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Chat log

00:00:04zebbelito lets win baby ?
00:00:04Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:06Lavos qop qw
00:00:10QiN tinker cent na
00:00:11Gevomancer kunkka sniper zeus
00:00:12Lavos qop clokk bs
00:00:13Arapiles fiend dazzl balanar
00:00:14zebbelito chen drow slard
00:00:21Strom magina rhasta spiritbreaker
00:00:37zebbelito see what they get
00:00:37Tundmatu axe, kotl, void
00:00:41zebbelito first
00:00:42Lavos oh im chicken pick
00:00:44Lavos =(
00:00:47Gevomancer kunkkasniper zeus
00:01:05Tundmatu axe or void anyone?
00:01:07Arapiles balanar or dazzl?
00:01:10Tundmatu otherwise i'm gonna play kotl
00:01:12Lavos dazz
00:01:19Strom dazzle rather yeah I think
00:01:19The_13abyKnight -swap 2
00:01:21Arapiles but guys pick
00:01:24QiN -swap 1
00:01:24zebbelito omfg
00:01:29zebbelito I HATE VIPER
00:01:31The_13abyKnight im all geared up
00:01:32zebbelito i wont mid
00:01:34Lavos lol baby viper
00:01:35zebbelito ur mid
00:01:38zebbelito nagash
00:01:45Nagash gg
00:01:47Nagash f u
00:01:47zebbelito strom
00:01:48Nagash :D
00:01:49zebbelito what u have
00:01:51zebbelito say
00:01:55Lavos pick fast guys
00:01:58Lavos game starting
00:02:01Tundmatu geared up why? what? where?
00:02:02Arapiles omg
00:02:08Arapiles retard picks
00:02:08Nagash tolgus keera smu pela hetkel perse:D
00:02:12Tundmatu ah tinker
00:02:14The_13abyKnight share chick
00:02:15Nagash ff
00:02:19Nagash tra sa am võtsd
00:02:27zebbelito -ma
00:02:28Lavos boost your morale
00:02:31Strom sest rhastaga oleks liiga feed
00:02:31Lavos lets win
00:02:42Strom top mis
00:03:06Lavos go pull
00:03:30Nagash well
00:03:31Nagash mdi is lsot
00:03:36zebbelito ofc :;D
00:03:40Nagash well
00:03:42Nagash this game si lsot
00:03:45Nagash look our picks
00:03:45Nagash ffs
00:03:52zebbelito should i have drow+
00:04:00zebbelito chen?
00:04:01Nagash we have 1 support hero
00:04:03Nagash imba
00:05:01Tundmatu unreal
00:05:01Lavos gj!
00:05:18Nagash wanna seee
00:05:22Nagash tinka 8 misn bot
00:05:49Arapiles top raping us
00:05:53Strom not really
00:06:32Lavos lol
00:06:56Lavos kk
00:07:27Lavos -ma
00:08:28Lavos i come visit middle
00:08:37Lavos but im 600hp
00:08:40Gevomancer mid
00:08:41Lavos gio
00:08:59Lavos what a vave
00:09:32The_13abyKnight qop takes all my runes :(
00:09:34The_13abyKnight thx for helping
00:09:39Lavos im rdy
00:09:47Strom no grave?
00:09:52Arapiles nop
00:09:52zebbelito ultra waver
00:09:54Lavos pfft
00:09:54Strom cool
00:10:05Nagash well i dont care abit this gamw
00:10:07The_13abyKnight xD
00:10:08zebbelito miss 2
00:10:13The_13abyKnight gj ^.^
00:10:13Tundmatu instadeath
00:10:15Gevomancer rune
00:10:20h0vSa -MS
00:10:25Lavos u cant just quit
00:10:33Lavos go
00:10:37zebbelito u dont have to play for win strom?
00:10:41zebbelito try to?
00:10:44Nagash no:D
00:10:44Lavos DAZZLE
00:10:51Tundmatu why did you come up
00:10:52Lavos christ
00:10:55Tundmatu ez kill :/
00:11:12Arapiles ss alchy
00:11:17Strom qop, just play like dazzle isn't there
00:11:29Tundmatu :D
00:11:31The_13abyKnight =D
00:11:41Arapiles says imba 4th pick AM
00:11:55Tundmatu :D
00:11:56Lavos yeah right
00:11:58Lavos intsgib
00:12:25Arapiles ss mid
00:12:36Arapiles 3 top
00:12:48Lavos pls quit
00:12:52QiN shall i tp down?
00:12:54zebbelito try WAVE
00:12:56h0vSa why pull?
00:12:57QiN now were 4 top
00:12:58QiN :S
00:12:58zebbelito stop purpåose feed
00:12:59h0vSa when we push
00:12:59Arapiles 4 top
00:13:04Tundmatu tower
00:13:05Gevomancer autoattack
00:13:17Nagash next time go yourselfe mid , not send another
00:13:22zebbelito :D:::D
00:13:22Lavos no but u feed now
00:13:27Lavos it doesnt change anything
00:13:28Lavos u suck
00:13:31Arapiles b
00:13:31Nagash so?
00:13:37Nagash im noob 2, i can suck
00:13:46Tundmatu ah
00:13:51Tundmatu missclicked from manaleak :/
00:14:09The_13abyKnight upg
00:14:10zebbelito i cant send our only ranged carry mid?
00:14:10The_13abyKnight chick
00:14:10The_13abyKnight pls
00:14:28Lavos or lastpick HMM
00:14:33Lavos maybe not
00:14:48zebbelito keep trying nagash
00:15:29Arapiles wp slard
00:16:02Arapiles care mid
00:16:16Lavos fucking lvl1 blink
00:16:36Lavos dazzle??
00:16:42Arapiles hit grave
00:16:46Lavos yea so it seems
00:16:48Arapiles but after heal
00:16:55zebbelito DAZZLE U LEAVE
00:16:56zebbelito me
00:16:57Lavos ur too pro
00:16:57zebbelito ?
00:16:58zebbelito mid
00:17:04zebbelito when we had a kill
00:17:04Lavos this is so gg :D
00:17:07zebbelito ofc
00:17:11Arapiles sry went afk
00:17:12Tundmatu mul pole manaliiki ju, ära tule mind tapma :/
00:17:13zebbelito admin alows abusing etc
00:17:56Lavos come
00:17:59Arapiles cant even put wards
00:18:01Lavos nagas
00:18:41Lavos no srsly wtf is this
00:18:49Strom had too low lvl blink :/
00:19:01The_13abyKnight :3
00:19:06The_13abyKnight he's a strong one too
00:19:23zebbelito how can u allow this morph to continue
00:19:28zebbelito in this community
00:19:51zebbelito he clearly says he doesnt care for the game
00:20:23Nagash give me the rule, what says i have do care about game?
00:20:31Lavos nice
00:21:21Lavos died every 2,5min
00:21:48Lavos i have ulti
00:22:14Lavos no
00:22:23Tundmatu 4
00:22:59zebbelito warded
00:23:24Lavos doh
00:23:25Lavos sorry
00:23:27Arapiles gj
00:23:34Lavos if u just hitted and not walk around :)=
00:23:39zebbelito =D
00:23:41Arapiles me?
00:23:43Lavos slardar
00:23:50Lavos im coming
00:24:39Lavos b
00:24:40Lavos b
00:24:40Lavos b
00:24:44The_13abyKnight mana pls
00:24:44Lavos dude im all oom
00:25:00zebbelito oom
00:25:17Lavos very hbj
00:25:18Lavos gj
00:25:30zebbelito if moprh farms
00:25:34zebbelito and magina
00:25:40Lavos we can gank this
00:25:41Arapiles b bot
00:25:43Arapiles zeus inc
00:25:52Lavos =)
00:25:55Strom damn zeus
00:26:22QiN ?
00:26:29Tundmatu would've gotten ganked
00:26:30Tundmatu obvi
00:26:34The_13abyKnight lol
00:26:36QiN omg
00:26:38The_13abyKnight xd
00:26:42Tundmatu 2 were there
00:26:44Tundmatu + incoming
00:26:52Lavos toip is nigger
00:26:54QiN dont do it again
00:26:55QiN k
00:26:56QiN thx
00:27:06QiN unless theres a fight
00:27:10Strom coming
00:28:07Strom lol
00:28:08zebbelito Om,fg :FD
00:28:08Tundmatu :D
00:28:10Arapiles y
00:28:19zebbelito omfg
00:28:29Tundmatu :D
00:28:55Lavos pushing
00:29:03Lavos def 2 lanes
00:29:07Lavos dazzle here
00:29:09zebbelito tp
00:29:09zebbelito tp
00:29:14Strom I go kill top too
00:29:44Lavos viper too stronk
00:29:51Gevomancer mana 0
00:30:02Tundmatu GOGO chase the paperkotl
00:30:10zebbelito why
00:30:12zebbelito do u not stay
00:30:13Lavos im gonna make a beef out of u
00:30:13zebbelito whit us
00:30:15zebbelito and viper
00:30:21Tundmatu :D
00:30:42Nagash -instuck
00:30:42zebbelito stand there
00:30:45zebbelito shame on u
00:30:48Lavos JEP
00:30:54Nagash -unstuck
00:31:24Strom who do we target?
00:31:47zebbelito ok
00:31:49zebbelito were alone
00:31:54zebbelito no team
00:31:57Strom I was there
00:31:59Strom I asked
00:32:01Strom WHO DO WE TARGET
00:32:41Tundmatu surnud :/
00:32:45Tundmatu gogo
00:33:50Arapiles oom
00:33:57The_13abyKnight keeper stop pushing waves
00:34:02Tundmatu why?
00:34:05Tundmatu let's finish this
00:34:06Lavos zebbelito u still try carry?
00:34:11zebbelito lol
00:34:13zebbelito how
00:34:20The_13abyKnight There's no "finish" in pushing waves
00:34:23Lavos i just mean im starting to play wow here
00:34:24Tundmatu before you can't kill them anymore and this slardar will win
00:34:28Arapiles ward
00:34:29Lavos i can play full wc3 if u awnt :D
00:34:32The_13abyKnight don't even argue, just stop doing it
00:34:43Tundmatu how about ..|..
00:35:10Lavos a ward JUST there?
00:35:18Lavos jesus
00:35:29Lavos gg items
00:35:32zebbelito lmao
00:35:46zebbelito knight sluta spela här
00:35:51zebbelito du förstör hela kanalen
00:35:53zebbelito fan gör du hör
00:35:54zebbelito här
00:36:03The_13abyKnight hm
00:36:07The_13abyKnight I think I understand
00:36:08zebbelito mm bra fråga
00:36:14The_13abyKnight jag spelar med mine kompis
00:36:19zebbelito vem
00:36:25The_13abyKnight alche och viper
00:36:29zebbelito >_<
00:36:55The_13abyKnight du spellade fint lrs :)
00:37:10Gevomancer die bitch
00:37:13Lavos ;D
00:37:16Gevomancer :D
00:37:17The_13abyKnight lr
00:38:43zebbelito horor
00:38:43Gevomancer go
00:38:59Gevomancer i have film 2 watch
00:39:05The_13abyKnight is it horor?
00:39:09Gevomancer yes
00:39:22The_13abyKnight what movie ?? ^_^
00:39:27Gevomancer saw again
00:39:36The_13abyKnight never seen any saw movies :
00:39:55Lavos I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:57Lavos I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:59Nagash I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:07Strom why did you guys jump in before blue awoke?
00:40:18Arapiles again morph
00:40:23zebbelito neger
00:40:32The_13abyKnight slap off
00:40:32Arapiles I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:34zebbelito bg
00:40:44Arapiles not for them
00:40:49The_13abyKnight bra spelat lrs*
00:41:03zebbelito lrs*
00:41:04zebbelito ?
00:41:06Lavos can u ff
00:41:07The_13abyKnight ellers
00:41:08zebbelito whats that
00:41:11The_13abyKnight -.-
00:41:12Lavos for a fair late game atleast
00:41:13The_13abyKnight eller
00:41:13zebbelito I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:14The_13abyKnight =lr
00:41:14Strom just wait for blue
00:41:15The_13abyKnight right?
00:41:16zebbelito ok
00:41:18zebbelito y
00:41:19zebbelito ir
00:41:24The_13abyKnight ??
00:41:25Lavos guys pls ff
00:41:28zebbelito I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:29zebbelito -ff
00:41:32The_13abyKnight LR = ELLER
00:41:34The_13abyKnight in swedish ? no ?
00:41:36zebbelito YEAH
00:41:37Strom go
00:41:38The_13abyKnight YES!
00:41:38The_13abyKnight :D
00:41:39zebbelito almost
00:41:40zebbelito elr
00:42:00zebbelito LÅT MIG DÖDA HAN DÅ
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