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97% | 1751 X | 1530 TS

+23 X
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80% | 1570 X | 1393 TS

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75% | 1468 X | 1373 TS

+60 X
+11 TS

69% | 1412 X | 1288 TS

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60% | 1274 X | 1345 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

95% | 1780 X | 1472 TS

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-1 TS

94% | 1737 X | 1458 TS

-28 X
-1 TS

85% | 1553 X | 1423 TS

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-1 TS

46% | 1152 X | 1363 TS

-10 X
-2 TS

36% | 1191 X | 1252 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Fintrollx [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 68 seconds.
00:00:05Palle sepc dk
00:00:07Palle any got support for top?
00:00:07mby_next_time ds ck weaver
00:00:07Fintrollx got venge
00:00:07mby_next_time wont play ds again.
00:00:07Palle cant rly do much support
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME sky Lucy Helicopter
00:00:07Palle gonna do spec
00:00:07Fintrollx well and cm but played it last 2 games
00:00:07Palle if there is a nice support
00:00:07mby_next_time others?
00:00:07DeMiaN pa rhasta bb
00:00:07Ain_Soph_Aur sd wisp riki
00:00:07SveTlianA-HurT slardar tb dazzle
00:00:07mby_next_time ...
00:00:07DeMiaN me ds pls
00:00:07DeMiaN rhasta pa bb
00:00:07Palle guys?
00:00:07Fintrollx cm, rexx, venge
00:00:07mby_next_time well
00:00:07diesel pit morph disruptor
00:00:07mby_next_time i would like to play helicopter
00:00:07mby_next_time amuse
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME u have
00:00:07mby_next_time you want any of demian's heros?
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME ?
00:00:07Palle disruper thrall?
00:00:07Fintrollx go morph?
00:00:07diesel y
00:00:07DeMiaN rhasta pa bb
00:00:07Isdronningen keeper of the light - roof - xin
00:00:07mby_next_time you want any of them
00:00:07Palle could be nice if u went top with me
00:00:07mby_next_time ?
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME yes
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME but
00:00:07DeMiaN so i can get ds
00:00:07diesel what u play?
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME it wont work
00:00:07Palle spec
00:00:07mby_next_time why?
00:00:07Palle if u support
00:00:07DeMiaN ?
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME i like only pa
00:00:07diesel ye ok
00:00:07Palle goodie
00:00:07DeMiaN can't u play rhasta ?
00:00:07Ain_Soph_Aur u fail as a carry
00:00:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME ofc i can
00:00:09DeMiaN coz pa
00:00:11DeMiaN with ds woods
00:00:12Smell.this.ass gimme thrall
00:00:13DeMiaN is stupid
00:00:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME k
00:00:17DeMiaN can't solo lane
00:00:17Smell.this.ass ok
00:00:18DeMiaN -clear
00:00:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME go
00:00:24mby_next_time -swap 3
00:00:25DeMiaN rhasta ?
00:00:27diesel what u have?
00:00:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap
00:00:28diesel smell
00:00:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME yes
00:00:30mby_next_time -swap 5
00:00:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:00:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap
00:00:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap
00:00:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap 2
00:00:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap 4
00:00:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap 4
00:00:44DeMiaN -swap 5
00:00:45Fintrollx good
00:00:46U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap 3
00:00:49Ain_Soph_Aur u play gyro as a carry?
00:00:51mby_next_time y
00:00:59diesel crap
00:01:04diesel pciked skill by mistake -.-
00:01:04Palle ?
00:01:06DeMiaN i'm woods
00:01:10mby_next_time blah
00:01:12mby_next_time strange lanes
00:01:13Palle circle?
00:01:14mby_next_time we can have
00:01:16diesel no
00:01:18diesel thunder strike
00:01:20DeMiaN go mid gyro
00:01:20DeMiaN ?
00:01:20Palle fine..
00:01:20diesel 1.
00:01:22mby_next_time y
00:01:25mby_next_time you with wisp
00:01:28mby_next_time rhasta with slad
00:01:31SveTlianA-HurT no
00:01:34SveTlianA-HurT ofc no
00:01:40mby_next_time w/e
00:01:41SveTlianA-HurT i m top with wisp
00:01:42mby_next_time share courier
00:01:43mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:44mby_next_time -don
00:01:45SveTlianA-HurT solo gyro mid
00:01:45mby_next_time -water red
00:01:46mby_next_time -clear
00:01:47DeMiaN rhasta with fast lvls is good
00:01:48DeMiaN -clear
00:01:50SveTlianA-HurT and rhasta bot
00:01:51DeMiaN -clear
00:01:57diesel sry
00:01:58mby_next_time share courier rhasta
00:01:59SveTlianA-HurT good lanes omg
00:02:03Palle for?
00:02:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME say the magic word
00:02:05Fintrollx 3 supports?
00:02:07DeMiaN fb
00:02:07DeMiaN bot
00:02:08diesel uised venge
00:02:09mby_next_time fuck you ?:<
00:02:11DeMiaN FB bot
00:02:13DeMiaN u got shackle ?
00:02:20Palle just dont touch out creeps
00:02:21DeMiaN amuse ?
00:02:25diesel no shit
00:02:34DeMiaN gogo
00:02:36DeMiaN kotl
00:03:07Fintrollx goodjob dude
00:03:11Isdronningen ty u2
00:04:27Smell.this.ass gank mid
00:04:29Smell.this.ass venge
00:04:35Fintrollx omw
00:04:42DeMiaN ss
00:05:06mby_next_time well.
00:05:09DeMiaN told ya
00:05:14Palle harras wisp
00:05:16mby_next_time w/e pretty unexpected
00:05:16Smell.this.ass gjh
00:05:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME ss
00:06:01Palle HAHAHAHAH
00:06:08diesel whats so funny?
00:06:12Palle died to creep
00:06:15diesel oh
00:06:42diesel miss
00:07:12DeMiaN sec pls
00:07:12diesel FUCKING HELL
00:07:15U.Fail2Amuse.ME ss
00:07:29mby_next_time ss mid
00:07:35Isdronningen stun
00:07:37mby_next_time re
00:07:44mby_next_time SS MID
00:07:44mby_next_time re
00:07:53Fintrollx nxt wave
00:08:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME come
00:08:39diesel this is sick
00:08:42diesel cant do NOTHING
00:08:47diesel no
00:08:48diesel boots
00:08:49diesel no farm
00:08:54Palle recall
00:08:55Palle sladar
00:08:56Palle asap
00:08:58Palle next time
00:09:16mby_next_time let's all die for solo kill
00:09:46DeMiaN can ursa be rosh yet ?
00:09:51mby_next_time nah
00:09:51Isdronningen meka done
00:09:52mby_next_time not solo
00:10:04Fintrollx ss
00:10:04Fintrollx bot
00:10:09DeMiaN can i tak ?
00:10:17mby_next_time nah
00:10:18mby_next_time .
00:10:19DeMiaN ..
00:10:20DeMiaN sry
00:10:21mby_next_time w/e
00:10:23Palle lan?
00:10:27Palle mates for sure
00:10:27Palle :)
00:10:45mby_next_time ss mid
00:10:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME ss
00:10:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME 2
00:11:05diesel pointless
00:11:06diesel to play
00:11:07diesel like that
00:11:09Palle need ganks
00:11:09mby_next_time still ss
00:11:10Palle top
00:11:11Palle rly..
00:11:12diesel gank top
00:11:14diesel and STAY
00:11:15diesel top
00:11:16Palle standig still
00:11:21Fintrollx i come
00:11:58Fintrollx ffs
00:12:08Smell.this.ass wave ham
00:12:16diesel care
00:12:19Fintrollx i come back top?
00:12:24diesel care
00:12:38Fintrollx w8
00:13:15Palle die to tower
00:13:59DeMiaN bbb
00:14:22Smell.this.ass omg jews
00:14:34Smell.this.ass Stop chasing like dogs
00:15:08Fintrollx does that fucking
00:15:14Fintrollx blue sparkling shit
00:15:20Fintrollx have some increase speed skill
00:16:11Palle sladar
00:16:13Palle wisp
00:16:14Palle inc behind
00:16:14SveTlianA-HurT -ms
00:17:31diesel spec farm
00:17:33diesel other gank
00:17:37diesel go with 4
00:17:38diesel at all times
00:17:42Palle OK :D
00:17:43diesel its fucking RAPE
00:17:44diesel guys
00:17:46diesel GO TOGETHER
00:17:55Fintrollx ye
00:18:16diesel coem
00:18:16diesel def
00:19:19Palle recall
00:19:20Palle man
00:19:24diesel out of range
00:19:39Palle when wisp
00:19:40Palle sladar
00:19:41Palle comes
00:19:43Palle u ujust take sladar back
00:20:11U.Fail2Amuse.ME srsly man
00:20:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME wtf
00:20:15Palle ?
00:20:27diesel 4. pick goes like 90%
00:20:55Smell.this.ass ff
00:21:32DeMiaN getting meka btw
00:21:33DeMiaN then hood
00:21:35DeMiaN pipe
00:21:37Ain_Soph_Aur i got it
00:21:37mby_next_time we got meka
00:21:38mby_next_time alreayd
00:21:41DeMiaN ah kk
00:21:46DeMiaN straight pipe then
00:21:52mby_next_time got agha
00:21:58Palle need a good thrall ulti
00:22:00Palle to turn things
00:22:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME fucking cock
00:22:14diesel imma get level
00:22:15diesel brb
00:22:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME in ur dreams u little
00:22:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME jew
00:23:45Fintrollx this aint going anywhere
00:23:48diesel why do u want to play sd?
00:24:08DeMiaN ?
00:24:15Palle tp
00:24:16Palle o ulti
00:24:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME to nme
00:24:52Palle fu rghasta
00:25:27Palle go support
00:25:28Palle fast
00:25:29Palle wisp
00:26:12Fintrollx my fucking mouse
00:26:14Fintrollx bugged
00:26:18DeMiaN man
00:26:20Fintrollx at this fucking moment
00:26:25DeMiaN i'm mad
00:26:40DeMiaN gj
00:27:50Palle veng :D
00:27:52Palle xaxaxa
00:27:58Fintrollx :/
00:28:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME spec dont ff ther eis much more cock for u
00:28:06Palle what are u seriusly thinking
00:28:12Palle kk
00:28:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME this game
00:28:13Palle :)
00:28:16U.Fail2Amuse.ME from me
00:28:21Palle l2p first then
00:28:29U.Fail2Amuse.ME i do
00:28:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME at the moemnt
00:28:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME practis on u
00:29:11Palle as i said
00:29:12Palle l29
00:29:18Palle l29
00:29:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME ye not that my ulti wasnt cd
00:29:21Palle l2p
00:29:26mby_next_time learn to nine hm.
00:29:26U.Fail2Amuse.ME lucky noob
00:29:30Palle kk
00:30:01Smell.this.ass venge stun!
00:30:03Smell.this.ass FFS
00:30:25DeMiaN fine i'll play safer
00:30:39mby_next_time ^^
00:30:52Fintrollx fuck the world
00:30:57mby_next_time UEAH
00:30:59DeMiaN u
00:31:06DeMiaN u 12 yo girl ?
00:31:22Fintrollx me?
00:32:12mby_next_time well well team pretty sad you can iniatet
00:32:43Palle and that is how u fuck your self
00:33:00DeMiaN not how u win thought
00:33:05Palle it aint over
00:33:06Palle is it?
00:33:17DeMiaN hmmmmm
00:33:20DeMiaN dunno
00:33:23DeMiaN don't think so
00:33:29DeMiaN k mby
00:34:16Palle be rdy
00:34:18Palle to help me top
00:34:21Palle they gonna go for me
00:35:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME 2 easy
00:35:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;/
00:35:40Palle y with this veng it is
00:35:52Smell.this.ass venge
00:35:53Palle it solo sladar wisp win
00:35:54Smell.this.ass wake up
00:35:55Smell.this.ass idiot
00:35:57Palle u havetn rly done anythung
00:36:02Palle thats why i hate sd
00:36:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME ye expept wining alone
00:36:12Palle outpicked
00:36:16Palle max
00:36:38diesel fuck
00:36:39diesel lets win this
00:38:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME takle
00:38:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME mne
00:38:07Smell.this.ass VENGE
00:38:09Smell.this.ass SWAP STU(N
00:38:10Smell.this.ass IDIOT
00:38:24diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:27Smell.this.ass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:07Smell.this.ass tthey rosh1
00:39:51Smell.this.ass gogo
00:40:02mby_next_time hi
00:40:50Smell.this.ass go 5
00:41:02DeMiaN go rape ?
00:41:20mby_next_time 4 top
00:41:27DeMiaN go throne
00:41:27diesel ursa
00:41:28mby_next_time 5 top
00:41:28diesel go get tp
00:41:29diesel fast
00:41:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME just end
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