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Chat log

00:00:03AliBaba hahahah
00:00:09AliBaba you under rasmus ! :D
00:00:10AliBaba svans
00:00:17digi give me rubick
00:00:17svents ;(
00:00:17AliBaba buy me a chick !
00:00:17slc2 there is som sad heroes
00:00:17slc2 kanupa ban bird?
00:00:17Kanpu3a y
00:00:17Kanpu3a wait
00:00:17svents ali
00:00:17DeMiaN i can phoenix
00:00:17svents suck my dick ok?
00:00:17AliBaba :D
00:00:17Pr0_SiaK mb ban
00:00:17DeMiaN hmm but we have to ban it
00:00:17Kanpu3a phoenix
00:00:17Kanpu3a yea mb ban
00:00:17Strom rubick
00:00:17Kanpu3a fucking cap
00:00:17Rasmus.Seebach me rubiq
00:00:17Kanpu3a )
00:00:17JTG.Bop wl
00:00:17svents get wl
00:00:17slc2 get wl
00:00:17svents obv
00:00:17slc2 get wl
00:00:17DeMiaN what u play strom
00:00:19Strom dunno
00:00:25DeMiaN -clear
00:00:28Strom anyone want ES / UD?
00:00:33JTG.Bop ud
00:00:34Kanpu3a ds for me
00:00:38Strom so I pick ud for ya?
00:00:41JTG.Bop +
00:00:54Strom I assume that + sign meant yes
00:00:58svents get
00:00:58svents es
00:00:59svents pls
00:01:03AliBaba to you ?
00:01:08svents i can yes
00:01:15Kanpu3a alibaba+rasmus+svents = its dreamteam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:01:19Strom give me slark
00:01:21svents :)))
00:01:22AliBaba :D
00:01:25Strom -swap 3
00:01:27svents sosi hui kanp3u
00:01:27JTG.Bop -swap 1
00:01:32Kanpu3a aa
00:01:33Kanpu3a aa
00:01:33Kanpu3a aa
00:01:34Kanpu3a aa
00:01:35AliBaba oh there is wisp
00:01:36Kanpu3a aa for me
00:01:37Pr0_SiaK gg already lkin at picks
00:01:39DeMiaN last gets rylai or AA imo
00:01:40DeMiaN -clear
00:01:41AliBaba wisp
00:01:43svents want wisp'+
00:01:44Kanpu3a pffff
00:01:46AliBaba y
00:01:49svents -swap 3
00:01:50Strom AA would rule
00:01:50AliBaba -swap 5
00:01:51DeMiaN ds forest i hope ?
00:01:57AliBaba -clear
00:01:57svents -clear
00:01:58Kanpu3a ff
00:02:00slc2 lanes?
00:02:00Strom AA best pick
00:02:04Strom cm second best
00:02:05DeMiaN AA/cm
00:02:08Rasmus.Seebach if they anti pull
00:02:11DeMiaN gj
00:02:13Kanpu3a over randge
00:02:16DeMiaN darseer
00:02:19slc2 what is the lanes?
00:02:20DeMiaN darkseer
00:02:21DeMiaN u forest ?
00:02:22Kanpu3a krobe mid
00:02:30Kanpu3a es + EZA
00:02:31svents im
00:02:36svents top with eza
00:02:40Strom aa ud bot
00:02:40DeMiaN allo ?
00:02:41Kanpu3a y
00:02:45DeMiaN ds
00:02:51DeMiaN u speak english or wtf ?
00:03:26svents why ppl take link 1?:D
00:03:56Pr0_SiaK gg gj razor wp
00:03:57Pr0_SiaK ff
00:04:02DeMiaN so what ?
00:04:04DeMiaN we got
00:04:05DeMiaN double
00:04:07AliBaba want pull ?
00:04:41DeMiaN ds go forest
00:05:24DeMiaN ss
00:05:25DeMiaN miud
00:05:26DeMiaN top
00:05:31slc2 ss
00:05:47Kanpu3a ss
00:05:50Kanpu3a re
00:06:03Strom 1v3
00:06:24AliBaba come om
00:06:24Pr0_SiaK ?
00:06:32Strom bleh
00:06:36Strom some epic moves
00:06:39Strom and still die
00:06:51Pr0_SiaK why u tomb when he full hp lol
00:07:04JTG.Bop ////
00:07:24Strom krobe inc bot
00:07:25Strom care
00:07:37AliBaba wopw
00:08:07svents oom
00:09:28Strom ss
00:11:03DeMiaN -afk
00:11:09DeMiaN this AA lvl 4 afk
00:11:22svents omfg
00:12:35slc2 wards
00:12:47slc2 mine
00:12:52slc2 top towe
00:13:34DeMiaN SPEED ME OMG
00:13:36DeMiaN FUCKING
00:13:38digi cd
00:14:54Kanpu3a wtf
00:14:57Kanpu3a u doung
00:15:01svents me?
00:15:05slc2 no me
00:15:05Kanpu3a and u
00:16:29svents gg luck :DDD
00:16:35svents fissure cd 2 seci maby:D
00:17:18slc2 u guys arent watching the map
00:17:27slc2 b
00:17:29slc2 b mid
00:18:04Strom that ezalor is warding everywhere
00:19:23slc2 stop that asap or loose
00:19:27svents suck it
00:19:33svents i nee dagger
00:19:34svents so su
00:19:35slc2 u have a nice stun use it on heros not on creeps
00:20:37Strom blah
00:20:38Strom too many
00:21:00DeMiaN AA can come with us...
00:21:07Strom would be nice yeah
00:21:36svents lost daggwer
00:21:37svents fck it
00:21:42svents why i didnt buy it -.-.-.-.-
00:21:55slc2 we need to gank:)
00:21:58DeMiaN we got no towers :s
00:21:59Kanpu3a he he
00:22:01svents i need dagger
00:22:05AliBaba you need to stfu
00:22:11Strom thjat sucks yeah
00:22:14svents u have to usck my dick
00:22:19Kanpu3a es
00:22:22Kanpu3a ffor dager
00:22:24AliBaba im not talking to you <3
00:23:41svents omfg
00:24:22Pr0_SiaK b oom
00:24:45Kanpu3a eza
00:24:46Kanpu3a wake up
00:24:54slc2 es stop u have ur dagger join fight now
00:25:06Pr0_SiaK b?
00:25:12DeMiaN no need atm
00:25:15DeMiaN wait em
00:25:21DeMiaN wlock no ult
00:25:22Pr0_SiaK nah i am oom
00:25:37AliBaba why you take hes farm ?
00:25:42slc2 there is something wrong with u
00:25:49Pr0_SiaK farm down slark
00:25:51Pr0_SiaK come
00:26:16Pr0_SiaK b
00:26:38Pr0_SiaK b 3v5?
00:26:48Pr0_SiaK chicen\
00:27:43svents fatal wl?
00:27:47DeMiaN welll ggwp
00:28:04AliBaba wp strom
00:28:10svents wl u dont have fatal?
00:28:23Kanpu3a iam fucking russian noob
00:29:01AliBaba omg
00:29:04AliBaba 1 sec
00:29:13Kanpu3a really?
00:29:25AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:33Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:27Kanpu3a eza
00:31:28AliBaba :D
00:31:30Kanpu3a hm
00:31:40Kanpu3a usless rasmus
00:31:41Strom tower and b
00:31:53Kanpu3a I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:41Kanpu3a ahahaha
00:32:47Kanpu3a es
00:32:48svents omfg:DDD
00:32:49Kanpu3a u die?
00:32:51svents gg
00:32:56svents 1 sec cd:D
00:32:58Kanpu3a go ff
00:32:58svents fissurE:DD
00:33:02DeMiaN /cry
00:33:10svents i dont just saf
00:33:12svents sad
00:33:16svents but u suck anyway demina
00:33:18digi -water 7up
00:33:18digi -weather moonlight
00:33:18digi -ii
00:33:18digi -don
00:33:23DeMiaN ok
00:33:32Kanpu3a crying with laughter
00:33:49DeMiaN -ms
00:33:53DeMiaN -ms
00:34:43Kanpu3a go or ff
00:34:47Rasmus.Seebach ff ffs
00:35:31svents miks ma blinkida ei saa
00:35:32svents tra
00:36:07Kanpu3a why not ff
00:36:11Kanpu3a gosu mans
00:36:14svents why not fatal ffs?
00:36:17Kanpu3a )
00:36:19slc2 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:20Kanpu3a really ?
00:36:21svents best spell ever
00:36:28Kanpu3a best team
00:36:30Kanpu3a !
00:36:43Kanpu3a rasmus 2-15
00:36:43slc2 es farmed when we had our chance
00:36:45Kanpu3a )))
00:36:57slc2 es should get hes dagger from ganks
00:37:29Kanpu3a ohhhhh
00:37:32Kanpu3a afk now
00:37:54AliBaba Dioe
00:37:55Kanpu3a )
00:37:55Strom lol
00:37:58AliBaba :D:D
00:38:16Kanpu3a take a fountain in the back and go push!
00:39:26Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:27Rasmus.Seebach plz
00:39:43Kanpu3a plz delete war3.exe
00:39:48svents true
00:39:57Kanpu3a its not u
00:40:00Kanpu3a rasmus
00:40:04DeMiaN sry aa
00:40:07DeMiaN moved ur char
00:40:12DeMiaN unpurposely
00:40:15Pr0_SiaK np
00:40:26Strom lets push
00:40:27AliBaba worst heros to take wisp with:D
00:40:29DeMiaN ja
00:40:45DeMiaN lock no ult for few secs
00:40:47Kanpu3a |Phase boots only
00:40:52Kanpu3a facepalm
00:40:54Rasmus.Seebach zzz
00:40:56Strom who? rasmus?
00:40:57AliBaba i got nothing to
00:41:05Rasmus.Seebach dudde stop talking for ones plz
00:42:41Kanpu3a again
00:42:46DeMiaN Why dont they just ff
00:42:53Rasmus.Seebach dunno
00:42:54Kanpu3a skc
00:42:57Kanpu3a slc
00:42:59Kanpu3a mb
00:42:59Pr0_SiaK :D
00:43:03svents why dont u just stfu demian fcktard
00:43:09Kanpu3a hehehehe
00:43:11DeMiaN Why need to flame
00:43:15DeMiaN seriously svents
00:43:20DeMiaN ur lower than rasmus
00:43:21DeMiaN ...
00:43:27svents like i care
00:43:27AliBaba Fuck you
00:43:40DeMiaN -ms
00:43:44svents why we should ff?
00:43:44Pr0_SiaK 2 mekas nice ;D
00:44:03slc2 i need to reg
00:44:34Strom push mid
00:44:36Strom with 5
00:47:12Kanpu3a 2-19
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