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94% | 1272 X | 1613 TS

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75% | 1207 X | 1333 TS

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-14 TS

47% | 1161 X | 1165 TS

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53% | 1028 X | 1283 TS

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92% | 1608 X | 1446 TS

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56% | 1189 X | 1236 TS

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17% | 862 X | 1158 TS

Chat log

00:00:25Strom <- SF/Riki
00:00:25Dota.m me sup with wisp ?
00:00:25The_13abyKnight rd or xd?
00:00:25WantedZip babyknight din danish cunt
00:00:25Norrebro xd
00:00:25Norrebro så ban minv en
00:00:25WantedZip OMG
00:00:25The_13abyKnight -riki
00:00:25WantedZip nørrebro har venner !
00:00:25WantedZip Ensom hund
00:00:25Norrebro sf
00:00:30The_13abyKnight Leshan
00:00:33The_13abyKnight Leshna
00:00:33Norrebro wisp
00:00:35Norrebro can someone?
00:00:37Strom SF & Riki - BANNED
00:00:42WantedZip NO!
00:00:43Dota.m i go support
00:00:45WantedZip ill pick SF !
00:00:46Dota.m with wisp
00:00:50Norrebro wisp
00:00:51Muhammad i play sylla
00:00:59WantedZip u are not the boss of me !
00:00:59Norrebro let gigi sylla
00:01:01J0te why not ill
00:01:01Muhammad seppo
00:01:08Muhammad i play him
00:01:16J0te why not i?
00:01:33WantedZip Babyknight ? why du snakker ikk til me ?
00:01:38Muhammad -swap 2
00:01:50Norrebro 0 stun
00:01:50Muhammad swap plz
00:01:54Norrebro give gigi
00:01:58Norrebro sylla
00:02:00Norrebro and we win
00:02:03J0te i dont want him
00:02:07Norrebro plz man
00:02:08J0te sucks hero
00:02:11Norrebro he is best sylla
00:02:12Norrebro inw orld
00:02:17J0te i best
00:02:21Norrebro u suck cock
00:02:25J0te you
00:02:36WantedZip Morten ?
00:02:40Norrebro anders?
00:02:46Dota.m alfred
00:02:48WantedZip jesper ?
00:02:50Norrebro alfred ok
00:02:55The_13abyKnight stfu
00:03:01WantedZip FINALLY !"
00:03:04WantedZip Welcome
00:03:09h0vSa rune
00:03:12WantedZip gl and hf ! u danish cunt
00:04:31Muhammad let me farm!*
00:04:54Muhammad ZEUS
00:05:06Strom ABBA
00:05:37h0vSa sykla miss
00:05:38Muhammad fucking noob
00:06:09Dota.m lvl for i will try to gang mid
00:06:16The_13abyKnight Xddd
00:06:33The_13abyKnight upg chick any1 plx
00:07:15Norrebro ward runes
00:07:32The_13abyKnight lich
00:07:32The_13abyKnight rune
00:07:33The_13abyKnight bottom
00:07:34The_13abyKnight care
00:07:34The_13abyKnight bottom
00:08:23Norrebro ss mid
00:09:21Norrebro ss mid
00:09:27Norrebro b
00:09:27Norrebro b
00:09:31Norrebro storm
00:09:37Norrebro no wards
00:09:39Norrebro no shit
00:10:08h0vSa gj
00:10:34J0te did you practice these before the game?
00:10:35Muhammad muta swap lane?
00:10:39Muhammad '
00:10:46h0vSa nope, the power of ping
00:10:47Dota.m im b
00:11:04Norrebro gamg mid
00:11:05Dota.m chick up please
00:11:06Norrebro ffs
00:11:08Dota.m its 8 min
00:11:16Kapo- but there is one
00:11:48Norrebro can this retard team do something?
00:11:51Norrebro wards atleast
00:12:40Strom mis bot wisp
00:12:44Dota.m mid =
00:12:46Strom re
00:12:46Dota.m ?
00:12:52Norrebro coming bot
00:13:42Kapo- 4 bot
00:13:43Dota.m no ss :O
00:13:48J0te WHY
00:14:02Norrebro because u suck maybe
00:14:07Norrebro told u give sylla to gigi
00:14:08Dota.m bot
00:14:15J0te i tell suck cock
00:14:35Norrebro mid is farming guys
00:14:44Norrebro but ofc u dont care
00:15:08Norrebro strom
00:15:09Norrebro wards?
00:15:11Dota.m mana
00:15:16Dota.m ty
00:15:19Strom need my orb first
00:15:39Norrebro gang
00:16:28Strom we have no chicken, or?
00:16:48Strom yeah hero not even shared
00:17:03Norrebro can u fags gang storm?
00:17:23Norrebro or u wanna auto loose
00:18:24Dota.m coem
00:18:32h0vSa tx
00:18:57The_13abyKnight screenshot
00:19:03Norrebro ?
00:19:12The_13abyKnight not u
00:19:13The_13abyKnight jesper
00:19:19WantedZip u suck ? screenshot ?
00:19:36QiN y
00:19:46Norrebro but what u mean
00:21:07Kapo- DD rune
00:21:12The_13abyKnight ty
00:21:23Norrebro screenshot
00:22:35Norrebro seppo
00:22:39Norrebro where is ure farm
00:22:45J0te ?
00:23:02J0te eazy farm with no ward
00:23:05J0te or teamplay
00:23:16Dota.m b
00:25:21The_13abyKnight ty
00:27:07J0te need chiken
00:27:18Strom send bear
00:27:31J0te it helps farm
00:27:57Strom -afk
00:28:08J0te whoa 4vs1q
00:28:24The_13abyKnight wisp
00:28:27Dota.m y
00:28:27The_13abyKnight gimme tp
00:28:27The_13abyKnight pls
00:28:29The_13abyKnight ok nvm
00:28:32The_13abyKnight ty
00:28:32The_13abyKnight :D
00:30:11The_13abyKnight wisp <3 ^^
00:31:22Norrebro wow strom
00:32:49Norrebro wtf
00:33:19The_13abyKnight ^_^
00:33:23The_13abyKnight :O
00:33:48The_13abyKnight wisp
00:33:49The_13abyKnight pls don't
00:33:53The_13abyKnight i can kill him myself
00:33:54The_13abyKnight -.-
00:33:57WantedZip OWNED !
00:34:00Dota.m ok
00:34:08Norrebro dont mind the kid :P
00:34:08WantedZip wp zues
00:34:14WantedZip u ?
00:34:33J0te is nice when naps get ouned for one kill
00:34:42Dota.m come
00:34:51h0vSa I believe its spelled "owned"
00:34:58QiN ..............
00:34:59J0te nah
00:35:00QiN plz
00:35:01h0vSa But I wont argue with a "Pro"
00:35:05Dota.m sry
00:35:07J0te not in here
00:36:34Strom def base?
00:37:21WantedZip OWNED !
00:37:24WantedZip Backwards
00:37:35Norrebro pro
00:37:38Dota.m sylle
00:37:39Dota.m rosh
00:37:44J0te ?
00:37:45The_13abyKnight i steal
00:37:46The_13abyKnight it
00:37:51Dota.m he rosh
00:37:52J0te why flaem
00:37:57The_13abyKnight it's ok
00:37:58Norrebro if just u gave him to gigi
00:37:58WantedZip cus u suck
00:37:59The_13abyKnight let him
00:38:00WantedZip like blue
00:38:00The_13abyKnight i will steal it
00:38:02The_13abyKnight just go
00:38:03The_13abyKnight kill rax
00:38:05The_13abyKnight or something
00:38:05The_13abyKnight pls
00:38:07Norrebro u suck as a carry
00:38:08The_13abyKnight guys
00:38:09J0te gigi scusk
00:38:15The_13abyKnight wisp..
00:38:16The_13abyKnight go kill rax
00:38:18J0te sucks*
00:38:21The_13abyKnight im ok!!!!
00:38:24The_13abyKnight ...
00:38:28The_13abyKnight WISP
00:38:30The_13abyKnight GO HELP THEM
00:38:34The_13abyKnight too late
00:39:13Norrebro u see why?
00:39:19J0te no
00:39:24The_13abyKnight wisp
00:39:27The_13abyKnight do you think i suck or something?
00:39:28Norrebro if u use brain
00:39:31The_13abyKnight please listen to me
00:39:31The_13abyKnight -.
00:39:31Norrebro they got na
00:39:34Dota.m ok
00:39:35Norrebro so they prob
00:39:42Norrebro put a fucking maggot
00:39:44Norrebro down there
00:39:45J0te prob not
00:39:49The_13abyKnight i know you're just being a nice guy but
00:43:31Norrebro pro sylla gogo
00:43:43J0te to much of dem
00:43:58Norrebro gg
00:44:07J0te btw first time i see teamplay
00:44:08J0te 40 mions
00:44:18J0te but noward
00:45:31Norrebro xeus ulti
00:45:35Strom cd
00:45:58Norrebro zeus ulti again
00:45:59The_13abyKnight nice doubleulti :D
00:46:13Norrebro who
00:46:15Norrebro Who
00:46:18The_13abyKnight aba
00:46:19Kapo- abba
00:46:27Norrebro yeah sometimes it bugs :/
00:47:01Norrebro this sylla
00:47:25J0te is best?
00:47:41Norrebro baby er du med i en klan
00:47:48The_13abyKnight ...
00:48:01Norrebro er det ja eller nej
00:48:01The_13abyKnight tager du pis på mig?
00:48:05The_13abyKnight ja
00:48:13Norrebro hvad hedder de
00:48:34WantedZip Du blev smidt ud af MYM passer det ikk meget godt ?
00:48:34Norrebro hmm kender du en v ed navn varia
00:48:45The_13abyKnight Jeg valgte ikke at joine mym
00:48:49The_13abyKnight fyi
00:48:50WantedZip jaja :)=
00:49:04h0vSa i modsætning til dig gyro ^^
00:49:05Strom I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:08Muhammad I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
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