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-59 X
-3 TS

90% | 1643 X | 1441 TS

-42 X
-3 TS

85% | 1492 X | 1480 TS

-7 X
-3 TS

60% | 1234 X | 1407 TS

-46 X
-15 TS

61% | 1324 X | 1297 TS

-14 X
-3 TS

61% | 1254 X | 1348 TS

+47 X
+3 TS

94% | 1704 X | 1478 TS

+23 X
+3 TS

74% | 1442 X | 1421 TS

+54 X
+5 TS

71% | 1410 X | 1354 TS

+9 X
+16 TS

61% | 1380 X | 1205 TS

+43 X
+4 TS

51% | 1227 X | 1305 TS

Chat log

00:00:14Palle -claer
00:00:17Palle -clear
00:00:20Palle hmm
00:00:20Tough omni
00:00:20Palle mercury wanna go mid?
00:00:20Mercury depends
00:00:20Mercury on hero
00:00:20Palle then I ban bs
00:00:20Palle k?
00:00:20J0te nah xin
00:00:20Palle its up to mercuyr
00:00:20Jaikki can have wr?
00:00:20Tough y
00:00:20J0te fucking op
00:00:20Mercury i can go mi
00:00:20Mercury mid
00:00:20Palle ban xin?
00:00:20Mercury y
00:00:20Palle xin
00:00:26Firelord0.1 pit
00:00:59J0te alex dont suck now plz
00:01:05Palle get a ganger like venge for bs
00:01:10Aleks875 u2
00:01:12Palle wpiæd be nice
00:01:17Palle would
00:01:23Palle venge!
00:01:24Palle plz
00:01:38Jaikki FUCK
00:01:38Palle hmm
00:01:39J0te ?
00:01:46Palle can u get venge lastly?
00:01:56Palle venge?
00:02:01Mercury or seer
00:02:08Mercury or cent
00:02:09J0te go tri bot
00:02:14Palle rather venge for ganging mid
00:02:24Tough some wards would be great :/
00:02:25J0te wat?
00:02:32Palle wanan firstblood btm`?
00:02:35Firelord0.1 i dont have wards
00:02:35Mercury why dont you get pullwards as wr?
00:02:46Palle magnus go top plz
00:02:47Firelord0.1 lol
00:02:50Palle mirana btm
00:02:56Aleks875 k
00:03:01J0te no
00:03:13J0te go woods instead
00:03:16Palle yes i dont want magnus with Quillijng btm
00:03:19TrustNoGoblin me pull np
00:03:23Palle y
00:03:35Jaikki pugna pull
00:03:39TrustNoGoblin they warded
00:03:41Palle s
00:03:50Jaikki pugna?
00:04:04Aerwyn sure
00:04:09Jaikki godo
00:04:12Jaikki good*
00:07:12TrustNoGoblin omfg
00:07:16J0te magnus?
00:07:16Jaikki gj
00:07:17TrustNoGoblin me and my arrows
00:07:18Aerwyn y
00:07:18J0te wtf u do
00:07:27J0te k im leaving here
00:07:31Aleks875 sorry cant do nothinh
00:07:39J0te u can fuck off
00:07:42J0te for one
00:07:43Aerwyn saw
00:07:50Aerwyn tower
00:07:54Jaikki y
00:08:03Palle where is chick
00:08:09TrustNoGoblin in base
00:08:13Tough ss mid
00:08:13Tough ca<re
00:08:31TrustNoGoblin rly
00:08:32Firelord0.1 3 bot
00:08:32TrustNoGoblin wtf
00:08:34TrustNoGoblin 3v2
00:08:41TrustNoGoblin i hit arrow
00:08:43J0te wont lane with idiot
00:08:43TrustNoGoblin u guys famr
00:08:45TrustNoGoblin gj
00:08:50Tough coming bot
00:08:53TrustNoGoblin ur retard seems
00:08:53Mercury mid ss
00:08:54TrustNoGoblin ff
00:08:56Firelord0.1 u can stay mid
00:09:03TrustNoGoblin stupid kid
00:09:06TrustNoGoblin ruiner
00:09:06Palle look hp
00:09:18Palle leave wr
00:09:21Palle this is not lane
00:09:22J0te where?
00:09:37TrustNoGoblin dafuq
00:09:39TrustNoGoblin u see arrow
00:09:40TrustNoGoblin ....
00:09:48Palle i cant go with 1/3 hp
00:09:52Palle ¨ant´
00:10:02TrustNoGoblin u should just stop move
00:10:04TrustNoGoblin u move from arrow
00:10:05TrustNoGoblin ....
00:10:08TrustNoGoblin gj
00:10:08Jaikki -ma
00:10:40McFele go bs
00:11:02Palle seems like no1 wants fat pa
00:11:08Palle i tp topå all come spell farm
00:11:12Aleks875 u was bot
00:11:17Palle no flying no wards no miss from mid
00:11:17Aleks875 why u came here
00:11:26Palle to famr tardass
00:11:39Palle get wards up
00:12:12Palle leave lane plz
00:12:25J0te and where i go?
00:12:28J0te afk base?
00:14:41Palle its lost anyways
00:14:47Palle when no1 plays support
00:14:58Mercury you have 0 map awareness
00:15:05Aleks875 go i have ult
00:15:15Aleks875 go
00:15:23McFele b
00:15:24Firelord0.1 b
00:15:28McFele tp us
00:15:35Aerwyn lol
00:15:36Jaikki XDDd
00:15:37Aleks875 go all
00:15:40Aerwyn :D
00:15:42Tough :D
00:15:43Jaikki thought
00:15:43Aleks875 we rape with my ult
00:15:44Aerwyn thx guys <3
00:15:49Jaikki Xd
00:16:06Palle flying plz!
00:16:14Palle arrow plz
00:16:16Jaikki armor
00:16:18Aleks875 use invis
00:16:20Aleks875 mirana
00:16:22Aleks875 and go
00:16:26TrustNoGoblin no invi
00:16:27TrustNoGoblin lvl 6
00:16:56Palle arrow
00:17:00Palle aspa
00:17:03Palle asap
00:17:05Jaikki got global in sed
00:17:06Jaikki sec
00:17:09Jaikki push now
00:17:10Palle and 1 hitting arrow woulæd be nice
00:17:19Jaikki go in
00:17:20Palle for fucking once
00:17:50J0te Nobody comes to kill u noob
00:17:51J0te sad
00:17:51Aleks875 pa just tun with full hp
00:17:57Aleks875 run
00:17:59Palle su
00:18:02Palle u retarded fuck
00:18:33Aerwyn ¨mana
00:18:40Palle i go pa and no1 want to pick a single support vs a pushing lineup
00:18:40McFele omg
00:18:41McFele sry
00:18:50Jaikki -st
00:18:52Palle no wonder we get raped
00:18:57Palle and no1 wants to let me fgarm
00:19:03Mercury naah you all justl lost lanes so hard
00:19:06Palle and mirazna is yet to hit and arrow
00:19:16J0te Fucking alex ruined top
00:19:16TrustNoGoblin and u feed
00:19:18TrustNoGoblin so bad
00:19:23Mercury even tough i raped bs
00:19:24J0te when shud have gone tri lane hero
00:19:25Mercury mid
00:19:29Jaikki just push mid and this is gg
00:19:30Palle ofc i do
00:19:33Palle i dotn get farn
00:19:35Tough min 16
00:19:37Palle farm i dont get wards
00:19:39Tough 6 tower downs
00:19:39Aerwyn lol??
00:19:39Tough xD
00:19:42Aerwyn 16 min
00:19:42Jaikki y
00:19:44TrustNoGoblin man u die so stupid
00:19:46Jaikki lets finish before ff
00:19:47TrustNoGoblin here on top
00:19:47Palle and mirana lost lane with not hitting an arrow
00:19:51Aerwyn thoguht it would be like 30 min :D
00:19:51TrustNoGoblin they left from mid top
00:19:53TrustNoGoblin and u stay
00:19:54TrustNoGoblin like noob
00:19:56TrustNoGoblin to die
00:19:56TrustNoGoblin gj
00:20:04Aerwyn all push mid
00:20:05Jaikki got global
00:20:06Jaikki go
00:20:18Palle just get some wards up and let me farm
00:20:19Jaikki pit necro
00:20:20Jaikki come mid
00:20:40Aleks875 ff
00:20:41Palle gj
00:20:45Aleks875 pa made ur game
00:20:47Palle retarded team _:D
00:20:52Jaikki u all sucked
00:20:53Jaikki :D
00:21:01Mercury ii raped mid..
00:21:05Palle yy
00:21:07Mercury but other lanes sucked
00:21:11Jaikki pit lord was the man :D
00:21:11Tough hahahah
00:21:19Palle we still need wards
00:21:25Jaikki omw
00:21:35Jaikki -st
00:21:38Tough u raod
00:21:56Palle omfg
00:21:57Palle magnus
00:22:04Palle nice block
00:22:14Tough awesome game :D
00:22:17Tough gg guys
00:22:17Jaikki idd :D
00:22:18Tough really
00:22:20Tough best team
00:22:21J0te quit dota plz
00:22:21Tough ever had :D
00:22:22Palle haha
00:22:28Palle so undeserved
00:22:48Tough pit noob :>
00:22:50Tough D
00:23:01Aerwyn mana guys
00:23:02Aerwyn <3
00:23:04Tough 0/1/10 :DD
00:23:07Jaikki :D
00:23:10J0te magnus noob
00:23:13Aerwyn mana necro
00:23:15TrustNoGoblin ff
00:23:17Jaikki got global
00:23:17McFele cd
00:23:18Palle FF
00:23:18Jaikki push bot
00:24:02Aleks875 we must kill silencer
00:24:11Palle we must ff
00:24:21Jaikki haters
00:25:23Aerwyn no mana :D
00:25:30Jaikki ff
00:25:36Firelord0.1 stop doing shit
00:25:38Aerwyn i ran out of mana long time ago :/
00:25:41Firelord0.1 and push normal
00:25:46Firelord0.1 not at thery fontain
00:26:05Aerwyn k, all push top
00:26:11Aerwyn and take rax not heroes, okay :)
00:26:20Jaikki dont go yet
00:26:22Palle arrow
00:26:23Jaikki global coming
00:26:26Tough go rosh
00:26:27Jaikki i ulti, u attack rax
00:26:31Tough go rosh
00:26:35Aerwyn ?
00:26:35Tough until pug comes
00:26:36Jaikki no rosh
00:26:40Aerwyn why?
00:26:41Jaikki mur
00:26:45Aerwyn ..
00:26:46Aerwyn k
00:27:01Palle they prolly rosh
00:27:17Palle only 14 min. too late
00:27:27Jaikki mana
00:27:35Aerwyn no
00:27:37Aerwyn push bot
00:28:00Aerwyn ....
00:28:05Firelord0.1 wtf seker
00:28:12Palle knew it was coming
00:28:42Tough ;:D:D:D:D:D
00:28:43TrustNoGoblin LOL
00:29:01Palle I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:02TrustNoGoblin i thout u run but u was near xD
00:29:03Jaikki just push top
00:29:09Tough :D
00:29:14Jaikki pretty funny game
00:29:17Jaikki XD
00:29:48Palle :D
00:29:52Mercury I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:53Palle like it matters with this team
00:30:00Palle only lesh not retarded
00:30:01TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:06TrustNoGoblin mortred talk
00:30:07TrustNoGoblin lol
00:30:09TrustNoGoblin tt
00:30:17Jaikki u all sucked :D
00:30:20Jaikki imo
00:30:20TrustNoGoblin true
00:30:23Aleks875 no
00:30:25Aleks875 me not
00:30:29TrustNoGoblin sure
00:30:31TrustNoGoblin Nice bulid magnus
00:30:34J0te u just ruined the lane
00:30:36TrustNoGoblin nice bulid on magnus
00:30:50J0te and shud be banned
00:30:58Aerwyn boring
00:30:59Aerwyn finish
00:31:08J0te I wud of raped u without alex
00:31:12J0te ruining lane
00:31:15Aerwyn :D
00:31:16Aerwyn sure
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