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+55 TS

74% | 1368 X | 1269 TS

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61% | 1043 X | 1346 TS

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+7 TS

45% | 922 X | 1327 TS

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+8 TS

39% | 1010 X | 1223 TS

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31% | 890 X | 1261 TS

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-26 TS

98% | 1644 X | 1481 TS

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66% | 1196 X | 1272 TS

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Chat log

00:00:03Knaitti hmm
00:00:35katte ohman
00:00:39kitkat meh :C
00:00:44The_13abyKnight we're switching to vent now
00:00:44QiN why am i captain :OO
00:00:46The_13abyKnight but I have to figure out
00:00:48The_13abyKnight the uhm
00:00:51Knaitti cos ur best
00:00:51The_13abyKnight serverpassword
00:00:52kitkat why
00:00:55kitkat I have mumble
00:00:56kitkat x)
00:00:57The_13abyKnight oh!!!!
00:00:58The_13abyKnight omg
00:01:01kitkat gosh :D
00:01:02The_13abyKnight one sec
00:01:02The_13abyKnight LOL
00:01:06creeeeeee why did u ban potm
00:01:07creeeeeee ...
00:01:08kitkat told you to give me the info
00:01:13Knaitti cos baby will own with it
00:01:14kitkat you ADHD-child
00:01:18QiN exactly
00:01:24creeeeeee well u got the first pick
00:01:24kitkat :P
00:01:30Eksodick baby you in the mumble? which server?
00:01:33QiN what to ban
00:01:36creeeeeee should of taken it
00:01:39kitkat ur mom
00:01:40creeeeeee ban doom ofc
00:01:42The_13abyKnight one sec
00:01:45Knaitti or take it to us
00:01:46QiN i would take that
00:01:46The_13abyKnight i'll pass you on irc
00:01:46h0vSa Mumble is a happy and safe place
00:01:48The_13abyKnight :D
00:01:48kitkat yeah np
00:01:51QiN to counter him :D
00:01:52h0vSa You'll have to earn the trust
00:01:54Eksodick I'm a happy person
00:01:59Eksodick what do I have to do?
00:02:06Eksodick let you win?
00:02:09QiN som1 wanna play doom?
00:02:13kitkat lol \o/
00:02:16DontHitMe []nääh we win anyways
00:02:25h0vSa That would just be suiciding
00:02:26kitkat can I play venge :3
00:02:30Knaitti i can if noone else, but rather take axe
00:02:33h0vSa Aint much trusting that kind of a person
00:02:33Eksodick I'm up to it
00:02:38h0vSa sure
00:02:39Eksodick :(
00:02:52Eksodick but my friends... all of them... are... just.. gone..
00:03:01katte could play tiny
00:03:10creeeeeee get spiritbraker and shaman
00:03:16creeeeeee sb for me
00:03:16Knaitti tiny and shaman maybe?
00:03:21kitkat is there a password?
00:03:23The_13abyKnight no
00:03:29creeeeeee spirit for me please
00:03:30The_13abyKnight you need to set your username too
00:03:31Eksodick get me eredar?
00:03:33The_13abyKnight oh
00:03:35The_13abyKnight maybe
00:03:40Knaitti who plays doom?
00:03:42The_13abyKnight the password might be "nordic"
00:03:49kitkat ookaay
00:03:49Eksodick who's our captain?
00:03:51Knaitti i could play axe rather than dom
00:03:53QiN i am
00:03:56QiN for some reason
00:04:03DontHitMe guys are from finland ?
00:04:06creeeeeee get spirit !
00:04:07h0vSa fffffff
00:04:07The_13abyKnight no
00:04:08h0vSa fffffff
00:04:11The_13abyKnight me and h0vsa are danish
00:04:13Knaitti its shitty hero
00:04:16The_13abyKnight kitkat is estonian i believe
00:04:17creeeeeee it nooot
00:04:18DontHitMe =D
00:04:20The_13abyKnight :)
00:04:21kitkat yus
00:04:22DontHitMe wtf
00:04:26creeeeeee just get it
00:04:38creeeeeee and zeus or axe
00:04:43Eksodick yeah I know you're
00:04:48Eksodick but you are you =D
00:04:55Knaitti no dps
00:04:57Knaitti carry
00:05:00kitkat minecraft xD
00:05:03The_13abyKnight :D
00:05:19Eksodick so we got ganger
00:05:22The_13abyKnight kitkat say hello :<
00:05:23Eksodick they got ganger
00:05:30Eksodick but we have no carry
00:05:37Knaitti i have to go carry mode then :S
00:05:42Eksodick so we finish it as soon as possible?
00:05:47kitkat ^^
00:05:49The_13abyKnight :D
00:05:49h0vSa sk bot
00:05:49The_13abyKnight :D
00:05:52Eksodick if you think doom > jugge
00:05:53Eksodick yeah sure
00:06:02Knaitti i dont have to be better :p
00:06:04Knaitti but just carry :P
00:06:14QiN just rape his team
00:06:15Eksodick well better carry > worse carry
00:06:17DontHitMe im gonna kil you kit
00:06:25QiN he cant win alone with jugger vs sb and doom
00:06:30DontHitMe ups osz:D
00:06:32DontHitMe wrong hero
00:06:34creeeeeee toprune
00:06:35Eksodick but he got stack
00:06:37Eksodick 3 of them
00:06:38DontHitMe O-O
00:06:40QiN nono
00:06:47QiN only dazzle
00:06:53Eksodick or are you one of them?
00:06:57Eksodick ah, you are
00:07:02QiN y
00:07:38QiN such a joke
00:07:56DontHitMe kit
00:08:01DontHitMe leave last hits for me
00:08:04kitkat no
00:08:09DontHitMe yes
00:08:10kitkat :3
00:08:55creeeeeee 'sk coming mid
00:08:57DontHitMe yournero
00:09:03DontHitMe come take
00:09:05DontHitMe rege
00:09:07DontHitMe 8ot
00:09:08kitkat regen bot
00:09:10The_13abyKnight i come
00:09:19kitkat :3
00:09:21The_13abyKnight ^_^
00:09:29QiN miss mid
00:10:01Eksodick get venge
00:10:03Eksodick onko nukee
00:10:08Knaitti o lvl1
00:10:42Knaitti :E
00:10:52kitkat :
00:10:52kitkat :3
00:10:56Eksodick keskeytti mun narun
00:10:58Eksodick :I
00:11:00kitkat :3
00:11:01Knaitti jeps
00:11:05Knaitti sait onneks viel
00:11:18Eksodick I come bot
00:11:56Eksodick wtf
00:12:06Eksodick .asd.asd.asd.asd
00:12:11creeeeeee WTF toss tiny
00:12:11katte ss
00:12:15DontHitMe :D
00:12:18ulikiluu sry thought he'd die :p
00:12:18h0vSa ^^
00:12:22DontHitMe rhasta aldready here
00:12:23kitkat yeah, rhasta in bot
00:12:26ulikiluu but instead like 20hp left
00:12:26katte oh
00:12:27katte sry
00:12:29katte half asleep
00:12:32creeeeeee now we lost all kills :(
00:12:50kitkat your language is funneh
00:12:55QiN miss mid
00:14:05DontHitMe slow
00:14:14h0vSa CD
00:14:15Eksodick tiny?
00:14:33katte ss
00:14:34katte 2
00:14:39katte re
00:14:57DontHitMe almoust arcane
00:15:21DontHitMe FFS
00:15:24DontHitMe dont come close to me
00:15:31DontHitMe !!!
00:15:41DontHitMe what you was thinking ?
00:16:01kitkat swaps :3
00:16:21The_13abyKnight :P
00:16:24DontHitMe :D:D hhaa wtf venge
00:16:25katte AMKOPSDMPASD
00:16:34kitkat EHEHEHEHE
00:16:55DontHitMe giv mana venge
00:17:03kitkat lol no
00:17:06DontHitMe ..
00:17:08DontHitMe we can kill
00:17:14DontHitMe goodie
00:17:18creeeeeee bot miss 2
00:17:19DontHitMe now 8lock creeps
00:17:22creeeeeee 1re
00:17:26DontHitMe nvm :d
00:17:54kitkat -.-
00:18:22kitkat nice ulti, bro
00:18:34DontHitMe welll it didnt fail
00:18:39kitkat yes it did
00:18:40DontHitMe because they
00:18:41The_13abyKnight :X
00:18:48DontHitMe they didnt get tower
00:18:55DontHitMe stupid :d
00:19:22creeeeeee :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:19:58creeeeeee AÄPSJOFHEWGIJGEiojhgwge
00:20:02katte ty
00:20:11creeeeeee LOLOLOLOLO
00:20:13creeeeeee tiny
00:20:21ulikiluu stfu i denied it
00:20:23ulikiluu and he died also
00:20:24Knaitti so ill go radi or?
00:20:33creeeeeee i only see u missing ur stuns
00:20:40ulikiluu i only see u suiciding
00:20:57Knaitti qin what build i go?
00:21:12h0vSa omw
00:21:14h0vSa go
00:21:35QiN dunno
00:21:43DontHitMe deny
00:21:47DontHitMe nice :)
00:21:48kitkat oprly
00:21:49The_13abyKnight :)
00:21:49kitkat orly
00:21:57creeeeeee YES
00:22:01creeeeeee u see him coming
00:22:06creeeeeee and u stay farming
00:22:10Knaitti i went b
00:23:28The_13abyKnight -ms
00:24:01creeeeeee kill him
00:24:02creeeeeee i come
00:24:04creeeeeee with charge
00:24:05creeeeeee kill
00:24:40The_13abyKnight xD
00:24:41katte just
00:24:43DontHitMe :D:D:D
00:24:48kitkat xd
00:24:50katte get the f**k b
00:24:52kitkat funny
00:25:16The_13abyKnight :0
00:25:19kitkat O.o
00:25:40DontHitMe come kill
00:25:44DontHitMe venge
00:25:48kitkat they have wards
00:26:33katte fuu
00:26:38katte ..
00:26:55DontHitMe look this :D
00:27:02The_13abyKnight gj
00:27:02DontHitMe fuck :D
00:27:03The_13abyKnight -.-
00:27:10Eksodick juggelle doomi
00:27:23katte ohman
00:27:24DontHitMe b
00:27:28Eksodick ekana
00:27:29katte failed so much
00:27:30h0vSa why?
00:27:31h0vSa 4 top
00:27:38katte didnt get down the ledge :D
00:27:45The_13abyKnight -ms
00:27:48The_13abyKnight I'm very fast =D
00:27:56katte 480?
00:27:58The_13abyKnight -ms
00:28:00The_13abyKnight 467
00:28:00The_13abyKnight :3
00:28:10katte hm
00:28:14h0vSa why didnt you just stay? tower would have gone down faster and we will have both stun and slow to escape with
00:28:14kitkat lightning!
00:28:36DontHitMe or we both gonna die
00:30:33The_13abyKnight :3333333333
00:30:45The_13abyKnight =D
00:31:54katte :/
00:32:04katte NICE
00:32:04h0vSa ??
00:32:06kitkat o.O
00:32:09DontHitMe wuth
00:32:10The_13abyKnight bye sandking :SSS
00:32:17DontHitMe cmoon :d
00:32:17creeeeeee i get the radi then
00:32:27DontHitMe why not
00:32:33DontHitMe ah what ever
00:32:34katte guess we have to balance
00:32:39DontHitMe why not venge ?
00:32:44The_13abyKnight bye sandking
00:32:47creeeeeee teamsell other stuff?
00:32:55QiN y
00:32:57QiN or
00:32:57katte thought it was me leaving
00:33:00QiN nvm'
00:33:08Eksodick hmm?
00:33:08QiN we could have used bas
00:33:09kitkat everybody loves katte
00:33:10The_13abyKnight O_o
00:33:14QiN but doesnt matter
00:33:15katte no
00:33:21katte herre is always flaming me :/
00:33:30kitkat that's herre :P
00:33:39katte thought he was mature
00:33:43katte he has a kid etc
00:33:52kitkat o.O
00:34:34QiN can we use the leaver?
00:34:36ulikiluu y
00:34:50QiN k
00:35:16katte :DD
00:36:07creeeeeee got bkb too
00:36:11creeeeeee muhaha
00:36:15kitkat take wards
00:36:17ulikiluu what to buy
00:36:19The_13abyKnight ok hun
00:36:20The_13abyKnight ^_^
00:36:24kitkat :)
00:36:26creeeeeee hex
00:36:30creeeeeee or shiva
00:36:44QiN hex is good y
00:36:55QiN and bara get some as
00:36:56QiN like mom
00:37:15creeeeeee too late for mom
00:37:16creeeeeee i go ac
00:37:18creeeeeee hyper
00:37:20QiN k
00:37:37h0vSa go mid
00:38:03creeeeeee u die
00:38:04creeeeeee top there
00:38:24kitkat xd
00:38:25QiN !
00:38:32kitkat :3
00:38:36The_13abyKnight :P
00:39:42kitkat roshan :3?
00:39:52kitkat \o/
00:39:57The_13abyKnight it get's h0vsa all pumped up
00:39:57The_13abyKnight :O
00:40:09creeeeeee get ghost scepters
00:40:18creeeeeee jugger ult fails :)
00:40:24katte this entrance
00:40:28katte mad
00:40:32The_13abyKnight very sexy aswell
00:40:33The_13abyKnight ^_^
00:40:37kitkat :D
00:40:51creeeeeee venge has lotharz
00:41:41kitkat xDD
00:41:43The_13abyKnight -.-
00:41:48kitkat l2p!
00:43:14h0vSa ward
00:44:44kitkat I shat a bird
00:45:15The_13abyKnight ill use sk
00:45:17The_13abyKnight just for the fun of it
00:45:56Eksodick so
00:45:59Eksodick do we have a plan
00:46:03QiN win
00:46:14QiN good plan? =)
00:46:15Eksodick not by turtling this shit
00:46:17Eksodick :I
00:46:48kitkat NP
00:46:58kitkat :C
00:47:48kitkat xD
00:47:56The_13abyKnight =D
00:47:59creeeeeee dont go
00:48:34katte b
00:48:51creeeeeee zeus u use doom yes?
00:48:55QiN y
00:48:55katte new obs?
00:48:57creeeeeee k good
00:48:59QiN trying atleast
00:49:02QiN =)
00:49:03katte tyyy
00:49:04Eksodick ill use it too
00:49:07Eksodick if im dead
00:49:08Eksodick or smth
00:49:35creeeeeee care swap
00:49:53creeeeeee gogogogo
00:50:40Eksodick he is fast
00:51:22katte rege
00:51:23creeeeeee push
00:51:25creeeeeee with 5
00:51:27Eksodick smb plant
00:51:42h0vSa ORB
00:51:44katte theyr inc
00:51:58The_13abyKnight GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
00:52:43The_13abyKnight i use sk
00:53:22QiN got rax
00:53:23QiN gj
00:53:24The_13abyKnight i farm top
00:53:25The_13abyKnight asap
00:53:27The_13abyKnight need to get something
00:53:29The_13abyKnight to handle this
00:53:30The_13abyKnight situation
00:53:32The_13abyKnight tt
00:53:36katte yep
00:53:36kitkat :C
00:53:40creeeeeee i wont buy shit
00:53:42The_13abyKnight i know what
00:53:46creeeeeee just hold buyout
00:53:48The_13abyKnight refresher + 2 battlefury :D
00:53:58The_13abyKnight brb 5 min
00:54:05creeeeeee regen and shit
00:54:07QiN just buy so u stay above ~2500g
00:54:42Eksodick what happens to this dooms money?
00:54:46Eksodick if he kills somebody?
00:54:48ulikiluu shared
00:54:51ulikiluu between us
00:54:52creeeeeee to us
00:54:57Eksodick ah, cool
00:55:29Eksodick chick got wards
00:55:31Eksodick should plant them
00:55:36Eksodick I got no
00:55:37Eksodick space
00:56:04Eksodick well doom can
00:56:26creeeeeee kilLLLL
00:57:01creeeeeee mid
00:57:02creeeeeee thrionbe
00:57:40katte guess its gg
00:57:41creeeeeee thrneee
00:57:55creeeeeee gg
00:58:00Eksodick $gg
00:58:08The_13abyKnight gg
00:58:15QiN GG
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