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89% | 1628 X | 1432 TS

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84% | 1554 X | 1411 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00BACKENiZER- [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 141 seconds.
00:00:09mansikka damn against funts
00:00:18fUNCh miks sellised teamid Pane enda arse valmis vunts saad niimoodi palderjaani, et ise ka ei usu
00:00:18yeW- hm noop Seepärast, et mingin ekunagi addisin Puffi
00:00:18Pufff-Reis ?
00:00:18fUNCh sa ainukesena flist ja ikka ei saa sama team nvm :d
00:00:18Pufff-Reis say
00:00:18Pufff-Reis ffs
00:00:18MnmlArT go
00:00:18MnmlArT ban
00:00:18yeW- ud
00:00:18fUNCh puffi :D?
00:00:18mansikka would be unbalansed
00:00:18A-tzangol trax yer, palus kunagi. :D
00:00:18mansikka if you two in same team
00:00:18Pufff-Reis what
00:00:18yeW- wishes?
00:00:23yeW- wishes
00:00:24yeW- ast
00:00:27MnmlArT no :D
00:00:27Pufff-Reis which 2
00:00:27yeW- fast
00:00:30mansikka like last game
00:00:32fUNCh lion
00:00:33fUNCh me
00:00:35fUNCh or nvm
00:00:35yeW- too late.
00:00:36fUNCh :D
00:00:40yeW- ah damn
00:00:42yeW- theres slark
00:00:47MnmlArT and spectre
00:00:49fUNCh fuck slark
00:00:51fUNCh they wont pick it
00:00:55fUNCh bs anti's it
00:00:58fUNCh and we dont need it mm
00:01:01Pufff-Reis MY first lich game ever na it is mofos
00:01:09mansikka na good
00:01:10yeW- just skill armor oor
00:01:11yeW- u'll be fine not
00:01:12MnmlArT y ;D
00:01:12mansikka ohh
00:01:13MnmlArT lets
00:01:15MnmlArT pick
00:01:17MnmlArT all 5
00:01:18MnmlArT agi
00:01:20MnmlArT i go slark
00:01:22yeW- n shit at it mmm
00:01:28fUNCh i'm ganger
00:01:30fUNCh not carry
00:01:31fUNCh -.-4
00:01:32A-tzangol mid7hero
00:01:35A-tzangol nice ouch that slark was bad now im afraid but kk slark mid
00:01:46mansikka i picked shit lich bot and
00:01:50A-tzangol not
00:01:53fUNCh cool picks
00:01:54fUNCh :D
00:01:54A-tzangol kunkka mid imo how then?
00:01:58fUNCh xin was not needed at all
00:02:00fUNCh and p anda
00:02:00MnmlArT -hhn
00:02:01MnmlArT -clear well y
00:02:06fUNCh sven + lion
00:02:09A-tzangol or
00:02:10fUNCh would been so much better
00:02:10yeW- well it's peter
00:02:12A-tzangol we can dual mid me best agasint that blood tbh
00:02:13yeW- he has to pick shit
00:02:13Pufff-Reis dont count on me spec
00:02:14A-tzangol with lich
00:02:14mansikka if captain says so
00:02:14yeW- -clear
00:02:14MnmlArT u said lyon
00:02:18A-tzangol lich
00:02:22PeterLars yew manners
00:02:23A-tzangol can u assist me mid?
00:02:25A-tzangol own bs?
00:02:30Pufff-Reis lets go
00:02:31mansikka i do want to go mid against yew
00:02:31yeW- how is tellin the truth being unmannered
00:02:32yeW- xD
00:02:33fUNCh even if i'd lion
00:02:34fUNCh still sucked
00:02:34mansikka okay i solo bot u 2 go top
00:02:41A-tzangol slark
00:02:43MnmlArT not
00:02:43A-tzangol solo btm k
00:02:46fUNCh and this does a bit more
00:02:47A-tzangol needs lvls
00:02:47mansikka ok
00:02:52fUNCh if we should get later
00:02:53A-tzangol sleep +t orrent
00:02:55A-tzangol = kill
00:02:59yeW- lich mid?
00:02:59yeW- god lich
00:03:04MnmlArT spectre and slark ? let blue farm like really nice ;)
00:03:08yeW- -ma
00:03:26yeW- LOL
00:03:29MnmlArT :D
00:03:32MnmlArT y saw call help if needed bot
00:03:41A-tzangol dont attack
00:03:43mansikka k thanks miks mu hiiro võtsid? Ahv :D
00:04:30MnmlArT go kill
00:04:33fUNCh :D ty mees ise olin loll oleks maha saand care backe esimestel lvlitel see kõndiv elukas
00:05:38MnmlArT after pull 4 käpukil 1 hit ja siis saad toweriga last hiti ise ja rangega 1 hit ja last hit
00:05:49MnmlArT ss 1 ära ruini palun
00:05:57MnmlArT re
00:06:18MnmlArT y mm me saaks ta maha pane sliip
00:06:34PeterLars i go mid
00:06:39yeW- no
00:06:42PeterLars gank
00:06:48MnmlArT ffs
00:06:49MnmlArT dude
00:06:55MnmlArT why u leave me
00:06:59MnmlArT gh
00:07:01MnmlArT . . .
00:07:01yeW- peter
00:07:02yeW- go die
00:07:06yeW- in rela life
00:07:06yeW- pls
00:07:22MnmlArT we had free kill
00:07:25MnmlArT at top uiuestio oot
00:07:54yeW- func
00:07:55yeW- take invis ta praegu reges ära
00:07:56yeW- n come
00:08:04fUNCh stun only
00:08:08fUNCh and i'm lvl3
00:08:11mansikka ss na
00:08:13mansikka care mid
00:08:18mansikka rune with him prolly
00:08:24fUNCh soon 6 ?
00:08:25A-tzangol go
00:08:27yeW- no
00:08:37mansikka ss panda too
00:08:38mansikka re
00:08:40mansikka panda minu paha nüüd vaataisn, et pole braini seda sapi vms
00:09:09mansikka nice pulg
00:09:09MnmlArT da fak
00:09:14mansikka fail pulg
00:09:18A-tzangol upgrade
00:09:22MnmlArT ss 2 ss top care
00:10:02MnmlArT re 1
00:10:12MnmlArT re 1
00:10:13MnmlArT 2 osta tp midi minekuks ära
00:10:35Pieti ss slar
00:10:37Pieti k
00:10:37mansikka someone bot farm?
00:10:42mansikka i start gangin k
00:10:49fUNCh sky go roam i go
00:10:50fUNCh ur 6
00:10:51Pufff-Reis ss
00:10:51MnmlArT y
00:10:53MnmlArT oom
00:10:53fUNCh i need lvls now
00:10:54fUNCh :D
00:11:00yeW- panda
00:11:01yeW- go spec help top also guys
00:11:48MnmlArT heal me ^_^
00:11:57MnmlArT wtf
00:11:59MnmlArT ty
00:12:00MnmlArT oh
00:12:02yeW- xD
00:12:05Pieti np
00:12:12yeW- go back
00:12:13yeW- bot
00:12:28MnmlArT omw
00:12:32fUNCh 4top
00:12:41fUNCh 2inc
00:12:45yeW- up courier
00:13:10MnmlArT panda
00:13:11MnmlArT go kunka
00:13:13MnmlArT i will tp
00:13:15yeW- same
00:13:16yeW- inc
00:13:18yeW- go kunkka
00:13:18yeW- GHO ss panda bo bot why hate? puff
00:13:43yeW- WARDS wards would be great man
00:13:46yeW- sky oh
00:13:52MnmlArT just upgraded my bad but bot also
00:13:54MnmlArT no gold
00:13:55yeW- dc
00:14:01MnmlArT u think that i do
00:14:39yeW- come on
00:14:42mansikka sry backer
00:14:43yeW- u fuckin bobs
00:14:44MnmlArT they wount pick slark
00:15:04A-tzangol Lag sec
00:15:10mansikka i go kill yew
00:15:10mansikka i hate him
00:15:10mansikka just for info enjoy ;D
00:15:10mansikka :)
00:15:10A-tzangol ty
00:15:10A-tzangol Re in 3 sure thing
00:15:34Pufff-Reis atro go gang we fine
00:15:53MnmlArT lol wtf ;D
00:16:06mansikka :
00:16:10A-tzangol !
00:16:10yeW- nice help
00:16:19mansikka :D
00:17:13PeterLars omg
00:17:21yeW- "omh"
00:17:23yeW- omg
00:17:25yeW- as u say
00:17:29MnmlArT PANDA
00:17:34MnmlArT why dont u have drunk yew comin?
00:17:55mansikka no stop freakin me out then ;D
00:18:17MnmlArT go
00:19:04yeW- silence?
00:19:22A-tzangol kunkka
00:19:23A-tzangol why tp
00:19:25A-tzangol oom
00:19:25A-tzangol b i was oom and out of ship etcf tle minu suunas kui vaja
00:20:07yeW- when is
00:20:09yeW- the last time
00:20:14yeW- u didnt play like a butthole
00:20:15yeW- peter
00:20:20MnmlArT :D
00:20:23PeterLars before u added:D
00:20:29yeW- uve been playin
00:20:31yeW- worse than rasmus
00:20:35yeW- lately easy :D
00:21:04mansikka yes :---)
00:21:25PeterLars ^^ ;D
00:21:40yeW- ...
00:21:57mansikka damn i cant kill all
00:21:58mansikka alone
00:22:05mansikka i thought i could
00:22:39yeW- go
00:22:42fUNCh warded
00:23:21mansikka ward
00:23:31MnmlArT dat combo
00:23:47A-tzangol b Isiklik viha ikka mehel nii suur
00:24:13fUNCh :D (L) sind ka jah:D
00:24:26fUNCh kusjuures ei mõelnudki siiamaani kes kunkkaga mängib
00:24:30fUNCh kui sa nüüd mölisema pidid
00:24:31fUNCh :D :DD *Fair enough
00:24:43A-tzangol my bad
00:24:44A-tzangol sry mis sa arvad, et lasen sul üksinda kell 3 öösel nolada? looda.
00:24:56fUNCh :D
00:24:59A-tzangol ^^ werent talkin bout uman dont worry
00:25:41BACKENiZER- .D
00:25:41MnmlArT holly shit spectre fuck off
00:26:08fUNCh kunkka bf
00:26:09fUNCh nice lane top
00:26:43fUNCh spec relic
00:27:01yeW- ah oops xD
00:27:12mansikka u didnt see me ? x-------D
00:27:17yeW- nah i did
00:27:20mansikka ok
00:27:22yeW- i just forgot about the mana burn Tulen munni mängima Sorry.
00:28:21fUNCh nah see pede sinna tuli nah sa mu mana pidid ära söö,a
00:28:57fUNCh team so fast
00:28:57fUNCh :D
00:29:19PeterLars ^^
00:29:58MnmlArT I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] lets go from mid team?
00:30:03fUNCh I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:14mansikka lets keep gangin yew more x if we finish faster
00:30:24MnmlArT impossible 2 win whit this pandas
00:30:26mansikka i dont care about x :p
00:30:36mansikka ?
00:30:40mansikka what happened Imelik, et sa supporte ei aimi
00:31:31fUNCh :D
00:31:35fUNCh oleks dagon vms
00:31:38fUNCh siis äkki teeks midagi
00:31:43fUNCh aga solo wardi vend
00:31:45fUNCh nagu ikka
00:32:19A-tzangol ;d
00:32:23fUNCh cool peter
00:32:23fUNCh tnx
00:32:24fUNCh a
00:32:26mansikka omw backer
00:32:26fUNCh lot
00:32:27PeterLars np
00:32:28PeterLars mate
00:32:36A-tzangol tpbaken
00:33:04fUNCh why pick panda
00:33:07fUNCh if you play like this
00:33:18yeW- he blows
00:33:22yeW- with everythin
00:33:23mansikka tover
00:33:32mansikka wait for more?
00:33:34mansikka ppl?
00:33:37Pieti becayse i like it
00:33:40mansikka yes
00:33:42A-tzangol i ulti
00:33:43Pieti because*
00:33:48A-tzangol go
00:33:52mansikka go
00:33:57yeW- blind sky?
00:34:05MnmlArT suck it yew
00:34:07yeW- xD
00:34:24yeW- ye
00:34:26yeW- chill more
00:34:28mansikka :D
00:34:30MnmlArT blind yew ? towers
00:34:31mansikka mid
00:34:32mansikka imo and just go
00:34:38mansikka 5v34 ;D :( Cant play fair pussys
00:38:24yeW- ye cyz
00:38:29yeW- havin noobs
00:38:34yeW- for 2 mins on ur lane
00:38:37yeW- 2 games in a row
00:38:38yeW- is fair ehm
00:38:43yeW- 20 mins* lars was on my lane And
00:38:49yeW- thats what im sayin xD SLark told me to go bot to farm Since he went to gank oh ;D mnjah 200 cs lets finish this shit game or we have to farm moar moar? :D
00:39:55Pufff-Reis i ahve 0 items its btter
00:40:03mansikka you got 4 for u if we finish it faster then
00:40:10yeW- go
00:40:14Pufff-Reis hate lich btw
00:40:17Pufff-Reis megaboring Lich doesnt care ::D Doesnt even give armor: :(
00:40:48mansikka :-----p He didint even meka :DD Lovely.
00:41:06MnmlArT he did ?
00:41:06mansikka he didnt even ulti yew :DD Ise sa noolisid seda gemi raisk
00:41:38fUNCh :D
00:41:40fUNCh ime muna =)
00:41:45fUNCh nii ei nussiks omasi Koguaeg nussid mind selga
00:41:52fUNCh kunkka gem
00:41:57mansikka sick
00:42:05MnmlArT ahahha
00:42:05yeW- gah
00:42:23MnmlArT "kunka gem" Sai ju räägitud et gem :D Totu
00:42:34fUNCh saw only lich and bane there
00:42:34fUNCh :D xin has gem so u know care
00:44:31mansikka maybe
00:44:34PeterLars this peterlars
00:44:35mansikka i shouldve gone bkb
00:44:37yeW- shu tit
00:44:39yeW- serously
00:44:40Pufff-Reis i hate lich ! useless hero shit
00:44:41yeW- shut the fuck up
00:44:41A-tzangol y
00:44:44A-tzangol and kunkka dmg
00:44:47PeterLars why
00:44:48MnmlArT :D i am
00:44:54PeterLars i am owning
00:44:54A-tzangol u are not
00:44:55PeterLars now
00:44:56Pufff-Reis will never play lich after this died 4 times straight
00:45:08MnmlArT yew ur on ur period /
00:45:09mansikka supports suck
00:45:13mansikka all
00:45:15Pufff-Reis no lich suck
00:45:20mansikka all supports suck
00:45:24Pufff-Reis mega useless
00:45:34mansikka like all support heroes
00:45:37yeW- b we have nothing against invis think about its pleas
00:46:15Pieti rmntnedt
00:46:26yeW- fuckin idiot peter
00:46:31yeW- fuckin dickless fag
00:47:01yeW- gem
00:47:02PeterLars ^^
00:47:18yeW- gj
00:47:22yeW- u ruined early
00:47:24yeW- n u ruin late too low
00:47:35mansikka but baker
00:47:42mansikka b Tänks stacki eest mees
00:48:00A-tzangol no sange and yasha next time kunk yes i know
00:48:05A-tzangol or lifesteal
00:48:09A-tzangol and u rock :) lifesteal is needed
00:48:15A-tzangol not against these fuckers
00:48:17A-tzangol just dmg mm k
00:48:23A-tzangol hit and run
00:48:58mansikka oom btw good call with double mid yew 0
00:49:16A-tzangol ahahah till now
00:49:30yeW- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:49:33yeW- g
00:49:34yeW- go ff
00:50:07yeW- lol
00:50:14mansikka gg
00:50:15MnmlArT fuck uuuuuuuuu
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