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-54 X
-10 TS

83% | 1167 X | 1410 TS

-35 X
-8 TS

82% | 1156 X | 1405 TS

-26 X
-13 TS

56% | 1046 X | 1263 TS

-33 X
-5 TS

26% | 908 X | 1151 TS

-68 X
-22 TS

NEW | 1048 X | 966 TS

+45 X
+13 TS

60% | 1061 X | 1269 TS

+48 X
+13 TS

59% | 1061 X | 1265 TS

+17 X
+40 TS

51% | 1157 X | 1150 TS

+54 X
+51 TS

NEW | 1173 X | 1119 TS

+64 X
+7 TS

47% | 872 X | 1312 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:17h0whigh -clear
00:00:17que2stress i give up
00:00:17que2stress affliction is firstpick
00:00:17que2stress wtf
00:00:17valiante whats with the teams lol
00:00:17Tuutu sry afk
00:00:17Knaitti i could play omni
00:00:17Tuutu sec
00:00:17valiante can i go mid with abba?
00:00:17Tuutu -magina
00:00:17Tuutu nope
00:00:17valiante and farm fast radi
00:00:17Tuutu aba is supprot
00:00:17Affliction silencer
00:00:17Tuutu and supposed to play that way
00:00:19valiante hes imba carry
00:00:26Knaitti pl+
00:00:27Knaitti ?
00:00:27que2stress someone wants sth?
00:00:30Knaitti maybe mid or something
00:00:31que2stress who can play carry?
00:00:33Affliction any want something ?
00:00:35h0whigh give me pudge ?
00:00:35QiN i can
00:00:40h0vSa qin can carry
00:00:41que2stress k
00:00:42h0vSa quite well
00:00:50que2stress then do it
00:00:54Tuutu nah
00:00:54Knaitti pl would be nice carry ?
00:00:57Tuutu y
00:01:06Knaitti there is luna also
00:01:08QiN hm with what hero =/
00:01:10Tuutu dont take luna
00:01:17Knaitti im takin omni
00:01:18que2stress hm mb u get sven?
00:01:19Affliction someone wants midt ?
00:01:20que2stress as semi carry
00:01:20Tuutu we dont need any more agi
00:01:23Knaitti ogre
00:01:24Knaitti omni
00:01:27Tuutu omni is nice but we need some cc
00:01:30que2stress take sven
00:01:33Knaitti cc?
00:01:36valiante we need disable
00:01:42que2stress lastpick sven or ogre
00:01:44Tuutu crowd control
00:01:46Affliction veno top with me
00:01:48que2stress or roof
00:01:52valiante u mid pudge?
00:01:53Knaitti ogre os sven
00:01:55Knaitti maby
00:01:59Knaitti luna...
00:01:59Tuutu omggggggggg luna
00:02:00Tuutu whyy
00:02:02Tuutu gg we lose
00:02:06tibu shit random
00:02:06que2stress ill do chick
00:02:08Affliction dusa midt
00:02:11Knaitti ....
00:02:11tibu my bad
00:02:12valiante pudge u mid?
00:02:20h0whigh omni come bot
00:02:22Tuutu kill urself and never play dota again
00:02:22h0vSa thx
00:02:22h0whigh and bby sit me
00:02:24h0whigh u play
00:02:28valiante can u anwser
00:02:28valiante me
00:02:29tibu haha?:D
00:02:30valiante pudge
00:02:31h0whigh ore pudge bot ?
00:02:32h0whigh :d
00:02:34Affliction lets try fb
00:02:34h0whigh i can puull
00:02:35Tuutu u go with luna
00:02:36Tuutu razor
00:02:38valiante pudge omni is better
00:02:38Affliction dot and i spin
00:02:39tibu u should kill urself if u think dota is that important
00:02:40h0vSa sure
00:02:40Tuutu or she dies too much
00:02:42h0vSa ill just wrad
00:02:44valiante btw
00:02:46h0vSa first
00:02:47Tuutu luna courier
00:02:47h0whigh im top +
00:02:48valiante im not helping that shit pick
00:02:53h0whigh i will not get any farm ..
00:02:53que2stress well
00:02:56que2stress we got nice lanes
00:03:02h0whigh lanes ?
00:03:05Tuutu pl bot
00:03:08Tuutu with omni
00:03:11h0vSa i got haste
00:03:17h0whigh i pull first wave omni
00:03:20Knaitti y
00:03:20Affliction good
00:03:21h0whigh then u pull
00:03:24Knaitti k
00:03:26Affliction take
00:03:36que2stress will u bottle dusa?
00:03:41QiN no
00:03:51h0vSa gj
00:03:55Tuutu gg luna
00:03:57Tuutu leave pls
00:03:59tibu gg?:D:D
00:04:00valiante nothing he can do
00:04:02tibu haste veno and jugger
00:04:15que2stress why not stun=
00:04:22que2stress would be kill
00:04:35h0whigh let me farm plz
00:04:39h0whigh u pull now :)
00:04:43Knaitti y
00:04:43tibu oh great news.. my paps started to dl
00:04:46tibu 600 ping
00:04:51valiante just plug ur net
00:05:17h0vSa get boots and go?
00:05:23Affliction y
00:06:00que2stress sso mni
00:08:19que2stress re use
00:08:21que2stress sory
00:08:23tibu i almost understand
00:08:25tibu anything
00:08:26que2stress my bottle
00:08:27Tuutu wards some1
00:08:41valiante spell
00:09:15que2stress new wards
00:09:23Tuutu omni get wards
00:09:29QiN miss mid
00:09:33h0whigh let me farm..
00:09:34Knaitti base
00:09:37Knaitti u dont last hit
00:09:39Knaitti then i will
00:09:47h0whigh joke ?
00:09:53Tuutu dont auto attack nooob
00:09:56QiN care top
00:09:57Knaitti ur failing all the time
00:09:59Tuutu omni is right
00:10:00h0whigh not rlu
00:10:09Knaitti on base
00:10:10Knaitti wards
00:10:31que2stress new wards pl
00:10:54que2stress gw
00:11:07h0whigh knatti i cant explane how much u suck!
00:11:20Knaitti i was pullin
00:11:21Knaitti came there
00:11:22Knaitti u jsut died
00:11:29Knaitti why u went back
00:11:30Knaitti with
00:11:31Knaitti 100hp
00:11:32Affliction fuck
00:11:33Affliction :7
00:11:36que2stress i gang mid
00:11:37valiante gj luna
00:12:06Tuutu miss vengy some!??
00:12:15Affliction top miss
00:12:26QiN need 1 uphill mid plz
00:12:36que2stress ther=
00:12:58QiN think they have ward here
00:13:18que2stress rune top
00:13:54h0vSa gj
00:13:57Affliction u2
00:13:58tibu sec i go fix shit
00:14:05tibu dad is pwnin ,e
00:14:20QiN ty
00:14:27que2stress thats my hob
00:14:29que2stress hob
00:14:30que2stress jo
00:14:32que2stress b
00:14:33que2stress arf
00:14:34que2stress :d
00:14:36QiN ^^
00:15:09Tuutu jugger haste
00:15:16h0whigh care
00:15:39Tuutu b
00:15:52Knaitti shit
00:15:54Tuutu thanks ombi
00:15:56Tuutu omni
00:15:57Knaitti just clickin repel
00:16:00Tuutu u idiot
00:16:15Tuutu u were hustlin there for no reason
00:16:19valiante who
00:16:20Tuutu and ended up killing us
00:16:22Tuutu GOOD JOB
00:16:22Knaitti well i was harrassin
00:16:23Tuutu OMNI
00:16:24Knaitti i would have survived
00:16:28Tuutu surely
00:16:34Tuutu nice harass ending up 2 of us dead
00:16:41Knaitti well u came there too
00:16:43Tuutu if u think this is harrass leave pls
00:16:44Knaitti and stun hit both of us
00:16:49Tuutu to save u, MORON
00:17:49que2stress ss pudge
00:17:50Tuutu luna soo useless
00:17:58tibu im laggin like a mofucka
00:18:17tibu u see
00:18:23Tuutu y i do
00:18:46valiante omw top
00:18:47valiante for twr
00:19:20valiante why eat
00:19:22valiante a 100% kill
00:19:24valiante fucking captain
00:19:50valiante ulti?
00:19:51que2stress gw
00:19:52valiante omni
00:19:53Knaitti clickin
00:19:55Knaitti stunned
00:19:59Knaitti died immediately
00:20:01Knaitti when hands raised
00:20:07Knaitti so like in millisecond
00:21:31que2stress gw
00:21:33que2stress cre
00:21:39valiante tped
00:21:43Tuutu y
00:21:48h0whigh who make vlad ?
00:22:06h0whigh let me take bot farm ?
00:22:40tibu i cant do anything
00:22:42tibu this is epic
00:22:47Knaitti worst pick ever
00:22:48Tuutu ofc u cant
00:22:48Knaitti for last pick
00:22:52Tuutu loook at our team
00:22:52tibu pick?
00:22:55Knaitti ...
00:22:57tibu who cares
00:22:58valiante u randomed
00:22:58Tuutu y pick
00:22:59valiante noob
00:23:00tibu i have 600 ping
00:23:04tibu :D:D:D:D
00:23:05Tuutu leave then
00:23:07Knaitti u should really learn to play on bnet
00:23:09Knaitti before coming here
00:23:13tibu knaitti are u serios?
00:23:16Knaitti y
00:23:18tibu haha
00:23:19tibu kid
00:23:26que2stress get dagger sven
00:23:27Knaitti says dude whos DAD is waring
00:23:29que2stress and bkb
00:23:29Knaitti so he cant play
00:23:31que2stress not this
00:23:39tibu he is just dling a movie
00:23:43h0vSa got dust
00:23:45tibu and im not cunt enough to go to him and say
00:23:48tibu hey i wanna play can u pls stop
00:23:50Knaitti well i suppose ur kid
00:23:52que2stress k
00:23:55Tuutu y
00:23:55tibu yeh :D
00:23:56Tuutu lol
00:23:57Knaitti cos u live on home
00:24:04tibu i go to work and pay my bills at home
00:24:09tibu makes me a kid
00:24:13h0vSa go push
00:24:14h0vSa of doom
00:24:17que2stress ye
00:25:02que2stress go on
00:25:06que2stress 1 def top
00:25:12que2stress sven
00:25:40que2stress sven
00:25:42que2stress wtf
00:25:47que2stress either u go instantly
00:25:48que2stress or not
00:25:54que2stress but if we attack tower
00:25:56que2stress u cant tele away
00:25:57que2stress ffs
00:26:50Tuutu YES!
00:26:50Knaitti victory maybe?
00:26:50h0whigh yepp
00:26:50valiante no matter who they kick
00:26:50h0vSa ...
00:26:50Tuutu too late for that
00:26:50valiante its good
00:26:50h0whigh can i take iteams ?
00:26:50valiante dude
00:26:50valiante u suck
00:26:50h0whigh lucjy
00:26:50Tuutu u cant get items
00:26:50h0whigh lucky
00:26:50h0whigh u
00:26:50h0whigh are
00:26:50h0whigh pro
00:26:50que2stress venom goes id say
00:26:50h0whigh drop
00:26:50valiante repel
00:26:50Tuutu valiante is real good
00:26:50Knaitti well tried babysit pl but he didnt get lasthits
00:26:50Affliction was thinking og sven :/
00:26:50QiN me and veno are mates
00:26:54h0whigh ahhaha
00:26:54QiN plz dont drop him
00:26:57h0whigh yeye u "did"
00:27:00que2stress ok :D
00:27:04Knaitti well i pulled
00:27:06QiN well nvm ^^
00:27:07h0whigh have 2 buy ring @ lane when i have omni
00:27:08h0whigh thats nice
00:27:10h0whigh cus none heal
00:27:10que2stress lets all go mid?
00:27:13Tuutu stfu
00:27:14h0whigh also proo
00:27:14que2stress we can win this easily
00:27:15h0vSa i got dust
00:27:32h0vSa i got dust
00:27:38valiante omw mid
00:27:44que2stress come mid all
00:27:44que2stress sven
00:28:03que2stress SVEN
00:28:15h0vSa blocked by a felbeast
00:28:17h0vSa what a fate
00:28:19valiante pl?
00:28:41valiante wow nagash is fed haha
00:28:46Tuutu luna nice ult
00:28:47valiante biggest noob on gc
00:28:58tibu :D
00:28:59que2stress go tower
00:29:00tibu idc
00:29:07Tuutu nothing funnny about u being shit
00:29:20tibu funny that u guys rage bout dota
00:29:21tibu so ye
00:29:23tibu its funny tome
00:29:49que2stress nah
00:29:50Knaitti old times they didnt let ppl who dont know how to play
00:29:50tibu STEALED
00:29:51que2stress 1 mana
00:29:57Knaitti play gc
00:29:58que2stress not
00:30:05que2stress if u hadnt killed me
00:30:07tibu actually iwas 89 oldtimes
00:30:08que2stress u had killed him :D
00:30:08tibu jo
00:30:12tibu %
00:30:40valiante -ii
00:31:26tibu ..
00:31:44valiante gj guys
00:31:46que2stress ..
00:31:47que2stress teamplay
00:31:54valiante i farm lanes
00:31:55que2stress wh not tps coming hereß
00:32:00valiante get 1 ower
00:32:01h0vSa i was already there
00:32:02valiante tower
00:32:18valiante maybe not
00:32:19valiante ^^
00:32:38que2stress just go together
00:32:52que2stress affliction
00:32:56que2stress gather mid
00:33:17valiante no one leave base u die 2 much
00:33:26tibu oh cool
00:33:27tibu dl stopped
00:33:28Tuutu i die as much as u
00:33:29tibu i think
00:33:44tibu or not
00:33:59h0whigh omni ?
00:34:01h0whigh can u do smth ?
00:34:02tibu venge why so much hate?
00:35:34Tuutu ill hook
00:35:42que2stress go top?
00:35:44que2stress or bottom
00:35:47que2stress but stop farming
00:35:48que2stress ffs
00:35:48h0vSa bot imo
00:35:51h0vSa tower is damaged
00:35:54que2stress sven
00:35:55que2stress so come
00:36:45Tuutu omni nice farm
00:36:47Knaitti could cast from down here
00:36:48Tuutu are u blind?
00:36:58Knaitti TRIED REPEL
00:36:59Tuutu then move AROUND
00:37:00Knaitti AND HEAL
00:37:01Knaitti couldnt
00:37:04Tuutu not continue farming
00:37:10Tuutu what an idiot
00:37:27que2stress end it
00:37:34h0vSa y
00:39:25que2stress why
00:39:30QiN dunno
00:39:33QiN bored
00:39:38que2stress u simply need to atatck that throne
00:39:44que2stress then the fams is won
00:39:57h0whigh heal me ore repel me oncve this game plz
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