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-22 X
-2 TS

98% | 1817 X | 1560 TS

-45 X
-2 TS

92% | 1623 X | 1531 TS

-33 X
-4 TS

83% | 1548 X | 1401 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

72% | 1420 X | 1374 TS

-14 X
-2 TS

49% | 1206 X | 1323 TS

-26 X
+2 TS

96% | 1756 X | 1545 TS

+55 X
+2 TS

93% | 1715 X | 1455 TS

+27 X
+2 TS

89% | 1598 X | 1481 TS

+41 X
+2 TS

70% | 1366 X | 1392 TS

+28 X
+4 TS

48% | 1239 X | 1284 TS

Chat log

00:00:05DeduXserS -rd
00:00:17DayDream i can es
00:00:17RalleBrazil 100% Gyro for me
00:00:17WhiteNoiZe ban bs pick morph
00:00:17mansikka ban sylla pick pa
00:00:17valiante and fast now
00:00:17AliBaba TODAY
00:00:20valiante else i pick fucking banned and leave
00:00:20extremewaari morph
00:00:20valiante wl?
00:00:20DeduXserS I ban BS
00:00:31extremewaari some1 want this?
00:00:43DayDream take me es if u can
00:00:47XXL mansikka lessu?
00:00:51mansikka okei
00:00:53extremewaari take dazzle for me
00:00:54XXL guud
00:01:12WhiteNoiZe i can wl
00:01:16extremewaari good
00:01:23extremewaari dazzle
00:01:23WhiteNoiZe u want dazzle?
00:01:24extremewaari y
00:01:25WhiteNoiZe k
00:01:31DeduXserS good picks....... not
00:01:34valiante :D
00:01:38WhiteNoiZe -swap 1
00:01:39extremewaari -SWAP 5
00:01:40DeduXserS i bet last pick
00:01:42DeduXserS necro or sylla
00:01:44valiante no synergies
00:01:46extremewaari mansikkoa mid
00:01:52valiante pick banned and leave :D
00:01:54RalleBrazil lanes mate ?
00:01:55DeduXserS :DDDDDDDD
00:01:56valiante look at their aoe lineup
00:01:57valiante haha
00:02:03valiante lina
00:02:04DeduXserS gyro wait
00:02:04DeduXserS sec
00:02:15extremewaari mansikka samanlainen ku viimeks
00:02:17DeduXserS ok clock top
00:02:19DeduXserS with thd
00:02:21mansikka i do my best
00:02:21DeduXserS gyro go down
00:02:29DeduXserS nyt sul ei oo
00:02:31DeduXserS gankker enigmaa
00:02:33SvK~FrE3.KiLL wards
00:02:34valiante we win this i buy u all icecream
00:02:35DeduXserS ja vitu runei
00:02:37WhiteNoiZe pizza incoming in some mins can we pause 4 sec than?
00:02:45AliBaba NO
00:02:46mansikka mut on es
00:02:48DeduXserS yes we can pause
00:02:49DeduXserS for 1min
00:02:51WhiteNoiZe ty
00:02:52DeduXserS but not more than that
00:02:58DeduXserS i go toilet =D
00:02:59WhiteNoiZe yy
00:03:01extremewaari :D
00:03:03DeduXserS meanwhile
00:03:41SvK~FrE3.KiLL ss
00:04:08DeduXserS :S
00:04:24AliBaba RE
00:05:32DeduXserS HAHAHAHA
00:05:33DeduXserS HAHAHAH
00:05:33mansikka :D
00:05:34DeduXserS bottle kana
00:05:56DeduXserS toi oli kyl jo hauska
00:05:58DeduXserS vaikka kuolinki
00:06:13mansikka ss mdi
00:06:41extremewaari top ss 2
00:07:25valiante :D
00:07:26mansikka häh
00:07:28WhiteNoiZe damn
00:07:31DeduXserS 20hp :D
00:07:37WhiteNoiZe pizza inc
00:07:39WhiteNoiZe 1 min
00:07:39mansikka ss mid
00:07:40DeduXserS ok
00:07:41mansikka re
00:07:41XXL pullaa
00:07:41XXL n
00:07:41XXL viel tuosta
00:07:41XXL sit vois koittaa tappaa
00:07:41XXL jeps
00:07:41valiante this is more than four sec
00:07:41extremewaari little bitr
00:07:41DeduXserS xD
00:07:41valiante growl
00:07:41DeduXserS basic dota lies
00:07:41DeduXserS "1min"
00:07:41DeduXserS in clan wars
00:07:41DeduXserS means 4min
00:07:41DeduXserS and 5min = 20min
00:07:41WhiteNoiZe re
00:07:41RalleBrazil comeon
00:07:41extremewaari or 15
00:07:41valiante :D
00:07:41WhiteNoiZe 3
00:07:41WhiteNoiZe 2
00:07:41WhiteNoiZe 1
00:08:10DeduXserS LESH COMING DOWN
00:08:11DeduXserS with rune
00:08:18DeduXserS VOi vittu
00:08:20DeduXserS mikä nörtti
00:08:25extremewaari TOP SS 2
00:08:27DeduXserS 1hp
00:08:27XXL )
00:08:29mansikka melkee kuolin
00:08:31mansikka :D
00:08:41DeduXserS kui likanen huora oot
00:08:46DayDream ss2
00:08:59XXL ;DDDD
00:09:01XXL vitut
00:09:02XXL missä grave
00:09:11XXL :(
00:09:25valiante upgrade anyone?
00:09:49DeduXserS farmers bot
00:09:51DeduXserS can u support us?
00:09:55valiante i farm?
00:09:57DeduXserS we are losing coz roam fuckkers
00:09:57valiante i have 1 / 1
00:09:58WhiteNoiZe -1
00:10:04valiante and 100 health left
00:10:35extremewaari omw
00:10:48XXL ;DD
00:10:48valiante lol
00:10:48DeduXserS good
00:10:48DeduXserS our russian
00:10:48WhiteNoiZe push tower?
00:10:51DeduXserS damn
00:10:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL lag
00:11:05AliBaba ...
00:11:05RalleBrazil omg Fix
00:11:05WhiteNoiZe FIX
00:11:05DeduXserS we have ogre / thd ? all ppl
00:11:05valiante just drop
00:11:05DeduXserS who doesnt need
00:11:05DeduXserS money
00:11:09DeduXserS and sitll black map
00:11:09valiante IM NOT
00:11:11valiante IM GETTING XP
00:11:47extremewaari sori ei ollu manaa graveen :(
00:11:50mansikka joo
00:11:51mansikka näin
00:11:52extremewaari ja manaboots ei ollu rdy
00:12:11WhiteNoiZe y
00:12:49valiante b
00:12:52DeduXserS tp
00:12:53DeduXserS anyone?
00:13:19RalleBrazil help
00:13:31DeduXserS i can tp in 10sec
00:13:33DeduXserS go?
00:13:34valiante daz fiurst
00:13:37DeduXserS 5sec
00:14:14valiante how did that torrent
00:14:15valiante go so fast
00:14:17DeduXserS .,.......
00:14:19DeduXserS dunno
00:14:37mansikka hyvä xxl
00:15:25DeduXserS seems legit
00:16:11WhiteNoiZe no?
00:16:55XXL =D
00:17:29DeduXserS kunkka has lothar now
00:17:34DeduXserS Gaiiiiiim ouver
00:18:04DeduXserS How we can die like that
00:18:06valiante its gay how they pick so good
00:18:13valiante all five
00:18:16DeduXserS no freaking idea why my team always sucks
00:18:17valiante pick like its clan war
00:18:19DeduXserS on picking initiate
00:18:34DeduXserS never es / wlock / or anything who can go in first
00:18:37DeduXserS or long range stun
00:18:48DeduXserS always i have to go first and then my team comes
00:18:50DeduXserS and we cant do anythign
00:19:06XXL mana
00:19:44DeduXserS thd can miss target spell :D
00:20:05XXL ;D
00:20:09XXL =D
00:20:14valiante 2 x 1 health?
00:20:14valiante if es dies
00:20:14DeduXserS no matter
00:20:14valiante no stun
00:20:14RalleBrazil flcok fuck leave game or fix....
00:20:14WhiteNoiZe if ogre dies
00:20:14WhiteNoiZe no ogre
00:20:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL -.-
00:20:17SvK~FrE3.KiLL dunno
00:20:17SvK~FrE3.KiLL whats
00:20:17SvK~FrE3.KiLL happening
00:20:19XXL käyn
00:20:20XXL tos
00:20:21XXL kaupal
00:20:21mansikka assface
00:20:55XXL on
00:21:01WhiteNoiZe ulti rdy
00:22:12XXL joo hiema jumis
00:22:14DeduXserS -ii
00:22:24DeduXserS meaiän tiimin itemien keski arvo
00:22:26DeduXserS on alle 900g
00:22:31DeduXserS alku ostoste jälkee
00:22:38mansikka ok
00:22:41DeduXserS esim ogre basilius boots , clock roh + boots + soul ring
00:22:45DeduXserS gyro mana boots
00:22:47DeduXserS thd boots
00:22:48DeduXserS :D
00:22:49DeduXserS ei vittu
00:22:53XXL ;DDD
00:22:53valiante ogre boots
00:23:01valiante pudge cloak
00:23:07DeduXserS i didnt flame
00:23:11DeduXserS said 900g whole tema
00:23:23DayDream why
00:23:29WhiteNoiZe vah
00:23:30DeduXserS average "item pool"
00:23:36XXL joo
00:23:37XXL vois ottaa
00:23:38XXL rampagen
00:23:44valiante how do we even have 2 kills
00:23:48valiante twentyfour
00:23:51DeduXserS .....
00:23:52DeduXserS no idea
00:24:38WhiteNoiZe shall i get mana boots xD
00:25:13WhiteNoiZe i ult
00:26:02WhiteNoiZe where to run ^^
00:26:07DeduXserS "dive pudge"
00:26:08DeduXserS 4 death
00:26:10DeduXserS worth it
00:26:12DeduXserS seems sos
00:26:32DeduXserS rocket
00:26:33DeduXserS rocket
00:26:36DayDream lol
00:26:37mansikka :DDDDDD
00:26:37DeduXserS :D:D:DD:
00:26:38SvK~FrE3.KiLL dead
00:26:38DeduXserS D:D:D:
00:26:39mansikka this dazzle
00:26:40WhiteNoiZe ????
00:26:59DeduXserS rocket
00:27:07XXL jaaha
00:27:11SvK~FrE3.KiLL go
00:27:12XXL kurdit ownaa
00:27:13SvK~FrE3.KiLL lescra
00:27:22valiante :D
00:27:26XXL joo
00:27:29XXL all mid?
00:27:31XXL or smth
00:27:33XXL together
00:27:33valiante 31 - 39 its lol of them
00:27:35DeduXserS -ms
00:27:44WhiteNoiZe i try not to die any more xD
00:27:50DeduXserS thd
00:27:52DeduXserS ward this hill
00:27:56DeduXserS they will move on that area
00:28:03XXL XD
00:28:09XXL XD
00:28:17SvK~FrE3.KiLL ..
00:28:29XXL tuun
00:29:11XXL .D
00:30:12valiante -st
00:30:15DeduXserS -st
00:30:25XXL :)
00:30:27XXL mh
00:30:45mansikka any plaN?
00:30:48valiante es has da dagger
00:30:51WhiteNoiZe farm up?
00:30:57WhiteNoiZe ulti on cd
00:31:19WhiteNoiZe i go now
00:31:19DeduXserS stay at base
00:31:24DeduXserS no other way to fight
00:32:08WhiteNoiZe :(
00:32:58valiante :D
00:33:07WhiteNoiZe we did dmg to tower?!
00:33:14mansikka a bit
00:33:56DeduXserS care
00:33:57DeduXserS clock :S
00:34:00valiante smoke
00:34:01valiante i bet
00:34:08DeduXserS free wlock
00:34:11valiante all miss :D
00:34:12SvK~FrE3.KiLL not
00:34:13SvK~FrE3.KiLL trap
00:34:14valiante i dont think so
00:34:18DeduXserS they wont trap
00:34:45mansikka jes
00:34:50valiante -.d
00:34:50SvK~FrE3.KiLL I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:51SvK~FrE3.KiLL it
00:34:53valiante they wont trap
00:34:53RalleBrazil I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:55valiante I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:31DayDream b
00:35:40valiante Ff?
00:35:42valiante guys
00:36:09DayDream inv bot
00:36:44DeduXserS only 3
00:36:54WhiteNoiZe omwwww
00:36:56WhiteNoiZe aga rdy
00:37:02WhiteNoiZe finally^^
00:37:30DeduXserS !?!?!
00:37:33DeduXserS 2k hp
00:38:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:27SvK~FrE3.KiLL it
00:38:51XXL D
00:38:56WhiteNoiZe fu
00:38:59WhiteNoiZe :D
00:39:02XXL <33
00:39:05WhiteNoiZe finish plz
00:39:08WhiteNoiZe i need pizza
00:39:11DeduXserS ya we will finish
00:39:12WhiteNoiZe !!!!!!!
00:39:22SvK~FrE3.KiLL dead
00:39:31WhiteNoiZe sad
00:39:40DeduXserS u are way more sad
00:39:44DeduXserS u cant win this in 40min
00:39:50extremewaari OGRWE
00:39:51DeduXserS Vs ppl only have boots max
00:40:02WhiteNoiZe i dont mean u
00:40:06WhiteNoiZe i miss buy
00:40:10WhiteNoiZe thats sad
00:40:21DeduXserS u do that often?
00:40:31WhiteNoiZe every now and than
00:40:33DeduXserS u go to poland and buy whore and its suddenly men?
00:40:40DeduXserS it happens
00:40:42DeduXserS np
00:40:45XXL =DD
00:41:13WhiteNoiZe said the person who picks ugly butcher
00:41:26WhiteNoiZe u turnd on by him right?
00:42:35valiante I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:36valiante I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:51valiante come on guys
00:42:52valiante I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:59valiante pls
00:43:26DeduXserS -st
00:44:44XXL joo
00:44:44XXL 27
00:44:49XXL tappoo =D
00:44:50AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:51RalleBrazil had my akanim if i had share on curior
00:44:59DeduXserS I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:03mansikka gg
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