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Chat log

00:00:18Kastrup gl & hf
00:00:18ZiOP shall i buy flying courior og courior
00:00:18ZiOP or*
00:00:18valiante i ban bs
00:00:18Raman courier
00:00:18Kastrup courier
00:00:18ZiOP k
00:00:18Kastrup but flying would be great
00:00:18valiante minimum of courier
00:00:18ZiOP k
00:00:18Raman u ban bs?
00:00:18valiante yeas
00:00:18valiante hes good in noob games
00:00:18Strom -windrunner
00:00:18Raman xD
00:00:26Raman who is bs rly :)?
00:00:30valiante bloodseeker
00:00:31Kastrup bloodseeker
00:00:33Raman k
00:00:42Strom BS & Windrunner - BANNED
00:00:48Raman y
00:00:48Misha i go destro
00:01:00Strom ok but we need stun
00:01:04Strom sven / ogre and stuff
00:01:18valiante panda
00:01:19valiante ogre
00:01:20valiante lich
00:01:21valiante sven
00:01:22valiante leshrac
00:01:23Raman i go lesh
00:01:28Raman OMG
00:01:29valiante these are the picks that are prefered
00:01:29Misha sven ogre would be gr8
00:01:31valiante need sven
00:01:33valiante or ogre
00:01:34teh_re i can take ogre
00:01:37valiante good
00:01:41Strom THRALL
00:01:41valiante sven leshrac bot
00:01:45Misha ogre and thrall yes
00:01:47Momdsiw take thrall
00:01:47Raman k
00:01:53teh_re anyone want swap?
00:01:56valiante pick lich or clock or panda or twin head
00:02:01Momdsiw -swap 5
00:02:05teh_re -swap 4
00:02:06valiante ziop
00:02:08valiante good
00:02:08yazzu omfg wtf hero
00:02:09valiante ur top
00:02:11valiante clock
00:02:14valiante get courier
00:02:14yazzu tra ma ei oska seda sitta ju
00:02:15valiante and share
00:02:20Strom no hakka oskama
00:02:26Raman k
00:02:27Misha thrall let me farm then!
00:02:30yazzu Saame sellist buttsexi neilt ju :D
00:02:31Momdsiw mm
00:02:33Momdsiw i harras much
00:02:39Misha yes harass and pull!
00:02:40Raman pink have u been captain before?
00:02:45Kastrup :)
00:02:45valiante several times
00:02:49Kastrup like always :D
00:02:50Raman k
00:02:50valiante why?
00:02:55Momdsiw i took thunder strike
00:02:55Raman its my 2 game xD
00:02:56Kastrup Ziop u pull ok?
00:02:57Momdsiw block
00:02:57Momdsiw plz
00:03:01valiante for one thing this leshrac didnt get wards
00:03:02ZiOP k
00:03:03valiante thats bad
00:03:04Misha y
00:03:06yazzu Ei see on maniakaalne kaotus kui mid game jõuame :D
00:03:12ZiOP shall i ?
00:03:13valiante upgrade flying asap
00:03:15Momdsiw haste
00:03:16Momdsiw fb?
00:03:26Kastrup pull!!!
00:03:30ZiOP CANT!
00:03:31Raman he cant,
00:03:34Kastrup yesu can
00:03:49Kastrup ffs
00:03:59Momdsiw fuck you dude
00:04:00Momdsiw noob
00:04:05Momdsiw free kill you farm
00:04:10Raman ss
00:04:15Momdsiw i said go when i got haste
00:04:41yazzu stunn him ogre
00:05:00wodrock ffs
00:05:04Raman ?
00:05:14wodrock annoying thrall
00:06:04Momdsiw pulling
00:06:06Misha y
00:06:08ZiOP -1
00:06:10ZiOP top
00:06:18ZiOP re
00:06:21Kastrup pull ffs
00:06:22Kastrup clock?
00:06:29Raman oo
00:06:32Raman oom
00:06:33ZiOP try next creep
00:06:40Raman he always that
00:06:51Kastrup flying someone?
00:07:02Momdsiw kill leshrtac
00:07:05teh_re ss razor
00:07:07Raman omg
00:07:24ZiOP nice
00:07:41yazzu stop ogre
00:07:53yazzu ill heal u u fatso
00:07:54valiante wards
00:07:55valiante and flying pls
00:08:00Momdsiw go soon
00:08:03Misha y
00:08:04Momdsiw wait for cd
00:08:07Momdsiw for my second
00:08:16Raman god.
00:08:21Raman hate that
00:08:21Momdsiw strom
00:08:38Momdsiw ops
00:08:42valiante and say miss
00:08:46valiante deushbags
00:08:51valiante wards as well
00:08:52wodrock thrall is woods
00:08:55valiante oh
00:08:57valiante really?
00:09:02Raman y
00:09:24valiante miss mid
00:09:24Strom mid mis viper
00:09:24ZiOP -1
00:09:26Kastrup clock
00:09:30Misha bot miss 2
00:09:31Kastrup how the fuck can't u fucking just pull?
00:09:33yazzu no mana
00:09:34Strom wait top, I come too
00:09:51yazzu mis ma ehitan sellele elukale üldse`?
00:09:56ZiOP miss
00:09:57Strom gk
00:09:58Momdsiw gj
00:09:58ZiOP ?
00:09:59valiante yes i said
00:10:01Kastrup read chat
00:10:01ZiOP k
00:10:02yazzu gk?
00:10:11Momdsiw k next to j
00:10:16Momdsiw in keyboard
00:10:24yazzu Whats should i build btw?
00:10:35Strom ah damn, ogre had cd
00:10:41Strom should've checked before blink :d
00:10:56Misha sven miss bot
00:11:01Momdsiw coming kill leshrac
00:11:13Momdsiw ruyne top
00:11:16Kastrup miss midt
00:11:28Misha ty
00:11:31Raman OMG
00:11:34valiante get wards
00:11:37valiante and u dont get ganged ffs
00:11:40Raman WHY NOT CHAIN?
00:11:49Raman 4
00:11:58Strom care top
00:12:01valiante go bot
00:12:38Misha use block skill thrall mby?
00:12:39Momdsiw cant escape
00:12:44Misha i guess not
00:12:53Strom this time ogre was oom :/
00:12:58Momdsiw only 1 skill at it and takes too long to set
00:13:12Strom teh_re, don't chill around without skills ... it's giving me a false impression
00:13:14Strom that you wanna fight
00:13:31Raman miss
00:13:32teh_re ok
00:13:36valiante stun
00:13:40Raman oom
00:13:52Raman me b
00:13:57valiante go mid
00:14:02Raman no hp
00:14:40Raman next
00:15:35Raman xD
00:16:14valiante wait
00:16:15valiante for em
00:16:20valiante hook
00:16:25Momdsiw care viper
00:16:35ZiOP oops
00:16:38ZiOP sry
00:16:46ZiOP oom
00:16:47valiante watever
00:16:51valiante how can u hook like that?
00:16:52ZiOP sry
00:16:55valiante u hoook into 10 creeeps
00:16:58teh_re invis razor
00:17:09Momdsiw ¨go od
00:17:45yazzu dont use ur time elapse on pointless fight
00:17:51yazzu its confusing :D
00:17:52valiante stun
00:17:53valiante and i kill
00:18:00Momdsiw :D
00:18:19yazzu darn
00:18:29ZiOP oom
00:18:38ZiOP no mana
00:18:46Misha flying needed
00:18:50Misha help me top
00:18:59Misha care mid
00:19:01Misha all incoming
00:19:09Raman xD
00:19:11Momdsiw ?
00:19:15valiante hate this bugged fucking dota
00:19:23Momdsiw thrall too imba
00:19:24valiante that poisen if i click it before he throws me in that spell
00:19:25Strom you're just too noob to press 's'
00:20:00valiante clock go
00:20:17Raman B
00:20:18Raman B
00:20:18Raman B
00:20:18Raman B
00:20:19Raman B
00:20:20Misha uprage plz
00:20:32Strom no timelapse?
00:20:36Momdsiw soz
00:20:51Misha help top
00:20:52Misha tp plz
00:21:33ZiOP 3v2 funny
00:21:52yazzu hes fat
00:23:30Momdsiw need that damn gs
00:23:36valiante give me more
00:23:41yazzu Sure thing mister
00:24:14Momdsiw trap
00:24:31Raman i farm to bf
00:24:52Momdsiw pfft
00:24:58Momdsiw they moves with 4 we 3
00:24:59yazzu fuk my life
00:25:19Kastrup -ms
00:25:22Momdsiw viper too tanky for us
00:25:30Strom ogre go regen your mana ands tuff
00:25:38yazzu With 16 kills he should be :D
00:25:46valiante b
00:25:49valiante leshrac
00:25:51valiante can u buy wards?
00:25:54Momdsiw he doesent have creeps so much just kills :<
00:25:55wodrock i have
00:25:58valiante plant ?
00:26:00wodrock yes
00:26:21ZiOP -ma
00:26:24Raman care
00:26:51Strom lets go find someone
00:26:52Momdsiw od should move with us
00:26:54Momdsiw he burns mana
00:26:55Strom no
00:26:57Strom od needs to farm
00:27:22Kastrup u are horrible clock
00:27:36Raman OMG?
00:27:52valiante guys
00:27:53Strom well
00:27:56Strom overall quite good
00:27:56valiante wtf is ur problem
00:28:01valiante are u bloody retarded?
00:28:02valiante leshrac
00:28:04valiante go with team
00:28:06valiante dont go solo
00:28:06yazzu je my death was my own stupid
00:28:08Raman tell lesh and clock
00:28:09ZiOP me =
00:28:11valiante help sven and clcok
00:28:27teh_re oom
00:28:33valiante leshrac
00:28:34yazzu Ma panin tähele, et sull meeldivad int herod :D
00:28:34valiante get health
00:28:36valiante lool
00:28:39Raman and lvl
00:28:49Raman agha good
00:28:50Misha every one should spam near me their skills
00:28:50Momdsiw ogre get mana boots
00:28:52wodrock stfu sven
00:28:55Raman haha
00:28:57Raman u2
00:28:57Misha like ogre bloodlust and so on
00:29:02wodrock i didnt say a word
00:29:03wodrock you stfu
00:29:06Raman u2.
00:29:07Strom dont get manaboots
00:29:08Strom we have od
00:29:09Momdsiw oh
00:29:09Momdsiw yea
00:29:10wodrock idiot
00:29:11Momdsiw forgot od
00:29:13Raman 2
00:29:14Raman u2
00:29:19Momdsiw force staff or dagger
00:29:20ZiOP font agrue like kids
00:29:25Misha eul
00:29:25Strom force staff
00:29:27valiante push
00:29:31valiante i tank
00:29:43Raman omw
00:29:45Momdsiw we should push towers
00:29:47Momdsiw they have late
00:29:49Raman -ms
00:29:58Strom we need pipe
00:30:02Strom is someone making hood already?
00:30:08yazzu ill start
00:30:20Misha gogogo team,
00:30:36Raman hmm
00:30:55yazzu jesus
00:30:56Misha regen fastr
00:31:02yazzu my mana boots are pointless :D
00:31:12Momdsiw fuck almost gs cd ready
00:31:15Momdsiw :<
00:31:16Raman behind u
00:31:23Raman daed
00:32:15valiante LESHRAC
00:32:18valiante why more mana?
00:32:21valiante seriously
00:32:22valiante i just told u
00:32:23valiante get health
00:32:24wodrock what fucking more mana?!?!
00:32:26valiante and u buy man a stone?
00:32:34wodrock i bought it at 18min
00:32:35Strom more wards needed to protect OD
00:32:35valiante u ahve 800 health
00:32:35Kastrup get pointbooster first
00:32:37valiante ur a snack
00:32:45valiante buy bracers
00:32:45Kastrup so u earn 600 gold in 10 min
00:32:45Kastrup gj
00:32:54wodrock stfu
00:32:58wodrock i cnt even play
00:33:02valiante just get bracers
00:33:03valiante sell the stone
00:33:05valiante and get 2 bracers
00:33:23Strom take mdi razor
00:33:46Kastrup lesh
00:33:46valiante come mid pls
00:33:47Kastrup dont go their
00:33:48valiante sven
00:33:48Kastrup plz
00:33:50valiante get dagger instead
00:33:50Kastrup dont go with 700 hp
00:33:54Kastrup its 3 hits from destroyer
00:33:58Strom mid tower
00:34:11Strom b
00:34:16Strom run
00:34:36valiante we loose now
00:34:38Kastrup we need to get that desotryer
00:34:40Kastrup destroyer
00:34:41valiante cause u dumb fucks dont know what to uy
00:34:43valiante buy
00:34:45valiante why dont u ask?
00:34:58Strom let OD take top
00:35:01Momdsiw does razor ulti hit trought my gs
00:35:03Raman i buy bf and mask of madness
00:35:06Misha getting guisnoo
00:35:07Strom OD go farm top
00:35:09Misha ...
00:35:09Kastrup its ok
00:35:11Kastrup rather dagger
00:35:12Kastrup but "ok"
00:35:34Misha def instead dummie
00:35:47valiante all come bot
00:35:49Kastrup come here
00:35:50Kastrup ALL
00:35:57wodrock everyone is there idiot
00:36:00valiante hook
00:36:07Strom b bot
00:36:08valiante clock
00:36:09Strom they in our woods
00:36:10Misha care
00:36:12ZiOP who ?
00:36:12valiante do u know the word hook?
00:36:14valiante and its meaning
00:36:15valiante thrall
00:36:16valiante whoever
00:36:20ZiOP yes i know
00:36:21Misha 700 to guinsoo
00:36:24Raman clock is noob gg
00:36:30valiante so are u sometimes
00:36:34Strom need to def bot
00:36:39Raman i support..
00:36:41Misha blood lust me
00:36:43Strom get viper down fast
00:36:45valiante ur semi carry
00:37:05Strom lol
00:37:07Strom just lol
00:37:09Raman push
00:37:10yazzu shizzle my snizzle
00:37:11valiante LOL
00:37:11Raman break
00:37:12Kastrup really? :D
00:37:12ZiOP np
00:37:19Raman XD
00:37:22Momdsiw leshrac had nice nuke area :D
00:37:23Raman that was easy
00:37:24Kastrup nice move btw :D
00:37:26valiante jesus christ guys
00:37:28yazzu :D
00:37:32Raman xD
00:37:32valiante u had a chance with destroyer
00:37:42Strom OD, use your astral imprisonment on someone who isn't getting targeted
00:37:53Momdsiw use it to viper
00:37:56yazzu i target viper
00:37:56Strom you saved the guy who I was about to kill
00:37:57Misha and?
00:38:00Momdsiw same
00:38:00Misha whats use on viper?
00:38:00yazzu but hes animal
00:38:01Misha linkens
00:38:08Momdsiw oh
00:38:12ZiOP me b
00:38:15Momdsiw razor then
00:38:17valiante all b
00:38:24ZiOP shall i buy vladmir?
00:38:24Strom we can still win
00:38:27Strom so don't go suicide now people
00:38:33Raman go but aghanim
00:38:34Misha with what farm...
00:38:37Raman buy*
00:38:37valiante ye
00:38:38valiante get aghanims
00:38:40yazzu illu?
00:38:43ZiOP kk
00:38:47Strom mmishaa, if you think you can't
00:38:53Strom then just don't astral wrong peopel
00:38:58Strom and I'll get some items instead
00:39:03Raman xD
00:39:05yazzu well hello
00:39:07valiante wow
00:39:08Raman get lothat
00:39:09valiante :D
00:39:13Raman lothar
00:39:15valiante all spells for viper!
00:39:20valiante i feel honored
00:39:21Momdsiw who else was there?
00:39:30teh_re dd bot
00:39:31teh_re take leave?
00:39:34Momdsiw you think we spell creeps or something?
00:39:37Strom I'll go take it
00:39:38valiante :D
00:39:40valiante maybe?
00:39:46Kastrup :)
00:39:52valiante my only mistake in this game is - 6 assists :(
00:40:06Raman i go bkb
00:40:10valiante me 2
00:40:16Momdsiw i have more assists buhah
00:40:17Misha bloodlust me before fight
00:40:19valiante :D
00:40:24yazzu take od
00:40:24valiante i meant i wanted none
00:40:31Momdsiw get dagon
00:40:33Momdsiw dude
00:40:39valiante go mid
00:40:40valiante all 5 again
00:40:44Momdsiw Instead of vanguard and hood
00:40:48ZiOP i hook :D
00:40:49Momdsiw and sell linkens too
00:40:50valiante true :(
00:40:51ZiOP then sven stun
00:40:57Raman and gg
00:41:00ZiOP then bang bunga binga boom and all dead
00:41:04Momdsiw Just boots of speed and lvl 5 dagon
00:41:07Misha strom:(
00:41:09Raman thrall witch ghost
00:41:11Misha why not guinsoo instead
00:41:14Raman witch*
00:41:25Misha get eul some1
00:42:03valiante b
00:42:25wodrock just need hook
00:42:35Momdsiw ...
00:43:02Raman go end
00:43:05Strom mmishaa, second time in a row you astral a guy who is about to die
00:43:14wodrock fucking messy game
00:43:15Misha who did i astral now?
00:43:18Raman i got 4 multicast and 2 ultis :(
00:43:18Strom seriously, don't do that ... astrals omeone who is further away
00:43:19Misha stop talking shit
00:43:24Momdsiw ye
00:43:29Kastrup didn't we all? :D
00:43:30Strom you astraled razor
00:43:32Misha i didnt astral any1 this fight
00:43:37Strom I blinked in a screamed
00:43:39Strom he would have died
00:43:40yazzu u did razor
00:43:42Strom but you saved him
00:43:49yazzu Hes a spy!
00:44:05Raman top
00:44:05yazzu I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:07Raman mega creeps
00:44:10ZiOP heart ?
00:44:10teh_re I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:22Momdsiw I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:34Strom I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:01Raman omg
00:45:04Raman HELP?
00:45:18ZiOP CANT!
00:45:22ZiOP no mana
00:46:01ZiOP 700+ gold and i got agha
00:46:34yazzu I will survive!
00:46:59Raman OMG
00:47:00Raman !!!
00:47:06ZiOP [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:47:06ZiOP [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:47:06ZiOP [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:47:06ZiOP [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:47:06Misha I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:29ZiOP WE WON!
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