAHax ur pala?
00:47:02Nxtra ya
00:47:02Nxtra ret
00:47:03NotAHax im also pala
00:47:05NotAHax ;D
00:47:06Mario Varo notakatin vihaa
00:47:06NotAHax holy pala pvp
00:47:07NotAHax Ret pve
00:47:17slc2 nerds:D
00:47:38slc2 easy kills
00:47:45dhgf b
00:47:47dhgf b
00:47:48Mario Gc np np
00:47:48Nxtra ggo
00:47:49Nxtra jump
00:47:51dhgf u cant go 3v5
00:47:51dhgf b
00:48:19ATS_ I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:48:27Nxtra go all bot
00:48:28Nxtra doom def
00:48:31dhgf just go with 5 bot
00:48:32Nxtra we can win lmao
00:48:33dhgf and end it
00:48:33ATS_ go team mid now
00:48:50Nxtra whats ur rating?
00:48:54slc2 omg
00:48:54NotAHax 2,6k
00:48:55Nxtra haha another crow
00:48:56NotAHax on 3v3
00:48:58NotAHax y
00:49:00NotAHax we play Shadowcleave
00:49:06NotAHax (uh dk,aff wl,holy pala )
00:49:16Nxtra i know the comps ;D
00:49:22Nxtra axe
00:49:23Nxtra go
00:49:35NotAHax *
00:49:36NotAHax diwe niggers
00:49:52Nxtra Whats ur char name?
00:50:03NotAHax secret
00:50:05NotAHax :D
00:50:07Mario Gnomespank
00:50:15NotAHax thats mario nigger dk
00:50:33NotAHax Well krhm i lied a bit about ratings xd but its NotAHax
00:50:34Mario Np i carry
00:50:49Nxtra Ur so bad i cant even see ur armory
00:50:50Nxtra 404 ;D
00:50:52NotAHax loloo
00:51:03NotAHax hey
00:51:05NotAHax you tell us
00:51:06NotAHax go mid
00:51:07NotAHax and ur bot
00:52:23NotAHax !
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