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Chat log

00:00:06iNeuron my techies
00:00:08BehlenAeducan cd?
00:00:09BehlenAeducan wat
00:00:12apaa BEHLEEEEEN
00:00:20BehlenAeducan wtf is this nerd shit
00:00:32iNeuron calm down daisy duke
00:00:36BehlenAeducan game ruined by dis mode
00:00:40apaa i think ill be this gyrocopter
00:00:41ihufa lol
00:00:42BehlenAeducan lost my mojo
00:00:56BehlenAeducan you gyro me techie
00:01:01iNeuron weaver or ck ban
00:01:03iNeuron pls
00:01:05NotAHax stfu retards
00:01:22BehlenAeducan wow we got top1
00:01:23apaa to serious captain
00:01:27BehlenAeducan i think he good
00:01:30ihufa weaver not imba??
00:01:33KIH otetaaks ursa
00:01:34KIH :DD
00:01:35extremewaari pick ck doom?
00:01:37iNeuron weaver annoying
00:01:37NotAHax weaver is getting picked next
00:01:37Laged juujuu
00:01:40NotAHax hes not gonna pic kit due i got slardar
00:01:42ihufa by him
00:01:42ihufa yes
00:01:47Laged tuhotaa vaa notahaxii sil
00:01:47Laged xD
00:01:48ihufa oh
00:01:52DangerZ pick prophetz
00:01:54DangerZ imz
00:01:54NotAHax ¨TRIPLE LANE
00:01:57BehlenAeducan nerd
00:02:00extremewaari pick ck
00:02:01iNeuron who on trilane
00:02:02iNeuron k
00:02:03NotAHax im solo mid weaver
00:02:05NotAHax and someone solo bot
00:02:09Bra~ tinker!
00:02:09ihufa i can
00:02:11BehlenAeducan tinker / puck
00:02:11ihufa with puck
00:02:14iNeuron slard wd daz
00:02:14BehlenAeducan ois
00:02:14NotAHax näh ihufa
00:02:14BehlenAeducan :D
00:02:15iNeuron top ?
00:02:17NotAHax im thinking something else
00:02:17iNeuron cant kill good top
00:02:19NotAHax INeuron yes
00:02:20extremewaari pick mid solo and ck
00:02:22NotAHax yes you can
00:02:22BehlenAeducan me wd
00:02:24iNeuron k
00:02:29apaa im dazzle
00:02:30ihufa was i not good viper?
00:02:31iNeuron behlen race ya
00:02:42KIH venge ursa top
00:02:44NotAHax Ihufa can you solo doom?
00:02:45KIH furi bot
00:02:47iNeuron top solo mby trolol
00:02:49ihufa no
00:02:50KIH enigma woods razor mid
00:02:53ihufa never play that stuff
00:03:11DangerZ -swap 2
00:03:13ihufa puck swap?
00:03:13apaa wtf is this maddness
00:03:14DangerZ FUCKING NIGGER
00:03:17DangerZ stealing my hero
00:03:18ihufa swap me puck
00:03:20ihufa -swap
00:03:20DangerZ give it back
00:03:21ihufa -swap 5
00:03:21NotAHax NO
00:03:22NotAHax NO
00:03:22extremewaari no
00:03:22apaa FU NIGGA
00:03:22DangerZ fagcake
00:03:23NotAHax ...
00:03:24NotAHax WE need good
00:03:26extremewaari sorry i wont play nigma
00:03:26NotAHax good slardar
00:03:28NotAHax ihufa go slardar
00:03:28DangerZ fu
00:03:29apaa sum retard to my gero
00:03:30NotAHax and triple top
00:03:31DangerZ you will
00:03:33DangerZ and cry
00:03:36DangerZ fruitcake
00:03:37ihufa im not good slardar
00:03:40ihufa but im good puck
00:03:41NotAHax ...
00:03:43ihufa :>
00:03:50NotAHax get dagger bkb rape
00:03:50ihufa keke
00:03:51NotAHax not hard
00:03:56iNeuron sprint and stun
00:03:56iNeuron np
00:03:58iNeuron ez shit
00:03:59NotAHax ye
00:04:15ihufa share bitte
00:04:18iNeuron Pink - Coversation with my 13 year old self
00:04:20iNeuron gud song
00:04:23DangerZ ei vittu kih
00:04:24DangerZ .......
00:04:26KIH :D:D
00:04:28ihufa cmon
00:04:31ihufa stfu
00:04:41ihufa get fb
00:04:42NotAHax no wards T_T?
00:04:47NotAHax stypid wd is stypid.
00:04:48iNeuron said when I had items already
00:05:23iNeuron where did you go daz again?
00:05:24NotAHax pro wd
00:05:32iNeuron 'well dazzle went to forest farm
00:05:34iNeuron or idk what
00:05:36NotAHax :D:
00:05:44ihufa get slow dazzle
00:07:33ihufa trilane countered by Quadlane
00:07:48iNeuron quadlane?
00:07:49iNeuron not
00:07:57ihufa WD
00:08:04DangerZ i go solo bot then?
00:08:17ihufa dazzle
00:08:19ihufa dont' pull
00:08:21ihufa ffs
00:08:42iNeuron nono let him pull, we got farming trilane
00:08:45iNeuron useful to the max
00:09:25ihufa b
00:09:27ihufa DAZZLE
00:09:30ihufa CAN U FUCING COME
00:09:32ihufa ADN HELP
00:09:32iNeuron this trilane idea is fucking useless
00:09:33iNeuron lol
00:09:35ihufa U FUCING OBNOCOPAc'
00:09:46ihufa dazzle
00:09:49ihufa u fat piece of shiot
00:09:52NotAHax ¨come gang mid
00:10:25iNeuron why were you waiting at tower with 10 hp again slard?
00:10:30ihufa wasn't looking
00:10:40iNeuron venge going mid
00:11:09iNeuron not like I said he is going mid
00:11:09DangerZ WHO IS THIS LAGED
00:11:09iNeuron but ye
00:11:15extremewaari bot miss
00:11:20iNeuron lmfao
00:11:23ihufa ff
00:11:25iNeuron ff
00:11:27DangerZ IS IT GOD?
00:11:31DangerZ WHO IS THIS
00:11:32Laged OOM
00:11:36iNeuron dazzle thinking we gotta pull and farm on trilane
00:11:38iNeuron cant do shit
00:11:47iNeuron and now he is disobeying captains lane orders
00:11:55NotAHax gang mid wd
00:11:56DangerZ sounds like normal gc
00:12:10ihufa dazzle
00:12:12ihufa leave pls
00:12:19KIH hanki dust
00:12:20KIH ja ragegang
00:12:22NotAHax go
00:12:23extremewaari bot mss dazzle
00:12:23Laged ei jaksa
00:13:16KIH XD
00:13:20apaa this our captain is kinda sad
00:13:23DangerZ FUCK YOU
00:13:24DangerZ fury
00:13:30apaa soz all chat
00:13:40NotAHax sanoo apaa
00:13:41NotAHax hohoijaa
00:13:43Laged BAITTAA SE
00:13:47Laged ja swappaan ja dustaan
00:13:49Bra~ any1 support me at rosh?
00:14:01Laged I can
00:14:02Laged np
00:14:06Bra~ omw
00:14:14NotAHax wd wanna gang mid?
00:14:28iNeuron not coming hwne creeps can see me come
00:14:34ihufa wards
00:14:37ihufa PLS
00:15:16iNeuron lmfao
00:15:46iNeuron back lol?
00:15:50ihufa dead
00:15:52ihufa anyways
00:15:55iNeuron yeah when 5 are coming top
00:15:57iNeuron and you wont b
00:16:07DangerZ ebin ursa
00:16:09ihufa dazzle is woods?
00:16:13ihufa wd is i dunno
00:16:14ihufa roaming
00:16:15iNeuron seems so rofl
00:16:16ihufa suiciding
00:16:17ihufa smth
00:16:21ihufa and im solo top vs 3
00:16:39KIH push
00:16:57KIH DIS ENIGMA!!
00:16:58DangerZ PARAS HOLE
00:17:03KIH go
00:17:06iNeuron can you just push it ?
00:17:08ihufa we had such a good lane top
00:17:08iNeuron 20min game
00:17:16ihufa if u had managed to fucking just be in it
00:17:18iNeuron daz fucked it up completely
00:17:20ihufa we couldn't have lost it
00:17:26Laged rax
00:17:27Laged go
00:17:32KIH :DDDDD
00:17:44NotAHax PUC
00:19:09Bra~ this ursa really easy hero
00:19:56Laged halusin molemmat
00:19:57Laged :d
00:20:01DangerZ nigga stole my kill
00:20:02extremewaari heh :D
00:20:43NotAHax only what we need to win fite is dazzle ulti
00:20:44KIH go top
00:20:48NotAHax and my scarabs¨'
00:20:57ihufa wd
00:21:00ihufa why don't u come before
00:21:15ihufa like u wanted to run from him
00:21:20iNeuron cause I suck monster cock
00:21:23KIH :@
00:21:30KIH should try end
00:21:50KIH ursa rosh in 3mins
00:23:00Bra~ b
00:23:26Bra~ oo
00:23:27Bra~ m
00:24:08KIH furi tp
00:24:09KIH ol
00:24:41Laged semi todelliset nää runet
00:25:44Laged rosh
00:25:53Bra~ y
00:26:27KIH go push
00:26:37ihufa dagon dazzle
00:26:37ihufa gg
00:26:47iNeuron in that case he doesnt know dagon build
00:26:49NotAHax kinda funny actually we could win this game
00:26:53NotAHax but retard making dagons..
00:27:04ihufa he's the reason we haven't won it
00:27:08ihufa not cus of dagon
00:27:17ihufa but cus he lost a trilane on his very own
00:29:17iNeuron weaver goes radi ?
00:29:20NotAHax y
00:29:22KIH great game
00:29:23KIH !!
00:29:29NotAHax still trying to win
00:29:29DangerZ go with 5 now
00:29:30DangerZ got ult
00:29:34iNeuron same to be honest
00:29:35KIH y
00:29:35NotAHax becouse we can
00:29:39Laged chick
00:29:40Laged furi get
00:29:41Bra~ need regen
00:29:51NotAHax dazzle ulti + my scarabs
00:30:49NotAHax slardarrr
00:30:53ihufa omw
00:31:47KIH trees
00:31:47KIH go
00:31:49iNeuron i dont get these dagon plans
00:31:49Laged DUSTEI ON
00:31:50iNeuron puck ?
00:31:54DangerZ b
00:31:59DangerZ brav > nota
00:32:10iNeuron nah, dazzle fucked it up for us thats it
00:32:17ihufa so did u
00:32:22ihufa first thing in lane
00:32:23ihufa is u suicide
00:32:38iNeuron cause I didnt notice dazzle going forest farming
00:32:43iNeuron and thought he is near us too
00:32:57ihufa makes no sense
00:33:03Bra~ -ii
00:33:07iNeuron well ursa had like 100 hp left max
00:33:08iNeuron so yeah
00:33:47DangerZ furi
00:33:50DangerZ you really bad
00:33:52DangerZ making hex
00:33:53DangerZ lol
00:33:54KIH furi säästä hexii sit weaverii
00:33:56DangerZ noob teamplayer
00:33:56extremewaari ju
00:34:34KIH go
00:34:51NotAHax b
00:34:59KIH focus weaver ouyt
00:35:00KIH with hex etc
00:35:18NotAHax stay b
00:35:45NotAHax HEAL?
00:35:57ihufa he doesn't speak english
00:36:00ihufa and he's retarded
00:36:02DangerZ jesus furi
00:36:03ihufa don't expect stuff
00:36:08KIH rosh and go again
00:36:12NotAHax well he did putted few good graves tbh
00:36:19iNeuron putted
00:36:22NotAHax :
00:37:19NotAHax GO
00:37:20iNeuron its already down
00:37:22iNeuron no point
00:37:23KIH drop tp
00:37:24KIH ursa
00:37:24BehlenAeducan theres nothing to say so i see no sense in talking all the time..
00:37:50KIH all gogo
00:38:06KIH dont go
00:38:07KIH dazzle ulti
00:38:07KIH wait
00:39:39Bra~ -.-
00:39:42Laged neutrals
00:39:42Laged gege
00:39:45Bra~ ok that was bad
00:39:53BehlenAeducan herp derp derp
00:39:56NotAHax we win!
00:40:06Bra~ get a gem?
00:40:06iNeuron i got full ulti in
00:40:08iNeuron but no male
00:40:25ihufa everyone just get blade males
00:40:27Bra~ wp
00:40:32NotAHax or ghost scepter
00:40:42extremewaari what shoukld i buy?
00:41:03Laged who wants the gem?
00:41:03DangerZ orchid maybe?
00:41:03DangerZ dno
00:41:10extremewaari maybe
00:41:11KIH orchid
00:41:12extremewaari k
00:41:38Bra~ go with 5
00:41:53NotAHax b
00:41:54NotAHax b
00:41:59NotAHax i told you ..
00:42:03NotAHax tekle?
00:42:04NotAHax ..
00:42:09NotAHax why no tele
00:42:09NotAHax .
00:42:21NotAHax can you rebuy dazzle+
00:42:26BehlenAeducan nope
00:42:36NotAHax DONT
00:43:19Laged gem
00:43:36DangerZ wtf is this game
00:43:37DangerZ :D
00:43:43KIH this
00:43:43KIH is
00:43:44Bra~ fking rebuys
00:45:00NotAHax B
00:45:02NotAHax slardar b
00:45:14NotAHax we need to play passive or we lose
00:45:17NotAHax go
00:45:17NotAHax :D
00:45:19NotAHax nvm
00:45:35iNeuron b
00:45:38iNeuron NOW
00:45:59NotAHax go
00:46:04iNeuron bait
00:46:04NotAHax nvm
00:46:41NotAHax heal me plz
00:46:56NotAHax GO
00:46:56NotAHax BAIT
00:47:14Bra~ -.-
00:47:33iNeuron good ghood
00:47:46BehlenAeducan ursa male+2x dagon =D
00:47:52KIH we were too spread
00:48:00Laged like your anus
00:48:01Laged XD
00:48:04iNeuron tower and b
00:48:06ihufa ye
00:48:09Bra~ wtf
00:48:10Bra~ :P
00:48:13iNeuron puck dag 4 ?
00:48:16extremewaari or u guys go together and i push all other lanes?
00:48:38iNeuron need 700
00:48:39iNeuron to bkb
00:49:06iNeuron 'yay need 60
00:49:06KIH we just need to take weavero ut
00:49:08KIH hes doing all the dmg
00:49:09Bra~ y
00:49:10iNeuron can anyone buy me 1 tango pls ?
00:49:25iNeuron nota?
00:49:26NotAHax you crazy rambo
00:49:27NotAHax back
00:49:27iNeuron 1 tango?
00:49:34NotAHax get it
00:49:43iNeuron ty
00:49:43NotAHax we cant stop them
00:49:44KIH get bkb bravo
00:49:51Bra~ will do
00:49:54iNeuron turtle?
00:49:59NotAHax ye we have to
00:50:13iNeuron def at base
00:50:32KIH focus weaver
00:52:40iNeuron if we want to push someday, gotta do it bot
00:53:23iNeuron just turtle
00:54:13iNeuron more careful yo
00:54:35DangerZ tp bot
00:54:36DangerZ push
00:54:37DangerZ nigger
00:54:39DangerZ furi
00:55:08KIH gem
00:55:10DangerZ wtf
00:55:11DangerZ :Dd
00:55:20Laged mee hakee
00:55:28extremewaari en mene tonne kuolemaan
00:55:42ihufa vs
00:55:55iNeuron gem on venge
00:56:33iNeuron OMFG
00:56:47iNeuron gg
00:56:58Laged ursa take gem
00:57:21iNeuron bot
00:57:22iNeuron weaver
00:57:28ihufa fuck bot
00:57:29KIH np
00:57:29ihufa go mid
00:57:31KIH 1.5x rax to go
00:57:42NotAHax you need dagger slardar
00:57:42DangerZ only 10 more buyouts to go
00:57:44KIH :D:D
00:57:47NotAHax so we can initiate
00:57:50KIH pro notahax
00:57:50ihufa ok
00:58:19ihufa on?
00:58:20ihufa venge?
00:58:22ihufa enig?
00:58:23DangerZ keegi
00:58:27DangerZ palju notal raha on
00:58:31iNeuron 7k
00:58:39KIH huijaa
00:58:52DangerZ ohwell
00:58:55DangerZ furil rohkem
00:58:55DangerZ poh
00:58:58iNeuron :)
00:59:11ihufa def
00:59:12iNeuron they push 2 lanes
00:59:17iNeuron 'initiate ?
00:59:41DangerZ nice fucking focus
00:59:51BehlenAeducan 1deff
00:59:52KIH :DDDDD
00:59:53Laged oisit furi menny
00:59:54BehlenAeducan slarD?`ö
00:59:55Laged ottaa rax..
00:59:56ihufa wrap it up
00:59:57iNeuron i def
00:59:58iNeuron im useless
00:59:58Laged ehit viel
00:59:59Laged gogo
00:59:59NotAHax ¨GO DEF
01:00:14NotAHax heal me
01:00:14KIH mee
01:00:16KIH ota
01:00:23DangerZ ei vittu retard
01:00:40iNeuron furi is here btw
01:00:45ihufa get top
01:00:48Bra~ tree
01:01:01Bra~ take it down
01:01:02iNeuron gg
01:01:10iNeuron getting top raxes more important than our throne
01:01:28ihufa throne
01:01:50NotAHax dont let him b
01:01:50NotAHax bd
01:01:57DangerZ our saviour
01:01:58DangerZ :D
01:02:00KIH furi
01:02:02KIH go
01:02:03KIH go
01:02:06KIH nvm
01:02:07KIH ..
01:02:08KIH dont go
01:02:11KIH dont
01:02:59ihufa :/
01:03:00NotAHax they win..
01:03:03ihufa ye
01:03:09KIH go
01:03:09KIH go
01:03:11KIH silence
01:03:12iNeuron lured bot
01:03:13iNeuron zz
01:03:30iNeuron gg
01:04:15NotAHax we come heal me
01:05:31iNeuron ninja mid
01:05:31iNeuron gogo
01:06:02BehlenAeducan epic game :F
01:06:08DangerZ MEE VITTU
01:06:12NotAHax we lose
01:06:12NotAHax :DD
01:06:17ihufa what did u just do
01:06:17NotAHax i got
01:06:19NotAHax no buy back
01:06:19ihufa didn't see it
01:06:26NotAHax well wd wasent there
01:06:27NotAHax we lose
01:06:28NotAHax :DD
01:06:40ihufa nah
01:06:44iNeuron yeah cause bot woulda pushed throne
01:06:45ihufa takes them a long time to get to base
01:06:47ihufa they're not all mid
01:06:48ihufa tards
01:07:00BehlenAeducan takes them 10s to get to mid :D
01:07:01NotAHax they will get to base now
01:07:01NotAHax gg
01:07:05iNeuron wel you guys chased too much, coulda taken throne
01:07:16NotAHax wd...
01:07:22iNeuron ?
01:07:27NotAHax we lost
01:07:27iNeuron not like I coulda done anything anyway
01:07:30NotAHax you recognize that?
01:07:32KIH tree
01:07:34KIH no amtter what
01:07:35KIH tre
01:07:36KIH tree
01:07:36KIH tree
01:07:37KIH tree
01:07:37KIH tree
01:07:38DangerZ gg nigger
01:07:40iNeuron yes, recognize it ages ago
01:07:41iNeuron when you said it
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