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Chat log

00:00:20WANKmaster any1 wants something?
00:00:20WANKmaster wl
00:00:20holostoi se
00:00:20WANKmaster ud
00:00:20holostoi es
00:00:20mamyka usires cap this is over
00:00:20Zajeb ban wl
00:00:20slc2 ban omni get ud
00:00:20Zulu :D he is better than u though
00:00:20WANKmaster -omni
00:00:20Zulu so no worries
00:00:20mamyka ban furi imho
00:00:20slc2 go ban wl
00:00:20svents anna es mulle
00:00:20Zajeb ban wl
00:00:20slc2 no ban wl so imba bitch
00:00:20Zajeb y
00:00:20WANKmaster tegelt peaks wl pickima
00:00:20WANKmaster kui ta ei banni
00:00:20WANKmaster seda
00:00:20svents aa ja
00:00:20svents vaatame
00:00:20Zulu dude ??
00:00:20mamyka blue!
00:00:20mamyka usires!
00:00:20svents usires banna
00:00:20Zulu i think he got scared about the idea of beeing cap :D
00:00:20Zajeb ban wl!!!
00:00:20que2stress i would be scared too if i was you
00:00:20mamyka usires!
00:00:20Zulu i am
00:00:20mamyka u are bob zulu
00:00:20Zulu but its gonna be a fun game though
00:00:20svents hahahah
00:00:20svents mamyka talking
00:00:20Zulu :p
00:00:20slc2 its a pretty nice pool
00:00:20Usires ud
00:00:20holostoi fuck u
00:00:20WANKmaster wl
00:00:20Zajeb noooooooooooooooo
00:00:20WANKmaster any1
00:00:20slc2 ban wl!!!!
00:00:20WANKmaster ?
00:00:20slc2 ban wl!!!
00:00:20holostoi bitch usires
00:00:21Zajeb they get wl
00:00:22holostoi es for me
00:00:26WANKmaster we
00:00:26WANKmaster need
00:00:27WANKmaster wl
00:00:27slc2 any es?
00:00:29WANKmaster kinda
00:00:30slc2 any es?
00:00:31Buttons i can
00:00:31holostoi eS!
00:00:32svents no picki see wl
00:00:37slc2 any es?
00:00:40Zulu i can es
00:00:49slc2 any one else es?
00:00:57svents mida sa ise pelad?
00:01:02WANKmaster tiny
00:01:23Zulu -swap 2
00:01:24slc2 -swap 3
00:01:26Buttons wank wants?
00:01:29WANKmaster või siis mitte
00:01:37Zajeb shit pool
00:01:39WANKmaster take me ember
00:01:42svents pduged asjad olemas
00:01:44Buttons -swap 1
00:01:45slc2 lion would be much better
00:01:45WANKmaster -swap 4
00:01:53que2stress lion
00:01:54slc2 get lion/rylai
00:01:55que2stress ---
00:02:01Usires zulu
00:02:04Usires wanna swap
00:02:06Usires :::::D
00:02:09Zulu -swap 1
00:02:12Usires -swap 3
00:02:13Zulu _D
00:02:16slc2 why pudge???
00:02:16que2stress who is mid?
00:02:19WANKmaster i am
00:02:24mamyka i can go mid?
00:02:25Zulu u going mid ? :D
00:02:26que2stress svents woods then
00:02:28Usires k
00:02:28Zajeb share
00:02:30svents nope
00:02:31Usires go
00:02:31que2stress and me top
00:02:36WANKmaster na
00:02:36que2stress or whatever
00:02:36WANKmaster bot
00:02:41Usires just
00:02:42svents i am not woods
00:02:43svents no way
00:02:44Usires dont feed him too
00:02:47mamyka need gang wl some times
00:02:47WANKmaster miks sa ei taha minna
00:02:49Usires he gets farm for sure
00:02:50WANKmaster oleks suht hea
00:02:52WANKmaster tegelt
00:02:59Usires but
00:03:03mamyka so i need help gang mid
00:03:05svents mai saa gankida siis sittagi
00:03:17svents oki pull first
00:03:19Usires lina
00:03:20Usires can roam
00:03:20svents and go woods
00:03:25Usires i wil too
00:03:34Zulu ss
00:04:54Zajeb gj
00:04:55holostoi ss
00:04:57Zulu u2
00:05:25Zulu ss 1
00:05:34Usires u got stun?
00:05:38slc2 jep
00:05:43Zulu care mid
00:05:45Zulu inc
00:05:46Zulu tuiny
00:05:51mamyka hi tiny
00:06:03Zajeb ty
00:06:09mamyka need gang mid
00:06:24Usires dun have mana
00:06:34Usires aclhe u can
00:06:34Zajeb ss
00:06:35Usires gang
00:06:46WANKmaster ss
00:06:47WANKmaster mid
00:06:47WANKmaster care
00:06:54mamyka gg
00:06:57svents sss1
00:07:30Zulu nice rot
00:07:32Zajeb ss tiny
00:08:07Zajeb \hes oom
00:08:15Usires are u
00:08:18Usires sacving the mana
00:08:18slc2 jep
00:08:19WANKmaster wtf
00:08:23Usires for him to burn
00:08:24Usires or smth
00:08:37Usires they have
00:08:38Zajeb ss 2
00:08:38Usires obs
00:08:56svents tiny afk?
00:09:18mamyka xin farm well
00:09:20que2stress ss top
00:09:27que2stress re
00:09:29Zajeb kill linma
00:09:32Zulu why take mid if u gonna whine all day ?
00:10:01slc2 comon
00:10:04svents ss2
00:10:06Usires gh
00:10:07que2stress :D
00:10:26WANKmaster lvl 3 tiny ? :d
00:10:28Zajeb kill bot
00:10:32que2stress since furi didnt want woods
00:10:33que2stress i go
00:10:34slc2 k
00:10:39slc2 wl
00:11:27slc2 oomn
00:11:34mamyka need gang
00:11:48svents ss
00:11:51mamyka ss MID
00:11:59holostoi heal
00:12:20Usires wait
00:12:28que2stress tele furi
00:13:06que2stress haste any?
00:13:42mamyka care
00:15:02mamyka mana plz
00:15:06Usires cd
00:15:22mamyka mana plz
00:15:57svents tyra
00:17:00Zulu god
00:17:09Zulu it wouldnt stop stun
00:17:18Usires ye bugs sometimes
00:17:34Usires need to push h
00:17:49Usires go tower
00:17:50Usires top
00:18:03que2stress SP STUN
00:18:09que2stress are u craty
00:19:39Zulu oh god
00:20:35Buttons b top
00:20:56Usires wtf
00:20:57Usires really
00:21:00Usires pudge
00:21:13holostoi tp
00:21:19Buttons don't panic
00:21:55mamyka farm more
00:22:01slc2 i didnt
00:22:03mamyka like this bob
00:22:13Zulu pudge.. u dont got to say anything this game
00:22:16Usires just tele mid
00:22:33Usires and yeah
00:22:35Usires dont play pudge
00:22:36Usires anymore
00:22:47slc2 we could have used that lion
00:23:09mamyka so why you dont pick lion?
00:23:09slc2 def mid alll
00:23:10que2stress go mid
00:23:31mamyka ahahaha
00:24:28slc2 i farm bot
00:24:36slc2 let me farm bot
00:24:37Usires farm woods
00:24:41Usires u got ulti and shits
00:24:42slc2 lol
00:25:04svents rofl
00:25:07svents gg hotkey
00:25:08Usires rune
00:25:13Zulu ty
00:26:05mamyka ahaha
00:26:08mamyka whis bobo
00:26:09slc2 it went to windows:D
00:26:27svents u were dead anyway
00:26:41Zulu :D
00:27:05svents now u ulti >.<
00:27:13Buttons was strunned you noob
00:27:17Zulu gay
00:27:18Buttons es initiate
00:27:29mamyka b
00:27:29mamyka b
00:27:33Zulu it took me a year to run all the way up there
00:28:22Zajeb denie\
00:29:16Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:24slc2 *
00:30:25slc2 A sf
00:31:01WANKmaster b
00:31:19Usires no ulti tho
00:31:19holostoi go
00:31:23Usires lemme
00:31:24Usires get
00:31:24Usires that
00:31:48slc2 3
00:32:54svents ostan gemi?
00:33:04WANKmaster duste
00:33:05WANKmaster osta
00:33:27WANKmaster ah nii
00:33:39mamyka push
00:33:42WANKmaster so whats the plan
00:33:44WANKmaster holstoi u just farm
00:33:46WANKmaster with na
00:33:47WANKmaster and thats it ?
00:33:54Usires tower
00:33:55Usires and back
00:33:59svents still farming dahgon :DDD
00:34:05que2stress tp
00:34:16Usires care tho
00:34:27que2stress WL
00:34:28Usires gj
00:34:28que2stress DAMNBIT
00:34:29que2stress U SUCK
00:34:33Buttons n
00:34:35Buttons you all suck
00:34:39Buttons oopsy
00:34:44Zajeb stuoid bounds
00:34:47Buttons great reactions
00:34:48que2stress ur ult i missed it a bit
00:35:01Buttons i can only bonds or ulti
00:35:03Buttons if sile nearby
00:35:04mamyka we lose it
00:35:08Buttons mayube if you came in proper time
00:35:13Buttons i'd get it off
00:35:13Zulu how did u figure sherlock ?
00:35:18Buttons both off
00:35:20svents HY
00:35:25que2stress thats why u must ult
00:35:26que2stress before
00:35:28que2stress to stun
00:35:29Usires nah not necessarily
00:35:30Buttons i want
00:35:32Buttons aoe stacked dmg
00:35:34Buttons from bonds
00:35:34mamyka coz all timre we are 4 or 3
00:35:35Usires if silencer and aclhe gets items
00:35:37que2stress u wont get it
00:35:38Buttons blink faster
00:35:40Buttons ava faster
00:35:41mamyka all time es or alch farm
00:35:41Buttons etc
00:35:41Zulu xin has been farming last 20min
00:35:51Usires i def
00:35:55Usires top
00:35:55mamyka dfeff?
00:35:56Usires just now
00:35:58mamyka who push?
00:35:59que2stress go mid
00:36:02Usires didnt u little cunt notice
00:36:06Usires about 100 creeps
00:36:08Usires and furion
00:36:12Buttons all hide
00:36:15Buttons no wonder i get focused
00:36:32Buttons slowpokes
00:36:41que2stress they ward
00:36:44que2stress we dont
00:37:02slc2 i need reg
00:37:28mamyka HY
00:37:32svents u hook if euled?
00:37:33svents wtf
00:37:36svents thats bug
00:37:37mamyka ofc
00:37:49svents im in high air
00:37:52svents u hook
00:37:53svents gg
00:37:57svents impossible but ok
00:38:14Usires this
00:39:25svents missed
00:39:32svents try harder
00:39:33Zulu not his first
00:39:37holostoi buy tp plz
00:39:39holostoi 1
00:39:50Zajeb wards in bird
00:40:12WANKmaster u going for
00:40:13WANKmaster 40 min
00:40:14WANKmaster dagon
00:40:15WANKmaster thats nice
00:40:20holostoi ye
00:40:20svents imba
00:40:38mamyka urn plz
00:40:38Buttons stop suck
00:40:40Buttons get on push
00:40:48que2stress b mid
00:40:49que2stress b
00:40:53Buttons farm all day
00:40:58WANKmaster pointless
00:41:00Usires giot smoke
00:41:00WANKmaster mäng
00:41:01WANKmaster täiesti
00:41:02que2stress no wards
00:41:12Usires NA
00:41:12Zulu na
00:41:27que2stress why u go
00:41:30WANKmaster I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:33Usires go mid
00:41:33holostoi I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:42svents ofc
00:41:51Buttons it was great opportunity
00:41:58svents ma farmin oma hexi aint
00:41:59Buttons mb if you were more active in the game and had been there
00:42:03WANKmaster mõttetu
00:42:05WANKmaster sa pushid lane
00:42:06WANKmaster ja alche
00:42:09WANKmaster freefarmib
00:42:11que2stress wel i am base
00:42:15que2stress and tell you go b?
00:42:16Buttons stop [being base
00:42:17Buttons mr. base
00:42:18svents mida ma siis teen?
00:42:20Usires lets rosh
00:42:21svents ei kasuta ultit?
00:42:21Usires if u tuli
00:42:24Usires ro
00:42:24slc2 sure
00:42:25Usires not
00:42:26WANKmaster ei olegi vahet
00:42:27WANKmaster enam
00:42:28Usires they alive already
00:42:30WANKmaster see läbi juba
00:42:36svents nope :DDD
00:42:50Buttons well
00:42:51Buttons what is plan
00:42:54Buttons this isn't dota
00:43:15Buttons go mid
00:43:16Buttons if you're pro
00:43:41que2stress if we had
00:43:43que2stress wards :(
00:43:48Buttons if you didn't ego kill
00:43:50Buttons all the fucking time
00:43:53Usires silencer
00:43:53Buttons solo ganks wo
00:43:54Usires tele
00:43:56Usires top
00:43:56Buttons so pro
00:44:06que2stress what are u talking :D
00:44:12Buttons you don't know how to dota
00:44:17que2stress and u know?
00:44:19Buttons yh
00:44:21Buttons i do
00:44:22que2stress and why is it
00:44:26que2stress that u suck most then=?
00:44:33Buttons cos i have to play support for chumps like you
00:44:37Buttons who blink late
00:44:41Buttons don't join TEAMbattles
00:44:41Usires should others get sentry and dusts too tbh
00:44:42que2stress :D
00:44:44Buttons farming when we need to push
00:44:45Usires this nab furion doing what he likes
00:44:46que2stress ;D
00:44:51que2stress ure really bad :D
00:44:54Buttons n
00:45:00que2stress u play good
00:45:01que2stress i see :D
00:45:05Buttons lol
00:45:20que2stress push toip
00:45:21que2stress furi
00:45:41Zulu cmon
00:45:41que2stress we can def bot
00:45:42que2stress alche not here
00:46:57Buttons I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:05Buttons anyone
00:47:06Buttons want to push
00:47:07Buttons you all suck
00:47:14WANKmaster can u
00:47:15WANKmaster stfu
00:47:16WANKmaster ?
00:47:17mamyka reuse
00:47:18Buttons can you
00:47:21Buttons sort your team out
00:47:33Buttons said nothing all game about strat
00:47:40WANKmaster yes
00:47:47WANKmaster b
00:48:11mamyka hu
00:48:45Usires go rosh
00:48:48Usires alche
00:48:51slc2 jep
00:48:58svents wl ultied 1 guy?
00:49:02Buttons lol
00:49:06que2stress no he made perfect
00:49:06WANKmaster na you are totally useless
00:49:06slc2 reg
00:49:09Buttons you don't understand at all
00:49:09slc2 es come
00:49:09WANKmaster u are wasting
00:49:11WANKmaster ur ulti
00:49:13mamyka me reg plz
00:49:14WANKmaster to tank
00:49:17WANKmaster go for lina
00:49:17Buttons how can i ulti all 5
00:49:19Buttons if they don't clump
00:49:20WANKmaster or some1
00:49:23svents na w8
00:49:24svents i come
00:49:36slc2 come guys???
00:49:39que2stress dont
00:49:40que2stress they have
00:49:41que2stress wards
00:49:44Buttons tt
00:49:46Buttons why so early
00:49:50Buttons at least wait for red hp rosh
00:49:53que2stress :;D
00:49:54que2stress so good
00:49:56que2stress without wards
00:49:57Buttons see
00:49:57svents õgg
00:49:59Buttons these
00:50:01Buttons guys
00:50:01holostoi I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:10Buttons the shit i have to put up with
00:50:20Usires need to heal
00:50:38Buttons stop pro
00:50:56Zajeb b
00:51:05Zajeb wait es
00:51:05mamyka go
00:51:16WANKmaster lina
00:51:17WANKmaster go
00:52:48Usires just b
00:52:49Usires if u can
00:52:53WANKmaster DUST
00:52:54WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:53:25svents ok
00:53:30svents i alone buying dust nice
00:53:41Buttons this is life
00:54:05Usires lol 50min
00:54:08Usires towers
00:54:09Usires up
00:54:13que2stress top
00:54:14que2stress care
00:54:18que2stress no vision
00:54:19Buttons come with us pro
00:54:29que2stress wtf
00:54:29Zulu buy me tp some1
00:54:31Zulu pls
00:54:40que2stress wtf
00:54:40WANKmaster oh
00:54:41WANKmaster now
00:54:43WANKmaster u come :D:d
00:54:45holostoi go ff
00:54:49que2stress this wlk
00:54:51Buttons you fucking dived in
00:54:54Buttons when we were going b
00:54:55WANKmaster ofc
00:54:58WANKmaster there is
00:54:59WANKmaster 2vs5
00:55:02Buttons i can't expect you to dive in opn sile with 5 inc
00:55:04WANKmaster and u dont want to go
00:55:05mamyka i sooon unshare
00:55:07slc2 w8 with crow
00:55:08Buttons 2vs5
00:55:10WANKmaster yes
00:55:11Zajeb ?
00:55:11Buttons tiny was nowhere near
00:55:18Buttons svents was already dead
00:55:18WANKmaster they where 2 vs 5
00:55:19que2stress ti
00:55:21Buttons wtf are you talking about
00:55:22mamyka dont use if chick come
00:55:23WANKmaster I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:55:23Usires ¨?
00:55:23WANKmaster go
00:55:24WANKmaster forfeit
00:55:25Buttons are we even playing same game
00:55:26Buttons I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:55:29mamyka who use chick?
00:55:41WANKmaster why the fuck u even talk so much ?
00:55:44Buttons when have we had one proper 5v5
00:55:45slc2 share
00:55:50Buttons you're all fucking shambles
00:55:50mamyka \w
00:55:52Buttons is what
00:55:54WANKmaster D:D::D:D
00:55:58Buttons can't teamfight properly
00:56:01Buttons just know solo kills and farm
00:56:06que2stress ow we can go
00:56:14slc2 share
00:56:14Zulu we only 4
00:56:56que2stress well if u had ur wl ult now
00:56:58que2stress fight won ;)
00:57:02Buttons well i don't
00:57:03Buttons so why go
00:57:05Buttons so stupid
00:57:06Buttons off base
00:57:14slc2 buy me a tp
00:57:16slc2 buy me atp
00:57:21slc2 asap
00:57:58svents I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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