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Chat log

00:00:18BT any wishes?
00:00:18BT any wishes? :(
00:00:18Kastrup i like slark
00:00:18Bra~ sure
00:00:18BT k
00:00:18Herre I can play sk
00:00:18BT i ban bs
00:00:18valiante cm?
00:00:18valiante i ban doomie
00:00:30Herre wanna get me sk?
00:00:32valiante anyone wanna play cm?
00:00:40Kastrup any1 cm?
00:00:47Herre take sk :g
00:00:52BT wd cm
00:00:58BT thrall
00:00:59Misha some1 wants wd?
00:00:59BT tiny
00:01:01BT slard
00:01:02BT :)
00:01:07N2xy ok. i take cm
00:01:10Kastrup well
00:01:12BT Good Luck & Have Fun
00:01:12Herre if able to..
00:01:15valiante ok
00:01:15Kastrup ok
00:01:18Herre what do you want
00:01:21Kastrup puck maybe
00:01:22Kastrup lets see
00:01:27Herre hurry..
00:01:28BT lich wd last
00:01:28BT pls
00:01:30Kastrup puck
00:01:33animalchin fuck u
00:01:34Herre -swap 2
00:01:34Kastrup -swap 4
00:01:42animalchin u dont say what hero i take, ojkay?
00:01:46Misha bt fin btw?
00:01:49animalchin fucking lirva dog, when u talk to me lower ur voice
00:01:51BT No
00:01:56Misha k
00:01:57BT Dude
00:01:59valiante ge
00:01:59Kastrup well
00:02:03Herre cm sk?
00:02:06Kastrup if pugna skill ward
00:02:09BT I bet u are just some internethero
00:02:10Kastrup we're fucked :D
00:02:10Herre or what
00:02:13Kastrup we need to get that ward
00:02:16BT fatnerd with glasses talking
00:02:19WTGD i bet u are just some internethero
00:02:20Herre CHICKEN
00:02:21valiante cm
00:02:22valiante go bot
00:02:22Herre brktwd
00:02:24WTGD with fatglasses talking
00:02:28valiante BROWN
00:02:29Herre have you read the rules?
00:02:30valiante UR CHICK
00:02:30valiante ffs
00:02:33Bra~ :O
00:02:36valiante sell items
00:02:37N2xy 'ban!!!
00:02:37valiante get chick
00:02:38Misha chicken mby?
00:02:43valiante else ur banned
00:02:48Herre you must get the courier before the creeps spawn
00:02:48valiante herre is admin
00:02:52ERTZ zto na8a
00:03:02Herre share
00:03:03Kastrup share
00:03:10Misha wd u will pull then
00:03:20Herre brktdwn share
00:03:23Herre ty
00:03:27valiante miss mid
00:03:28Bra~ calm guys
00:03:28valiante care fb
00:03:32valiante re
00:03:57Misha pull wd
00:04:37Misha wd u hear me?
00:05:05Misha pulling or not for ffs
00:05:09Misha 2min and stilll not pulling
00:05:10ERTZ yes fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
00:05:53Kastrup aura?
00:05:57Herre lvl 3?
00:05:59Kastrup ://
00:06:03valiante need chicken guys
00:06:04valiante for bottle
00:06:05valiante MISS MID
00:06:24Herre get slardar
00:06:41Herre nxt wave
00:06:42Misha killmby?=
00:06:47Herre either of them
00:06:54Herre one of them*
00:06:55Bra~ ty
00:07:02Kastrup np
00:07:04Herre ASD
00:07:06Herre wtf
00:07:08Herre :DDD
00:07:18Misha wd plz
00:07:21Misha skill maledict max
00:07:23Misha not stun
00:07:29valiante miss
00:07:34Herre come
00:07:34valiante whoever used bottle bot
00:07:37valiante lost us mid
00:07:47valiante hes going bot
00:07:48valiante with rune guys
00:08:09valiante lcuk
00:08:14Herre lets get wd
00:08:16Herre easier
00:08:20N2xy yepoi
00:08:30Bra~ gg
00:08:32Kastrup u2
00:08:35Herre nice cube sir
00:08:37Misha use fkn maledict
00:08:49N2xy 1 hit :p
00:09:00Herre my mouse is doing some funky stuff
00:09:06Kastrup -2
00:09:08Herre :;D
00:09:10valiante WOOOHOO
00:09:12valiante FINAALLY
00:09:16Herre I need to fix it at some point
00:09:22valiante intense mid
00:09:35valiante MISS WEAVER
00:09:43N2xy oom
00:10:04Herre is the rune taken
00:10:43valiante crap :P
00:10:48Herre why did he stay there
00:10:51valiante get rune top
00:10:53Misha bot miss 2
00:10:55valiante at 8
00:11:03Misha re1
00:11:23valiante gj
00:11:24Herre outplay!
00:11:29valiante he saw me
00:11:30valiante no bottle
00:11:31Herre y
00:11:32valiante he go top :_D
00:11:39Herre we so clever
00:11:43valiante ye
00:11:44valiante :D
00:11:51valiante MISS WEAVER
00:12:06N2xy :p
00:12:16valiante NOES
00:12:21valiante :D
00:12:45valiante can anyone of u afford me tp?
00:12:55Herre damn that
00:13:01Kastrup <- i go b
00:13:13Kastrup or not
00:13:29valiante miss
00:13:34Herre kill top
00:13:39Kastrup sec
00:13:40Herre slow
00:13:50Herre overkill
00:14:00Kastrup :D
00:14:31Misha wd start gangkin
00:14:40ERTZ w8
00:14:46valiante gj :D
00:14:46Herre I get the rune
00:14:47ERTZ i ll Farm the manaboot7 then
00:14:49valiante ye
00:15:06Herre mine
00:15:55N2xy lol
00:15:56Kastrup wanna go?
00:15:57N2xy :(
00:16:06Herre could get
00:16:08Herre with my ulti
00:16:10valiante k
00:16:11valiante i go
00:16:11Bra~ anytime
00:16:14valiante but he has ulti 2
00:16:22valiante give it a try
00:16:31valiante miss
00:16:31valiante weaver
00:16:32Herre get b
00:17:02valiante dirge?
00:17:04Bra~ :S
00:17:04valiante omiw
00:17:17Kastrup gj
00:17:24Bra~ used the wrong button :s
00:17:38Bra~ but that heal wouldnt have helped anyway
00:17:52Bra~ go
00:17:56valiante weaver still miss
00:17:59valiante cs weaver?
00:18:08Misha toss me agfaijn
00:18:11valiante care
00:18:13N2xy hopefully not more then 10
00:18:38Misha unreal
00:19:33valiante sick
00:19:33Herre take regen
00:19:37valiante opmw
00:19:39Kastrup gj
00:19:41valiante thanks sk
00:20:04Bra~ puck
00:20:05Bra~ 20 sec
00:20:06Kastrup ?
00:20:08Bra~ tomb
00:20:09Bra~ then go
00:20:10Kastrup ok
00:20:37Kastrup b
00:21:10valiante :)=
00:21:46valiante got orb
00:22:41valiante b
00:23:23Herre that ward is still a tough spot
00:23:24valiante 6 health
00:23:26Kastrup ye :/
00:23:26valiante is always enough
00:23:27valiante :D
00:23:28Herre owned us there
00:24:16N2xy dd
00:24:39Herre need to gang
00:24:56valiante omnw
00:24:57valiante with dd
00:25:03Misha b mby?
00:25:04Bra~ :s
00:25:06Herre def
00:25:07Herre instead
00:25:12valiante gone
00:25:26Misha i farm my dagger now
00:25:27Herre and dust
00:25:50valiante blink stun
00:26:02Herre epic
00:26:09Misha bv
00:26:21Misha why u stay?
00:26:43valiante mine
00:26:47valiante salve pls
00:26:58valiante thanks
00:27:08Herre my rune
00:27:32Herre get mid twr
00:27:36Herre or?
00:27:57Misha def mid
00:28:20Bra~ ouch
00:28:39Misha noob herre owned this game...
00:28:47valiante oom
00:28:53Herre b
00:29:14Bra~ :d
00:29:20Herre mega epic
00:29:25valiante :D
00:29:49Herre get dust
00:29:50Herre at base
00:29:58Herre cm
00:29:59Herre the dust
00:30:01valiante got hex
00:30:08valiante fuck
00:30:11Herre wards
00:30:17Herre def top
00:30:28N2xy take someone :p
00:30:50Herre def it
00:30:53Herre check the woods
00:31:35Kastrup lol :D
00:31:36Kastrup n1
00:31:38Bra~ :D
00:32:15valiante `?
00:32:19valiante u dodged hex?
00:32:20valiante how the fuck
00:32:21Herre he didnt
00:32:26Herre he got hexed
00:32:37Herre but by then he was already invis
00:32:45Kastrup go together midt?
00:32:45Kastrup or?
00:32:47Kastrup their woods?
00:32:51Herre their woods
00:32:54valiante y
00:33:11Herre somebody should be able to ward
00:33:22Misha gogogo
00:33:35Herre FAIL
00:33:36Herre get b
00:33:42valiante wtf+
00:33:45Herre failed my ulti
00:33:47valiante :(
00:33:49Herre had cd on dagger
00:33:57valiante :(
00:34:02valiante ok
00:34:05valiante push bot now
00:34:05valiante all
00:34:07valiante must end
00:34:09Herre mid?
00:34:10Herre imo
00:34:12valiante weaver gets harder to kill
00:34:17valiante theres 1 tower bot
00:34:20valiante they wont be able to def it
00:34:33Herre cm
00:34:37Herre nvm
00:34:38Herre get b
00:34:39Herre still got cd
00:34:46Bra~ ill def top
00:34:46Herre b
00:34:48Bra~ omw soon
00:34:55valiante wait for me
00:34:55N2xy got fust
00:34:56N2xy dust
00:35:08Kastrup got hex
00:35:25valiante me
00:35:29valiante nah
00:35:30valiante u take cm
00:36:16Herre epic
00:36:22valiante BACK
00:36:23Herre must do something more solid
00:36:30Herre ALL B
00:37:06N2xy someone wants gem
00:37:07N2xy ?
00:37:13N2xy who can hold it?
00:37:14Misha -ms
00:37:19valiante i could
00:37:25Herre push
00:37:26N2xy ok.i will buy it soon
00:37:29N2xy need 200 gold :D
00:37:36valiante got it myself
00:37:39N2xy :D
00:38:02valiante rosh
00:38:03valiante for me
00:38:13N2xy invis
00:38:13N2xy bot
00:38:18valiante COME ON
00:38:19valiante DIRGE
00:38:42Herre OK
00:38:52valiante jesus wtf guys
00:38:54valiante mass fail?
00:39:01Herre yet again
00:39:01N2xy tiny made combo on me :(
00:39:07Herre no ultik
00:39:09Kastrup i got silenced..
00:39:10Kastrup dunno how
00:39:14Misha take mid farm
00:40:07valiante soon weaver radi
00:40:08Misha dam
00:40:09valiante and we loose this
00:40:11Misha didnt get the gem
00:40:11valiante now fucking dirge
00:40:14valiante u do as ur told
00:40:17valiante no more fail ultis pls
00:40:18valiante and lets push
00:40:23Misha will u carry us weaver?
00:40:26valiante cm get wards instead of dust
00:40:28Misha getting pipe now team
00:40:33N2xy sure thing
00:40:58animalchin no get bkb or smthing
00:40:58Herre my farm mid
00:40:59valiante opk mid now
00:41:02Herre got aghaim then
00:41:17valiante Mid
00:41:18valiante get rax
00:41:26valiante ok
00:41:27valiante go then
00:41:49Herre gj
00:41:54Herre go mid
00:41:54Bra~ go mid?
00:42:09Misha b
00:42:21Misha kk
00:42:56Misha nice entry u gave
00:43:08animalchin yeah no fucking shit
00:43:45Misha I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:59Herre gj sk
00:44:03Misha veryvery nice game
00:44:23valiante sand king`?
00:44:25Herre ?
00:44:26valiante why not just
00:44:28valiante u have stun and hex
00:44:32Kastrup ivi
00:44:33Kastrup invis
00:45:15Bra~ regening
00:45:22Herre got dusT?
00:45:25N2xy no
00:45:31Kastrup got gem
00:45:31valiante he has gem
00:45:32Kastrup chillax
00:45:42valiante go
00:45:43Bra~ im b
00:45:44valiante all
00:45:45Bra~ no mana
00:45:45valiante go bot
00:45:46Bra~ !!
00:45:58Herre gather
00:46:22Herre get b
00:46:28Misha u can decre ur stick
00:46:28Bra~ i said
00:46:29Bra~ ffs
00:46:29valiante ye just get back
00:46:32Misha ur ward i mean
00:46:41BT gem
00:46:44Kastrup :/
00:46:47Kastrup ffs
00:46:48Kastrup so stupid
00:46:49Herre just gather properly
00:46:49Misha def wd
00:46:50Herre and push
00:46:54Bra~ listen next time
00:46:54Kastrup dirge
00:46:57Kastrup why the fuck u go back?
00:46:59Kastrup u had 300 mana?
00:47:02Bra~ HAD NO MANA
00:47:02Kastrup and u got cm aura
00:47:04Kastrup U HAD 300!?!?!?1
00:47:07Kastrup THATS ENOUGJ
00:47:07Bra~ cmon
00:47:10Bra~ 1 tomb
00:47:13Kastrup no
00:47:13Bra~ yay
00:47:17Kastrup tomb is 150`?
00:47:19Bra~ and you still die
00:47:24Bra~ just stfu
00:47:31Kastrup lol
00:47:49Misha -afk
00:47:53Kastrup home rylai
00:48:04N2xy home sweet home
00:48:22Herre I just guard from here
00:48:23Misha wd wake up?
00:48:25Herre np
00:48:46Bra~ 2 shivas allowed?
00:48:50Herre unlimited
00:48:51Herre imo
00:48:54Bra~ k
00:49:03Kastrup but doesn't stack :D
00:49:06Herre they do
00:49:14Herre i am going for shivas
00:49:20Herre gg
00:49:25Misha -afk
00:49:43N2xy ?
00:49:44Misha care pugna
00:49:52valiante and thats how entry's given
00:50:35Misha im a bit disapointted in u bt
00:50:35animalchin I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:39Misha :)
00:50:45Herre throne
00:50:49valiante ye
00:51:18Kastrup gg
00:51:25BT vbg
00:51:27Herre : dd
00:51:42Herre lool
00:51:46BT plauyedlike a firsttimer
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