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74% | 1295 X | 1367 TS

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Chat log

00:00:21Lucky touche can you play carry ?
00:00:27angryfin i can play anything
00:00:29Seppo13 sinestra = nota?
00:00:29Herre :DD
00:00:29aRkker yy
00:00:29angryfin but cvarry is ok
00:00:29Lucky okay cuz im want to play support
00:00:29Kanki ban spectre
00:00:29angryfin lanaya preferred
00:00:31Seppo13 tuuks nota taas
00:00:31Seppo13 munkaa
00:00:31Herre :D:D
00:00:31Kanki WTF
00:00:31aRkker WTF MAN
00:00:31aRkker WTF MAN
00:00:31Herre nyt jotain rajaa
00:00:31aRkker MUN
00:00:31aRkker FIINIX
00:00:31Lucky couldt see pull
00:00:31Kanki ban speck
00:00:31angryfin ban luci?
00:00:31angryfin get storm?
00:00:31Kanki luci not problem
00:00:31Lucky you want storm ?
00:00:31angryfin he will ban phoenix
00:00:31angryfin luci is if i play storm
00:00:31angryfin also pugna there.. kinda counters
00:00:31angryfin hmm
00:00:31Seppo13 :)
00:00:31Seppo13 :D
00:00:31Kanki ban phoenix or spectre
00:00:31aRkker BANNIA
00:00:31Lucky hmm
00:00:31Lucky okay i just ban doom ..
00:00:31angryfin kk
00:00:31Kanki what ever
00:00:31NotAHax BAN KAPOW
00:00:31Lucky doom
00:00:31NotAHax -slöardar
00:00:40angryfin pugna is niec
00:00:56Lucky well i dont play him very well
00:01:02Lucky but i guess i can try ;)
00:01:04Kanki what u want then
00:01:07Kanki i can play him
00:01:11Lucky anything
00:01:13Lucky dont care
00:01:18Kanki -swap 1
00:01:19aRkker -swap 1
00:01:20NotAHax -swap 4
00:01:23Lucky -swap 3
00:01:33Lucky hmm
00:01:35Lucky zack
00:01:38Lucky can you give me necro
00:01:43Zack fuck
00:01:49Zack sry, didnt see on time
00:01:50The_KknD -swap 1
00:01:53Zack but nvm
00:01:54Lucky -swap 4
00:02:01Herre solid krle
00:02:04Herre buy chicken
00:02:05Kanki jugger bot
00:02:05NotAHax you go woods
00:02:08Liquid_Swat y -. -
00:02:09NotAHax solid krle
00:02:10NotAHax go woods.
00:02:15Zack k
00:02:17Lucky jugger
00:02:20Lucky with pugna
00:02:20The_KknD can u go top
00:02:25The_KknD me and zack
00:02:27Kanki stay top
00:02:28The_KknD mat8
00:02:29Herre ;shares
00:02:44The_KknD go bot necro
00:02:49Kanki lol
00:02:50The_KknD we are mat8
00:02:51Liquid_Swat y i am new
00:02:51Lucky bad combo..
00:02:53The_KknD ma8
00:02:54Liquid_Swat but not at dota guys
00:02:55Liquid_Swat ;)
00:02:57The_KknD well
00:03:07Kanki two melees
00:03:24Seppo13 :DD
00:03:58angryfin miss mid
00:04:01angryfin re
00:04:49Liquid_Swat ss
00:04:49The_KknD care
00:05:20angryfin wtf
00:05:23angryfin is that fucking
00:05:24angryfin imba shit
00:05:27angryfin fuck that
00:06:00angryfin MISS MIOd
00:06:31Seppo13 meen mid
00:07:07angryfin that fuckign bird is just sick ... seriously
00:07:08angryfin nerf?=
00:07:11angryfin lazer
00:07:13angryfin fucking 10000dps
00:07:15angryfin 1032924 serc
00:07:21angryfin wards
00:07:21Kanki or
00:07:21angryfin buy
00:07:22angryfin now
00:07:25Kanki u just cant play
00:07:29angryfin WARDS NOOB
00:07:31Kanki u can come bot
00:07:32Liquid_Swat ss
00:07:36angryfin u can stfu
00:07:56NotAHax solid where have you played before
00:08:01Liquid_Swat vip dl
00:08:02Liquid_Swat atm
00:08:08angryfin gg
00:08:08angryfin gg
00:08:08Seppo13 pro
00:08:09angryfin gg
00:08:10angryfin fuicking gg
00:08:12angryfin fuck you alkl
00:08:14Liquid_Swat thx
00:08:19Liquid_Swat u from the clan in div one
00:08:19angryfin forest 45min
00:08:19Liquid_Swat or ?
00:08:23Kanki pient ragee :D
00:08:23Seppo13 ye
00:08:23angryfin imba fuckign shit
00:08:23Zack haha
00:08:24Seppo13 :D:D
00:08:25angryfin cant do anything
00:08:26Liquid_Swat nice
00:08:26NotAHax no lol
00:08:27Liquid_Swat :)
00:08:28aRkker :3
00:08:29Liquid_Swat xD
00:08:30NotAHax im just carrying these noobs
00:08:31Seppo13 im best
00:08:33angryfin ime poaskaa hoomo
00:08:34NotAHax i play at dotainvite and LDcl
00:08:42Liquid_Swat nice :)
00:08:53Liquid_Swat srsly thou not sarcastic :D
00:09:12angryfin EI)KS OO SIISTI
00:09:13angryfin VITTU
00:09:46Seppo13 bug?!?
00:09:48Zack y
00:09:53Zack have immunuty
00:09:56Seppo13 ho8
00:09:57Liquid_Swat do jaja
00:10:06angryfin GO
00:10:08NotAHax :D:D
00:10:08Seppo13 !?!?
00:10:24angryfin u can invbis me
00:10:26angryfin fucktard
00:10:33angryfin tree u idiot?
00:10:34Kanki hetkinen mikäs tos on cs?
00:10:36The_KknD y
00:10:36Kanki cd?
00:10:39aRkker laseris?
00:10:42aRkker ei ole
00:10:43Kanki nii
00:10:45Kanki lol :D
00:10:46angryfin hieno spelli
00:10:48angryfin vitun hieno
00:10:54Seppo13 :DD
00:10:58Seppo13 hieno peli
00:11:00Zack -.-'
00:11:01angryfin oo rauhas siel midis imba paskallas
00:11:03angryfin ei kiinnosta
00:11:04aRkker Zack_Prankster
00:11:09Zack i'm imba creep now
00:11:11aRkker either you're gonna fix this shit
00:11:18Zack how?!
00:11:19aRkker or you're banned and disabled for life :)
00:11:26Zack how do i fix?
00:11:27The_KknD lol
00:11:29aRkker I do not know.
00:11:29NotAHax try spin
00:11:30The_KknD its not his fault
00:11:34Zack cant
00:11:36aRkker sure it isn't
00:11:38Seppo13 :D
00:11:38NotAHax ??
00:11:38Zack no spin option
00:12:08Zack it's like i'm spining all the time
00:12:10NotAHax let we kill us
00:12:13NotAHax and it will reset
00:12:17Zack xD
00:12:18NotAHax you*
00:12:28The_KknD i go ulti
00:12:48Lucky whos mid ?
00:12:51angryfin No1
00:13:12angryfin OK
00:13:18angryfin go suck a dick
00:13:24angryfin THATS REALYL AINT FAIR
00:13:36angryfin omw top
00:13:38NotAHax qq more
00:13:42angryfin cant go vs bird
00:14:09angryfin w8 5s
00:15:49Zack now we'll see if it works...
00:16:09Zack nope, still cant cast
00:16:12Herre :ddd
00:16:13NotAHax lol
00:16:14Zack and i have immunuty
00:16:19Zack now what?
00:16:21Zack -.-'
00:16:29aRkker How did it come like this?
00:16:34Zack i spined
00:16:37The_KknD he spin
00:16:38Zack killed som1
00:16:46Zack and it happened
00:16:51NotAHax i will take care of bug.
00:16:55NotAHax just play.
00:17:08Zack ss
00:17:12Lucky cant
00:18:17Kanki omw bot
00:18:38angryfin ok spoec relic
00:19:20angryfin gank spec
00:19:27Lucky WTF
00:19:29Lucky THAT DPS ?
00:19:32Lucky so insane ?
00:19:35aRkker 5% of your max hp + 40
00:19:39aRkker per second
00:19:48The_KknD STORM
00:19:49The_KknD REALLY
00:19:50Lucky imba shit
00:19:59aRkker very easily counterable, tho
00:20:38Kanki panda go b
00:20:44Zack upgrade some1?
00:21:11Liquid_Swat - .-'
00:21:14Lucky OMFG
00:21:17Lucky ff
00:21:17Seppo13 STFU
00:21:19Lucky phoenix
00:21:22angryfin "ITS BALANCED )"
00:21:23Lucky IMBA SHIT
00:21:24aRkker yes sir?
00:21:26aRkker lol..
00:21:28aRkker its easy to counter
00:21:30angryfin arkker u know its imba
00:21:31angryfin how to
00:21:41NotAHax its not imba
00:21:42aRkker its only imba if theres a good player behind it xd
00:21:45NotAHax you fucking retards l2p
00:22:06Lucky gang top
00:22:07Seppo13 ):
00:22:09aRkker k
00:22:10NotAHax y
00:22:15Zack -.-'
00:22:32Lucky he has radaic all ready wp top
00:22:37The_KknD lol
00:22:40Zack hahaha
00:22:48aRkker btw tän slowi menee bkb läpi
00:23:29Kanki treant
00:23:31Kanki come top
00:23:33The_KknD kk
00:23:35angryfin dear ice frog... please remove phoenix
00:23:35Liquid_Swat 100 spec?
00:23:35Seppo13 push
00:23:39The_KknD just 2 take relic
00:23:59Seppo13 huoh
00:24:01Zack gj
00:24:03Seppo13 otote kuraa
00:24:03Kanki hyvin te vedätte
00:24:06Kanki 4 vs 2 :D
00:24:06Liquid_Swat yey ward owns - .-
00:24:13Seppo13 nää on pussy
00:24:25Kanki gank bot
00:24:55The_KknD kill top
00:25:25Kanki all miss
00:25:30angryfin we need to kill spec
00:25:32angryfin not supports
00:25:45Kanki b
00:25:51Zack rly?
00:25:58Liquid_Swat siso o .O
00:25:59Liquid_Swat :D
00:26:03The_KknD ;*
00:26:10Kanki take top tower
00:27:12Liquid_Swat why try to ks? :S
00:27:15Herre :DDDD
00:27:18Seppo13 stfu
00:27:19Seppo13 idiot
00:27:21Liquid_Swat no its not funny
00:27:21Kanki hienosti kustu on puoliks tehty
00:27:22Liquid_Swat retard
00:27:52Lucky lol jugger havent skilled wind...
00:27:59Herre wind?
00:28:02The_KknD bug man
00:28:04Lucky spin,,
00:28:06aRkker ...
00:28:07Herre ..
00:28:08Zack hhahahahaahahahah
00:28:10aRkker you have been following
00:28:10Zack hahahahahahahahha
00:28:13Herre you really are awake
00:28:17aRkker he can't use it
00:28:17Kanki omw bot
00:28:19aRkker incase you didn't know
00:28:23Lucky why ?
00:28:24Zack care
00:28:26aRkker ................
00:28:31aRkker he is perma-magic immune and can't use the spin
00:28:35aRkker for fucks sake please follow the game
00:28:38aRkker thats embarassing
00:29:03Lucky ff
00:29:12Lucky why cant he spin ?
00:29:14Kanki siis eiks juggeri voi ees ultaa?
00:29:17aRkker ...........
00:29:20aRkker B U G
00:29:29Kanki eiks olis pitäny ottaa rmk heti kenties?
00:29:37Lucky i rly wanna know ... okay you tell me he just cant use his spell ?
00:29:44Seppo13 pro
00:29:45Zack yep
00:29:48Zack and i'm immune
00:29:49Zack -.-'
00:29:52Zack no wards
00:29:53Lucky cuz of phoenix ?
00:29:54Zack no crit
00:29:56aRkker ....
00:29:59Herre cause of bug
00:30:02Zack yep
00:30:03aRkker not because of phoenix for fucks sake
00:30:06Kanki no mitä vittua me täs pelataa ;:D
00:30:06Herre which isnt known
00:30:11Kanki meil on niinku 4 heroa
00:30:12The_KknD mid ulti
00:30:13The_KknD rape
00:30:15Zack bcs of pheonix xD
00:30:15Herre voi voi
00:30:16NotAHax pääs kiini ruma lapsi
00:30:16aRkker I know Im imba, but I can't permadisable enemy team
00:30:19Seppo13 :D
00:30:26Lucky hmm...
00:30:44Lucky if you knew why did you pick him then ?
00:30:52angryfin invis me
00:31:31Seppo13 ette saa
00:31:31Seppo13 mua
00:31:33Seppo13 noobs
00:31:38Kanki on siin meil kyl kaks adminii taas
00:31:42angryfin jugger why cant u use anything``
00:31:42aRkker ?
00:31:47Kanki jos kaveri ilmotti siit ni olis pitäny rmk
00:31:48angryfin not even ulti`?
00:31:55Zack nope
00:31:57Seppo13 älä itke
00:31:57Kanki eihä täs oo mitää järkee ettei toi voi tehä mitää
00:31:58aRkker millä perusteella?
00:32:06Kanki öö jos rupee bugaa? :D
00:32:14aRkker jos kaveri vast tulee ilmottaa joskus 15 min kohalla ni varmaa siin viel remaketa
00:32:15angryfin ei jugger voi tehä mitään :D
00:32:15NotAHax en teinny et sä teet gcn säännöt kanki
00:32:18angryfin ei voi käyttää wskillei
00:32:20aRkker siis miten vitussa ette voi seuraa peliä
00:32:20Kanki voi sitä järkee käyttää
00:32:41Herre he can be useful still
00:32:50angryfin no hei arkkerilla menee kerrankin hyvin ei voio rmk
00:33:03Zack yes, i'm imba creep
00:33:09Herre teillä on vittu magic invurneable jurnero
00:33:12Herre ei se nyt niin huon oole
00:33:13Herre :DD
00:33:13Seppo13 nii :D
00:33:18Seppo13 iha sick endis
00:33:19The_KknD samo budzi dmg
00:33:19aRkker meil full magic teami
00:33:20The_KknD i cao
00:33:21The_KknD :D
00:33:25Zack bf
00:33:26Zack sad
00:33:27aRkker pelättii kokoaja et millo rupeette abusee
00:33:27Herre jätkät vinee jostain rmksta
00:33:27Zack :P
00:33:28Kanki siis mikää spelli ei tehoa?
00:33:29aRkker mut rupeetteki itkee?????
00:33:33aRkker ei mikää
00:33:36Kanki get radi jugger
00:33:37aRkker paitis mun slowi tietty, se menee kaikest läpi
00:33:45aRkker mut se on täysin invulnerable kaikelle taijalle
00:33:47Zack we have radi
00:33:57The_KknD we dont have
00:34:00Herre en voi ultaa
00:34:02Herre ei voi stunnata
00:34:03The_KknD becouse i cant kill a creep
00:34:20Zack de de
00:34:25The_KknD :)
00:34:27Zack uspeces nekako pre mene
00:34:27Zack :D
00:34:35Lucky tp
00:35:05Lucky hit that damm edd ffs
00:35:50Kanki jugger just keep farming ur no help atm in figths
00:36:04Zack what would i do in team fights?
00:36:12Kanki yes i said just farm
00:36:21Kanki i wast ironic
00:36:25Seppo13 roosa ja divine
00:36:29Seppo13 eiku
00:36:29Seppo13 lol
00:36:30Seppo13 ei toimi
00:36:32Zack oh, in that case, ok...
00:37:12Kanki rosh
00:37:36Seppo13 :DD
00:37:39Seppo13 hyvin jäätää
00:38:01Kanki b top
00:38:23Zack krle
00:38:26Liquid_Swat a
00:38:28Kanki omw mid
00:38:29Zack call?
00:38:35Liquid_Swat pricam sa savom ae sad cu
00:38:41NotAHax stfu kurwas
00:38:41Zack jos uvek k :P
00:38:43Zack sry btw
00:38:48Herre poland?
00:38:49Zack ako sam te omeo
00:38:50NotAHax RULE NUMBER #6956856 "English only"
00:38:57aRkker its not like you're the only one who have spoken some wrong langueage, COUGH SINESTRA COUGH
00:39:08Lucky re
00:39:09Lucky reg
00:39:11Zack sry about none eng
00:39:12Liquid_Swat totally true dude
00:39:13Liquid_Swat :)
00:39:13Lucky reg
00:39:21NotAHax true story bro ye
00:39:22Liquid_Swat i hate no lifer and wannabes
00:39:23Liquid_Swat ;/
00:39:28Liquid_Swat lifers*
00:39:35Kanki omw bot
00:39:57Lucky ulti
00:39:59Lucky roof
00:40:06Lucky or not
00:40:09Seppo13 brb
00:40:12Kanki mine
00:41:14Kanki ai äijä on läski
00:41:23aRkker Frank Sinestra
00:41:36Kanki sinänsä hauska et tää juggeri ei oo saanu mitää itemiäkää sit
00:41:43Herre se on lastpick?
00:41:54Seppo13 farmaan ton paskan endii
00:41:54Kanki lasthittaus on kyl vaikeeta
00:41:56Seppo13 ja saan samal lvl3
00:41:58Seppo13 ult
00:42:18Kanki b
00:42:52Kanki haha :D
00:42:55Kanki pelle
00:42:58Herre Xd
00:43:00Lucky wtf
00:43:03Kanki :D
00:43:09Liquid_Swat bravo.
00:43:18Kanki piti saada lasthit ni tuli pataa :D
00:43:45Seppo13 älä hikoile
00:44:39Kanki b
00:44:47Kanki b
00:44:49Kanki ffs
00:44:58angryfin they got ward here
00:45:03Kanki he will tele
00:45:41Kanki just def mid
00:45:46Kanki come base
00:45:46Kanki ffs
00:46:07Kanki kahestaa päälle
00:46:09Kanki perus
00:46:34Seppo13 yksin sooloo perus
00:46:37Kanki miten ei blastanny
00:46:41Seppo13 oot noob
00:46:43Seppo13 missasit sen
00:46:46Kanki lol
00:46:46Seppo13 ;)
00:46:58NotAHax kanki pätee kuinka pro hän on perus
00:47:02Seppo13 :D:D
00:47:14Zack me bot
00:47:33Kanki jugger
00:47:39Seppo13 pystysk vengelle ostaa daggerii
00:47:41Kanki when phoenix ulties u go hit him
00:48:13Seppo13 daggeraa
00:48:13Seppo13 nobo
00:48:19Seppo13 oon laiska :-)
00:48:20Herre siinä menee manaa da?
00:48:23angryfin lket me top
00:48:23angryfin hex
00:48:27angryfin hex
00:48:41angryfin why
00:48:48angryfin u need items?
00:48:51Kanki b
00:48:54Kanki to base treant
00:49:18Kanki omg
00:49:32angryfin can u ulti before u die
00:49:36angryfin so stupid
00:49:40The_KknD lol
00:50:00Kanki ai et ota damaa imusta :D
00:50:02Kanki kerro vähä
00:50:06NotAHax Spectre.
00:50:19Kanki onneks en sanonu et banni spectre
00:50:20Zack yuger
00:50:23Kanki perus peli
00:50:28Lucky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:31Kanki retardit ei kuuntele ja sit ei osata pelata
00:50:37Seppo13 :--D
00:50:38Seppo13 sä sit osaat
00:50:48Kanki no eipä täs paljoa tehä täl herol
00:51:06angryfin no 4v5 anyway
00:51:15angryfin tai siis 3v1 top lane alkupelin
00:51:21angryfin ihmekkös jos spectre saa farmaa
00:51:46Seppo13 gg
00:51:47Lucky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:50Zack gg
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