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86% | 1519 X | 1492 TS

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83% | 1582 X | 1376 TS

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84% | 1495 X | 1450 TS

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39% | 1134 X | 1256 TS

Chat log

00:00:00mrk [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Tough with 69 seconds.
00:00:18Jonnija Sky
00:00:18mrk ud
00:01:10mrk kas see
00:01:14mrk war3 squelch töötab?
00:01:19Strom dunno
00:01:24Strom peaks töötama nagu
00:01:29mrk ma mõtlesin ka aga ei toiminud
00:01:30MohaMEED waht we need?
00:01:36Tough venge
00:01:36Strom hmm
00:01:40Tough sd
00:01:45MohaMEED or rexxar=??
00:01:46Jonnija lol rhasta first item
00:01:47Jonnija boots
00:01:50Tough y
00:01:51mrk aaa
00:01:53Strom rexxar ok if you can play
00:01:53mrk hero nimi on ka
00:01:55Strom panda also good
00:01:56mrk nimes
00:01:56Kanpu3a me me me........
00:02:00Strom sd also good
00:02:03Strom rex, panda, sd
00:02:06Tough rex sd panda
00:02:08mrk -hhn
00:02:12Tough -ii
00:02:17mrk rofl
00:02:20mrk töötas
00:02:24mxL- i go bot
00:02:24mrk ignoring chat from
00:02:25mxL- ?
00:02:25mrk ..
00:02:33Jonnija yeah
00:02:35Jonnija u should
00:02:36mxL- just wardingg
00:02:39mrk unsquelch võtab tagasi
00:02:40Jonnija venge has
00:02:41Jonnija wards 2
00:02:48WhiteNoiZe take
00:02:49mxL- then he can ward top
00:02:51WhiteNoiZe to ward down
00:02:58mrk share
00:06:41Tough ss
00:06:43Tough CARE BOT
00:06:45Tough mid tle üles
00:07:20WhiteNoiZe -1
00:07:28mrk he was diving mid at the time
00:07:34mrk so y i noticed
00:07:52Tough so
00:07:53Tough sf top
00:08:17mrk sf is the easiest kill
00:08:18mrk mid
00:08:19mrk ever
00:08:23mrk yet noone comes
00:08:39Strom I'll come
00:08:39mrk other than venge
00:08:47mrk ma võtsin 3
00:09:15WhiteNoiZe -2
00:09:28Strom oot, sul laser ja march+
00:09:31mrk y
00:09:33Strom norm
00:09:40mrk misclickisin 2 lvl
00:09:42mrk savi
00:09:42mrk las oll
00:09:43MohaMEED ss
00:10:13Tough nice :))
00:10:23Tough gg
00:10:24Tough ff
00:11:09Jonnija ss
00:11:26mrk ss sfä'
00:11:44MohaMEED i ulti paha swap oli vist
00:12:17Jonnija yeah mul laggib kah
00:12:43mrk only way we can fix this
00:12:46mxL- miss3
00:12:46mrk is with wards and active ganging
00:12:56Strom yea I'm underleveled and poor
00:12:58mrk me2
00:13:00mrk dk2
00:13:01mrk :D
00:13:23mrk no issand jumal
00:13:25mrk see venge on igalpool
00:14:09mrk TP
00:14:12Strom pole
00:14:35Strom wr, why are you bot, and why are you pushing this lane
00:14:35Strom jesus
00:14:40mrk tp
00:14:41mrk anyone
00:14:42mrk wr
00:14:42mrk dk
00:14:43mrk carry tps
00:15:02WhiteNoiZe -.-
00:15:09Jonnija care hasted
00:15:10Jonnija sk
00:15:54MohaMEED ulti ready+
00:16:02Strom me?
00:16:03Strom I'm 5
00:16:11mrk ROAR
00:16:13Tough lol
00:16:13mrk REX
00:16:13mrk WTF
00:16:13Tough rex
00:16:24mrk rhasta has
00:16:24Jonnija :D
00:16:25mrk 350hp
00:16:28mrk right next to u
00:16:29mrk roar him
00:16:31mrk dk nukes tinker ss lind vms
00:18:11MohaMEED i ulti
00:18:33Strom oh boy uim oom got stun
00:18:42Tough 2/12
00:18:43Tough np
00:18:44Tough :D
00:19:08WhiteNoiZe ??? im b
00:19:50Jonnija ill farm top
00:19:59mrk just stun
00:20:05mrk man
00:20:05mrk wr
00:20:06mrk just stun
00:20:08mrk sk wasnt in range
00:20:10mrk we coulda insta es
00:20:11mrk and run
00:21:57MohaMEED ok gg
00:23:38WhiteNoiZe stupid
00:24:14Strom wr
00:24:15Strom -afk
00:24:20WhiteNoiZe ? :P nii sitt
00:24:52Jonnija raxid l2ksid raxi saime vähemalt
00:24:53Jonnija :D ja noob sai killid seega lumme
00:24:58Strom what do you mean "?"
00:25:02Strom you were fucking afk at fountain
00:25:05Strom while they tookr ax
00:25:06Jonnija 2rge jalutage selle
00:25:08Jonnija marchi sees
00:25:12Jonnija see teeb haiget dmg ma poleks surnud aga läksin sk-d eemale hoidma teist
00:25:41Jonnija yy
00:25:41Jonnija :D go from top
00:26:25Jonnija 250 bkb tower ja raha olemas
00:27:48Jonnija 35 sec rhasta wards
00:27:52Strom care swap
00:27:53mxL- mana
00:28:19Kanpu3a next wave
00:28:20Kanpu3a go k ill swap 1
00:28:28Jonnija swap tinker
00:28:29Jonnija if u can aii
00:29:09Jonnija selle sees ei saa :D saaks aga raigor kardab tiba instama peame dk hakkab ka võllimaks minema teen deso sea vastu
00:30:07Jonnija medal hea odav
00:30:24Tough nice
00:30:29Jonnija ei v6ta maha :D
00:30:29Tough this hate
00:31:39Tough es no ulti
00:31:46mrk rex why u wait
00:31:47mrk so long
00:31:48mrk with ur ulti
00:31:51mrk just dont understand
00:32:11mrk i woulda gotten atleast 2 spells off Tra
00:32:26MohaMEED I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] Said ikka kätte Wut
00:33:11Tough yo
00:33:12Jonnija sk dagger
00:33:13Jonnija kk
00:33:18Tough hood
00:33:21Tough or ac? ammu juba
00:33:26Jonnija lol k
00:33:27Jonnija :D
00:33:29Strom bkb imo
00:33:31Tough or hot
00:33:33Tough well
00:33:34Tough bkb
00:33:34Strom bkb
00:33:37Strom they have 5 million disables
00:33:49Tough well but i got no dmg
00:33:58Strom well
00:34:04Kanpu3a reag üleval mõlemad raxid läind nunnu
00:34:07Strom if you need dmg then ac I guess
00:34:15Tough well i go bkb
00:34:20McFele -st
00:34:23Strom but bkb is a must on dk imo, especially in this game
00:34:25Jonnija ill resoul and go last side
00:34:27Strom more so than midas & vanguard
00:34:34Kanpu3a wards x2
00:34:50Tough after b kb
00:34:51Kanpu3a mb
00:34:52Tough y&y?
00:34:56Tough s&y
00:34:57Tough or ac?
00:35:00Strom ac
00:35:03mrk mjoll even
00:35:06mrk is okey
00:35:06Strom that hyper is very good for dk
00:35:08Strom with frost
00:35:16Tough so mjoll
00:35:16Strom and ac aura helps us against sf aura
00:35:19mrk we need to def
00:35:20mrk before base no rohkem supporti ma enam ei ehtia. :D
00:35:22mrk or 2x wards
00:35:23mrk get megas
00:35:30Strom ok come people
00:35:31Strom lets do thi9s
00:35:52mrk uhh
00:35:53mrk guys?
00:36:01mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:05Strom I have no clue
00:36:07Strom what you were doing
00:36:11Strom but bot was being pushed
00:36:17Strom I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:20WhiteNoiZe I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:25Tough I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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