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Chat log

00:00:03FeelMyCrime -clear
00:00:04FeelMyCrime :S
00:00:04J0te I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubble gum.
00:00:14FeelMyCrime why im 5th??
00:00:17Ckalle Ure still messing that quote up...
00:00:21J0te cause u suck
00:00:21Luza tbh
00:00:21Luza that is what is says in the original
00:00:21The_13abyKnight -bone
00:00:21Luza i looked it up
00:00:21Callmez Whats bone?
00:00:21FeelMyCrime im worst here o.O
00:00:21Timu gg
00:00:21Ckalle It's the other way around, kick ass and show bubble gum
00:00:21Biggie thrall
00:00:21Timu bone fletcher?
00:00:21Luza gg :DD
00:00:21Timu clinkz
00:00:21J0te i AM the original
00:00:21Luza clinkz
00:00:25Timu lastpick: whats bone?
00:00:25Callmez Why did he ban that crap :D
00:00:27Luza i heard Callmez is good
00:00:34FeelMyCrime yeah
00:00:34h0vSa Its not even the correct quote
00:00:35FeelMyCrime :D
00:00:37FeelMyCrime i suck
00:00:37FeelMyCrime xD
00:00:41Callmez im pro, mad pro
00:00:41Luza Clinkz thrall
00:00:42Timu clinkz und thrall banend
00:00:53h0vSa "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of bubble gum"
00:00:53Luza i will invoker
00:01:00FeelMyCrime -clear
00:01:09Callmez Eat shit and die
00:01:11Biggie haluuks mennä babyy vastaa nuduu
00:01:11Ckalle 13aby, QiN and FMC in same team?
00:01:13Ckalle /cry
00:01:15Biggie midii
00:01:18Luza ummhm
00:01:19Luza en
00:01:19J0te thats right quote
00:01:20Luza :DD
00:01:22Luza en helvetis
00:01:26J0te for once
00:01:27h0vSa exactly :D
00:01:33FeelMyCrime -clear
00:01:36Luza sä pärjäät paremmin
00:01:36Biggie pakko sit kai mennä
00:01:39Callmez "i got balls of steel" is nice one too
00:01:44Luza se hikoilee nii vitusti
00:01:46The_13abyKnight chick
00:01:49The_13abyKnight and wards someone?
00:01:59J0te me
00:02:02The_13abyKnight u
00:02:03FeelMyCrime not me
00:02:03Luza gnoll
00:02:06Luza or
00:02:06The_13abyKnight thx
00:02:06Luza ud
00:02:08The_13abyKnight give chick?
00:02:08Ckalle major harass top
00:02:09The_13abyKnight I can place
00:02:20Luza abba omni can handle bot
00:02:22FeelMyCrime ill pull
00:02:24Ckalle prolly
00:02:32Luza well imbaness shields and repels and heals
00:02:37Ckalle and I wanna see what lane can hold up against Invoker WD
00:02:50Luza gunna rape
00:02:57Luza u do the pulling
00:03:01Ckalle they have Rhasta Jugger bot prolly
00:03:01Callmez That will be funny if top lane gets raped :D
00:03:03Luza mut sano vaa jos midis menee huonosti
00:03:12FeelMyCrime try
00:03:13Luza ni teen jotaki asialle :D
00:03:14h0vSa ill take
00:03:16h0vSa dont take
00:03:21Ckalle care fb bot
00:03:22FeelMyCrime and come
00:03:28h0vSa ill go mid
00:03:34FeelMyCrime cant
00:03:35FeelMyCrime kill midd
00:03:36FeelMyCrime :S
00:03:39h0vSa kk omw bot
00:03:45Callmez pedo in woods
00:03:48Ckalle only 1 top
00:03:50Ckalle so care
00:03:52FeelMyCrime omni
00:04:00h0vSa no chance in the world bot
00:04:25QiN go pull?
00:04:28FeelMyCrime y
00:04:55Ckalle ward?!
00:05:15Luza VAro
00:05:31Ckalle kill rhasta
00:05:38J0te ss
00:05:39J0te wd
00:05:44Ckalle n1
00:05:52Luza my sunstrike hitted?
00:05:55Ckalle ye
00:05:58FeelMyCrime ...
00:05:58Luza oh
00:05:58FeelMyCrime b
00:05:59Luza trolol
00:06:09Callmez omni dont go suicide :D
00:06:15Timu ye
00:06:18Timu wanted creep
00:06:30J0te dis warding suxx
00:06:38Luza got
00:06:46Luza baah
00:06:49J0te they can pull
00:06:50Luza need bounces :D
00:06:53Ckalle ye
00:07:11J0te ss wd
00:07:12Timu ss
00:07:18Ckalle omw mid
00:07:22Timu -ii
00:07:44Ckalle rhasta
00:07:45FeelMyCrime ,,,
00:07:45QiN ty
00:07:51FeelMyCrime np
00:08:02Ckalle kill rhasta
00:08:13J0te guise fix warding
00:08:41Ckalle rhasta lvl 1
00:08:42FeelMyCrime dont
00:08:46Ckalle creeå
00:08:46J0te wd is roam
00:08:47FeelMyCrime pull rhasta
00:08:48Ckalle creep
00:08:55Ckalle CHASE
00:09:07Ckalle aba?!
00:09:15Callmez sry
00:09:23Ckalle plz read chat
00:09:29FeelMyCrime go invoker
00:09:35J0te kk
00:09:59Biggie gang mid
00:10:02Timu coming
00:10:31h0vSa wd miss
00:10:47J0te he is roam
00:11:14Callmez aww :D
00:11:15Timu fuuu :D
00:11:20Luza eHHH
00:11:29J0te ss
00:11:30J0te wd
00:12:01Ckalle wp
00:13:03Callmez should i make meka?
00:13:08Luza STUCk
00:13:10Luza BALANAR STUCK
00:13:17J0te miss
00:13:18J0te miss
00:13:19J0te miss
00:13:20J0te FUCKING
00:13:22Timu fuu
00:13:22Luza awsum
00:13:24J0te WEAVER
00:13:26J0te =??
00:13:28Ckalle got flask for u
00:13:43FeelMyCrime ...
00:14:27Luza ofc i buy dust for invoker fucking babyknight fan
00:14:31Luza :D
00:14:39FeelMyCrime yeah
00:14:55J0te for weaver to
00:14:56FeelMyCrime i fucking so worhip rhat guy
00:14:59FeelMyCrime that
00:15:03Luza i know that
00:15:18Ckalle ^^
00:15:49FeelMyCrime wd
00:16:59J0te no dust)
00:17:02Ckalle haha
00:17:02Timu imba
00:17:03Timu gj
00:18:12Luza care mid
00:18:14Luza some1 our wood
00:18:15J0te ss invo
00:18:18Luza care
00:18:35FeelMyCrime -ks
00:18:37Ckalle ROFL
00:18:38FeelMyCrime -ms
00:18:39FeelMyCrime -clear
00:18:42Ckalle mained Shackle?
00:18:49FeelMyCrime xd
00:19:05Ckalle tp invoker?
00:19:14Callmez invoker u homo, tp
00:19:27FeelMyCrime S
00:19:28FeelMyCrime :S
00:19:31J0te siz
00:19:31FeelMyCrime wtf man?>
00:19:50FeelMyCrime gj man
00:19:53FeelMyCrime u got me killed
00:19:54FeelMyCrime :S
00:19:54The_13abyKnight g
00:19:54Ckalle mid twr
00:19:54The_13abyKnight ff
00:19:55FeelMyCrime -clear
00:19:56Timu -ii
00:20:01Callmez hj biggie!
00:20:04Callmez gj i mean
00:20:06J0te fuck yo man
00:20:11J0te why go so near him
00:20:28FeelMyCrime u cant control hero ffs?
00:20:40J0te i dont say so
00:21:29Ckalle 2 twrs and 1 kill for 2 deaths
00:21:30Ckalle worth it
00:21:39Luza it hitted?
00:21:42Luza or missed
00:21:44FeelMyCrime me?
00:21:46Luza y
00:21:47Timu what should i build
00:21:48FeelMyCrime missed
00:21:50Timu pipe?
00:21:51Luza darn
00:21:56Luza meka
00:21:57Luza ?
00:22:00Callmez meka
00:22:00Ckalle we got meka
00:22:02Timu aba already has
00:22:10Callmez 2 mekas :D
00:22:12Ckalle mby hex/eul?
00:22:14Luza no
00:22:15Ckalle don't stack
00:22:17Luza meka dont stack D
00:22:18Luza xD
00:22:18Callmez aw
00:22:33Timu eul it is?
00:23:20J0te noob
00:23:24J0te miss free tower
00:24:25Callmez what i should build now?
00:24:37Biggie get
00:24:38Ckalle teamplay
00:24:41Biggie ghost specters
00:24:46Callmez k
00:24:48Luza ghosts ye
00:24:50J0te ZZZ
00:24:57Ckalle well I won't get it
00:24:58J0te DROP MY ITEM?
00:24:59J0te wtf
00:25:00h0vSa ?
00:25:02Ckalle cus I have to do all the warding
00:25:05J0te i bought 1st
00:25:09Ckalle farm top
00:25:20h0vSa you dont even have treads
00:25:24Luza k
00:25:25J0te dont need
00:26:49J0te noobs
00:26:55J0te why u go suicide in woods
00:26:57Ckalle farm
00:27:03J0te ?
00:27:48Ckalle hateer
00:28:14Ckalle aba and omni plz get dusts
00:28:24Callmez what about gem?
00:28:45Luza o ou
00:28:49Biggie damn
00:29:27FeelMyCrime oom
00:29:34FeelMyCrime go b
00:29:44FeelMyCrime b
00:29:53Ckalle wp healers!
00:30:04Ckalle destroy
00:30:04The_13abyKnight -ms
00:30:04Ckalle wards
00:30:09Ckalle gem boy
00:30:10Luza abba
00:30:11J0te why
00:30:12Luza COME HERE
00:30:13Luza ABBA
00:30:14Timu abba
00:30:15Luza ABBA
00:30:17Luza JOIN
00:30:18Luza ME
00:30:19Luza !
00:30:23Luza abba
00:30:24Luza come
00:30:25Luza plz
00:30:26Timu aba go to wards
00:30:32Ckalle callmez
00:30:34Ckalle FFS
00:30:39Ckalle come to me
00:30:41Ckalle need to kill wards
00:30:51Biggie fuck
00:30:53Biggie this going bad
00:31:14Luza tarviin vaa scepterin nii voin tehä jotaki tappeluis
00:31:20Ckalle b to twr
00:31:59The_13abyKnight make them stay mid
00:32:03Ckalle nice ult-deny
00:32:07Biggie gogogog
00:32:07Biggie wd
00:32:58J0te this balanar
00:33:09FeelMyCrime is...
00:33:09FeelMyCrime xD
00:33:12Luza bahh
00:33:21Luza need 1k for rape
00:33:32J0te it means u suck
00:33:37J0te tho i dont say it
00:33:37FeelMyCrime ofc i do
00:33:37Luza sit ku sul radi nii cold snap syllaan ja gg
00:33:49Ckalle gem come plz
00:34:04Callmez w8 ill go regen too
00:34:08Ckalle plz come
00:34:12Ckalle or w/e
00:34:23Ckalle omw
00:34:24Ckalle I destroy
00:34:40J0te they see
00:34:44J0te fools
00:34:46h0vSa B
00:34:51J0te they wards
00:34:58J0te balaa
00:35:00J0te no
00:35:16FeelMyCrime that
00:35:18FeelMyCrime saved me btw
00:35:21Luza gogogo
00:35:22Luza lisää
00:35:23Luza tai noh
00:35:28Biggie nah
00:35:30Luza b
00:35:32Ckalle b
00:35:34Luza RuN
00:36:03Callmez scepter done, what now? ac?
00:36:17Timu use chick again
00:36:20Luza hot?
00:36:22Luza ac is fine
00:36:24Luza ac actually
00:36:27Ckalle A/C rather then hot
00:36:46Ckalle me ghsot scep aswell
00:36:50Timu me 3
00:36:54Luza m4
00:37:39FeelMyCrime -clear
00:37:48Luza xD
00:37:53Ckalle just can't kill me
00:38:04The_13abyKnight no u're pretty good
00:38:10Luza who me ?
00:38:11Luza thnx
00:38:14Ckalle I got imba healers.
00:38:29Callmez use chick again
00:38:42Luza HIHIHIHI
00:38:44Luza JOIN THE PARTY
00:39:25FeelMyCrime fuckin
00:39:26FeelMyCrime :LS
00:39:27FeelMyCrime -clear
00:39:56Callmez too much support we got :D
00:39:58Ckalle ye
00:40:04Luza and invoker
00:40:04J0te hah never seen invoker winning in douta
00:40:10The_13abyKnight ok then stop playing
00:40:11Ckalle 1 carry n 4 ppl to make sure he don't die
00:40:16J0te coz?
00:40:27Ckalle cos u never saw Luza play it!
00:40:29Callmez i have used gscepter yet :D
00:40:29The_13abyKnight coz you hold your shift button down all game long it seems
00:40:36Ckalle it saved me 2 times so far
00:40:41J0te nnah
00:40:58J0te u hold testicles to high
00:42:08Ckalle gg
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