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12% | 876 X | 1123 TS

Chat log

00:00:07FetAA -rd
00:00:18reptile -clear
00:00:18Pojetz ban weaver?
00:00:18Takan -clear
00:00:18whatugotskills -clear
00:00:18Pojetz or moprh
00:00:18IPDT_FE y pls
00:00:18Pojetz and go alche,.
00:00:18IPDT_FE weaver
00:00:18IPDT_FE >.<
00:00:18riSk weaver/alchi?
00:00:18baN4nafiSh oh
00:00:18IPDT_FE ban weaver and pick alche
00:00:18Pojetz ban weaver
00:00:18FetAA ban?
00:00:18Pojetz and go alche
00:00:18FetAA y
00:00:18Pojetz if he ban alche go morph.
00:00:18FetAA bananaidiot
00:00:18riSk or naga siren, could be ugly too
00:00:18baN4nafiSh ban slardar
00:00:18FetAA ban ewaver
00:00:18Pojetz ?:D
00:00:18FetAA weaver
00:00:19Pojetz go alche
00:00:20IPDT_FE haha
00:00:22IPDT_FE gh
00:00:22IPDT_FE gj
00:00:23baN4nafiSh life is good
00:00:25baN4nafiSh hhaa
00:00:30IPDT_FE god loves you
00:00:31IPDT_FE :D
00:00:36baN4nafiSh fetaa loves me
00:00:37whatugotskills let me get life
00:00:43riSk naix?
00:00:45IPDT_FE i hate you
00:00:46whatugotskills y
00:00:50IPDT_FE just to make it balanced
00:00:56FetAA rest play more suppos
00:01:01FetAA warlock puck
00:01:02Pojetz take puck
00:01:03riSk who mid?
00:01:03FetAA puck good hero anyways
00:01:04Pojetz puck
00:01:05FetAA leshrac good
00:01:05FetAA im mid
00:01:06baN4nafiSh -ma
00:01:10Pojetz puck bala
00:01:17riSk gimme lesh
00:01:18Kapo- nah
00:01:20baN4nafiSh we need stunneres
00:01:24Pojetz hmm
00:01:25Pojetz rexx
00:01:27Kapo- i take eredar, lesh or warlock
00:01:28baN4nafiSh doom
00:01:29whatugotskills i take razor
00:01:30IPDT_FE i go warlock
00:01:32Pojetz doom rexx
00:01:32baN4nafiSh doom!
00:01:34riSk no
00:01:34Pojetz REXX DOOM
00:01:36riSk u take naix
00:01:37Davvelito get
00:01:37Davvelito wl
00:01:38Pojetz Ni WL
00:01:38IPDT_FE i can't play doom
00:01:39riSk u wanted him
00:01:40Davvelito WL
00:01:42FetAA true
00:01:43whatugotskills y
00:01:43baN4nafiSh get doom and puck gyro rex something
00:01:46riSk gimme lesh
00:01:53baN4nafiSh no doom?
00:01:54riSk fuck
00:01:55riSk hm
00:01:57IPDT_FE i can't play it
00:01:58Kapo- i don't like doom
00:01:59IPDT_FE at all
00:01:59whatugotskills hwo should i get now?
00:02:01baN4nafiSh k
00:02:03baN4nafiSh its so easy
00:02:03Pojetz wtf
00:02:04riSk puck
00:02:04Davvelito want me woods or lane
00:02:05Pojetz 3 int
00:02:05Davvelito ?
00:02:11Davvelito morph
00:02:11FetAA gj
00:02:13Davvelito go solo top
00:02:13riSk -swap
00:02:14baN4nafiSh morph can solo
00:02:15FetAA puck buy chick
00:02:15riSk -swap 5
00:02:15Davvelito i come for ganks
00:02:17whatugotskills -swap 2
00:02:19baN4nafiSh and go gang alot
00:02:20Davvelito wl lesch bot
00:02:21riSk im not the best puck though :/
00:02:24FetAA ah
00:02:25baN4nafiSh y
00:02:27FetAA u bought chick alrdy
00:02:28riSk -clear
00:02:29FetAA puck wards if u can
00:02:29whatugotskills i go wood
00:02:39whatugotskills -clear
00:02:40baN4nafiSh wl upg chicken really fast
00:02:45FetAA panda puck top
00:02:47FetAA razor solo bot
00:02:49baN4nafiSh and get wards so we know gang and can find naix in woods
00:02:52FetAA puck bu ywards plz
00:02:55baN4nafiSh naix musnt farm, he is a good player
00:02:58FetAA for u and panda
00:03:00baN4nafiSh -ma
00:03:01Pojetz put 1 ward their woodas
00:03:02FetAA ORANge
00:03:03Pojetz woods
00:03:03FetAA :D
00:03:05FetAA why u buy wards too
00:03:06IPDT_FE fifth pick
00:03:08IPDT_FE good player?
00:03:08FetAA ur carry ffs man
00:03:12whatugotskills sry
00:03:26Pojetz pull always
00:03:27IPDT_FE i think they swapped
00:03:28Davvelito u
00:03:30Davvelito y
00:03:31Pojetz i think 2 rangers top
00:04:15IPDT_FE enough
00:04:16IPDT_FE fast?
00:06:04IPDT_FE ss
00:06:32Davvelito they warded top btw
00:06:34baN4nafiSh SHT
00:06:39Pojetz buy dus
00:06:40Pojetz t
00:06:43Pojetz and destroy
00:06:59Davvelito wanna try
00:07:03Davvelito kill panda or puck?
00:07:33baN4nafiSh SS
00:07:34baN4nafiSh COCK
00:07:37baN4nafiSh CARE
00:07:38baN4nafiSh BOT
00:07:55Pojetz kill
00:07:57Kapo- ooom
00:08:22baN4nafiSh gj
00:08:27whatugotskills gj
00:08:28IPDT_FE i fucking avoided him
00:08:37IPDT_FE just lesh run wrong way
00:08:44IPDT_FE i got killed by naix slow
00:08:57riSk go?
00:09:03IPDT_FE don't be cocky
00:09:18FetAA me urne plz
00:09:25FetAA come
00:09:41baN4nafiSh b
00:09:51baN4nafiSh wl ?
00:09:55riSk watch items
00:09:55IPDT_FE y?
00:09:55riSk bug?
00:09:57baN4nafiSh care
00:10:02baN4nafiSh go farm?=
00:10:08FetAA do aghnamis or hex
00:10:08riSk 2x2 trees
00:10:13IPDT_FE just went placing ward?
00:10:33Pojetz omg
00:10:38baN4nafiSh b
00:11:17Pojetz kil
00:11:18IPDT_FE i planted ward
00:11:19Pojetz puck
00:11:19IPDT_FE use it..
00:11:20Davvelito y
00:11:21Davvelito cominmg
00:11:34baN4nafiSh care
00:11:40Kapo- bot miss
00:11:43Kapo- re
00:11:47FetAA harras
00:12:03riSk sry
00:12:05Pojetz jeah
00:12:07FetAA np ofc
00:12:07baN4nafiSh ench
00:12:09Davvelito what
00:12:10Davvelito about it
00:12:10Davvelito im oom
00:12:14Davvelito need 1 creep
00:12:15FetAA ofc u ned to help;p
00:12:16Davvelito for 6
00:12:29Pojetz b
00:12:37IPDT_FE go kill
00:12:38IPDT_FE wood
00:12:42Kapo- need mana
00:12:46whatugotskills ss bot
00:12:48IPDT_FE got ulti
00:12:48IPDT_FE ..
00:12:49FetAA lol
00:12:52Pojetz kill
00:12:53FetAA forgot eencha
00:12:57Kapo- ill tele in sec
00:12:59FetAA stick
00:13:02reptile oom
00:13:06FetAA use stick
00:13:12riSk was on cd
00:13:13baN4nafiSh gj
00:13:13FetAA k
00:13:22IPDT_FE i stun first
00:13:26IPDT_FE wait
00:13:27IPDT_FE wtf
00:13:33IPDT_FE where you gone?
00:13:51baN4nafiSh b
00:14:02IPDT_FE jesus
00:14:03IPDT_FE christ
00:14:04IPDT_FE one stun
00:14:05IPDT_FE leh
00:14:40baN4nafiSh oh puck is their good player
00:14:42baN4nafiSh naix is shit
00:15:15Pojetz gang clock
00:15:28riSk bah
00:15:29riSk 4
00:15:31Pojetz b
00:15:37Pojetz clock inc
00:16:06baN4nafiSh gj
00:16:10IPDT_FE u2
00:16:41Davvelito n
00:16:43Davvelito b
00:16:59IPDT_FE come
00:17:00IPDT_FE encjh
00:17:06baN4nafiSh go
00:17:06Pojetz gang top
00:17:08Pojetz pls
00:17:43Pojetz ...
00:17:49whatugotskills b
00:18:07baN4nafiSh nice
00:18:10baN4nafiSh wp1
00:18:12riSk at least wl takes all
00:18:13IPDT_FE wp
00:18:22Pojetz fish u need realy farm
00:18:23Pojetz alot
00:18:26baN4nafiSh yeah i know
00:18:32FetAA we need all 5 to fight them
00:18:32reptile they are like 10mins in our wood and nobody comes
00:18:37IPDT_FE i farmed more
00:18:37IPDT_FE :D
00:18:39riSk why u go?
00:18:39FetAA we got shitty heroes
00:18:55riSk i got 0 farm
00:18:58Davvelito for creps
00:19:02IPDT_FE k
00:19:02FetAA np naix razor should have
00:19:14whatugotskills should have waht?
00:19:19FetAA farm
00:19:21FetAA uneed to get
00:19:21whatugotskills k
00:19:41baN4nafiSh nice
00:19:42baN4nafiSh wards
00:19:54FetAA omw
00:19:58Davvelito some1 control creeps
00:19:59Davvelito i cant :D
00:20:01FetAA bait
00:20:05IPDT_FE b
00:20:05IPDT_FE b
00:20:05IPDT_FE b
00:20:06IPDT_FE b
00:20:06baN4nafiSh just farm with em
00:20:13Pojetz kill
00:20:38riSk b all
00:20:40Pojetz gj
00:20:46FetAA bb
00:20:51FetAA B
00:20:51FetAA ffs
00:20:58IPDT_FE lol
00:21:01IPDT_FE didn't attack
00:21:17riSk gj
00:21:17baN4nafiSh he had invis?
00:21:18Takan n1
00:21:18baN4nafiSh clock?
00:21:20Pojetz ;:D:D:D:D:D
00:21:20IPDT_FE y
00:21:22Pojetz noway
00:21:27baN4nafiSh he just turned ivnis when i wanted to stun
00:21:32baN4nafiSh fucked me up
00:21:58baN4nafiSh care
00:21:58baN4nafiSh b
00:21:59IPDT_FE -.-
00:21:59FetAA omw
00:22:02IPDT_FE facepal
00:22:05Pojetz no
00:22:06Pojetz kill
00:22:10Pojetz go
00:22:23Davvelito just get ring of sacraife
00:22:24Davvelito and mass farm
00:22:26Davvelito with your glue
00:22:45riSk oh cmon
00:22:48baN4nafiSh b
00:22:58riSk they love our woods
00:23:05whatugotskills i no ÅÅ
00:23:07whatugotskills ^^
00:23:13FetAA go rege razor..
00:23:19baN4nafiSh care
00:23:33riSk push mid?
00:23:40reptile i need 150 for dagger
00:23:43reptile dontz go until
00:23:49baN4nafiSh b
00:23:54Davvelito go as 5
00:24:00Davvelito lesch
00:24:02Davvelito come
00:24:25Davvelito so crap pleayed
00:24:52Pojetz heh
00:25:14Pojetz go kill puck
00:25:17baN4nafiSh shit i am all off, first game of the day just not thinkkng
00:25:19Pojetz b
00:25:19Pojetz b
00:25:19Pojetz b
00:25:20Pojetz b
00:25:20Pojetz b
00:25:20Pojetz b
00:25:20Pojetz b
00:25:21Pojetz b
00:25:21Pojetz b
00:25:21Pojetz b
00:25:22Pojetz b
00:25:24FetAA b
00:25:27IPDT_FE first game of the day for me too
00:25:31IPDT_FE and i'm ruling ;D
00:25:36baN4nafiSh :D
00:25:39baN4nafiSh we work different
00:25:49baN4nafiSh get hat tower
00:25:51baN4nafiSh without dying
00:25:54reptile oom
00:26:53IPDT_FE morp
00:26:54IPDT_FE morph
00:26:56Pojetz ?
00:26:58IPDT_FE i healed you for a reason
00:27:20IPDT_FE no gold for wards
00:27:21IPDT_FE :|
00:27:35riSk 27 cs
00:27:36riSk lol
00:27:37riSk terrible
00:27:46FetAA well its not u who need to famr
00:28:06FetAA :DD
00:28:07FetAA fails
00:28:20Pojetz wave was fail
00:28:30baN4nafiSh check naix
00:28:59baN4nafiSh b
00:29:03IPDT_FE lol
00:29:05IPDT_FE i was casting
00:29:10riSk i was silencing
00:29:12IPDT_FE i was waiting for ulti
00:29:13IPDT_FE :|
00:29:17baN4nafiSh wa
00:29:20baN4nafiSh 11
00:29:28Pojetz WHERE CHICK?
00:29:38Pojetz who stoped it?
00:29:41IPDT_FE not me
00:29:44Pojetz ooomg
00:30:02baN4nafiSh -ma
00:30:09FetAA care
00:30:17baN4nafiSh care
00:30:20FetAA wanna go?
00:30:25baN4nafiSh b
00:30:32FetAA b
00:30:49FetAA :DD
00:30:49FetAA sure
00:31:19baN4nafiSh morph
00:31:20baN4nafiSh wtf
00:31:24Pojetz jea was ...
00:31:24baN4nafiSh shit
00:31:39baN4nafiSh -ma
00:31:42IPDT_FE alche should farm
00:31:43IPDT_FE not ench
00:31:47Pojetz alche just farm
00:31:48whatugotskills tower
00:31:51baN4nafiSh alche to stupid
00:31:54Pojetz no
00:31:55baN4nafiSh y
00:31:57IPDT_FE and you too
00:31:59IPDT_FE morph
00:32:00IPDT_FE for fuck sake
00:32:01Pojetz farm tank
00:32:01IPDT_FE farm
00:32:02Pojetz and gg
00:32:22Pojetz bot
00:32:40whatugotskills b
00:32:41FetAA y
00:32:54Pojetz stay
00:33:22riSk i souldve casted earlier sry
00:33:23baN4nafiSh gj
00:33:26riSk didnt want to lasthit again
00:33:39FetAA no worries for lasthit;p
00:33:39Pojetz b
00:33:41IPDT_FE -_-
00:33:43IPDT_FE i thought
00:33:44Davvelito its lost
00:33:46IPDT_FE you was on cd
00:33:46Davvelito our alche have no farm
00:33:50Davvelito eiter does morph :(
00:33:55Pojetz omfg SOME1 stealed my kills?
00:34:00Pojetz gg
00:34:01IPDT_FE stole*
00:34:02Pojetz no farm
00:34:09IPDT_FE and anyway
00:34:13IPDT_FE you should farm more creeps
00:34:13Pojetz its not anyway
00:34:14IPDT_FE than heroes
00:34:27IPDT_FE morph
00:34:28IPDT_FE cs?
00:34:32Pojetz 72
00:34:39IPDT_FE i'm 35
00:34:39IPDT_FE ..
00:35:01baN4nafiSh are
00:35:24Pojetz top
00:35:25Davvelito kill
00:35:37FetAA :D
00:35:39FetAA b
00:35:40Pojetz mid
00:35:41baN4nafiSh mine
00:35:47FetAA care
00:36:08Davvelito come all
00:36:08Davvelito ALAL
00:36:33riSk wtf?^^
00:36:44FetAA u need hp man
00:36:49whatugotskills i no
00:36:51FetAA and why u there alone :P
00:36:51Pojetz psuh
00:36:53Pojetz tp
00:36:57Pojetz SOME1 Tp
00:36:59riSk def
00:37:02baN4nafiSh nop
00:37:03FetAA now we all die
00:37:04baN4nafiSh stay
00:37:04IPDT_FE no scroll
00:37:04FetAA cause no naix
00:37:05FetAA tt
00:37:12Pojetz b
00:37:12baN4nafiSh tower
00:37:18whatugotskills no
00:37:19FetAA well panda agha ulti no worrye
00:37:24Pojetz kill?
00:37:26baN4nafiSh tower
00:37:32IPDT_FE fuu
00:37:57baN4nafiSh u went back
00:37:59baN4nafiSh wtf
00:38:02Davvelito y
00:38:02Pojetz b
00:38:03Davvelito why
00:38:04Davvelito do you went b
00:38:06Davvelito fight and
00:38:06Pojetz me ?
00:38:07Davvelito die
00:38:08Pojetz i was low
00:38:13Davvelito doesnt matter
00:38:17Davvelito eitehr you fight
00:38:17baN4nafiSh 5v4
00:38:19baN4nafiSh it was easy
00:38:23Davvelito fucking
00:38:26Davvelito uselss
00:38:26IPDT_FE ok now we got
00:38:26Davvelito when 2
00:38:28Davvelito gets B
00:38:31IPDT_FE no carry
00:38:34baN4nafiSh people ran bcakc
00:38:35Davvelito moprh
00:38:36Davvelito cant play
00:38:37Davvelito for shiut
00:38:38riSk alchi 10 assists :D
00:38:41IPDT_FE no items
00:38:43IPDT_FE no towers
00:38:45Davvelito wrong items
00:38:49Pojetz no
00:38:49Davvelito and he plays like a fucking iidot
00:38:53IPDT_FE but they are at same for us
00:38:58Pojetz blade is not wrong
00:39:10IPDT_FE yes but you should have it
00:39:13IPDT_FE from few minuets
00:39:14Pojetz almost
00:39:17Pojetz need 400
00:39:19reptile what do i build now
00:39:19IPDT_FE yy
00:39:20reptile ?
00:39:21IPDT_FE i see
00:39:23reptile cuiras?
00:39:28FetAA naix is doing
00:39:30riSk treads
00:39:33FetAA do vladimirs bot
00:39:38Pojetz b
00:39:38Pojetz wl
00:40:08FetAA w8
00:40:13baN4nafiSh are
00:40:27Pojetz ...
00:40:30baN4nafiSh hah
00:40:32Pojetz FFS
00:40:44baN4nafiSh we know they come we stay
00:40:48baN4nafiSh just saw em allt here
00:40:50FetAA go rax
00:41:01Pojetz just try def
00:41:11baN4nafiSh and not die
00:41:21Pojetz go def
00:41:55reptile b
00:41:58reptile oom
00:42:32FetAA go rege puck
00:42:34riSk y
00:42:36riSk got my hex
00:42:42IPDT_FE gg clock
00:42:46reptile vladi next or what?
00:42:50IPDT_FE and gg panda
00:42:50IPDT_FE :D
00:42:52IPDT_FE :D
00:42:56FetAA y vlads
00:43:19IPDT_FE guys
00:43:21IPDT_FE stay back
00:43:22IPDT_FE farm
00:43:25Pojetz u firsttime alche?
00:43:27IPDT_FE we can win
00:43:33Pojetz no we cant
00:43:33baN4nafiSh y
00:43:34whatugotskills rosh
00:43:35baN4nafiSh we can
00:43:35Pojetz alhce no farm
00:43:40IPDT_FE well
00:43:42IPDT_FE you can
00:43:51Pojetz just hex clock in fight
00:43:52Pojetz and gg
00:43:57Pojetz puck is mine
00:43:59Pojetz free kill
00:43:59IPDT_FE just don't make me die
00:44:00IPDT_FE like shit
00:44:04Davvelito JUST
00:44:05Davvelito go
00:44:05Davvelito sa 5
00:44:06Davvelito from now
00:44:07Davvelito on
00:44:09Davvelito as they do all the time
00:44:15IPDT_FE nono
00:44:16IPDT_FE don't go
00:44:17IPDT_FE ffs
00:44:19IPDT_FE farm
00:44:23Pojetz push mid
00:44:28IPDT_FE no lol
00:44:30IPDT_FE we get pwned
00:44:32baN4nafiSh wards
00:44:34baN4nafiSh bed
00:44:45baN4nafiSh mid
00:44:55baN4nafiSh b
00:45:19Pojetz gg
00:45:26baN4nafiSh ;D
00:45:43FetAA throne
00:45:45riSk brb
00:45:51Davvelito was it that easy mid feeta?
00:45:53Pojetz stun
00:45:56Pojetz omg?
00:45:59baN4nafiSh y it was
00:46:02baN4nafiSh i didnt think
00:46:17whatugotskills gg
00:46:20Pojetz go kill
00:46:25Davvelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:28baN4nafiSh gg fetaa
00:46:33FetAA gg
00:46:54whatugotskills gg
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