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-53 X
-10 TS

79% | 1351 X | 1394 TS

-54 X
-3 TS

80% | 1206 X | 1509 TS

-46 X
-2 TS

79% | 1192 X | 1490 TS

-12 X
-6 TS

69% | 1190 X | 1396 TS

+17 X
-21 TS

54% | 1202 X | 1232 TS

+26 X
+3 TS

91% | 1395 X | 1472 TS

+32 X
+5 TS

90% | 1320 X | 1516 TS

+24 X
+8 TS

69% | 1168 X | 1408 TS

+26 X
+4 TS

65% | 1103 X | 1406 TS

+51 X
+3 TS

53% | 1060 X | 1323 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Watari get tide or es for some1
00:00:22Wavesofchange give me es
00:00:24Knaitti ban tide
00:00:24Knaitti get es
00:00:24h0whigh -hhn
00:00:24h0whigh -ii
00:00:24h0whigh clear
00:00:24Marshall void weaver
00:00:24Jaylarno weaver
00:00:24Marshall pick es tide
00:00:24Knaitti fetaa ban tide get es?
00:00:24Marshall 1 of them
00:00:24Watari ban tide yy
00:00:24h0whigh u play it ?
00:00:24Watari or ban morphhhh
00:00:24Wavesofchange give me thrall
00:00:24Marshall mby yes
00:00:24Marshall mby no
00:00:24Knaitti u wanted es waves?
00:00:24h0whigh mby?
00:00:24h0whigh lol
00:00:24Wavesofchange i can
00:00:24Wavesofchange or thrall
00:00:24h0whigh stfu then
00:00:24Wavesofchange play both imba ;)
00:00:24Marshall blow me
00:00:24Knaitti well not fpick thrall dunno
00:00:24h0whigh sure
00:00:24h0whigh come
00:00:24h0whigh here
00:00:24Wavesofchange gogo es
00:00:24Wavesofchange then
00:00:24Knaitti es rather
00:00:24FetAA what u banned
00:00:24FetAA tide
00:00:24h0whigh will fuck first
00:00:24Jaylarno weaver
00:00:24FetAA <- tide
00:00:24Knaitti get es
00:00:27Marshall you are blowing you should come 2 me
00:00:28Wavesofchange what u want
00:00:28FetAA who wants es?
00:00:28Wavesofchange feta
00:00:30Wavesofchange i will
00:00:32h0whigh sure
00:00:34h0whigh where are u `?
00:00:35h0whigh ee?
00:00:36Wavesofchange what u want?
00:00:39Marshall in bosnia
00:00:42Jaylarno who want thrall + venge
00:00:45FetAA em
00:00:50Wavesofchange thrall?
00:00:56Wavesofchange say fast
00:00:57FetAA ill
00:00:57Wavesofchange dude
00:00:58FetAA play
00:00:58Watari hmm
00:00:59N2xy you want?
00:01:01h0whigh swap ?
00:01:01FetAA void
00:01:02Watari bans?
00:01:03N2xy vs
00:01:07Wavesofchange get
00:01:09Wavesofchange supply now
00:01:10Wavesofchange dazzle veno
00:01:11Wavesofchange panda
00:01:14Wavesofchange -swap 1
00:01:14N2xy hey
00:01:16FetAA I can go mid void
00:01:17N2xy wanna swap?
00:01:17Knaitti get me veno
00:01:18FetAA -swap 2
00:01:19h0whigh sure
00:01:20FetAA done it 100x
00:01:22h0whigh give me tc :)
00:01:24N2xy uhh
00:01:26Watari hahaha randomed
00:01:28N2xy no
00:01:29ulikiluu ...
00:01:31Watari es wanna swap
00:01:31ulikiluu GJ
00:01:31h0whigh veno
00:01:32h0whigh then
00:01:32FetAA well na is good hero
00:01:35N2xy i want it
00:01:35FetAA overpowered
00:01:37N2xy :p
00:01:37Watari or does some1 wanna play this
00:01:43Wavesofchange we need range
00:01:43Wavesofchange omg
00:01:46Wavesofchange 4 meele
00:01:48Wavesofchange gg lanes
00:01:51N2xy i am too bad with thrall
00:01:57Knaitti -50x ty
00:01:59Jaylarno -hhn
00:01:59Knaitti -clear
00:02:04Watari me top
00:02:07h0whigh lets pwn bot :)
00:02:15Papaya so im mid?
00:02:19h0whigh sounds good
00:02:22Papaya ok
00:03:00Jaylarno mass harras
00:03:02Wavesofchange lemme farm this lane
00:03:04Jaylarno top+ btm lane
00:03:04h0whigh y
00:03:06Jaylarno harras es
00:03:07Wavesofchange if possbible
00:03:07Jaylarno mass
00:03:09Watari well
00:03:11h0whigh fast win!
00:03:12Watari u could roam also
00:03:13Watari but
00:03:13Jaylarno hes next to me
00:03:15Watari i dont mind
00:03:16Jaylarno harrars him mass
00:03:17Wavesofchange lvl 33
00:03:20Jaylarno hes top
00:03:21Wavesofchange just need mana boots
00:03:32Watari we can also :: KILL
00:03:49Wavesofchange stun he before jesus
00:03:59Watari ::D
00:04:03Watari just baiting
00:04:13Watari dont pull now!
00:04:17Watari they push
00:04:31h0whigh lets
00:04:32h0whigh kill
00:05:08FetAA upg chick some1
00:05:10FetAA before use
00:05:22h0whigh go
00:05:22h0whigh lvl
00:05:24h0whigh 3
00:05:31h0whigh i8pull
00:05:32h0whigh again
00:05:32h0whigh then
00:05:33h0whigh kil
00:05:47Knaitti ¨ss
00:06:10N2xy :p
00:06:16N2xy wtf
00:06:19Marshall pro
00:06:21Wavesofchange gg
00:06:22Wavesofchange roff fb u
00:06:23N2xy tango please
00:06:28Watari not so wise to pull when they're at our tower
00:06:35N2xy tyty
00:06:39Watari espesially when we have 2 melee lane
00:07:16N2xy lol
00:07:18h0whigh stun
00:07:19h0whigh when
00:07:19h0whigh u
00:07:20h0whigh can
00:08:13Wavesofchange stun
00:08:53Papaya kill
00:09:16FetAA lol double rune
00:09:16Wavesofchange dd and haste
00:09:26Watari b
00:09:26Papaya ss
00:09:29N2xy ss
00:09:31FetAA has ulti
00:09:32N2xy es
00:09:37Wavesofchange not gonna kill
00:09:39Wavesofchange go botm
00:09:42h0whigh oom
00:09:44FetAA i bait
00:09:54Wavesofchange go
00:11:01Wavesofchange take rune top
00:11:03Papaya ss
00:11:04Wavesofchange or i have
00:11:05FetAA y
00:11:07Jaylarno ss
00:11:08Jaylarno 23
00:11:09Jaylarno 3
00:11:10Jaylarno care mid
00:11:27Papaya botrune taken
00:11:28Papaya care
00:11:34FetAA he tryes kill
00:11:50FetAA :D
00:11:51FetAA i coulda baited
00:11:51Wavesofchange go tt
00:11:55Papaya nice!
00:11:58Wavesofchange no void ulti
00:11:59Wavesofchange gg
00:12:03Papaya :D
00:12:07FetAA i used it before
00:12:12Wavesofchange tell then
00:12:18FetAA well stil lwe coulda get him
00:12:20FetAA little patience
00:12:26FetAA he woulda went after me
00:12:26Wavesofchange well its nice harras
00:12:34Watari ss top
00:12:39h0whigh wand
00:12:43Jaylarno ff dude
00:12:47Jaylarno what is wrong with u ?
00:12:48Marshall omw mdi
00:12:55h0whigh question is what is wrong with u
00:13:02Jaylarno zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:13:04Wavesofchange lemme farm
00:13:48FetAA nice!!!
00:13:51Papaya make bird at rune
00:13:53FetAA only 4
00:13:55FetAA u need 5 man?
00:14:00Papaya looks like it
00:14:33FetAA have no ulti mr es
00:14:36Wavesofchange kk
00:14:40Papaya roof
00:14:42Papaya make bird at run
00:14:45Wavesofchange go top for farm
00:15:01FetAA 3 middl
00:15:04FetAA no ulti on me
00:15:10Marshall homo
00:15:15Wavesofchange tard
00:15:16Wavesofchange :9
00:15:17Watari coming
00:15:41Jaylarno gg thraal
00:15:42Jaylarno xD
00:15:45h0whigh bash luck
00:15:49Papaya u are gg to venge
00:15:57FetAA axes??
00:16:00FetAA he used rege
00:16:03Jaylarno he was free kill mid
00:16:06Jaylarno just unlucky timing
00:16:12h0whigh we could pwn bot lane if u woulda use terror before stun and everything
00:16:26FetAA i go bot
00:16:28FetAA i dont need 5
00:16:30FetAA let me bot
00:16:33Watari y
00:16:42N2xy go top and farm your radi .. you make it, right?
00:17:10h0whigh roof
00:17:11h0whigh why
00:17:11h0whigh dont
00:17:12h0whigh use
00:17:13h0whigh ulti
00:17:16Watari how
00:17:17Watari bad
00:17:17Watari luck
00:17:18h0whigh there
00:17:19Marshall cd
00:17:20Watari 2 lows
00:17:23Marshall was
00:17:37h0whigh okey, watched ur hero but didnt wana use it
00:17:39h0whigh i could
00:17:42h0whigh mby u had cd i had not :d
00:18:07Marshall i wont use it on nerub
00:18:13Watari coming
00:18:17h0whigh true
00:18:18h0whigh cost
00:18:19h0whigh so
00:18:20h0whigh much
00:18:21Watari tp
00:18:52FetAA dead
00:18:56FetAA no frags for mee ;>
00:19:01N2xy morp hp? :D
00:19:06N2xy or it wont work?
00:19:18Papaya havent skilled it this early
00:19:22Wavesofchange allmost
00:19:22Papaya wanted to do it next lvl
00:19:23Wavesofchange dagger
00:19:37Marshall radi in 300
00:19:39Wavesofchange leave mid farm for me
00:19:41Wavesofchange then i have dagger
00:20:00Wavesofchange dagger
00:20:02h0whigh dont
00:20:03h0whigh stun
00:20:04h0whigh 7.d
00:20:11FetAA mid tower?
00:20:11Wavesofchange wait
00:20:38FetAA fu
00:20:38FetAA man
00:20:39ulikiluu :DD
00:20:46Marshall trall
00:20:53Marshall joker
00:21:06Jaylarno =)
00:21:12Marshall dont tp
00:21:14Papaya cd
00:21:46Wavesofchange go
00:22:16Jaylarno tt
00:23:09Watari roof radi
00:23:19Wavesofchange invis
00:23:21Wavesofchange lets push
00:23:53Papaya recall thrall??
00:23:55Papaya u guys
00:23:56Papaya epic
00:23:56h0whigh range
00:24:04Jaylarno invis es
00:24:36Papaya epic team cap n shit
00:24:48Watari 300 and i'll join u
00:24:50Wavesofchange void come
00:24:53h0whigh we got pwned bot
00:24:55h0whigh outplayed
00:24:57Papaya no
00:25:00Papaya u FAILED bot
00:25:05h0whigh outplayed
00:25:12Jaylarno not outplayed
00:25:13Papaya cap and 2nd pick outlayed
00:25:14Jaylarno fucking tard
00:25:15Papaya hahaha
00:25:15Papaya ok
00:26:26h0whigh request7.9
00:26:32h0whigh not alloowed
00:26:57Watari coming
00:26:59FetAA run
00:27:04Papaya omg ur so pro
00:27:08Papaya dying to a mid morph :D
00:27:12Marshall we have to gang and push
00:27:13FetAA i know i act like u
00:27:15FetAA "NICE"
00:27:16Marshall or gg
00:27:17Wavesofchange go
00:27:18FetAA lol wow
00:27:21Papaya :D
00:27:25FetAA i was talking in phone and idling with 100 hp
00:27:27Watari go?
00:28:07N2xy invis me if you can next time
00:28:17Wavesofchange haha dint see ulti timing
00:28:21FetAA fight
00:28:22Wavesofchange mby 1 more sec cd
00:28:35FetAA xD
00:28:35Wavesofchange omg
00:28:36Wavesofchange cmon
00:28:43Marshall want some more?
00:28:49Papaya my turn to say nice! :D
00:29:00Marshall we push?
00:29:13Marshall btw nice team
00:29:17Marshall all dead no 1 push
00:29:21Jaylarno why u stay there?
00:29:24Jaylarno Na invis
00:29:28Jaylarno and shaker dagger
00:29:44Marshall tought we push...
00:29:50Marshall cuz 3 dead
00:29:53Jaylarno when Na invis + es dagger?
00:29:55Jaylarno and u are low
00:29:58Jaylarno ofc we dont push
00:29:59Jaylarno :)
00:30:00Marshall and we are 4
00:30:04Jaylarno we where 2
00:30:08Jaylarno the others came after
00:30:09FetAA wanna learn
00:30:10FetAA pro tip
00:30:11FetAA with es
00:30:14FetAA u can
00:30:20FetAA do the totem
00:30:22FetAA before u jump
00:30:25FetAA so u have +200 dmg
00:30:26Wavesofchange yy i know
00:30:28FetAA if u gank single target
00:30:31Wavesofchange kill
00:30:35FetAA u hit once 300 = dmg
00:30:37FetAA then u do it again
00:30:38FetAA and hit
00:30:39FetAA 300 dmg
00:30:40FetAA and fissure
00:30:43Marshall they come
00:30:48Watari coming
00:31:09Knaitti hmm
00:31:11Knaitti owl i think
00:31:36N2xy in
00:31:40Wavesofchange tt
00:31:40Wavesofchange na
00:31:42Wavesofchange why dont
00:31:43Wavesofchange u fucking
00:31:44Wavesofchange go thrall
00:31:48Watari i went
00:31:48Wavesofchange before he can ulti me
00:31:50Wavesofchange after he ulti
00:31:52Wavesofchange wuhi
00:31:52Wavesofchange gj
00:31:55Watari ty
00:32:08N2xy that early radi helps us much
00:32:13Wavesofchange uyekæ
00:32:20Wavesofchange please get some farm void
00:32:23Marshall dunno what would you do without this last pick
00:32:35N2xy we had so easy lane
00:32:36N2xy :D
00:32:42Watari e's oom
00:32:59Jaylarno u cant deny me ?
00:33:03FetAA i farm
00:33:07FetAA top
00:33:07h0whigh not when u run that way
00:33:09Wavesofchange ok
00:33:12Wavesofchange counter their push now
00:33:13Jaylarno im not talking to u
00:33:16h0whigh k
00:33:16Knaitti and btw
00:33:19Knaitti dont use my hero again
00:33:23Marshall no ulty
00:33:25Marshall b?
00:33:55Wavesofchange go
00:34:14Watari too late
00:34:18Wavesofchange why dont u go
00:34:18Wavesofchange ffs
00:34:21Watari WELL
00:34:34Watari should i frring go when you hug our tower?
00:34:35Watari y/y?
00:34:57Watari :D
00:35:00Wavesofchange gg this team
00:35:21Wavesofchange gave u victory
00:35:23Wavesofchange so fucked
00:35:25Wavesofchange haha
00:35:25Wavesofchange :D
00:35:27Watari i go thrall
00:35:27Wavesofchange nuubs
00:35:51FetAA heal
00:36:21Wavesofchange cant get any ulti in
00:37:01Knaitti imba carry roof
00:37:13Knaitti void
00:37:14Knaitti come take
00:37:16Knaitti they have owl
00:37:21FetAA k
00:37:29Marshall yy
00:37:31Marshall come
00:37:54FetAA ulti?
00:38:12Wavesofchange go bot
00:38:16FetAA come
00:38:34FetAA gj
00:38:39h0whigh gg
00:38:40FetAA gj dazzl
00:38:41Papaya oh fuck
00:38:44Marshall wp
00:38:49Marshall nice ulty trall
00:38:57Watari push
00:39:00Jaylarno push mid after
00:39:01h0whigh ye can do many ulti in that bubbel
00:39:04Marshall mr pro
00:39:11Jaylarno thrall. stay behind all times
00:39:11Papaya gg teams
00:39:12Marshall flame me on start and now 1 12
00:39:14Marshall imba
00:39:16Papaya epic thrall and venge
00:39:30Jaylarno zz
00:39:39FetAA :D
00:39:54Watari i go b
00:40:06Watari making ac
00:40:15Wavesofchange go roshan
00:40:25Marshall go
00:40:30Papaya gogog
00:40:35Papaya THRALL
00:40:37Papaya COME NOOBSHIT
00:40:38Marshall ok farm
00:40:38FetAA i takee
00:40:40Papaya FUCKING NAB
00:41:21Papaya ur so fucking retarded and slow u guy
00:41:23Papaya s
00:41:24Papaya amazing
00:41:33h0whigh na is invis
00:41:34Watari push bot
00:41:37h0whigh and he targets me all the time
00:41:40h0whigh hard 2 understand that ?
00:41:44Papaya Y IT IS
00:41:46Papaya BUY SENTRIES
00:41:46h0whigh k
00:41:47Papaya NOOB
00:41:49Marshall thats they way i lose games
00:41:50Jaylarno so bring sentry wards
00:41:51Marshall like always
00:41:51Papaya GO BACK TO BNET
00:41:58Watari been there also
00:41:58Knaitti carry roof
00:41:59h0whigh do it ursefl
00:42:00Knaitti is one reason
00:42:00Knaitti :P
00:42:02Watari it's really annoying
00:42:03Jaylarno LOL
00:42:03Knaitti why u lose
00:42:06Papaya im carry u stupid noob
00:42:09Papaya go bnet kid
00:42:15Jaylarno so but the damn sentry
00:42:18Jaylarno buy*
00:42:23h0whigh and i wont place sentry the hole map when they have book
00:42:24N2xy take tree
00:42:30Knaitti ill go shiva
00:42:30Jaylarno just in fights
00:42:31Jaylarno morons
00:42:59Watari :D
00:43:05FetAA :D
00:43:15Watari 3hp ja juoksen siihe :D
00:43:26Marshall wp feeder
00:43:34Watari TY
00:43:43Papaya sad game
00:43:56Marshall su
00:44:01Marshall you did nothin
00:44:06Marshall just farm
00:44:13Marshall we fight you farm
00:44:19Marshall always tp cs
00:44:20Papaya called playing a lategamer
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