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97% | 1837 X | 1489 TS

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80% | 1527 X | 1373 TS

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74% | 1415 X | 1414 TS

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70% | 1411 X | 1369 TS

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69% | 1407 X | 1352 TS

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46% | 1181 X | 1337 TS

Chat log

00:00:18WANKmaster want anything?
00:00:18eWeresT zuuz
00:00:18VaginaPingvina tiny
00:00:18WANKmaster not you noob
00:00:18WANKmaster :D
00:00:18eWeresT :(
00:00:18VaginaPingvina or trax
00:00:18eWeresT D:D
00:00:18WANKmaster ns
00:00:18WANKmaster that slark is mine
00:00:18WANKmaster oops
00:00:18WANKmaster ns
00:00:18VaginaPingvina ;)
00:00:18WANKmaster triple bluff
00:00:18WANKmaster !
00:00:18Tough slark
00:00:18VaginaPingvina how r u?)
00:00:20WANKmaster im good bro
00:00:31VaginaPingvina u ill trax?
00:00:34VaginaPingvina will*
00:00:37WANKmaster ill let you yes
00:00:41VaginaPingvina ok
00:00:41BACKENiZER- :D
00:00:43BACKENiZER- hmmmmmmm
00:00:47McFele i play sylla or tusk
00:00:49eWeresT give wank money, so he can continue his dota career in dota2
00:00:57AliBaba wank ?
00:00:58Laier fuck you and your sylla
00:00:59VaginaPingvina waht for u?
00:01:02BACKENiZER- lol
00:01:02Laier tuskar is mine
00:01:03AliBaba you mean strom ?
00:01:07McFele ok so i play sylla
00:01:09eWeresT :D:D:D
00:01:10WANKmaster oops
00:01:10WANKmaster get me
00:01:10WANKmaster tiny
00:01:13WANKmaster -swap 2
00:01:16VaginaPingvina -swap 1
00:01:24VaginaPingvina go mid
00:01:26VaginaPingvina then
00:01:48VaginaPingvina gogog
00:01:49VaginaPingvina top
00:01:52VaginaPingvina tusk
00:02:05VaginaPingvina i chek rune
00:02:11VaginaPingvina stop creeps plz
00:02:25JTG.Bop -ds
00:02:48WANKmaster take aura off
00:02:50JTG.Bop eni wood?
00:02:50WANKmaster so lanes wont push
00:02:54Laier y
00:02:54Tough *mpoue
00:02:54VaginaPingvina ye
00:02:54Tough nouse
00:02:54Tough mouse
00:02:54Tough sec
00:02:54VaginaPingvina OK OK
00:02:54VaginaPingvina fast plz
00:02:54JTG.Bop NO! NO! NO!
00:02:54Laier i can cum fast
00:02:54McFele no woman
00:02:54AliBaba YES! YES! YES
00:02:54McFele no cry
00:02:54eWeresT le bob
00:02:54JTG.Bop NO! NO! NO!
00:02:54Tough w0rks
00:02:54Tough re
00:02:54Tough 321
00:03:00Tough wards?
00:03:01AliBaba YES! YES! YES!
00:03:08eWeresT they try to put me into rehab, i said no no no
00:03:12JTG.Bop NO! NO! NO!
00:03:35VaginaPingvina go wd
00:03:38VaginaPingvina ;#
00:03:57VaginaPingvina let
00:03:58VaginaPingvina me farm
00:03:59VaginaPingvina dude
00:04:02WANKmaster take
00:04:03WANKmaster aura
00:05:05AliBaba ss one
00:05:15Laier oom
00:05:25WANKmaster how gay is that :d
00:05:30Tough <3
00:05:47JTG.Bop gang
00:05:56WANKmaster gank sylla
00:05:57WANKmaster woods
00:06:12Laier rdy mid?
00:06:15Laier i come after this creep
00:06:17Tough y
00:06:29Laier kk
00:06:30Laier go
00:06:44VaginaPingvina gang mid
00:06:45WANKmaster enigma
00:06:45VaginaPingvina tusk
00:06:47WANKmaster our woods ?
00:06:48WANKmaster ok
00:06:55Laier bot rune
00:07:06Tough me
00:07:06Laier care mid
00:07:08Laier tuskar inc
00:07:10JTG.Bop ss
00:07:12Tough gang bot
00:07:30AliBaba care bot
00:08:25Tough tell me
00:08:28Tough why are you so slow?
00:08:37BACKENiZER- no mana
00:09:03McFele 3 bot
00:09:18Isdronningen ss bot
00:09:29Isdronningen 1 re
00:09:37Isdronningen y
00:09:38JTG.Bop nice...
00:09:41VaginaPingvina 4 top
00:09:42Tough wp port
00:09:47VaginaPingvina tp top
00:09:48VaginaPingvina plz
00:09:52VaginaPingvina 3
00:09:54VaginaPingvina top
00:09:56Laier go bot?
00:10:06Laier come ck
00:10:10AliBaba enigma inc top
00:10:11Isdronningen mana
00:10:36Isdronningen coming mid to gang
00:11:00Isdronningen ss mid
00:11:05Isdronningen going top
00:11:06WANKmaster om
00:11:08VaginaPingvina y
00:11:10Isdronningen gogo
00:11:15AliBaba rune
00:11:28Laier idle more
00:11:30Laier fucking pointless shithead :D
00:11:31VaginaPingvina LLOOOOL
00:12:19Isdronningen lol
00:12:21JTG.Bop blind
00:12:22JTG.Bop omg
00:12:37Isdronningen ss bot
00:13:01JTG.Bop nice nice
00:13:07WANKmaster j2ta
00:13:08WANKmaster rune
00:13:10eWeresT y
00:13:16WANKmaster gank sylla
00:13:21AliBaba k
00:13:21AliBaba go
00:14:24Tough how bad
00:14:24eWeresT ofc roots
00:14:25Tough fuckers
00:14:57VaginaPingvina go def
00:14:58VaginaPingvina bot
00:15:13eWeresT miks
00:15:13eWeresT sa
00:15:14eWeresT mind
00:15:16eWeresT viskad..
00:15:23JTG.Bop blackhole...
00:15:26WANKmaster ma mõtlesin
00:15:27WANKmaster et sa
00:15:28JTG.Bop gj
00:15:28WANKmaster tuskar
00:15:28WANKmaster :D.d
00:15:31eWeresT homo :D:D:D
00:15:32eWeresT issand
00:17:30JTG.Bop eni get fucken dagger
00:17:53AliBaba dd
00:18:01JTG.Bop b
00:18:48VaginaPingvina wank
00:18:52VaginaPingvina why u didnt take dd
00:18:58eWeresT ma ei saa aru kuidas ma koguaeg actioni keskel olen :D, peaks nagu taga pool olema
00:19:10WANKmaster dont get it how didnt u die enigma :d
00:19:29AliBaba 4 sec again ?
00:20:07WANKmaster must be ur lucky day
00:20:15JTG.Bop that eni..
00:20:33VaginaPingvina \awrds
00:20:35VaginaPingvina zeus
00:21:00JTG.Bop fu
00:21:05JTG.Bop get dust
00:21:20WANKmaster FOR REAL
00:21:33JTG.Bop get fucken DUST
00:21:39VaginaPingvina thx
00:23:32VaginaPingvina go b
00:23:33McFele mid
00:23:36VaginaPingvina b
00:23:37VaginaPingvina b
00:23:38VaginaPingvina b
00:23:40JTG.Bop b
00:23:45VaginaPingvina b
00:23:47VaginaPingvina go b
00:23:48VaginaPingvina gyus
00:23:53VaginaPingvina jus tfed 2nd tower
00:24:16AliBaba how?
00:24:17eWeresT permastun..
00:24:19AliBaba sylla ?
00:24:24VaginaPingvina ???
00:24:27WANKmaster OMFGF:G::F :D:D::D
00:24:27McFele u missed
00:24:36VaginaPingvina I said
00:24:38VaginaPingvina gyus b
00:24:43VaginaPingvina what wrong with u?
00:24:56JTG.Bop comer
00:26:18JTG.Bop b
00:26:55VaginaPingvina gj
00:27:17eWeresT see ni ilost .D
00:27:21WANKmaster yep
00:27:23McFele gem
00:27:25Laier fucking shit game
00:27:26WANKmaster gem
00:27:29Laier when you need to be on phone
00:27:30WANKmaster they got
00:27:31Laier for first 20mins
00:27:33VaginaPingvina y I saw it
00:27:40VaginaPingvina just idiot
00:27:41VaginaPingvina sky
00:27:44VaginaPingvina lost fight
00:28:36VaginaPingvina g
00:28:49Tough b
00:29:11JTG.Bop b
00:29:44VaginaPingvina go
00:29:45VaginaPingvina tank
00:29:46VaginaPingvina some1
00:29:47Tough give me gem
00:29:49VaginaPingvina for me plz
00:29:55AliBaba kk nigga
00:29:57Laier they orsh
00:30:05Tough no wards no shoit
00:30:07Tough dont go
00:30:13Tough its suicide
00:30:24JTG.Bop we have 3 carry so)
00:30:40JTG.Bop b
00:30:55Tough im totally a carry
00:30:57Tough with 16 assis
00:31:14AliBaba whats the plan ?
00:31:19VaginaPingvina push
00:31:20AliBaba take bot ?
00:31:22VaginaPingvina like a pro
00:31:24eWeresT 5v5 is stupit
00:31:26JTG.Bop scout
00:31:26AliBaba like a boooss
00:31:30VaginaPingvina 6 v 4
00:31:45Laier gj
00:31:58VaginaPingvina go noiw
00:32:01VaginaPingvina gogogo
00:32:05JTG.Bop b
00:32:08JTG.Bop top farm
00:32:24Laier useless glyph
00:32:25Laier ....
00:32:59Laier go ff
00:33:00Laier gg
00:33:01Laier noobs
00:33:05eWeresT I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:13VaginaPingvina u so funny
00:33:20Tough np with that 20 assis
00:33:32VaginaPingvina u rly think that 1 win fight - thats all?
00:33:33WANKmaster that fb mid was fail by me ..
00:33:36Laier 1 win?
00:33:51VaginaPingvina go def
00:33:54JTG.Bop top all
00:33:58VaginaPingvina relax
00:34:02VaginaPingvina we still can win
00:34:02JTG.Bop nesaj come tune
00:34:04JTG.Bop rune
00:34:10JTG.Bop check for ward
00:34:18VaginaPingvina just
00:34:19VaginaPingvina focus
00:34:20VaginaPingvina nessaj
00:34:22VaginaPingvina always
00:34:43JTG.Bop ..
00:34:45VaginaPingvina go mid
00:34:46VaginaPingvina now
00:34:47VaginaPingvina again
00:34:54AliBaba k boss
00:34:55JTG.Bop b
00:34:57BACKENiZER- y start looking for the courier
00:35:03BACKENiZER- who the fuck used it
00:35:04VaginaPingvina and kill
00:35:06VaginaPingvina mnessaj
00:35:07VaginaPingvina first
00:35:52VaginaPingvina not focus nessaj = lose fight
00:35:53Laier chicken feathers
00:35:54Laier xD
00:35:56JTG.Bop (
00:36:09VaginaPingvina wank
00:36:14VaginaPingvina why u was
00:36:18VaginaPingvina here?
00:36:25WANKmaster tryied to toss
00:36:28VaginaPingvina =\
00:36:41Tough pretty funny
00:36:44eWeresT focusing nessaj easyer said then done .
00:36:45JTG.Bop meka rdy quest complited)
00:36:50VaginaPingvina nessaj
00:36:52eWeresT i have no idea witch on to cast
00:36:53VaginaPingvina wasnt
00:36:56eWeresT which
00:36:56VaginaPingvina fockused
00:37:03McFele -cs
00:37:04VaginaPingvina so def
00:37:05VaginaPingvina now
00:37:08VaginaPingvina if we cant push
00:37:31JTG.Bop b
00:37:43JTG.Bop nice
00:37:43Laier :D
00:38:01Laier c oming from guy who runs to most normal uphill gang
00:38:03WANKmaster neil gem
00:38:03Laier wuhuuu
00:38:05WANKmaster pole mõttet wardida
00:38:06eWeresT y
00:38:09JTG.Bop ,...
00:38:16JTG.Bop u are usefull fuport,...
00:38:19JTG.Bop suport
00:38:24JTG.Bop rly
00:38:26Laier i played first 20mins with 1 hand
00:38:28Tough i get top
00:38:40JTG.Bop i can fap 20 min with 1 hand and?
00:38:52VaginaPingvina go b
00:38:54VaginaPingvina not push
00:38:56Laier do what ever you want to do
00:38:59VaginaPingvina we cant it
00:39:34VaginaPingvina nono
00:39:42VaginaPingvina go b
00:39:43VaginaPingvina wank
00:40:21JTG.Bop maybe lets go try?
00:40:23VaginaPingvina y
00:40:23VaginaPingvina go
00:40:46JTG.Bop leo have ulti anyway,,,,
00:40:51VaginaPingvina b
00:41:24VaginaPingvina some1
00:41:25VaginaPingvina smoke plz
00:41:27VaginaPingvina and go gang
00:41:57JTG.Bop go smole?"
00:42:00JTG.Bop smoke>?
00:42:05JTG.Bop come
00:42:10VaginaPingvina ok we lost
00:42:11VaginaPingvina ;)
00:42:13Laier they farm zeus refresher agha
00:42:15Laier and then they come
00:42:16WANKmaster yeah
00:42:17WANKmaster kinda
00:42:32eWeresT ff it
00:42:33WANKmaster alibaba why make
00:42:33WANKmaster bf
00:42:33WANKmaster why not go tank
00:42:33WANKmaster so
00:42:33AliBaba i dont
00:42:33eWeresT i dont understand why they wont push . .
00:42:33WANKmaster u can
00:42:33AliBaba know
00:42:33WANKmaster initiate
00:42:33WANKmaster I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:33AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:43eWeresT why the fuck u guys wont puch ?
00:42:46eWeresT ok good
00:42:47eWeresT end it
00:42:56Isdronningen b
00:43:00eWeresT ff pls
00:43:14Tough Easy<
00:43:32VaginaPingvina just wanky bad tiny)
00:43:55WANKmaster tough got lucky this nigga tossed creep
00:43:55JTG.Bop b
00:44:01Tough :D
00:44:15Laier good to be there
00:44:16Laier farming
00:44:32Isdronningen gj
00:44:34eWeresT zz
00:44:34Tough i ave no ulti niggah
00:44:42Laier and?
00:44:45Tough and base got pusged
00:44:52eWeresT nessaj why u backed when u got 2 entries ?:D
00:44:53eWeresT wtf
00:44:54VaginaPingvina so go mid
00:44:55VaginaPingvina =\
00:44:57Laier hes bob
00:45:03Laier "ih got no ultiez"
00:45:41WANKmaster I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:41WANKmaster gogo
00:45:44AliBaba ff it
00:45:50VaginaPingvina WANKYYY
00:45:56Tough like i said
00:45:57VaginaPingvina HOW WE CAN LOSE THIS GAME
00:46:03WANKmaster happens
00:46:14VaginaPingvina I must plaed tiny ;<
00:46:22WANKmaster that 1 fail
00:46:24WANKmaster ruined my game
00:46:48Tough b
00:46:50Tough B
00:46:50Tough B
00:46:53Laier fuyck you
00:46:56Tough the fuck u go b
00:47:07JTG.Bop 1 def
00:47:20eWeresT zz
00:47:25Laier No shit?
00:48:03WANKmaster :D.
00:48:05eWeresT munn D::D
00:48:13Tough easy
00:48:16WANKmaster go
00:48:16WANKmaster I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:48:25Isdronningen f
00:48:26Isdronningen I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:48:28JTG.Bop i feel sorry 4 u
00:48:28AliBaba goog
00:48:33WANKmaster lets go new
00:48:36WANKmaster vagina
00:48:36WANKmaster np
00:48:40JTG.Bop loose to 3 carries
00:49:05VaginaPingvina OK
00:49:14VaginaPingvina def
00:49:16VaginaPingvina it)
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