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-31 X
+2 TS

83% | 1541 X | 1417 TS

+21 X
+8 TS

66% | 1383 X | 1305 TS

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+3 TS

53% | 1240 X | 1323 TS

+10 X
+2 TS

53% | 1244 X | 1318 TS

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43% | 1128 X | 1337 TS

-34 X
-2 TS

96% | 1791 X | 1504 TS

-11 X
-2 TS

81% | 1509 X | 1403 TS

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-2 TS

50% | 1215 X | 1317 TS

-5 X
-14 TS

42% | 1188 X | 1257 TS

+37 X
-4 TS

7% | 903 X | 1146 TS

Chat log

00:00:22yeW- errr
00:00:22yeW- errrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:00:22Laier cant see pool
00:00:22Laier :<
00:00:22coolass nää tiimit alkaa kyl olla aika naurettavat
00:00:22yeW- theres wl
00:00:25yeW- i give u that
00:00:25yeW- k?
00:00:25Laier nah
00:00:25Laier too serious gaming
00:00:25Laier if i take wl :D
00:00:25yeW- ^^
00:00:25yeW- svents wl
00:00:25yeW- ?
00:00:25yeW- pls anwer ty
00:00:25Laier or ban wl? ;)
00:00:25yeW- i want omni
00:00:25yeW- lets see
00:00:25yeW- roof
00:00:25Laier mitä vikaa tiimeis?
00:00:25yeW- svents wl?
00:00:25coolass omni
00:00:25yeW- dont unpause yet pls
00:00:25Laier belka wl?
00:00:25Laier someone wl?
00:00:25Laier helloooooo
00:00:25Belka no
00:00:25Rhasti nope
00:00:25svents now im here
00:00:25yeW- k
00:00:25coolass no teil yks hyvä ja muut iha ok
00:00:25coolass meil sata paskaaaaa
00:00:25Laier kiitti
00:00:25yeW- n1 goin afk durin picks again
00:00:25Laier :DDD
00:00:25coolass pelkkää paskaa
00:00:25yeW- wl svents
00:00:25yeW- ?
00:00:25Jaikki uli uli
00:00:25svents ok
00:00:26Laier uli uli nii
00:00:29Laier meil on sentää rhasti ja belka
00:00:30Laier :D
00:00:35Laier ne vähä niiku pelaa tiel
00:00:35Jaikki kovia janttereita
00:00:37Laier teiä puolel
00:00:51Iho just
00:00:53Laier yeye
00:00:55Laier i got what i want
00:00:56Iho hyvät pikit
00:01:00yeW- get :e
00:01:02svents waht u want?
00:01:05yeW- pl
00:01:06svents yew
00:01:12svents -swapall
00:01:14Laier you go mid?
00:01:14yeW- -swap 3
00:01:21yeW- dunno
00:01:23coolass always the same shit
00:01:24Laier gogo
00:01:29coolass omni, pl. meepo, ck
00:01:35yeW- pl?
00:01:36yeW- lol
00:01:37coolass and naga siren
00:01:43yeW- ive never playd this hero practically
00:01:49Laier wl
00:01:52Laier can you go bot?
00:02:00Laier atro sleep and nuke = instakills @top
00:02:01svents welll
00:02:01Laier with me
00:02:01yeW- besides
00:02:03svents hmm
00:02:05yeW- besides
00:02:10svents pl mid?
00:02:11Jaikki good picks dudes
00:02:11yeW- ur happy when i pick meepo on ur team so stfu :D
00:02:15Laier atro come top with me
00:02:21coolass wtf?
00:02:21Jaikki lesh with me top
00:02:24Jaikki or?
00:02:27Jaikki tc top?
00:02:27Laier belka
00:02:29Iho y
00:02:31Laier kill @ lvl 3
00:02:32Jaikki w/e to me
00:02:33coolass what ever
00:02:36Laier you sleep = dead
00:02:38Jaikki tc top
00:02:38Belka ok
00:02:42yeW- what wtf?
00:02:42Jaikki leshrac bot
00:02:43Rasmus.Seebach tc anti pull?
00:02:47Laier i tell you who to sleep
00:02:48coolass oh now i see
00:02:48Laier and when
00:02:48Laier ok?
00:02:49Rasmus.Seebach k
00:02:52yeW- lolz
00:02:56Belka ok
00:03:10Laier bujakakaaaaakakakak
00:03:22Laier lou bega - mambo nr. 5
00:03:30Laier go pull
00:03:40Laier its warded i think
00:03:47Jaikki :3
00:04:12svents bara bash first spell :DDD
00:04:54svents ss1
00:04:59Laier that sleep
00:05:00Laier was bad :D
00:05:07Belka y
00:05:22yeW- up corier
00:05:42Laier pl wake up
00:05:55Jaikki mitäköhä tää tekee
00:06:14Laier why
00:06:14yeW- ss
00:06:16Laier didnt you sleep
00:06:19prolog1C. ty
00:06:29yeW- ss!
00:06:31svents ss1
00:06:57svents re
00:09:09Laier sleep
00:09:11Laier 'wait
00:09:13Laier sleep puck
00:09:18prolog1C. AHJAHHAHA LUCKY SHIT
00:09:25svents eat shit
00:09:25Laier asd
00:10:14yeW- up courier!
00:10:15yeW- wl
00:10:21svents cant
00:10:23svents no money
00:10:27svents fcking 2 deaths
00:10:34Laier top ss2
00:10:56yeW- atro up courier
00:11:12svents bara
00:11:13prolog1C. WTF
00:11:13svents omfg
00:11:15svents retard
00:11:18prolog1C. fu lesh
00:11:23Laier mid miss?
00:11:26Laier zzz
00:11:29Rasmus.Seebach ?
00:11:35prolog1C. u play carry
00:11:40Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:11:41prolog1C. 4 assists
00:11:47prolog1C. 2 deads
00:12:52Laier its nice
00:12:55Laier that every fucking lane
00:12:57prolog1C. ff
00:13:01Laier misses and no1 says a thing
00:14:09Laier belka
00:14:11Laier can you buy wards
00:15:46coolass mort
00:15:46coolass farm
00:15:48coolass rest
00:15:50coolass push top
00:15:51coolass tower
00:16:15Rhasti shit
00:16:38yeW- UP COURIER
00:16:39yeW- FFS
00:16:41yeW- 13 min
00:17:18svents bara gank
00:17:46coolass go top towe?
00:18:00Rhasti invis
00:18:04Laier i take
00:18:08yeW- stop bara
00:18:10yeW- whre u goin
00:18:12Laier wl
00:18:13Laier let me
00:18:20Rhasti hehe
00:18:36Laier wait
00:19:27prolog1C. what are u doing?
00:19:42Jaikki ok
00:20:14Laier ;D
00:20:15Laier D:
00:20:15Laier :D
00:20:15Laier :
00:20:15Laier :D
00:20:16Laier :D
00:20:16Laier :D
00:20:16Laier :D:
00:20:19Laier ofc crit
00:20:25Laier fucking norm
00:20:28yeW- wp bara
00:20:41Laier for real
00:20:43Laier last hit crit
00:20:46prolog1C. fucking game
00:20:54Laier fucking lucky shit
00:21:21yeW- -ms
00:21:35Laier :DD
00:21:35Laier what
00:21:38yeW- xd
00:21:44svents u ksed
00:21:44Laier epic wl
00:21:45svents my kill
00:21:46Laier needed that ts
00:21:48svents so stfu
00:21:50yeW- im the carry
00:22:25Laier wp wl
00:22:28Laier fucking needed that dd
00:22:30Laier and cant even ulti
00:22:39svents ulti cd
00:22:41svents maby?
00:22:43Laier maybe
00:22:43svents look replay
00:22:44Laier you dont
00:22:44svents tard
00:22:45Laier take
00:22:47Laier a fucking dd
00:22:48svents i said
00:22:49Laier from me or pl
00:22:49svents pl
00:22:51Laier fucking tard
00:22:53svents took my kill b4
00:22:54svents so
00:22:55svents eat shit
00:22:55yeW- dude
00:22:56Laier so
00:22:57yeW- i'll
00:22:57Laier fucking
00:22:58yeW- take
00:22:58Laier what?
00:22:59yeW- every possible
00:23:01yeW- kill from u
00:23:01Laier you are a fucking support
00:23:03Laier nothing else
00:23:08coolass nice bug
00:23:08svents eat
00:23:11prolog1C. ye^^
00:23:12Laier "shit"
00:23:16svents shit both of u
00:23:23yeW- bane
00:23:25yeW- skill ur first
00:23:31yeW- its good for mort
00:23:53Iho oom
00:23:57prolog1C. noob
00:23:59prolog1C. SAVE ME
00:24:00prolog1C. TC
00:24:07Iho OOOOOOM
00:24:12Jaikki u could just give blink range -.-
00:24:12prolog1C. u KNOW MY BLOINK FUCKTARD?
00:24:30prolog1C. god use your brain
00:24:31prolog1C. WAH
00:25:43Laier pl
00:26:21Jaikki aijaa sul blink
00:26:49Laier aijaa
00:26:50coolass hieno
00:26:54yeW- b
00:26:55yeW- b
00:27:15Laier b
00:27:17Laier b
00:27:18Laier all inc
00:27:20Laier with dust
00:27:36Laier told you
00:27:44Jaikki gj
00:27:45yeW- didnt think
00:27:46yeW- they had
00:27:48yeW- more than one dust
00:27:49yeW- :/
00:28:18svents almost agha
00:28:33prolog1C. ÜPUICK
00:28:33prolog1C. *g
00:28:37prolog1C. FUCK THIS TEAM
00:30:17yeW- gah :D
00:30:17Laier what are you doing?
00:30:36svents b
00:30:59Jaikki brb base
00:31:55Iho ROXH
00:31:59Laier wl scout
00:32:00Laier they coming
00:32:06Iho ARROW
00:32:08Laier coming
00:32:10Laier with pomt ulti
00:32:45yeW- tp out
00:32:50Laier dont believe me then
00:32:52Laier i told you
00:32:54Iho :d
00:32:56Laier and you all stack
00:32:56yeW- lmao
00:32:57Laier to tc stun
00:33:01Rasmus.Seebach gj
00:33:03Laier fucking poitnless
00:33:03coolass get bkb
00:33:04svents i didnt get stun ....
00:33:11coolass -ma
00:33:14svents u just gave
00:33:16svents aegis to pa
00:33:19svents idk how
00:33:19yeW- u were
00:33:26yeW- instead of scoutin or stayin outside
00:33:28yeW- u went in
00:33:32yeW- and furthest
00:33:33svents i was
00:33:35Laier wl
00:33:36Laier only1
00:33:37svents in the corner there
00:33:39Laier who did okey
00:33:44Laier others just stand still and die
00:33:47Laier even i scouted
00:33:47svents yeah
00:33:55Laier so stop blaming him
00:34:06yeW- cmon
00:34:06Laier bara
00:34:06yeW- ulti
00:34:07Laier why
00:34:10Laier the vfuck you b?
00:35:16svents omfg
00:35:18svents again
00:35:20svents fcking 3 sec
00:35:22svents ulti cd
00:35:24svents omfg
00:35:37yeW- -?a
00:35:38yeW- -ma
00:35:44yeW- u srsly
00:35:47yeW- going vlads
00:35:48yeW- bara
00:35:48yeW- ?
00:35:53Rhasti why not
00:35:58svents we have
00:35:59Laier because pl has it allready?
00:36:00svents vlads
00:36:00svents ffs
00:36:04Rhasti ah ddnt notivced
00:36:06svents look game dude
00:36:37yeW- ulti mort bane?
00:37:03svents who of them has diffu?
00:37:07yeW- m?ira
00:37:24Jaikki ty
00:38:20svents hahahah
00:38:21coolass slowd
00:38:35Laier yew your pl sucks atm :D
00:38:38Laier kinda useless
00:38:40yeW- ye
00:38:49svents well
00:38:51svents atro
00:38:55svents has to ulti pa
00:38:57yeW- fags
00:38:57svents pa out
00:39:00svents and he is insta dead
00:39:02yeW- keep takin the kills
00:39:02yeW- so
00:39:51prolog1C. YEYE TEAM FARM SHIT
00:40:32prolog1C. 14 assists xD
00:40:52Jaikki if u cant lasthit with PA... thats ur own fault
00:40:59svents bufry giving assists
00:41:09Jaikki kill
00:41:09Laier atro go b
00:41:16Laier go b
00:41:17Laier dont follow
00:41:22Laier you just die here
00:41:26prolog1C. puck u fucking tard su
00:41:48Jaikki stop flaming and focus in relevant stuff
00:42:02yeW- gogo boyt
00:43:17Laier fucking
00:43:18Laier die
00:43:19Laier all
00:43:42Laier :D:D::D:D
00:43:49yeW- well that blew
00:43:49Jaikki sry
00:43:49Laier wp boyz
00:44:00yeW- when did atro die
00:44:05svents pa
00:44:08svents killed him
00:44:12svents a long time ago
00:44:25yeW- check better
00:44:25yeW- pls
00:44:41Jaikki XD
00:44:48Jaikki XDD
00:45:02prolog1C. thsi game is a joke
00:45:34Laier pl dead
00:46:28Laier golems bot
00:46:32svents ye ye
00:46:35yeW- -ma
00:46:54Laier push rax
00:46:56Laier i tp tehre
00:46:57Laier in 20
00:47:04Laier rax
00:47:38Laier ok b
00:47:40Laier all alive
00:49:02Laier zzz
00:49:43coolass b
00:50:00svents btw
00:50:02svents atro
00:50:10svents atro's fault
00:50:11svents was this
00:50:15svents he went solo
00:50:18svents and 3 died
00:50:23Laier only reason
00:50:24Laier we lose
00:50:30Iho take gem on chick pa
00:51:09Laier gg
00:51:10Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:52:23Laier yew you joking right?
00:52:25Laier 50min radi? :D
00:52:26yeW- xd
00:52:33Laier jsut ff it
00:52:58Laier b
00:53:07Jaikki dont need help xD
00:53:43yeW- gem mort
00:54:01yeW- jesus
00:54:04svents retards
00:54:06yeW- braindead
00:54:08Laier ei vittu näitten kans voi voittaa
00:54:10svents give more entries spls
00:54:12Jaikki nii.. :D
00:54:16coolass :D
00:54:56svents I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:55:09Rasmus.Seebach wp laier yew
00:55:30Laier youi ask that?
00:55:31svents i have to say
00:55:31Laier really
00:55:33svents wp bara
00:55:35Laier they are winning this game for you :DDD
00:55:40svents nice entries indeed
00:55:43Belka I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:55:43Jaikki D:
00:55:44yeW- I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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