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+12 X
-2 TS

95% | 1741 X | 1505 TS

+15 X
-2 TS

94% | 1699 X | 1484 TS

+28 X
-2 TS

94% | 1701 X | 1474 TS

+1 X
-2 TS

81% | 1490 X | 1415 TS

-9 X
-2 TS

57% | 1288 X | 1322 TS

+8 X
+2 TS

98% | 1878 X | 1519 TS

-1 X
+2 TS

89% | 1620 X | 1441 TS

+20 X
+2 TS

85% | 1591 X | 1402 TS

-18 X
+2 TS

78% | 1484 X | 1383 TS

-42 X
+3 TS

70% | 1369 X | 1391 TS

Chat log

00:00:00AliBaba [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 63 seconds.
00:00:10marsbar2k epic draft :D
00:00:16Strom ursa good ban
00:00:16yeW- -clea
00:00:16yeW- -clear
00:00:16yeW- lycan
00:00:16yeW- anyone?
00:00:16coolass å
00:00:16WANKmaster want something?
00:00:16Strom lyca in pool too
00:00:16Strom but
00:00:16creeeeeee he gets lycan or ursa anyway
00:00:16mby_next_time i can.
00:00:16Strom I feel yew will go ursa
00:00:16MariahCarry sf!
00:00:16coolass dota gc sure as hell doesnt want
00:00:16marsbar2k i suck with that
00:00:16coolass yew-
00:00:16coolass to be
00:00:16creeeeeee true
00:00:16coolass 100%
00:00:16yeW- ^^
00:00:16coolass 123
00:00:16coolass 178
00:00:16MariahCarry or pudge!
00:00:16yeW- ive come
00:00:16yeW- to the conclusion
00:00:16yeW- that the higher the %
00:00:16yeW- the shittier the teammates
00:00:16yeW- :D
00:00:16marsbar2k hahahah
00:00:16Strom I'll go shredder probably
00:00:16yeW- wl
00:00:16creeeeeee he bans lock I guess
00:00:16marsbar2k thx :(
00:00:16creeeeeee ye
00:00:16yeW- not u faggot
00:00:16yeW- but
00:00:16coolass me
00:00:16yeW- i had this team
00:00:16AliBaba suck me yew
00:00:16coolass mby_next_time is pro
00:00:16yeW- kurdi, rasmus, funch
00:00:16coolass underrated
00:00:16marsbar2k hahahaha
00:00:16MariahCarry wank
00:00:16coolass , coolass
00:00:16MariahCarry wanna ban?
00:00:16mby_next_time coolas stop licking my ass.
00:00:16coolass etc..
00:00:16marsbar2k yeah that gotta suck
00:00:16WANKmaster what should i
00:00:16yeW- vs strom creee and kanpu3a
00:00:16WANKmaster ck
00:00:16WANKmaster ?
00:00:16MariahCarry ck
00:00:16WANKmaster lyca?
00:00:16MariahCarry rubix
00:00:16coolass hmmm
00:00:16Strom ursa imo ban
00:00:16AliBaba not rubick
00:00:16WANKmaster lursa
00:00:16AliBaba ban urs
00:00:16MariahCarry rofl ursa
00:00:16Strom ursa strongest pick for yew
00:00:16marsbar2k well lets help this poony jew with more x
00:00:16creeeeeee he will take ursa or lycan anyway
00:00:17WANKmaster lyca
00:00:18MariahCarry ursa sucks
00:00:19yeW- whats it gonna be
00:00:19WANKmaster lyca
00:00:19AliBaba han boller din analt med den
00:00:19mby_next_time lursa?:D
00:00:19marsbar2k xD
00:00:19mby_next_time ursa + lyca ?
00:00:19yeW- shud i go ursa?
00:00:19mby_next_time :D
00:00:19mby_next_time rubi[]ck
00:00:19Strom secret combo ban
00:00:19WANKmaster y
00:00:19mby_next_time get me rubick
00:00:19marsbar2k hahah
00:00:19WANKmaster :d
00:00:19WANKmaster ursa
00:00:19WANKmaster it is
00:00:19WANKmaster go
00:00:23mby_next_time lol ?
00:00:30WANKmaster ?
00:00:31WANKmaster :d:d:D
00:00:31mby_next_time you swap yew
00:00:32mby_next_time ?
00:00:34WANKmaster wtf are u doing ? :d
00:00:37yeW- yes milord
00:00:38coolass u said
00:00:39coolass ursa it is
00:00:39Isdronningen hahaha
00:00:39yeW- lol
00:00:39coolass wlock and ursa
00:00:39mby_next_time you said ursa it is bro XD
00:00:39WANKmaster wtf
00:00:39WANKmaster is this
00:00:39yeW- whatever
00:00:39WANKmaster :D:D:D:D:D:D
00:00:40coolass ????
00:00:40yeW- -clear
00:00:42WANKmaster play
00:00:43coolass -clear
00:00:44yeW- read what u said mate
00:00:45WANKmaster dont care
00:00:48WANKmaster yeah
00:00:49WANKmaster i sawy
00:00:51MariahCarry both ursa and lycan are banned
00:00:52mby_next_time what you want yew.
00:00:54MariahCarry ffs
00:00:56mby_next_time cause lursa
00:00:59yeW- rhasta
00:01:00mby_next_time what you want
00:01:00MariahCarry ye
00:01:04yeW- RHASTAAA
00:01:05mby_next_time -swap 1
00:01:05WANKmaster i was so confused
00:01:06yeW- -swap 3
00:01:10WANKmaster but sf
00:01:11coolass hmmmm
00:01:14WANKmaster i kinda want mid
00:01:14yeW- or maybe
00:01:16marsbar2k ck mb :D ?
00:01:20yeW- by "ursa it is"
00:01:20marsbar2k ck someone
00:01:21AliBaba you play rubick ?
00:01:21yeW- U meant
00:01:22MariahCarry np ill jungle
00:01:27yeW- "ursa" instead of "lursa"
00:01:35yeW- not bannin it tho
00:01:43yeW- wards wisp?
00:01:45coolass ts?
00:01:46Isdronningen y
00:01:47AliBaba give rubick ?
00:01:49Isdronningen ofc
00:01:50yeW- i haz bottle so wud b nice
00:01:50Strom :D
00:01:53AliBaba :D
00:02:06AliBaba wank ?
00:02:06AliBaba sec
00:02:06mby_next_time kk
00:02:06yeW- lol
00:02:06Strom roof clock enigma
00:02:06yeW- u took his wisp
00:02:06mby_next_time g1
00:02:08marsbar2k lol
00:02:14AliBaba dont care :D
00:02:17yeW- -ma
00:02:21yeW- we outpicked them
00:02:23yeW- so hard
00:02:26WANKmaster we go bot
00:02:27coolass lanes?
00:02:28yeW- if we lose this
00:02:29WANKmaster with shred
00:02:30yeW- lol.
00:02:34marsbar2k how to lane this shit
00:02:39MariahCarry am i mid?
00:02:41mby_next_time i can lane if needed
00:02:42mby_next_time with wisp
00:02:43WANKmaster yes
00:02:45yeW- nah
00:02:46MariahCarry tyty
00:02:46yeW- ogre tp
00:02:48yeW- top
00:02:49WANKmaster kinda pointless to go lane
00:02:51WANKmaster with sf
00:02:54yeW- lycan woods
00:02:55MariahCarry i think woods
00:02:56coolass yeah..
00:02:56AliBaba ville du seriøst gå skov ?
00:02:57MariahCarry could be fun'
00:02:59coolass letm e feed
00:02:59yeW- (((( ^^
00:02:59coolass bot
00:03:11yeW- 20s
00:03:13mby_next_time -hhn
00:03:13mby_next_time -don
00:03:13mby_next_time -water red
00:03:13mby_next_time -clear
00:03:13yeW- re
00:03:13yeW- 3
00:03:13yeW- 2
00:03:13marsbar2k mby just do some visit on lane
00:03:13yeW- 1
00:03:28mby_next_time ofc bro
00:03:36marsbar2k ss
00:03:37mby_next_time heheh no anti pull ward <3
00:03:42yeW- ss
00:03:43yeW- re
00:05:00Strom l3 tapame
00:05:02WANKmaster y
00:05:27MariahCarry ss mid
00:05:57marsbar2k ss
00:06:05WANKmaster klesh
00:06:46coolass LOL
00:06:47coolass STAMINA
00:06:48coolass TO MAX
00:06:50WANKmaster tykle
00:06:51WANKmaster tule
00:06:51Isdronningen gg bot
00:06:52WANKmaster siia
00:07:05WANKmaster hea
00:07:20marsbar2k ss
00:07:24yeW- ss
00:07:27WANKmaster tahtsin stealida
00:07:28WANKmaster esimese
00:07:28WANKmaster :D:D
00:07:30WANKmaster ei saanud
00:07:31WANKmaster nupud sassis
00:07:33WANKmaster :D:D:d
00:07:49yeW- mars
00:07:50yeW- lil gang pls
00:08:05creeeeeee ss
00:08:05marsbar2k could use some boots :(
00:08:17yeW- he ware
00:08:20yeW- i thnk
00:08:22marsbar2k gay
00:08:39marsbar2k omg
00:08:46marsbar2k mby
00:08:50mby_next_time oon
00:08:51mby_next_time oom
00:08:57yeW- SS MI
00:08:59yeW- GOING TOP
00:09:13yeW- care
00:09:14yeW- lyca
00:09:15yeW- better b
00:09:18AliBaba wow
00:09:18WANKmaster tra
00:09:19creeeeeee pfff
00:09:19WANKmaster fail
00:09:20creeeeeee range
00:09:22creeeeeee nii väike v
00:09:23yeW- ss mid
00:09:28Strom np
00:09:28WANKmaster söö
00:09:34yeW- up courier
00:09:35yeW- wuisp
00:10:11Strom käin baasis
00:10:11coolass its just ridiculou
00:10:13coolass that dmg
00:10:15coolass :S
00:10:30marsbar2k ss
00:10:31marsbar2k 2
00:10:38marsbar2k ok im gonna roam
00:10:40creeeeeee ss ogreee
00:10:47WANKmaster gank
00:10:48WANKmaster lyca
00:10:50marsbar2k darn u leaving
00:11:01yeW- ye
00:11:03yeW- get me a tp
00:11:06Strom care mid
00:11:07Strom bot inc mid
00:11:07WANKmaster care
00:11:18yeW- he sees ya
00:11:22MariahCarry ss mid
00:11:23MariahCarry rhasta
00:11:25MariahCarry on da loose
00:11:37marsbar2k 2x low
00:11:39Isdronningen ss bot
00:11:42Isdronningen re
00:12:10Isdronningen gg bot strom free farm
00:12:53yeW- ss
00:13:03Strom lyca goes rosh soon I think
00:13:06Strom he as vladi
00:13:15yeW- k
00:13:22yeW- go eat
00:13:24yeW- some shit
00:13:30creeeeeee negative
00:13:32AliBaba ¨bah
00:13:57MariahCarry wp
00:14:02creeeeeee oh
00:14:04creeeeeee no souls
00:14:06creeeeeee sry
00:14:18yeW- wads
00:14:19yeW- wisp
00:14:22yeW- maybe
00:14:39WANKmaster coming
00:14:40WANKmaster mid
00:14:54AliBaba du sp dårlig med den :D
00:15:00Isdronningen ok
00:17:02creeeeeee -st
00:17:17Isdronningen er du seriøs?
00:17:20WANKmaster thanks for saving
00:17:21WANKmaster chick
00:17:25Isdronningen ozcan
00:17:34creeeeeee :)
00:17:35yeW- go mind ur own business pls
00:18:10marsbar2k seriøs med hvad
00:18:19Isdronningen at du ikke kom
00:18:22yeW- so bad
00:18:24yeW- so so ba
00:18:25Isdronningen og lod mig dø alene i midten
00:18:32marsbar2k tror ik jeg så dig
00:18:34marsbar2k sry
00:18:37Isdronningen np
00:18:42marsbar2k nyt for at at spille hjemme fr ax S
00:18:49Isdronningen arhh oka
00:18:58marsbar2k ta mig med
00:19:10yeW- this isdro
00:19:12yeW- insane shit
00:19:21yeW- rune
00:19:25Isdronningen this carry rhasta insane idiot
00:19:56yeW- come on
00:20:26marsbar2k pretty fat bot lane :D
00:20:36yeW- look at their stats
00:21:07Isdronningen and carry rhasta didnt have time to gang
00:21:11Isdronningen he needed farm
00:21:26marsbar2k wow
00:21:31WANKmaster farm
00:21:41yeW- sf didnt gang
00:21:55yeW- besides
00:21:58yeW- gang or not
00:22:02yeW- nothin justifies
00:22:04yeW- 0-10
00:22:06yeW- on a lane
00:22:13Isdronningen thats right
00:22:22Isdronningen but if you just came ones or twice
00:22:38Isdronningen then we wounden have 0-10
00:22:49yeW- i cant have
00:22:52yeW- sf freefarm mid
00:22:55yeW- i took tower
00:23:40yeW- b
00:23:41Isdronningen b
00:23:55mby_next_time 1 k to bkb
00:23:59yeW- coolas
00:24:00yeW- its like
00:24:03yeW- the more u play
00:24:05yeW- the suckier u get
00:24:07coolass :D
00:24:11yeW- how does that happen
00:24:12coolass that might just b true
00:24:23coolass cuz
00:24:27coolass not that i got low rating
00:24:32coolass i am bottom lane always
00:24:32creeeeeee find lycan?
00:24:37coolass and i cant play bot
00:24:54MariahCarry b
00:24:57creeeeeee y
00:25:42yeW- b
00:26:11mby_next_time got bkb
00:26:15WANKmaster camoon
00:26:16WANKmaster cree
00:26:17WANKmaster :D:D
00:26:23creeeeeee ma ise ka naeran juba siin :D
00:26:23yeW- k
00:26:25yeW- gather mi
00:26:27yeW- smoke
00:26:33coolass take awrsd
00:26:34coolass jew
00:26:43yeW- all
00:26:44yeW- lycan
00:26:45yeW- pls
00:26:46creeeeeee ward
00:26:46mby_next_time omw omw
00:27:13yeW- dd
00:27:16yeW- ycan
00:27:18yeW- n rsh
00:27:20creeeeeee ma ei saa enam
00:27:22yeW- we cover u
00:27:24creeeeeee liiga naljakas on :D:DD
00:27:59yeW- b
00:27:59WANKmaster wtf
00:28:00WANKmaster are
00:28:01WANKmaster we doing
00:28:02WANKmaster ..
00:28:27mby_next_time im heading mid
00:29:26coolass 0-7 but six assists!!!!1
00:29:30coolass .
00:29:33yeW- xD
00:29:33mby_next_time 1/1
00:29:34mby_next_time rofl
00:29:36creeeeeee warded siin ka :/
00:29:42mby_next_time -cs
00:29:49mby_next_time but 35/0/123
00:29:57yeW- mid
00:30:15coolass jew meepo or rhasta
00:30:18coolass whatsurpick
00:30:23mby_next_time add luci
00:30:24mby_next_time husk
00:30:24yeW- what?
00:30:27yeW- ah
00:30:33yeW- u forgot ursa
00:30:39mby_next_time yeah you suck with it
00:30:42yeW- :p
00:31:01MariahCarry i go top
00:31:03MariahCarry to get souls
00:31:03creeeeeee selline wavekiller
00:31:10creeeeeee rune
00:31:11mby_next_time 150 to basher
00:31:14yeW- gut
00:31:25yeW- all
00:31:45marsbar2k whisp lad os lige gang
00:31:50Isdronningen ok
00:31:53Isdronningen hvor?
00:31:53yeW- come on
00:32:02mby_next_time k im rdy
00:32:08yeW- i aint
00:32:08WANKmaster we just
00:32:09WANKmaster farm
00:32:09WANKmaster we
00:32:09marsbar2k der bare ingen map :D
00:32:10WANKmaster dont
00:32:10WANKmaster too
00:32:11Isdronningen mana plzz
00:32:12WANKmaster anything ..
00:32:14MariahCarry then
00:32:17MariahCarry organize
00:32:18MariahCarry a push
00:32:19MariahCarry ???
00:32:21Isdronningen venter på jeg kan se en alene
00:32:24WANKmaster well get smoke
00:32:26WANKmaster and lets go
00:32:27WANKmaster not that
00:32:28WANKmaster hard
00:32:39Isdronningen b
00:32:43Isdronningen ^^
00:32:46creeeeeee 3-4 coming
00:32:47creeeeeee bot
00:32:55AliBaba got smoke
00:33:06yeW- need healz
00:33:06mby_next_time go mid just?
00:33:15yeW- k
00:33:23yeW- omw for reg
00:33:42yeW- just mid
00:33:44AliBaba smoke ?
00:34:30yeW- wtf
00:34:31yeW- srsly
00:34:32yeW- wisp
00:34:33coolass he ultied in
00:34:33yeW- n lesh
00:34:35yeW- just wtf
00:34:38coolass ???
00:34:40Isdronningen WHAT?
00:34:47Isdronningen THEY FORCUS ME?
00:34:48coolass i went in
00:34:49coolass with ulti
00:34:51coolass i had 50 hp
00:34:53coolass and i tpd
00:34:56coolass and he ultied in sweden
00:34:59coolass but still killed me
00:35:35MariahCarry PUSH?=???
00:35:35WANKmaster lets
00:35:37WANKmaster ward
00:35:37WANKmaster come
00:36:27Isdronningen srrsly?
00:36:41yeW- b
00:36:42yeW- lycan
00:36:45mby_next_time youo
00:36:49yeW- hm
00:36:50mby_next_time XD
00:36:54mby_next_time that hook
00:36:58mby_next_time n1 cree
00:37:12yeW- 0-8 0-9
00:37:13yeW- its a duel
00:37:17yeW- who sucks the most
00:37:23yeW- gj
00:37:24yeW- leave
00:37:34Isdronningen 3/5/3 yeah ^^
00:37:39Isdronningen and thats the cap hahahaha
00:38:10yeW- i
00:38:17Isdronningen suck
00:38:18yeW- b
00:38:18yeW- ogr
00:38:48mby_next_time you got ppl on your back
00:38:51yeW- b
00:38:51yeW- wip
00:38:53yeW- jesus
00:38:59AliBaba :D:D:D
00:39:01creeeeeee :D:DDDDDD
00:39:05creeeeeee fokin hex
00:39:07Strom top tower
00:39:07creeeeeee :D
00:39:11mby_next_time yoyo
00:39:11WANKmaster lyca
00:39:12WANKmaster there
00:39:12WANKmaster ....
00:39:13yeW- yoyo
00:39:13Isdronningen i aint gonna help you out next time
00:39:18yeW- dont
00:39:23Isdronningen i wont idiot
00:39:28Isdronningen go die again cap
00:39:37Isdronningen carry rhasta
00:39:43WANKmaster ..........
00:39:54AliBaba '
00:40:01yeW- gimme
00:40:05yeW- ty
00:40:12MariahCarry no hook?
00:40:15creeeeeee ward uphill
00:40:56yeW- b
00:41:00yeW- -ma
00:41:09marsbar2k When i play that schredder it never slows that much :p
00:41:16Strom depends on enemy hp
00:41:21Strom lower hp, bigger slow
00:41:42yeW- wo
00:41:43marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:45yeW- just wow
00:41:51coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:51Isdronningen I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:32coolass ;D
00:42:36creeeeeee oh shit
00:42:39coolass nice hook
00:43:14coolass wutwutwut
00:43:14marsbar2k Discusting her o:D
00:43:22creeeeeee without that aegis this would of been fun to look
00:43:22mby_next_time hmm
00:43:23creeeeeee :D
00:43:27mby_next_time meser + hot?
00:43:31mby_next_time cause i need hp i think
00:43:35mby_next_time what you think yew
00:43:37yeW- erm
00:43:38marsbar2k whisp
00:43:40marsbar2k top
00:43:41marsbar2k gang :D
00:43:44mby_next_time or you dont play lyuca that much ?:P1
00:43:46yeW- id say eo
00:43:53mby_next_time eo?
00:43:57yeW- deso
00:43:57yeW- ^^
00:43:59yeW- soz
00:44:19mby_next_time k i got it
00:44:32yeW- id make
00:44:33yeW- ac next
00:44:38mby_next_time na
00:44:39mby_next_time hot
00:44:43mby_next_time is more important
00:45:27marsbar2k DIE MONGREL
00:45:30mby_next_time gj
00:45:31marsbar2k ;D
00:45:35WANKmaster we really want to lose this .. :d
00:45:58marsbar2k im the only with mana boots :_S
00:46:14yeW- D
00:46:32mby_next_time that block :D
00:47:00coolass whats our taktik
00:47:05Strom mid good rax now
00:47:07Strom no lyca
00:47:10coolass they will fuck mid
00:47:20MariahCarry ill def
00:47:29marsbar2k shit
00:47:53yeW- :
00:48:03yeW- owned top
00:48:07AliBaba fuck tyhis :D
00:48:08marsbar2k HEJ
00:48:09coolass ye
00:48:20WANKmaster we lost rax also ..
00:48:26Strom ye not sure how that happened
00:48:27creeeeeee refu on shaman
00:48:29Strom I thought sf had it under control
00:48:30mby_next_time owm
00:48:31MariahCarry double wards
00:48:33mby_next_time -.-
00:48:34yeW- ah
00:48:35yeW- soz
00:48:38mby_next_time fuck your mom
00:48:40yeW- DD
00:48:44yeW- bkb
00:48:47yeW- takes it off
00:48:48yeW- anyways
00:48:50mby_next_time OH RLY
00:48:53yeW- SO :D,
00:48:55mby_next_time CAPITAN OBVIOUS WELCOME TO
00:48:59yeW- stop whinin
00:49:00yeW- THEN
00:49:00yeW- :d
00:49:05yeW- fag
00:49:19yeW- BOOM
00:49:44yeW- bot
00:49:49creeeeeee pfff
00:49:50creeeeeee wisk
00:49:52creeeeeee wisp
00:49:53yeW- gah
00:49:53mby_next_time god
00:49:55coolass :D
00:49:56yeW- ye
00:49:59Strom rosh alive
00:49:59yeW- he always manages
00:50:00Strom rosh alive
00:50:04creeeeeee go
00:50:50coolass ^^
00:51:07marsbar2k when did we get bot xD
00:51:12coolass top?
00:51:12yeW- i did
00:51:16coolass when they pushed mid
00:51:16marsbar2k y top
00:51:22mby_next_time mad
00:51:26marsbar2k any reason u went there :D
00:51:26AliBaba whos bottle it is ?
00:51:29yeW- ye
00:51:31yeW- they were pusin
00:51:33MariahCarry mine
00:51:33yeW- i pushe bot
00:51:34yeW- d
00:51:39marsbar2k not u
00:51:40marsbar2k nvm
00:51:45creeeeeee buyback
00:51:46yeW- hm
00:51:46creeeeeee get rosh
00:51:46creeeeeee ?
00:51:47Strom so take rosh or what
00:51:50MariahCarry ye
00:51:51mby_next_time i just forget tjhat rubick
00:51:55mby_next_time got fucking tp mode on
00:51:57mby_next_time with dagger /force
00:52:06Strom sf take?
00:52:08Strom they coming
00:52:09MariahCarry b
00:52:33yeW- chick inc
00:52:34yeW- for item
00:53:17Isdronningen lycan ready ffor top
00:53:23mby_next_time na
00:53:25mby_next_time we wont kill him
00:53:50yeW- k
00:53:51yeW- mid?
00:54:07WANKmaster i got
00:54:07WANKmaster rhasta
00:54:08WANKmaster ward
00:54:19WANKmaster lets
00:54:20WANKmaster smoke
00:54:24AliBaba i got
00:54:27Strom need more people
00:54:30Strom we all spread out
00:54:32creeeeeee b
00:54:32creeeeeee b
00:54:33MariahCarry b
00:54:42MariahCarry almost butter
00:54:44mby_next_time that hate XDDD
00:54:45yeW- gi
00:54:45yeW- go
00:54:47coolass FFFFFIRST BLOOD
00:54:47marsbar2k gotta hurt
00:54:53mby_next_time COOLAS GOT A KILL
00:55:08WANKmaster strom tee
00:55:09WANKmaster hex
00:55:10WANKmaster äkki
00:55:16creeeeeee tehke top puhtaks
00:55:17coolass obv i am much better than lsdronninged
00:55:21mby_next_time you are
00:55:22yeW- :D
00:55:49mby_next_time BLOCK
00:55:50mby_next_time BLOCK
00:55:51mby_next_time BLOCK
00:55:55mby_next_time YOU BLOCK ME
00:56:01yeW- XD
00:56:04yeW- I PROTECT U
00:56:04marsbar2k dont die
00:56:05marsbar2k b
00:56:20mby_next_time WHAT A FAG YEW
00:56:21marsbar2k and i die :D
00:56:21marsbar2k ofc
00:56:22coolass that dmg
00:56:32marsbar2k why dont we just b :(
00:57:06coolass spect > lyca?
00:57:17coolass fuck this
00:57:17yeW- ye
00:57:18mby_next_time spect?
00:57:22MariahCarry gogo bot/mid
00:57:24coolass spectre
00:57:27mby_next_time ya
00:57:34mby_next_time blade mail
00:57:35mby_next_time hurts
00:57:38mby_next_time a lot
00:57:42yeW- yeh
00:57:45yeW- fucks me up ^^
00:57:46mby_next_time my butt is then like uhhhh
00:58:01Strom can't really push with 4
00:58:02Strom 3
00:58:04Strom we need entires
00:58:24mby_next_time go em
00:58:26creeeeeee wisp kinda useless entry sadly
00:59:04WANKmaster gogo
00:59:09yeW- pussies
00:59:16mby_next_time we cant withoyut yew i think
00:59:16WANKmaster i got
00:59:17WANKmaster wards
00:59:18WANKmaster also
00:59:35yeW- ye go b
00:59:52mby_next_time i should go mkb now i think
01:00:00mby_next_time instead of aegis
01:00:05mby_next_time cause buter never
01:00:18yeW- ye
01:00:19yeW- do that
01:00:27creeeeeee lol
01:00:29yeW- lol.
01:00:31mby_next_time hm?
01:00:32yeW- is the word
01:00:37Isdronningen good i was there
01:00:39Isdronningen ^^
01:00:44yeW- ye u did a lt
01:00:46mby_next_time well ya but would kill him
01:00:50creeeeeee why o why did I random hooked
01:00:50mby_next_time anyway
01:00:51Isdronningen yeah
01:00:56mby_next_time dunno actually :D
01:00:57creeeeeee and ofc lycan came to my net
01:01:01yeW- DMG ME
01:01:01yeW- LYCAN
01:01:02mby_next_time i was like oh i got hooked
01:01:06mby_next_time but HEY WHY
01:01:19creeeeeee how could I know its someone there
01:01:25creeeeeee or even more...its you :D
01:01:32mby_next_time well im the only one here who farms
01:01:33mby_next_time -cs
01:01:37mby_next_time 144/184
01:01:42mby_next_time normal / neturals
01:01:44creeeeeee yeW always farms also
01:01:46Strom I buy hex then
01:01:56marsbar2k Lyl
01:02:34yeW- RAX
01:02:35yeW- JESUS
01:02:38marsbar2k Sup
01:02:38yeW- DAMN IT
01:02:40MariahCarry I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:44yeW- RAXSTER
01:02:51yeW- YAY
01:02:57mby_next_time np yew fag
01:03:04yeW- ye thx to me
01:03:05yeW- the usual
01:03:09mby_next_time rofl you sucked as always
01:03:11yeW- ^^
01:03:14yeW- yeye mate
01:03:16mby_next_time feeded em
01:03:18yeW- oh ye
01:03:19yeW- so hard
01:03:27mby_next_time RAPIER BITCH
01:03:37marsbar2k cmon
01:03:41mby_next_time what up
01:03:44marsbar2k i hate it
01:03:46marsbar2k when ppl do rapier
01:03:47yeW- make wolves
01:03:47yeW- FS
01:03:48mby_next_time rapier?
01:03:53marsbar2k y
01:04:00WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:09mby_next_time wait our teammates?
01:04:12yeW- nah
01:04:16yeW- fags
01:04:18yeW- anyways
01:04:19marsbar2k hahah
01:04:20marsbar2k :D
01:04:21yeW- DD
01:04:21mby_next_time well if i lose rapier XD
01:04:30AliBaba ahaaaah
01:04:31marsbar2k then il shut it in yews pussy
01:04:31coolass that wud b sweet
01:05:01Isdronningen haha
01:05:19creeeeeee I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:21AliBaba I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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