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81% | 1347 X | 1324 TS

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71% | 1132 X | 1370 TS

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-8 TS

60% | 1167 X | 1246 TS

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-5 TS

35% | 1017 X | 1189 TS

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95% | 1638 X | 1455 TS

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Chat log

00:00:28HivMagnus hello
00:00:31HivMagnus teammates
00:00:37PETTR babyknäckt
00:00:45PETTR babyknäkt
00:00:52HivMagnus kneckt
00:01:03HivMagnus knääckt
00:01:08The_13abyKnight WHAT?
00:01:10sosen knekt
00:01:17PETTR din jävla bäbis
00:01:33Knaitti babyknight will playu lion
00:01:37Knaitti ?
00:01:39pOWa mid
00:01:39PETTR give me cm
00:01:46pOWa hero
00:01:49pOWa get alche?
00:01:54HivMagnus give me whisp or frozen mage
00:02:08HivMagnus ty
00:02:09pOWa dusa?
00:02:14Knaitti krob? dazzle?
00:02:28QiN hm
00:02:30QiN enigma?
00:02:35QiN some1 wanna play?
00:02:53pOWa not rly enigma
00:03:00pOWa 2 much disable
00:03:11Knaitti time :S
00:03:17Knaitti 3 heroes and 25sec
00:03:31sosen give am i wanna try etheralblade
00:03:31sosen ty
00:03:38Knaitti magina?
00:03:54Knaitti krob dazzle enigma?
00:03:56pOWa alche mid?
00:04:04The_13abyKnight afk
00:04:10pOWa can i play dusa mid?
00:04:13Knaitti medusa go tank mode? :D
00:04:17Knaitti alche mid
00:04:21h0vSa can i take lion?
00:04:23que2stress oO
00:04:24QiN alche not mid
00:04:25Knaitti ill take wlock?
00:04:27QiN will feed him
00:04:29Knaitti or dazzle
00:04:36pOWa y they will gang alche
00:04:37Knaitti or something
00:04:40Knaitti whats last pick
00:04:45QiN not sure
00:04:58QiN dazzle?
00:05:04Knaitti dunno
00:05:10Knaitti enigma or dazzle or krob
00:05:10que2stress me puck plz
00:05:14pOWa daz
00:05:14sosen no
00:05:15sosen me
00:05:15The_13abyKnight panda cm venge top
00:05:17The_13abyKnight pucj bottom
00:05:17QiN dazzle lion alc
00:05:18QiN bot
00:05:19The_13abyKnight me void
00:05:23pOWa me alche or dusa
00:05:23The_13abyKnight mid
00:05:25The_13abyKnight someone buy me tangos
00:05:27The_13abyKnight maiden
00:05:34pOWa pick
00:05:34PETTR -swap 5
00:05:35HivMagnus -swap
00:05:40HivMagnus -swap 3
00:05:42The_13abyKnight maiden i need one set of tangoes
00:05:45QiN u decide who go mid
00:05:49QiN /top
00:05:52The_13abyKnight O_O
00:05:55sosen LOL
00:05:57The_13abyKnight ty :O
00:05:59The_13abyKnight :#
00:06:01The_13abyKnight venge
00:06:01Knaitti ill go meka or dazzle?
00:06:02The_13abyKnight wards pls?
00:06:03The_13abyKnight I can place
00:06:07The_13abyKnight ty
00:06:12The_13abyKnight share
00:06:19que2stress go woods
00:06:21que2stress and fb
00:06:25QiN bot
00:06:27pOWa me mid
00:06:34The_13abyKnight share?:3
00:06:38que2stress brown share chick
00:06:40Knaitti lion alche down?
00:06:42Knaitti 2x stun?
00:06:45HivMagnus cant remember it all
00:06:53QiN 3 bot
00:06:55QiN ...
00:06:57QiN solo wl
00:07:07que2stress get the weaker hero first
00:07:12PETTR cm first
00:07:13HivMagnus y
00:07:17que2stress me first
00:07:18PETTR then venge
00:07:19PETTR then me
00:07:20que2stress k
00:08:00que2stress i pll
00:08:06que2stress next wave
00:08:38pOWa focus
00:08:56The_13abyKnight dASDAD
00:08:57The_13abyKnight DAS
00:08:57The_13abyKnight A
00:08:58The_13abyKnight :_D
00:09:00The_13abyKnight D:D:ADSPD:aspda.asx89:(X
00:09:10PETTR ?
00:09:19QiN push tower
00:09:35pOWa :D
00:09:36The_13abyKnight DAS:Das.ddpa.
00:09:38pOWa :D
00:09:45pOWa hall of fame
00:09:46The_13abyKnight :ASD:AS:DASD
00:09:54The_13abyKnight I thought you were worse
00:09:56The_13abyKnight sry
00:10:00QiN dazzle?
00:10:09Knaitti i dont want to solo
00:10:09Knaitti ffs
00:10:13Knaitti 3 up
00:10:17QiN then why did u take wl???
00:10:22Knaitti ..
00:10:26Knaitti wlock solo hero?=
00:10:27Knaitti ok ok
00:11:06QiN push now
00:11:20The_13abyKnight ty
00:11:21pOWa MISS?
00:11:29The_13abyKnight im sorry i just got so cocky in the beginning
00:11:31The_13abyKnight have to make up for i
00:11:32pOWa GUYS
00:11:33The_13abyKnight it
00:11:38pOWa gg
00:12:23pOWa gagn mid
00:12:54que2stress top rune
00:13:45pOWa anoying shit
00:13:46pOWa mid
00:13:49pOWa always ganged
00:13:56pOWa focus gang void
00:14:05pOWa lion
00:14:30h0vSa WHO TOOK MY WARDS?
00:14:32pOWa i
00:14:39Knaitti ss
00:14:57The_13abyKnight 3 id
00:14:58The_13abyKnight id*
00:14:59The_13abyKnight mid*
00:15:00h0vSa wards
00:15:03h0vSa wards
00:15:04The_13abyKnight can someone place new wards?
00:15:19pOWa anti gang
00:15:57h0vSa dusa...
00:16:00pOWa what=?
00:16:01h0vSa you dont she would die to curse?
00:16:09The_13abyKnight omw
00:16:11The_13abyKnight oom
00:16:50QiN upg chick
00:17:52pOWa hater
00:18:01pOWa grave dazzle?
00:18:11ulikiluu i was caught in his ulti too :(
00:18:20Knaitti so as tower
00:18:21Knaitti :D
00:18:26The_13abyKnight i go bo
00:18:27The_13abyKnight bot
00:18:27The_13abyKnight now
00:18:53The_13abyKnight venge
00:18:54The_13abyKnight gang
00:18:57The_13abyKnight his ulti wears off
00:21:41pOWa FUCKER
00:21:50The_13abyKnight like puck wouldn't of got u O_O
00:22:11The_13abyKnight LOL
00:22:19pOWa b
00:22:23que2stress lal
00:22:24que2stress sdry
00:22:29pOWa let me
00:23:40The_13abyKnight you could've swapped there
00:23:41The_13abyKnight tho
00:23:46que2stress true
00:24:01The_13abyKnight and not been writing there =D but i guess that's my fault
00:24:02The_13abyKnight sry :P
00:24:04que2stress :D
00:24:13que2stress im tired
00:24:17The_13abyKnight me2
00:24:28The_13abyKnight I didn't really wanna play this game
00:24:34pOWa alche
00:24:40pOWa i hope you can farm
00:24:40The_13abyKnight alche and lion forced me
00:25:14QiN because u cant?
00:28:15QiN ty
00:28:42h0vSa FFF
00:28:54h0vSa '
00:28:57h0vSa ØØØØ
00:29:08pOWa gg
00:29:33The_13abyKnight omw
00:29:57The_13abyKnight no bash
00:29:58The_13abyKnight :<
00:30:00sosen yea
00:30:07pOWa keep ulty for void lion
00:30:20pOWa stay back from his ulty hex
00:30:23pOWa him
00:30:29h0vSa my ult on him is not that good
00:30:39h0vSa if the fights depends on it and he backtracks
00:30:44h0vSa me disables sure
00:31:00The_13abyKnight 4
00:31:18pOWa come all bot
00:31:24pOWa ALL
00:32:14The_13abyKnight can i farm mid?
00:32:18que2stress try it
00:32:24The_13abyKnight ty
00:32:28QiN just b
00:32:58Knaitti b dusa
00:33:12HivMagnus b
00:33:12HivMagnus b
00:33:21HivMagnus 3 heroes + medusa
00:33:23HivMagnus baby
00:33:24The_13abyKnight yy
00:33:27The_13abyKnight saw lion here
00:33:31The_13abyKnight only guy that hurts me
00:33:35pOWa b
00:33:38pOWa b
00:33:39pOWa b
00:33:40pOWa all
00:33:40pOWa b
00:33:43The_13abyKnight oh
00:33:44pOWa they come
00:33:44The_13abyKnight illurune
00:33:45The_13abyKnight :O
00:33:51HivMagnus ^^^^^^^^^^
00:33:52The_13abyKnight illu
00:34:09Knaitti WTF
00:34:10Knaitti DUDE
00:34:15Knaitti gimme ab reak
00:34:22Knaitti 0 attack speed and fulltime bash
00:34:23Knaitti ty
00:34:33The_13abyKnight ulti +_+?
00:34:36Knaitti ???
00:34:39Knaitti didnt see ulti?
00:34:43que2stress lal?
00:34:43The_13abyKnight lol?
00:34:46The_13abyKnight graphic error
00:34:47The_13abyKnight :O
00:34:47Knaitti did u put that?
00:34:48Knaitti :D
00:34:50The_13abyKnight y
00:34:55Knaitti oh
00:34:58Knaitti didnt see the bubble :P
00:35:19pOWa gg
00:35:26pOWa stupid
00:35:28pOWa rly
00:35:45sosen more BoT for medusa!
00:36:09pOWa you play with baby
00:36:15pOWa thats only
00:36:57PETTR haste
00:36:59sosen i take
00:38:10Knaitti re use
00:39:07pOWa play def
00:39:08pOWa now
00:39:13pOWa and get wards
00:40:14pOWa tp cd
00:41:16pOWa wp
00:41:32The_13abyKnight Lion pretty low hp O_O
00:41:42The_13abyKnight <1k
00:41:47que2stress well
00:41:53que2stress dont try to kil alche first
00:41:59The_13abyKnight nop
00:41:59The_13abyKnight :3
00:42:55The_13abyKnight -.-
00:42:59pOWa plant wards at rosh
00:43:03The_13abyKnight come hit +_
00:43:05QiN he takes it now
00:43:06pOWa they go rosh
00:43:11pOWa rosh
00:43:14sosen no
00:43:23The_13abyKnight HEheheehehehe
00:43:24h0vSa YES
00:43:31pOWa aRGH
00:43:40pOWa b
00:43:58pOWa nvm stay back
00:44:02pOWa split
00:44:04The_13abyKnight :O
00:44:23pOWa b
00:44:23pOWa b
00:44:25pOWa in base
00:44:29pOWa b
00:44:35pOWa care swap
00:44:45QiN b
00:44:52pOWa b
00:44:53pOWa b
00:46:15pOWa told ya split
00:46:17pOWa and b
00:46:18pOWa wtf
00:46:20pOWa guys
00:46:34The_13abyKnight tt
00:46:36The_13abyKnight vision bug
00:46:39The_13abyKnight and i didnt even rebuy
00:47:28HivMagnus almost
00:47:32The_13abyKnight 1 milisec
00:47:32The_13abyKnight :<
00:47:37The_13abyKnight pretty good stun from alche
00:47:40HivMagnus less
00:47:47HivMagnus why didnt u dodge it?
00:47:54The_13abyKnight huh :O
00:48:43pOWa b
00:49:02pOWa s and y or manta?
00:49:08Knaitti manta...
00:49:10QiN butter?
00:49:11The_13abyKnight let's do somesing
00:49:20pOWa b
00:49:23QiN why manta
00:49:28QiN he got so much splash
00:49:29Knaitti at least NO s y
00:50:09The_13abyKnight -.-
00:50:12Knaitti Xd
00:50:14The_13abyKnight tt
00:50:28sosen 'YES
00:50:28The_13abyKnight dude
00:50:30The_13abyKnight need butter
00:50:31The_13abyKnight tt
00:50:40sosen lets just win
00:50:42The_13abyKnight lol
00:50:49pOWa b
00:50:50The_13abyKnight but when we can't go
00:50:52The_13abyKnight cus 2 teammates dead
00:50:54The_13abyKnight let me farm
00:51:03sosen we can kill them 2v5
00:51:16pOWa dont go like that
00:51:50pOWa b
00:52:18pOWa get ghost
00:52:26The_13abyKnight 2
00:52:27The_13abyKnight 20
00:52:29The_13abyKnight 20
00:52:29The_13abyKnight 200
00:52:34pOWa care
00:52:35The_13abyKnight 100
00:52:36pOWa swap
00:52:37pOWa b
00:52:46The_13abyKnight inc
00:53:09pOWa b
00:53:10h0vSa venge top
00:53:21pOWa b
00:53:23pOWa b
00:53:24pOWa bb
00:53:25The_13abyKnight rosh
00:53:25The_13abyKnight go
00:53:33pOWa deep in base
00:53:40pOWa they go rosh
00:54:03The_13abyKnight ok let's finish
00:54:09PETTR FFS
00:54:27pOWa b
00:54:28pOWa b
00:54:28pOWa b
00:54:38pOWa split
00:55:38The_13abyKnight guys
00:55:39The_13abyKnight ZZ
00:56:23Knaitti good medusa
00:56:42The_13abyKnight ;:D:D:D:
00:56:42pOWa FUCK OFF
00:56:45pOWa REGEN
00:56:46pOWa LUCKER
00:56:48Knaitti serisouly s y?
00:56:58sosen yea like you would've kileld me..
00:57:30pOWa but you wouldnt kill me
00:57:40sosen why is that?
00:58:09que2stress b
00:58:23The_13abyKnight pro bro venge :3
00:58:31pOWa b
00:58:32HivMagnus i want to be dead
00:58:34HivMagnus more fun
00:58:37The_13abyKnight ^_^
00:59:49The_13abyKnight ok
00:59:51The_13abyKnight let's win
00:59:56HivMagnus all push down
00:59:57HivMagnus all on rax
01:00:12sosen o go kill lion
01:00:22que2stress dazzle
01:00:24pOWa .i.
01:00:59pOWa b
01:01:32HivMagnus killem all que
01:01:37HivMagnus ur the hero of this game
01:02:08pOWa gg wp baby
01:02:13The_13abyKnight gg
01:02:15PETTR ty
01:02:17PETTR ty
01:02:20QiN gg wp
01:02:22HivMagnus ty
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