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84% | 1536 X | 1452 TS

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76% | 1415 X | 1436 TS

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70% | 1411 X | 1353 TS

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Chat log

00:00:11Domess holy shit
00:00:12Domess :D
00:00:17Domess omni good choise
00:00:17Domess :)
00:00:17livingde4th anyone want phoenix?
00:00:17VanillaThunder wtf are this team :D
00:00:17Domess suck hard
00:00:17JTG.Bop )
00:00:17rukasz ban it
00:00:17VanillaThunder s
00:00:17JTG.Bop we win )
00:00:17livingde4th phoenix
00:00:17BeowolF me
00:00:17BeowolF ;p
00:00:17BeowolF ;/
00:00:17Domess me void
00:00:17VanillaThunder any wishes?
00:00:17livingde4th i go sand king
00:00:17Domess ok
00:00:17Domess good
00:00:17JTG.Bop we win cause dommes=instant rage)
00:00:17Domess :D
00:00:17BeowolF i go pxnix
00:00:17livingde4th domess u solo?
00:00:17JTG.Bop silencer ban///
00:00:17Domess good for you
00:00:17BeowolF phx
00:00:17JTG.Bop hate him
00:00:17Domess yea i can
00:00:17Domess top
00:00:17Joda i want lina slayer
00:00:17Domess fuck noobs
00:00:17VanillaThunder omni
00:00:24Astrocreep gl
00:00:24JTG.Bop omg)
00:00:47JTG.Bop me mid?
00:00:49Domess i farm
00:00:52Joda lina
00:00:53Joda for me
00:00:56Domess shit !!
00:01:01livingde4th get some solo
00:01:03livingde4th dk?
00:01:04livingde4th furi?
00:01:06livingde4th viper
00:01:19VanillaThunder pit
00:01:21livingde4th 'dk mid
00:01:21VanillaThunder pit
00:01:24livingde4th viper with me
00:01:43BeowolF me solo
00:01:55VanillaThunder roof mby or panda...need a tank
00:01:55JTG.Bop panda roof)
00:02:13livingde4th check rune
00:02:18VanillaThunder epic lastpick
00:02:28Domess muahahaaaah
00:02:33JTG.Bop hope he can use ulti)
00:02:44BeowolF they no tank
00:02:49Domess yea
00:02:53Domess pipe
00:02:53Domess pls
00:02:53JTG.Bop hope our panda know how to use ulti)
00:02:58AEON i9 hotel fyry
00:03:01BACKENiZER- -ma
00:05:33Joda jump
00:05:41VanillaThunder w8
00:05:51Domess :D
00:05:54livingde4th kill?
00:06:00JTG.Bop cc
00:06:03VanillaThunder pull plz
00:06:10Joda goooo
00:06:11Joda kill
00:06:13Joda frekill
00:06:19VanillaThunder k
00:06:27JTG.Bop cc
00:06:27Joda next
00:06:32Domess gj
00:07:21Domess lol ?
00:07:27Domess what is this shit
00:07:36Domess dont know this new silencer
00:07:46JTG.Bop ss
00:07:47JTG.Bop 2
00:08:02Joda go again
00:08:29VanillaThunder not a single stun :S
00:08:55JTG.Bop ss 2
00:09:02VanillaThunder ss pit
00:09:13Domess gj
00:09:28Domess MIss!!
00:09:55Joda jump and hes dead
00:10:01Domess care
00:10:23Domess ffs ?
00:10:24VanillaThunder go?
00:10:36Joda y
00:10:45BeowolF ffs
00:11:04Joda furi oom
00:11:29Joda ffs
00:11:47Domess bkb
00:12:30BeowolF ss lina
00:12:31Astrocreep mid
00:12:33Domess :D
00:12:55Domess wait
00:13:02Domess ok wait
00:13:09Domess rdy
00:14:39livingde4th dk farm
00:14:50Domess rune ?
00:15:00livingde4th bot
00:15:01livingde4th twr
00:15:02Domess pls wards
00:15:02livingde4th gogo
00:15:05Domess mana pls
00:15:06Domess :)
00:15:15Domess pls :)
00:15:17Joda go bot
00:15:26VanillaThunder 4
00:15:32Joda dd bot
00:15:36Domess pls mana :)
00:16:05Domess b
00:16:06Domess failed
00:16:07JTG.Bop omg
00:16:07Joda omfg
00:16:34BeowolF 4
00:16:35BeowolF 5
00:16:36Domess i push
00:16:50VanillaThunder b
00:18:03Astrocreep come dk?
00:18:04Astrocreep rune bot
00:18:06Joda good lastpick
00:18:10Domess ye
00:18:18VanillaThunder b
00:18:23Joda xin
00:18:25Joda do something goo
00:18:26Domess gj
00:18:30Joda nvm
00:19:01JTG.Bop mb slot farming///
00:19:06JTG.Bop stop*
00:19:17Domess b
00:19:17Domess b
00:19:28BeowolF invi
00:20:32Domess :D
00:20:36Domess fallow lol
00:21:27Domess ok bkb rdy
00:21:29Domess lets go push mid
00:21:34Domess or gang
00:21:34Domess first
00:21:38livingde4th take viper
00:21:39Domess yea can i take it ?
00:22:07Joda ...
00:22:15JTG.Bop lina get wards
00:22:25JTG.Bop nice...
00:22:34Joda since when are dks stun ranged..
00:22:36JTG.Bop 1 by 1
00:22:40JTG.Bop since
00:22:43JTG.Bop long ago
00:22:49JTG.Bop in dragon form
00:22:53Domess great
00:23:27Domess shit
00:23:30Domess b
00:23:41VanillaThunder not a single tower guys
00:23:44Domess ty
00:23:48livingde4th mid again?
00:23:56Domess me
00:24:11Domess shit
00:24:13Domess !!
00:24:22Astrocreep didnt u have rune lol
00:24:26Domess yea
00:24:26Astrocreep to send image
00:24:28Domess didnt use
00:24:33Domess shit
00:24:34Domess b
00:24:49BeowolF fucking silence
00:24:54Domess ah
00:25:29Domess come
00:26:28Domess b
00:26:49livingde4th is pitlord changed
00:26:51livingde4th can u share
00:26:53livingde4th i wanna see
00:26:59BeowolF y
00:27:03BeowolF no channeling
00:27:06livingde4th share?
00:27:11Joda farm????
00:27:13Joda no1?
00:27:23Astrocreep they must have ward there
00:27:34Domess ty
00:27:50JTG.Bop omg
00:27:53JTG.Bop fuck it
00:28:02Domess :D
00:28:06JTG.Bop rly
00:28:10BeowolF 1 hit duble xd
00:28:12JTG.Bop 2 low hp near me
00:28:20Domess yepa
00:28:21JTG.Bop and u went for fat pit
00:28:58Domess let go rosh ?
00:29:01livingde4th y
00:29:08Domess gogog now
00:29:12Joda goo
00:29:13BeowolF now pit is better
00:29:13Joda jump
00:29:16Joda ulti
00:29:18VanillaThunder cd
00:29:20Domess i take ok ?
00:29:23Astrocreep y
00:29:46VanillaThunder b all
00:30:41BeowolF ...
00:31:00Joda that range...
00:31:08Joda make it melee
00:31:13Domess :D
00:31:48VanillaThunder b
00:31:52Joda 1 mid 1 top
00:31:52Domess run :p
00:31:55Joda xin?
00:32:13VanillaThunder well go ff better
00:32:16BACKENiZER- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:21livingde4th go mid
00:32:22livingde4th plz
00:32:26livingde4th we dont have endgame
00:32:36Domess yea let go all
00:32:43Domess let me go into
00:32:44Domess got aegis
00:32:46VanillaThunder go all
00:32:50Joda all 5
00:32:54livingde4th furi come wiht us
00:32:54Domess ok goo!!
00:33:02Domess with creeps :)
00:33:38Domess lol ?
00:33:41Joda great
00:33:49Domess :D
00:33:56livingde4th uve build shit
00:33:56Domess we failed :p
00:33:59livingde4th bfury
00:34:00livingde4th etc
00:34:04Domess no suck hard
00:34:06livingde4th we loose :D
00:34:08Domess need att speed + armir
00:34:17Domess no
00:34:19Astrocreep we cant go 5v5
00:34:22Astrocreep need to split them
00:34:23Domess we dont loose
00:34:28Joda 4alive
00:34:32Domess yea gang at first
00:34:35Domess this void ulty
00:34:37Domess just killed us
00:34:38VanillaThunder b
00:34:41Domess furi wait
00:35:06Domess ok
00:35:09Domess just care void ulty
00:35:18Domess we were all 5 into
00:35:23Domess y
00:35:24Domess ty i take
00:35:40Domess lets go
00:35:41Domess dd
00:35:42livingde4th tpd
00:36:02VanillaThunder trap
00:37:05Domess dont help me lol!!
00:37:17Domess why furi death ?.
00:37:20Domess i can do shit
00:37:22Domess in this fucking ulty!!
00:37:40Domess furi just stay behind and dmg
00:37:41Domess it
00:37:46livingde4th viper treads? or pohase
00:37:55Domess trads lol
00:38:40Domess lol
00:38:42Domess :D
00:39:25Astrocreep warding
00:39:44VanillaThunder gather
00:39:45livingde4th rosh up
00:39:50Domess yea
00:39:50Domess good
00:40:06Domess wowoww
00:40:14Domess they gang now lol
00:40:31Domess help??!
00:40:31Domess sutn
00:40:38Domess g!!
00:40:43Domess ok gg guys
00:40:53Domess 0 organization
00:40:53Domess rlly
00:41:00Domess hes alone why ?
00:41:02Domess why hes alone om
00:41:06Domess crix
00:41:07Domess u made it
00:41:08Domess gg noob
00:41:12Domess stay behind only
00:41:21Domess gl furi
00:41:31Domess crix can u fucking help me sometimes ?
00:41:32Domess omg
00:41:33JTG.Bop now we have to focus fura9
00:41:33Joda void :D
00:41:36Domess u just fucking stay behind!!
00:41:41Joda i do furi in 1 combo
00:41:42Domess ffs
00:42:02VanillaThunder dont split now we can win this
00:42:05livingde4th rosh now
00:42:08Joda u need farm..
00:42:09Joda 40 min
00:42:11Domess yea go
00:42:11VanillaThunder y..
00:42:12Domess !!
00:42:17Domess i take
00:42:19Domess coz u suck rlly
00:42:22Joda rosh all
00:42:25Domess pff
00:42:31Domess miss more
00:42:33Domess furi need ur dmg
00:42:33Astrocreep they come
00:42:35Joda gogo
00:42:36Domess they come
00:42:39Domess they come so fast
00:42:48Domess gg!!
00:43:02Domess why ?
00:43:05Domess got aegis!!
00:43:06Domess idiot
00:43:21Domess turen
00:43:32JTG.Bop omg
00:43:36Domess idiot
00:43:47Joda almost ulti
00:44:01Astrocreep get lifesteal ffs
00:44:07Domess yea later tower and b
00:44:20Domess :D
00:44:28Domess tower lol
00:44:37Joda bot top
00:44:39Joda dont go outside
00:44:39Joda deff
00:44:42Astrocreep we can only win by creeps pushing for us
00:45:03Joda gather all 5
00:45:09Joda with good voidulti we can still win fights
00:45:19Domess ok o
00:45:20Domess go
00:45:20livingde4th mid now
00:45:21Joda ok gg :/
00:45:22livingde4th all
00:45:22Astrocreep mid is ours now
00:45:28Astrocreep top after
00:45:31VanillaThunder I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:46Joda :D
00:46:26Domess :D
00:46:27Joda ..
00:46:36JTG.Bop b
00:46:39JTG.Bop again
00:46:40JTG.Bop alone
00:46:40JTG.Bop void
00:46:42Domess :D
00:46:45Joda would have been a good game without this xin..
00:47:49Domess gg
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