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-23 X
-1 TS

100% | 2099 X | 1683 TS

-59 X
-2 TS

95% | 1799 X | 1434 TS

-11 X
-5 TS

63% | 1334 X | 1342 TS

-18 X
-3 TS

49% | 1300 X | 1236 TS

-14 X
-3 TS

44% | 1169 X | 1315 TS

-28 X
+2 TS

93% | 1736 X | 1432 TS

+45 X
+1 TS

89% | 1588 X | 1488 TS

+40 X
+2 TS

86% | 1557 X | 1447 TS

+52 X
+2 TS

82% | 1496 X | 1444 TS

+29 X
+1 TS

46% | 1154 X | 1361 TS

Chat log

00:00:09diesel ogre shreddar xin
00:00:09Nuudel wind tauren brood
00:00:12m1shjaAa wd tree na
00:00:14Firelord0.1 drow cm sven
00:00:20diesel drow o&
00:00:22diesel o/
00:00:27vutten damn i got the broken clone
00:00:29vutten :D
00:00:38diesel fire u want ogre shreddar xin_
00:00:39Nuudel mishjawant from me someting?
00:00:45Asiankid krob alche luna
00:00:48m1shjaAa u got?
00:00:49Firelord0.1 ogre is nice
00:00:52Nuudel caht
00:00:52Asiankid ye
00:00:53Asiankid take it
00:00:54Nuudel chat
00:00:55FirstBlood silencer abadon medusa
00:00:55que2stress clock sniper enigma
00:00:55Asiankid for some one
00:00:56Asiankid or for u
00:00:57diesel fire give drow
00:01:00m1shjaAa no thx
00:01:03Asiankid can i clock ?
00:01:04Nuudel first give me abba
00:01:05Xeros eza phoneix veno
00:01:06Asiankid i have krob alche luna
00:01:07Firelord0.1 drow is not so nice or ?
00:01:11diesel .. it is
00:01:14sn0t.rocker jakiro bristle arc
00:01:19diesel -swap 4
00:01:20Asiankid vuten
00:01:21Asiankid chick
00:01:21Firelord0.1 -swap 3
00:01:22que2stress krob alche luna wtf
00:01:26que2stress i go for enigma
00:01:28Asiankid gj
00:01:29Firelord0.1 oh lol
00:01:31Nuudel 30 sec guys
00:01:34Asiankid diesel
00:01:35Asiankid mid ?
00:01:37diesel sure
00:01:41Firelord0.1 vutten going that hero
00:01:41Asiankid go
00:02:13que2stress tf is that top lane
00:02:21que2stress krobe why u not here?
00:02:28Asiankid never more
00:02:29Asiankid solo ?
00:02:31Asiankid lol
00:02:37Firelord0.1 he play his imba sille
00:02:37Asiankid i protect
00:02:38Asiankid him
00:02:41que2stress rofl
00:02:47sn0t.rocker ss top
00:02:47sn0t.rocker 1
00:02:54Firelord0.1 sstop
00:03:26sn0t.rocker ..
00:03:46Xeros hheal
00:03:48Xeros pls
00:03:53que2stress gw
00:04:25que2stress goin woods
00:04:28que2stress care ok?
00:04:34Firelord0.1 stay here
00:04:37sn0t.rocker ..
00:04:37Firelord0.1 duo lsow
00:04:37Firelord0.1 fuckes me
00:04:37Asiankid they come back
00:04:37que2stress stay at twoer
00:04:37Nuudel lan?:D
00:04:37Asiankid brothers
00:04:37que2stress and we gang
00:04:38m1shjaAa THEY ARE FRO?4
00:04:44m1shjaAa sry caps)
00:05:08Firelord0.1 ss
00:05:09Firelord0.1 veno
00:05:13Firelord0.1 re
00:06:05Xeros ss
00:06:29sn0t.rocker ss
00:06:45Asiankid gj
00:06:45Asiankid bro
00:06:57Asiankid mid ok ?
00:06:59Asiankid or u need
00:07:00Asiankid gang
00:07:04Asiankid ss down
00:07:05Asiankid 1
00:07:06Firelord0.1 i need gank
00:07:10Firelord0.1 help top
00:07:18Firelord0.1 come with 3
00:07:28Asiankid we need
00:07:29Asiankid enigma
00:07:30Asiankid too
00:07:33Asiankid 6
00:07:35Asiankid and go ?
00:07:40que2stress no
00:07:40sn0t.rocker -.-
00:07:41que2stress better lag
00:07:45diesel MDI MISSING
00:07:45Asiankid bb
00:07:45diesel care
00:08:23Firelord0.1 they have
00:08:25Firelord0.1 freefarm
00:08:28sn0t.rocker nice freefarm xD
00:08:35Asiankid ss1
00:08:35Asiankid 2
00:08:43Asiankid -ms
00:08:55Firelord0.1 ss
00:08:56Firelord0.1 veno
00:09:07diesel gank mid
00:09:29que2stress nice
00:09:38Asiankid ss down
00:09:39Asiankid 2
00:09:45Asiankid re
00:09:57Asiankid ssmid
00:09:57sn0t.rocker go ogre
00:10:13Asiankid rune up
00:10:25Asiankid go gnag
00:10:26Asiankid up
00:10:28FirstBlood ss mid
00:10:33Asiankid we come
00:10:39Asiankid kk
00:10:39Firelord0.1 ss
00:10:40Asiankid w8
00:10:44Asiankid he know
00:10:47Xeros gang enigma
00:10:48Asiankid still w8
00:10:48FirstBlood ss mid
00:10:49FirstBlood care
00:10:54diesel GOGOGO
00:10:54diesel omw
00:10:54Xeros slow
00:10:54Asiankid i [port
00:10:54Xeros now
00:10:54Asiankid up
00:10:54Asiankid gogo
00:11:11que2stress nice
00:11:16sn0t.rocker 4 there rofl
00:11:17diesel care bot
00:11:20diesel care bot
00:11:27Asiankid -ms
00:12:17sn0t.rocker gang
00:12:43vutten mi9ss bot
00:12:43sn0t.rocker this orge
00:12:46sn0t.rocker such an imba shit
00:12:46FirstBlood guys
00:12:47FirstBlood wtf
00:12:51FirstBlood more team play
00:13:07Asiankid blue
00:13:07Asiankid ss
00:13:09Asiankid cae
00:13:11Firelord0.1 i need regen
00:13:14que2stress gang
00:13:15Asiankid me too
00:13:20Asiankid engima
00:13:21Asiankid u
00:13:26Firelord0.1 focus
00:13:26Asiankid ah
00:13:26Firelord0.1 blue
00:13:27Asiankid u dont have
00:13:34que2stress no ult me
00:13:54Asiankid me u
00:13:56Asiankid goi tower
00:13:58Asiankid we push
00:14:07Xeros ss
00:14:13Firelord0.1 oom so hard
00:14:16Asiankid ;]
00:14:30Firelord0.1 1 stun
00:14:33que2stress def bot after?
00:14:33que2stress what is this lagfest
00:14:34Firelord0.1 dont
00:14:37Firelord0.1 know
00:14:37sn0t.rocker help
00:14:37Nuudel wtf
00:14:37FirstBlood b
00:14:37FirstBlood bristl
00:14:37sn0t.rocker HELP
00:14:37diesel asiankid, u wanna fix ur lag?....
00:14:37sn0t.rocker help me
00:14:37m1shjaAa cd
00:14:37m1shjaAa sec or smth
00:14:37sn0t.rocker just attack
00:14:37m1shjaAa k
00:14:41sn0t.rocker ffs
00:14:41sn0t.rocker krobe
00:14:41sn0t.rocker can u stop this shit
00:14:41Xeros care
00:14:41Xeros trax has dd
00:14:41Xeros rune
00:14:41Xeros and coming bot
00:14:41m1shjaAa b bot then?
00:14:41Nuudel jep
00:14:41diesel ASIANKID FIX UR LAG...
00:14:41que2stress hmm
00:14:41Firelord0.1 that guy
00:14:41Nuudel krob is gone
00:14:41Firelord0.1 lagg out somtimes
00:14:41Firelord0.1 for no reason
00:14:41Firelord0.1 but nice its after 10 min
00:14:41que2stress ye
00:14:41Firelord0.1 so we got luky
00:14:41que2stress but hero
00:14:41que2stress was good
00:14:41que2stress for us
00:14:41que2stress can
00:14:41que2stress u def bot
00:14:41Xeros :)
00:14:41que2stress ogre?
00:14:41Xeros ss
00:14:41Xeros ss
00:14:41Firelord0.1 hmm
00:14:41Firelord0.1 dont think
00:14:41que2stress if krobe
00:14:41que2stress has tp
00:14:41que2stress take iot
00:14:41Firelord0.1 im low mana
00:14:41Nuudel rmk or balance?
00:14:41que2stress we need to de
00:14:41Firelord0.1 i have tp
00:14:41que2stress balance
00:14:41que2stress go tp then
00:14:41sn0t.rocker too late for rmk
00:14:41que2stress i will tp and ult
00:14:41Nuudel mmkei
00:14:42Firelord0.1 they going back i think
00:14:46diesel FOGO
00:14:46diesel BLAANCE
00:14:46sn0t.rocker who?
00:14:46que2stress diesel
00:14:46sn0t.rocker blue?
00:14:46que2stress go def tower
00:14:46diesel bot?
00:14:46Firelord0.1 im on tp
00:14:46que2stress y
00:14:46diesel I need to farm, cant do nothing against 3
00:14:46diesel are u coming?
00:14:46que2stress we are
00:14:46que2stress tping
00:14:46diesel k
00:14:46que2stress i have ult
00:14:46sn0t.rocker fb?
00:14:46que2stress and dagger
00:14:46diesel BALANCE
00:14:46diesel FFS
00:14:46sn0t.rocker -afk
00:14:46FirstBlood veno
00:14:46Firelord0.1 1 stun
00:14:46m1shjaAa D
00:14:46Xeros ok
00:14:46diesel veno go
00:14:46Firelord0.1 1 fire i have
00:15:33que2stress take soulring if u need ogre
00:15:38que2stress rest is for drow
00:15:39sn0t.rocker can i have wand?
00:15:43Firelord0.1 ok
00:15:44FirstBlood y
00:15:48que2stress wtgf
00:15:51sn0t.rocker thx
00:15:52que2stress i banrequest you
00:15:56que2stress for item steal brown
00:16:02Firelord0.1 where is chick
00:16:14FirstBlood we need pipe
00:16:28sn0t.rocker shall i go for it before vanu?
00:16:42FirstBlood no
00:16:50que2stress go
00:16:51que2stress ohre
00:17:41sn0t.rocker 4 mid..
00:17:42sn0t.rocker -.-
00:17:49vutten guys i ned su hellp
00:17:52que2stress u need
00:17:54que2stress a ban
00:17:57sn0t.rocker get pipe fast plz
00:17:58vutten ?
00:17:59sn0t.rocker and get wards
00:18:00que2stress item steal
00:18:01sn0t.rocker wd
00:18:02sn0t.rocker or wr
00:18:05vutten zzz
00:18:10FirstBlood i will make mekansm
00:18:13vutten i wos 1 v 3
00:18:18vutten more team play
00:18:19vutten plz
00:18:39FirstBlood lotharr
00:18:45FirstBlood we need dust
00:19:41sn0t.rocker well
00:19:46FirstBlood more team play wtf
00:20:07sn0t.rocker get dust wr
00:20:18que2stress -ms
00:20:33sn0t.rocker what next for me?
00:20:37FirstBlood pipe
00:20:39sn0t.rocker k
00:20:52FirstBlood wd
00:20:54FirstBlood buy smoke
00:20:56FirstBlood and go gang
00:20:57sn0t.rocker plant wards
00:21:29FirstBlood b
00:21:31sn0t.rocker tz
00:21:34sn0t.rocker no sense..
00:21:38FirstBlood together maybe
00:21:39FirstBlood wtf
00:21:43FirstBlood smoke
00:21:48FirstBlood we need a lot of smokes
00:21:48sn0t.rocker they run anywhere
00:22:10Nuudel b
00:22:11sn0t.rocker BACK
00:22:13sn0t.rocker WD
00:22:27m1shjaAa go t moke
00:22:38sn0t.rocker go whom?
00:23:31vutten lol
00:23:50que2stress focus silencer plz
00:23:53que2stress cant ult before he dead
00:24:14que2stress ogre dont get agha
00:24:29Nuudel what should i build
00:24:39sn0t.rocker BACK
00:24:41FirstBlood forcestaff
00:24:42sn0t.rocker U DUMB
00:24:54Firelord0.1 lol
00:25:03Firelord0.1 warded
00:25:31sn0t.rocker b
00:25:56sn0t.rocker got hood
00:25:57vutten invis
00:26:32sn0t.rocker smoke again?
00:26:35FirstBlood y
00:26:48sn0t.rocker get smoke some 1
00:27:15Firelord0.1 holy fuck
00:27:33que2stress tower
00:27:46sn0t.rocker trax fucks us up
00:27:47sn0t.rocker ..
00:27:58FirstBlood its not so hard gang her
00:28:08que2stress well b
00:28:09que2stress drow
00:28:16sn0t.rocker true but without dust
00:28:38sn0t.rocker get smoke!!
00:28:53FirstBlood afteer pipe make blade mail
00:28:58Nuudel gather
00:29:09sn0t.rocker trax here
00:29:43que2stress wtf
00:29:50FirstBlood fast
00:29:51diesel can we stick together
00:29:56diesel Imma farm 300
00:29:59diesel then go together
00:30:00que2stress y
00:30:04sn0t.rocker who?
00:30:06sn0t.rocker u take?
00:30:06FirstBlood i
00:30:08sn0t.rocker y
00:30:15que2stress the rosh?=
00:30:17que2stress y
00:30:20FirstBlood dust
00:30:56sn0t.rocker got pipe
00:31:07FirstBlood now blade mai?
00:31:09FirstBlood mail
00:31:11sn0t.rocker y
00:31:31diesel gather and push
00:31:40diesel lets go
00:31:48FirstBlood fast
00:31:53que2stress gahter mid
00:31:57que2stress sf
00:31:58que2stress :(
00:32:13m1shjaAa D
00:32:26FirstBlood def
00:32:28FirstBlood -st
00:32:56Nuudel nice 2 hits.D
00:33:19que2stress wait for sf
00:33:20que2stress and go
00:33:23Nuudel sry aout my shitti game m8ts
00:33:32vutten i need souls
00:33:37sn0t.rocker np we know u suck every game
00:33:38sn0t.rocker haha
00:33:42que2stress sf
00:33:43que2stress wtf
00:33:48que2stress back
00:33:50sn0t.rocker smoke
00:33:51sn0t.rocker us
00:33:56que2stress -ms
00:34:36sn0t.rocker smoke us??????
00:34:39FirstBlood y
00:34:43FirstBlood dust
00:34:45FirstBlood her
00:34:46que2stress ready sf?
00:34:47sn0t.rocker got
00:34:48que2stress rosh is taken
00:34:51diesel sf come
00:34:52vutten y
00:35:04diesel wtf
00:35:05diesel no rosh
00:35:10que2stress the have it
00:35:11que2stress i said
00:35:54sn0t.rocker gg
00:35:57FirstBlood rebuy
00:35:58que2stress nice
00:36:01sn0t.rocker cant
00:36:43vutten lol
00:36:48que2stress why should we attack rax
00:37:12sn0t.rocker gg
00:37:13sn0t.rocker I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:37:20sn0t.rocker start a new game
00:37:35sn0t.rocker ff blue?
00:37:48sn0t.rocker we have no chance i guess..
00:38:34FirstBlood if we gang them one by one
00:38:35FirstBlood we can
00:38:51FirstBlood dust
00:39:16FirstBlood I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:39:17Nuudel I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:39:21diesel dude u suck at Nortrom
00:39:21m1shjaAa I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:39:22diesel dont pick it
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