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-64 X
-2 TS

91% | 1346 X | 1514 TS

-37 X
-3 TS

86% | 1293 X | 1433 TS

-63 X
-8 TS

62% | 1258 X | 1277 TS

-58 X
-3 TS

65% | 1171 X | 1366 TS

-35 X
-3 TS

60% | 964 X | 1418 TS

+59 X
+6 TS

96% | 1400 X | 1554 TS

+28 X
+1 TS

92% | 1367 X | 1482 TS

+51 X
+39 TS

67% | 1331 X | 1276 TS

+65 X
+2 TS

57% | 1094 X | 1364 TS

+67 X
+8 TS

32% | 943 X | 1266 TS

Chat log

00:00:15DviX intresting pool
00:00:15Lucky Riki maru
00:00:15Lowbob all chat
00:00:15Mr.HaM ursa and wisp in pool
00:00:15Mr.HaM jeah, interesting -_-
00:00:15Lucky riki maru
00:00:15MetM ^^
00:00:15DviX kircho you want anything?
00:00:15kircho_kirev y actually
00:00:15Mr.HaM this will be LATE GAME
00:00:15Lucky jim can you play sf ?
00:00:15Jimpai no:p
00:00:15Tompson morph
00:00:15Lowbob i can
00:00:15Jimpai or. not good with him
00:00:16kircho_kirev im kunka player
00:00:18Mr.HaM look... syla, sniper, morf, lycan, et cetc
00:00:26Mr.HaM get SF
00:00:34MetM try to get lion and lich
00:00:38TOo_LaZy oh thompson
00:00:38kircho_kirev get me lion
00:00:40MetM i can play either one
00:00:40TOo_LaZy my captn
00:00:42TOo_LaZy atleast
00:00:43TOo_LaZy i win
00:00:46Tompson :D
00:00:46MetM just dont pick carrys yet
00:00:47Lowbob !
00:00:47DviX k
00:00:50TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:00:51TOo_LaZy -di
00:00:53DviX i coulda picked kunkka for you if you'd wanted
00:00:56MetM levi lich?
00:00:58Mr.HaM i hope they dont choose wisp and ursa
00:00:59Lucky get levi lich
00:01:06kircho_kirev Divx
00:01:08kircho_kirev waht do u want
00:01:09kircho_kirev ???
00:01:10Jimpai kunkka is good for teambattles:ppp
00:01:11Mr.HaM or slark wisp
00:01:14DviX zeus
00:01:16TOo_LaZy thompson the only captn u can count on :D
00:01:22MetM but we need initation
00:01:23Lowbob give me kunkka?
00:01:23DviX -swap 3
00:01:24kircho_kirev -swap
00:01:26kircho_kirev -swap 2
00:01:28Jimpai toolazy, only chickspot that's tossing sallad
00:01:29kircho_kirev wann lane
00:01:30TOo_LaZy i want lion
00:01:30Tompson haha thanks man
00:01:30kircho_kirev bot?
00:01:31kircho_kirev zeus?
00:01:32Lucky his a gr8 players yes.
00:01:34kircho_kirev or
00:01:35Lowbob swap kunkka
00:01:36MetM hmmmmmmmm
00:01:36kircho_kirev me + tide
00:01:38kircho_kirev somewhere
00:01:38Lowbob ?
00:01:39kircho_kirev mega rape
00:01:42DviX zeus kinda sucks in bot
00:01:44najk rhasta?
00:01:45TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:01:46TOo_LaZy -di
00:01:47TOo_LaZy -clear
00:01:48DviX super slow ms
00:01:48Lucky no
00:01:49Mr.HaM hey
00:01:51Mr.HaM last pick
00:01:52Jimpai rhasta bot with me:D
00:01:53najk ..
00:01:54Mr.HaM u want swap?
00:01:59MetM kinda sucky
00:02:00Mr.HaM levi for roof??
00:02:00TOo_LaZy nah
00:02:03kircho_kirev wait
00:02:03Lucky wtf
00:02:06Lucky why him..
00:02:07kircho_kirev get some hero for triple
00:02:08kircho_kirev ...
00:02:09Lowbob me lich top
00:02:12Lowbob kunkka
00:02:19MetM well its ok synergy
00:02:26Mr.HaM win fast
00:02:27MetM plus our team needs to snipe them
00:02:28Mr.HaM or loose -_-
00:02:31Tompson teamfight heroes
00:02:31DviX lanes gonna suck
00:02:38Tompson we wont loose with these picks
00:02:40Lowbob lanes?
00:02:41Tompson in teamfights atleast
00:02:46kircho_kirev levi
00:02:47kircho_kirev bot?
00:02:47kircho_kirev or?
00:02:48Tompson zeuz root top
00:02:50Lucky kunkka rhsata
00:02:51kircho_kirev so we can try to do sth
00:02:54Lucky lich ursa
00:03:13Lowbob nlcok'
00:03:25TOo_LaZy i dont agree that lanes suck atm
00:03:36DviX miss 1
00:03:44DviX nice ursa + lich
00:04:15Tompson nice
00:04:18MetM can u get some wards
00:04:24kircho_kirev leave me farm here?
00:04:54TOo_LaZy 1st in base
00:04:55TOo_LaZy opens
00:04:56TOo_LaZy ;D
00:05:15kircho_kirev salve
00:05:16kircho_kirev pls
00:05:35DviX can you pull=?
00:06:17kircho_kirev let me farm
00:06:33DviX go pull
00:06:34DviX ?????
00:06:42Tompson where
00:06:42Tompson chick
00:06:47TOo_LaZy i bought
00:06:48Tompson get
00:06:49Tompson me a chick
00:06:49TOo_LaZy but did not open
00:06:55kircho_kirev go no
00:06:55Tompson go get it
00:06:59TOo_LaZy fuck it i go
00:07:00TOo_LaZy open it
00:07:04TOo_LaZy u are fuckign freakd
00:07:05TOo_LaZy specially
00:07:06TOo_LaZy divx
00:07:11TOo_LaZy 11
00:07:16DviX ???
00:07:39kircho_kirev ring pls
00:07:44Mr.HaM fuck off
00:07:55Mr.HaM gave u ttango
00:07:56TOo_LaZy reuse
00:07:56TOo_LaZy chick
00:07:57TOo_LaZy i made
00:07:59Lowbob ss
00:08:00TOo_LaZy flying
00:08:25Tompson CARE BOT
00:08:30Mr.HaM bot?
00:08:32Mr.HaM i am b then
00:09:33Lucky need gang mid'
00:09:34MetM can we get wards
00:09:35Mr.HaM ss 2
00:09:36Mr.HaM bot
00:09:38Mr.HaM re
00:09:52DviX im oom
00:10:04Lowbob zeus
00:10:19Lowbob miss?
00:10:20DviX MISS LICH
00:10:22Lowbob b
00:11:04Lowbob told u b
00:11:09DviX k got manaboots
00:11:09MetM ye u did :-/
00:11:17MetM i just thought u ment mid
00:11:24DviX 2 miss
00:11:26najk -ma
00:11:27MetM still no wards :P
00:11:29Lowbob and they dont say miss
00:11:31MetM would be so much easier
00:11:43Lowbob well feeders bot
00:11:52Tompson miss
00:11:59Lucky ss
00:12:01Lowbob go xeus
00:12:07Lucky care
00:12:20Tompson gah :D
00:12:52Lucky comming
00:12:53Lucky with dust
00:12:57kircho_kirev wait
00:12:57kircho_kirev me top
00:13:15DviX gotta get before lich 6
00:13:18DviX go
00:13:25Tompson storm
00:13:25Tompson go
00:13:28Lowbob w8 more storm
00:13:33Lucky 'zzz
00:13:35Lowbob so fail
00:13:37MetM yep
00:13:38najk -ma
00:13:39TOo_LaZy wow
00:13:39Mr.HaM ss 2
00:13:39Tompson gj
00:13:39Lucky epic
00:13:50MetM and lich, youre the pure support in our team, how about those wards
00:13:53Lucky cant gang they have birds in woods
00:14:11Lucky wtf
00:14:13Lucky is that
00:14:19najk lol
00:14:20najk ..
00:14:21Lucky rly bad ward
00:14:28Lucky gang mid
00:14:30DviX 2 miss
00:14:33MetM u say feeders in bot, take cs from me and dont buy wards :P
00:14:47MetM rhasta
00:14:48Mr.HaM re 2 bot
00:14:52MetM shackle and ill swipe
00:14:55Lucky get towers
00:14:55najk k
00:14:58Lucky get it
00:15:00Lucky push it
00:15:02DviX ursa lich still gone
00:15:02Mr.HaM 3 bot
00:15:05Lucky we need towers
00:15:05DviX ill tp
00:15:06Mr.HaM help
00:15:07TOo_LaZy use mana ?
00:15:09Lucky to get into the game
00:15:09Mr.HaM got ulti
00:15:10DviX cd
00:15:30Lowbob b
00:15:33Tompson invis
00:16:38DviX go back to bot
00:16:54Lowbob go
00:16:55MetM zzz
00:17:16MetM such a team
00:17:28Lucky why do you pick ursa..
00:17:28kircho_kirev roof
00:17:29kircho_kirev go storm
00:17:30Lowbob all
00:17:33TOo_LaZy go
00:17:33TOo_LaZy k
00:17:36kircho_kirev just wait
00:17:37DviX got ulti if needed
00:17:38MetM its not that bad pick
00:17:40Lowbob all
00:17:52Lucky no wards
00:17:52Lucky gg
00:18:20Lowbob fucking fail team
00:18:21MetM seriously this rhasta is retarded
00:18:25najk lol
00:18:26Jimpai this ursa is so bad
00:18:27najk why?
00:18:32MetM ahah
00:18:36DviX soon mana
00:18:39MetM bad because i wont suicide?
00:18:41Jimpai why is this rhasta bad?
00:18:56MetM just runs towards enemy creepline alone and shackle sf
00:18:58DviX heh
00:19:00MetM sup with that
00:19:03Jimpai cause i told him to
00:19:03Mr.HaM bah
00:19:06Tompson ^^
00:19:10Mr.HaM never fail
00:19:10MetM so its u then :P
00:19:12Jimpai y.
00:19:13Jimpai retard
00:19:24Lucky lion lvl 11 gg
00:19:43Mr.HaM are wards from rhasta magic dmg??
00:19:44najk kapow
00:19:49najk what's wrong with my ward
00:19:52najk retard
00:20:01Lucky its need to be theere
00:20:06najk it has been very usefull
00:20:08najk uh
00:20:10Lucky nah
00:20:14najk lol..
00:20:15Mr.HaM b
00:20:16Mr.HaM no ulti
00:20:17Mr.HaM b
00:20:17DviX tide going pipe?
00:20:21Mr.HaM dunno
00:20:25DviX should
00:20:26DviX vs
00:20:27DviX lich
00:20:43Lowbob coming?
00:20:46Mr.HaM ulti rdy
00:20:52Lucky we cant do shit in team battles
00:21:03DviX go top tower?
00:21:06Lowbob b
00:21:26Lowbob not so slow ursa
00:21:35Lowbob storm?
00:21:36MetM got to try to farm
00:21:42Lucky we cant to shit ffs
00:21:56MetM lemme farm if they wont push
00:22:09Mr.HaM regroup
00:22:11Lucky the best way to turn the game around is to counter push
00:22:12Mr.HaM got ulti
00:22:13Lowbob kunkka tard
00:22:14Mr.HaM lets kill
00:22:32Lucky cuz they are way to fat in gangs
00:22:59Lucky try to
00:23:02Lucky haha dagger
00:23:06Lucky gg
00:23:07Mr.HaM arcane
00:23:18Jimpai this game
00:23:26Lucky lets just forget this game..
00:23:29DviX arcane almost ready
00:23:36Lucky it never happen
00:24:31DviX ree
00:24:34DviX why no fucking invi
00:24:46Lucky kunkka
00:24:49Lucky go strong items
00:24:53Lucky like vg and bkb
00:25:01Lucky not selly lothards
00:25:09Jimpai just..
00:25:14Mr.HaM regroup
00:25:16Mr.HaM ulti rdy
00:25:19Jimpai hey storm, go guinso
00:25:23MetM wards plz
00:25:25Lucky nah
00:25:37Lucky not this game
00:25:41DviX got ulti if needed
00:25:45Lowbob linkens
00:25:45Jimpai hey storm, dont die 8 times!
00:25:57DviX so much from your ulti, tide
00:26:04Tompson go
00:26:06Tompson mid
00:26:07Tompson and rape
00:26:18Lucky see
00:26:20Lucky get that bkb
00:26:23Lucky istead of lothat
00:26:26Jimpai hahahahah
00:26:28Jimpai just stfu
00:26:39Mr.HaM arcane
00:26:55Mr.HaM lul?
00:27:13Lucky HAHA
00:27:20Lucky fu zeus
00:27:40TOo_LaZy whats the limit of sentinels?
00:27:43Lowbob stay b
00:27:44Lucky haha this game -..
00:27:46Mr.HaM no limit
00:27:53Mr.HaM regroup
00:27:57Mr.HaM ulti in 30 sec
00:28:23Lowbob just sleeping people here
00:28:58Lucky ff
00:29:03TOo_LaZy so boring t
00:29:05TOo_LaZy this game :D
00:29:22DviX wow tide
00:29:27Mr.HaM its called
00:29:30Mr.HaM "who cares"
00:29:51kircho_kirev can u unr me once more?
00:30:03Mr.HaM talking about sleeping people :D
00:30:05TOo_LaZy dont be
00:30:06TOo_LaZy angry
00:30:07TOo_LaZy i sued
00:30:08TOo_LaZy ulti
00:30:10TOo_LaZy im so bored
00:30:23Lucky hahah 0-11 0 asssist hahahahahahaha
00:30:25Lucky WTF
00:30:31Tompson :D:D
00:30:32Tompson ops
00:30:33Mr.HaM pro
00:30:39Lucky veryu
00:30:47kircho_kirev go end
00:30:48Lucky fucking imba so overrated
00:31:19Lucky HAHAAAH
00:31:33TOo_LaZy hehe
00:31:35TOo_LaZy thanx
00:31:38Lucky gg wp lion and yaphets
00:31:57Mr.HaM finish
00:31:59Mr.HaM ultirdy
00:31:59kircho_kirev mana
00:32:00Tompson y
00:32:00Mr.HaM arcane
00:32:02DviX cd
00:32:05TOo_LaZy thanx
00:32:08TOo_LaZy shaman healer
00:32:21Lowbob yoreemnt
00:32:24Lowbob torrent
00:32:27Lucky AHAHA
00:33:11Lucky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:15Jimpai I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:18Lowbob I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:19MetM I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:27Tompson SUP
00:33:29Lucky ahaha
00:33:32kircho_kirev storm
00:33:35kircho_kirev -10000x inc?
00:33:42Lucky yup derserv it
00:34:04Tompson [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:04Tompson [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:04Tompson [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:04Tompson [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:34:04najk I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:09Mr.HaM gg
00:34:10Mr.HaM wp all
00:34:11DviX go throne
00:34:11Tompson gg
00:34:11Mr.HaM pwned
00:34:15DviX go base
00:34:24TOo_LaZy i said thompson wins this
00:34:33Tompson =) well kircho was killer of doom
00:34:36Lowbob not rly
00:34:36Tompson clanmate
00:34:38Tompson u can trust him
00:34:39Tompson :)
00:34:44TOo_LaZy Ok
00:34:45Lowbob lion owned this
00:34:52Tompson owned storm 2-0 mid
00:35:17Tompson lion sick playa
00:35:19Lowbob ye but lion made u win
00:35:27Mr.HaM y
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