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Chat log

00:00:03Kanki -ap
00:00:05baN4nafiSh me and rhasta top plz
00:00:06Sepetos same hero
00:00:08Sepetos u had
00:00:12baN4nafiSh silencer get wards vs pull creeps
00:00:26Kapo- is eredar shadow demon?
00:00:32Aisa let me solo ?
00:00:35Kapo- in tavern
00:00:37baN4nafiSh no nonononononon
00:00:37Swagga who buys courrier?
00:00:43baN4nafiSh spec
00:00:45Sepetos rhasta if u want
00:00:48Sepetos otherwise spec
00:00:56Sepetos ok
00:00:57Sepetos rhasta got it
00:00:58Sepetos nice
00:00:58Aisa ty
00:00:59Dota.m me and panda bot ? cap
00:01:00Kanki aa edar top
00:01:01Sepetos share
00:01:04Swagga np
00:01:07Swagga dont fail
00:01:13Kanki we have fairly good lanes
00:01:21baN4nafiSh wards silencer
00:01:22baN4nafiSh vs pull creep
00:01:42Swagga silencer bot?
00:01:49Sepetos lol
00:01:51Sepetos spec goes top
00:01:55Sepetos with rhasta
00:01:55Swagga no wards?
00:01:56baN4nafiSh he sucks
00:01:57Sepetos silencer wd bot
00:02:13baN4nafiSh say lanes earlier plz
00:02:16baN4nafiSh instead of this shit
00:02:22Aisa rhasta pull ?
00:02:25Aisa or i pull
00:02:26Swagga ok sir
00:02:31Aisa i pull
00:02:32baN4nafiSh han er skod så pas på
00:02:33Swagga kk
00:02:44Dota.m ss bot
00:02:48Dota.m re1
00:03:5513ang let me fam ws
00:03:5813ang farm
00:04:13baN4nafiSh as long as u harrash also
00:05:08baN4nafiSh go 32
00:05:09baN4nafiSh 3
00:06:41Dota.m chick up `?
00:07:37Kanki mis mid
00:07:43Kanki care guys
00:07:44Sepetos gj rhasta
00:07:51Tao top
00:07:52Swagga was to far
00:07:56Swagga away
00:08:14Swagga and say something first plz
00:08:15Kapo- top mioss
00:08:18Aisa si7nal
00:08:29baN4nafiSh s
00:08:54Kapo- re
00:09:01Swagga ss top
00:09:06Swagga re
00:10:03Tao giv me tae
00:10:05Swagga ss top
00:10:08Tao tabgo
00:10:11Swagga re
00:10:20Tao ty
00:10:22Aisa 6
00:10:34Kanki gank mid asap
00:10:35baN4nafiSh tp
00:10:35Aisa so let me know if 7an7 needed or somethin7
00:10:36baN4nafiSh furion
00:11:06baN4nafiSh gj
00:11:10Kanki miss mid
00:11:1313ang ty
00:11:14Swagga ss top
00:11:18Swagga re
00:11:23Kanki mid re
00:11:32Sepetos midmiss riki
00:11:36Dota.m riki behind 1 of them and i tether
00:11:36Swagga -1 top
00:11:39Kapo- spectre miss
00:11:51baN4nafiSh hmm 4
00:12:09Aisa harras him
00:12:21Aisa 7o
00:12:21Aisa 7o
00:12:22Aisa 7o
00:12:35Kanki gank mid
00:12:54Swagga ss 2 top
00:13:13Kapo- top miss
00:13:1413ang let me farm ffs
00:13:27Aisa rhasta 7o 7an7
00:13:34BritneySpears ss 7d
00:13:37BritneySpears Wd
00:13:38Aisa gang *
00:13:48Sepetos ill tele
00:14:1113ang gj
00:14:11Tao gj
00:14:38Sepetos guys really
00:14:40Sepetos wtf u farm there
00:14:42Dota.m go
00:14:43Kapo- missing rhasta
00:14:45Sepetos when there is situation going
00:15:01Sepetos WARDS SHACKLE
00:15:22BritneySpears invis rhasta
00:15:29BritneySpears someone Wards ?
00:15:46Tao kapo
00:15:51Tao buy wards plzz
00:15:59Kapo- kay
00:16:08Tao ty
00:16:09baN4nafiSh dd
00:16:13Aisa let me
00:16:23baN4nafiSh har dust til sa
00:16:28baN4nafiSh me
00:16:29baN4nafiSh first
00:16:35Kapo- furi tp
00:16:38Kapo- teleported
00:17:16baN4nafiSh shit
00:17:17baN4nafiSh tired
00:17:25Aisa yep yep
00:17:33Kanki gj guys
00:17:3413ang speli why u dont go back
00:17:43Sepetos me?
00:17:45Sepetos i was going back?
00:17:49Sepetos they just used imba skills
00:18:08Kanki gank mid
00:19:06baN4nafiSh wow
00:19:09baN4nafiSh what a sad fights
00:19:22Kanki gj
00:19:33Aisa really O_O
00:20:13Sepetos spoec just farm
00:20:50Aisa LET ME THEN FARM
00:21:45Sepetos WTF GUYS
00:21:52Sepetos and then u die anyway
00:21:53Kapo- D:
00:21:55Sepetos fuckin retards
00:23:30baN4nafiSh closeline!
00:23:44baN4nafiSh gfet dust
00:24:02Dota.m riki
00:24:04Dota.m i tp
00:24:04baN4nafiSh ghost scepter silencer
00:24:07Sepetos yea
00:24:13Kanki sure
00:24:14Swagga care
00:24:15baN4nafiSh come with dust
00:24:26Aisa deny
00:24:5113ang why Ghost secter
00:24:54baN4nafiSh vs sa
00:24:5713ang ok
00:24:57baN4nafiSh and panda
00:25:12baN4nafiSh spectre why kill sa who is already dead
00:25:15baN4nafiSh go for the others?
00:25:18Sepetos ofcourse
00:25:19Sepetos lasthit
00:25:30Aisa i need the farm
00:25:34Aisa so i take kills
00:25:38baN4nafiSh u to stupid to use your farm
00:25:40baN4nafiSh plz dont die
00:25:48Aisa when i try help you guys ?
00:25:54Kanki i will make one bkb
00:25:56Swagga care
00:26:50Sepetos spec
00:26:53Sepetos get vanguard and diffu
00:26:55Sepetos then radi
00:27:04baN4nafiSh and maybe str pt
00:27:04Sepetos not fuckin poor shield
00:27:20Aisa let me farm pleasE 1
00:27:20Aisa 1
00:27:22Aisa !!!!1
00:27:28Aisa rhasta ?
00:27:33Swagga fuck u!"
00:27:58Dota.m go riki
00:27:59Dota.m i tp
00:28:2013ang fail teamk
00:28:5713ang spec ffs go and farm then come and help after
00:29:02Sepetos yep
00:29:0213ang we need u farmed
00:29:10Aisa yes
00:29:12Aisa i farm ?
00:29:20Aisa just moved second location
00:29:2313ang u cant do anything in this figts when u got Crap
00:29:32Aisa ? and
00:29:35Aisa whats your point
00:29:44Aisa did i join the battle ?
00:29:46Aisa no ?
00:29:4613ang farm farm farm then help
00:29:53Aisa im farming
00:30:22Sepetos bang get some fat
00:30:23Sepetos ok
00:30:24Sepetos :o
00:30:34Sepetos and forcestaff is gr8
00:31:0213ang gg
00:31:0213ang ff
00:31:05baN4nafiSh hvor er du nederen jimmy
00:31:1713ang speak english please
00:31:29baN4nafiSh it was something about your mother
00:32:00Kapo- -ii
00:33:06Swagga b
00:33:0713ang nap
00:33:10Swagga haha
00:33:20baN4nafiSh why ghsot scepter?=
00:33:28Kanki take mid
00:33:46baN4nafiSh maybe a gem furion?
00:33:50Dota.m riki listen
00:33:54Dota.m i follow u
00:33:57Kanki y
00:33:59Dota.m you go the way
00:34:02Dota.m then i sup u
00:36:26Dota.m riki
00:36:28Kanki y
00:36:32Aisa let me mid please
00:36:39Dota.m we can tp around and gank
00:36:55Aisa nvm then
00:37:06baN4nafiSh dont
00:37:23Dota.m fuck
00:37:33Tao b
00:38:09Dota.m rosh
00:38:09Swagga wards
00:38:11Swagga b
00:38:13Aisa they got wards
00:39:09Aisa clever
00:39:0913ang noob team
00:39:15Tao sry
00:39:50Aisa b
00:40:48Kanki wait
00:43:04baN4nafiSh b
00:43:51Dota.m mid ?
00:43:53Kanki y
00:43:58Dota.m all come
00:44:00Sepetos GET B
00:44:11Kanki omw
00:44:26baN4nafiSh cant we just insane turtle
00:44:27Kanki i go buy eagle
00:44:31Sepetos we can
00:44:41Kanki mid all now
00:44:43Aisa hmm
00:44:47Aisa what to make :P
00:44:52Aisa bf
00:44:53BritneySpears sigh
00:45:09Aisa i make battlefury :)
00:45:14baN4nafiSh dont
00:45:16Sepetos no u wont
00:45:22Aisa radi isnt nice anymore
00:45:29Kanki tower
00:46:11Kanki rax
00:46:20Kanki rax
00:46:45Sepetos wtf spec
00:46:49Sepetos dagger?
00:46:53Aisa cd
00:46:55Aisa retard
00:47:11Sepetos SPEC
00:47:12Sepetos STR TREADS
00:47:16Sepetos U MUST HAVE MASS HP
00:47:21Kanki lets take rosh when i wake up
00:47:38Aisa so want me to go radi
00:47:39Aisa ?
00:47:55Kanki lets take
00:48:07Tao go
00:48:15Kanki pull him
00:48:20Swagga b
00:48:20Swagga b
00:48:27Kanki i take it
00:48:4213ang i knew it
00:49:07Kanki wait for others
00:49:14Dota.m im b first
00:49:27baN4nafiSh a gem furio?
00:49:32Sepetos whY?
00:49:35Sepetos to lose it?
00:49:51Kanki wisp
00:49:56Dota.m y
00:50:0013ang care
00:50:11Swagga stupid
00:50:14baN4nafiSh very
00:50:49Sepetos wtf spec
00:50:58Sepetos didnt even use ulti
00:51:00Sepetos nice
00:51:02Aisa HHAHAHAHA
00:51:13Aisa how to use utli if im in fucking cloud
00:51:17Aisa so fucking retard
00:51:21Aisa how you can be the captain
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